Covid vaccine inequity 'completely unacceptable and unethical'

Covid vaccine inequity 'completely unacceptable and unethical' | Word

Rich countries need to do more to give vaccines to poor countries, says top WHO adviser Helen Clark.

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France on Thursday fervently condemned the abrupt end to a submarine contract previously agreed to by Australia, calling the Aussie government’s new U.S.-U.K. deal a “stab in the back.”

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Week One was a total disaster for the New York Giants at home inside MetLife Stadium and for the concessionaire in charge of making sure there aren’t squirming maggots in the ketchup.

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Montgomery County, Virginia, Sheriff Hank Partin called out former governor Terry McAuliffe for accepting an endorsement from New Virginia Majority, a group that has ties to defund the police movements.

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Jake Paul, the celebrity YouTube influencer who has turned the sport of boxing on its head, opened up Thursday about coming to grips with playing a role as a bully and how he is fighting back against it.

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The city aims to draw attention to victims of sexual violence after Eunice Osayande's death in 2018.

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Murdaugh, a prominent South Carolina lawyer, is expected to surrender today in connection with the alleged plot.

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Idaho announced a statewide hospital resource crisis amid the latest Covid surge, permitting medical facilities to ration health care and triage patients.

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The BBC spoke with six singers who crossed to Pakistan illegally and are now living in hiding.

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FIRST ON FOX: The number of migrants, predominantly from Haiti, waiting under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas has doubled to more than 8,000 in a single day, with sources telling Fox News that the situation is "out of control" and Border Patrol is overwhelmed.

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Zach Miller’s budding NFL career was cut short in 2017 when he suffered a leg injury in a game between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints.

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Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t have time for criticism from those who don’t understand the game.

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Only 2 percent of doses administered globally so far have been given in Africa, where one-sixth of the world’s people live, according to the W.H.O.

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Study for Worn Out has been sitting in a Dutch family's private collection for more than a century.

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Tennessee GOP Congresswoman Diana Harshberger joined "Fox & Friends First" Thursday, and expressed deep concern over the worsening border crisis.

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Jerry O’Connell spoke out about the mild discomfort he experienced joining “The Talk” following the highly controversial and public exit of his predecessor, Sharon Osbourne.

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Retired Gen. Don Bolduc called for Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley to resign on "Fox & Friends" Thursday to make way for an investigation into allegations he overstepped his power during the end of Trump's presidency.

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'What Really Happened in Wuhan' author Sharri Markson raised questions surrounding the origins of COVID-19 during an interview on "Fox & Friends" Thursday.

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Potato skins go hand-in-hand with football season. That’s why we love this air fryer version of the NFL game-day standard from Chelsea Plummer of

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Rap artist Nicki Minaj slammed America’s cancel culture after she spoke out about her vaccine hesitancy and compared it to China's restrictions on residents and visitors from criticizing the country's leaders.

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Several studies published Wednesday supporting potential use of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine booster shot amid waning immunity met a neutral tone from the Food and Drug Administration, per documents posted ahead of a critical meeting Friday.

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CNN host Don Lemon went off in a disparaging rant Wednesday as he called on Americans to shun "stupid" unvaccinated people, claiming they should be left behind because they were being "harmful to the greater good."

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France, saying it was stabbed in the back and not consulted, accused President Biden of acting like his predecessor.

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The president plans to give the IRS tools to crack down on wealthy Americans who have evaded tax payments.

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“We just found out it was a little boy, so we lost two,” Short said of his daughter Karli and his unborn grandson.

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Scientists say the Southern Hemisphere ozone hole is larger than usual and already surpasses the size of Antarctica.

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Lebanon's economic collapse has left the country dangerously short of fuel and electricity.

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Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving raised eyebrows Wednesday when he made a remark about his mask being off and encouraging others to take theirs off as well.

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Veteran broadcaster Piers Morgan will join News Corp and FOX News Media in a global deal that includes content across a variety of platforms, including FOX Nation and the New York Post. 

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TIME Magazine used starkly different tones to describe Chinese President Xi Jinping and former United States President Donald Trump.

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Aly Raisman said Thursday the FBI agent she talked to about disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar diminished the abuse she received when she spoke up about it.

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Host of 'Hannity' blasts the 46th president of the United States for 'failing on every front.'

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Karen and Gary Ryan, both 79, celebrated 59 years of marriage by recreating their wedding photos -- and Karen was even able to wear her original wedding dress.

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Baltimore Orioles center fielder Cedric Mullins threw his name into the ring for “Catch of the Year” on Wednesday night in a close game against the New York Yankees.

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Tom Brady isn’t a fan of bread, but that hasn’t stopped the NFL star from becoming a spokesperson for Subway.

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The man allegedly responsible for the botched suicide of prominent South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is expected to appear for a bond hearing Thursday morning -- as Murdaugh himself, who allegedly organized the plot to arrange his own death so his surviving son could collect a $10 million life insurance policy, possibly also might turn himself ...

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A man dining outside of an upscale Chinese restaurant Philippe Chow in Manhattan on Wednesday night was shot in the leg as he tried to fight off a pair of armed robbers, police and witnesses said.

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The retired Olympic gymnast is calling for an independent investigation into the mishandling of abuse claims against Larry Nassar.

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The victims had ventured into the waves at various beaches despite high seas stirred up by strong winds that formed perilous underwater swells.

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The alliance will allow Australia to build and deploy nuclear-powered submarines for the first time.

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Fox News contributor Lara Trump reacted Thursday morning on “Fox & Friends” to newly released pictures from Customs and Border Patrol that show a toddler and a baby abandoned in the Rio Grande during their migration to the U.S.

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Marilyn Manson still faces sexual assault lawsuits from other women, including "Game of Thrones" actor Esmé Bianco and his former personal assistant.

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These four storylines could define the show, including a potentially historic win for “Pose” star Mj Rodriguez and a coveted prize for Netflix.

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MSNBC host Joy Reid became the focus of intense criticism Wednesday over a bizarre rant that Republicans loved the coronavirus, wanted it pumping through their veins, and they were a "creepy little Covid loving death cult."

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With an endorsement from former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Eric Greitens adds another name to his list of support from MAGA-world figures.

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What's left of post-Tropical Cyclone Nicholas continues to bring the risk of flooding from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.  

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Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, called out President Biden for requiring Americans to get vaccinated but not requiring vaccines or COVID-19 testing for illegal immigrants.

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The widow of Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, 20, of Bondurant, Wyoming, gave birth to Levi Rylee Rose McCollum Monday.

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Iconic duo Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are joining forces again.

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CBS has made the decision to reformat its upcoming series “The Activist” after it received immense criticism for promoting performative activism and being tone-deaf.

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GM Defense is developing a heavy duty Chevrolet Suburban for protective service use by the State Department.

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Rachael DiFransico’s 14-month-old daughter Sybil chewed on a plastic toy at a doctor’s office in the Cleveland suburbs while waiting one recent day to enroll in a study testing whether a Covid-19 vaccine works safely in children.

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Rep. Dusty Johnson is a Problem Solvers Caucus Republican who is supportive of the bipartisan infrastructure bill but says he may be forced to vote against it because it's too "linked" with the reconciliation bill.

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Police in Utah reportedly have released bodycam footage showing officers interacting with Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie after a witness called 911 around two weeks before she disappeared to report a “possible domestic violence” incident.

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In the past month, we’ve witnessed President Biden and his top officials preside over the worst foreign policy catastrophe in a generation.

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Wendy Williams is further delaying her show return after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

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NFL Week 2 opens with New York Giants vs. Washington Football Team in a Thursday night matchup.

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China has been making much of the US's chaotic retreat from Afghanistan, pointing to it as proof of America's retreat from its global role. 

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The country has made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for all healthcare and care home workers.

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In this Netflix competition series, the players are isolated in their own apartments and must choose whether to portray themselves or fake personas on a social media app called The Circle.

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A nonprofit dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of seniors, Second Wind Dreams, teamed up with the Arkansas-based assisted living facility Elmcroft of Mountain Home in order to grant Bob Cwiak a birthday wish he never imagined.