Energy price crisis, the return of print newspapers and a booming tech sector

Energy price crisis, the return of print newspapers and a booming tech sector | Business

Surging wholesale gas prices mean a number of suppliers are on the brink of collapse - and consumers are facing ever higher prices.

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HSBC has posted a 74% rise in third quarter profit, with its chief executive saying "the lows of recent quarters are behind us".

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Has Grant Williams been the Boston Celtics' most important player through three games?

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WowWee is known for its tech toys, but a low-tech plaything could be its most innovative product yet, as it seeks to become a bigger player.

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Bundesliga side VfL Wolfsburg has sacked head coach Mark van Bommel after just 13 games in charge in which he averaged 1.15 points per game.

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'Maid' is on its way to reach 67 million households in its first four weeks, according to Netflix.

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Watched by hundreds of millions worldwide, who had waited more than two years for these teams to finally play each other, underdog Pakistan ended a World Cup jinx against India with an impressive 10-wicket wicket victory.

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More than any previous Marvel efforts, 'Eternals' suffers from "just" being a superhero movie and serving mostly as a prologue for whatever comes next.

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For two-thirds of its history, the U.S. Navy Test Pilot School has used Northrop’s small, fast T-38 trainer as a teaching tool. Clothed in a simple white and orange paint scheme, the jets are arguably the poster image for TPS. But with a freshly painted T-38C, there’s a new twist on that image.

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Baseball insiders are debating more than a dozen story-lines on the eve of the "Southern hospitality" World Series between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros.

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The coordinated reports are based on documents from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen.

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Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers toppled the Washington Football Team, 24-10, Sunday.

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The Florida governor has taken a strong stance against vaccine mandates.

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Anti-vaccine protesters marched through Brooklyn to Barclays Center on Sunday where they chanted “Stand with Kyrie” outside the Nets home opener with the Charlotte Hornets.

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Aespa joins Itzy, Twice and Blackpink with their first top 10 bestselling album in America.

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Here are the best new movies coming to the major streaming platforms this week.

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Professional courage is about grit, perseverance, determination and more. It requires an instinct for opportunity and the sensitivity to pursue action without career-limiting effects.

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This comes as data shows that trust in the mainstream media continues to plummet.

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In the era of "the shift" and analytics in baseball, here's a cautionary note from meteorologists as the World Series approaches.

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In the worst performance by the Chiefs offensive line since Super Bowl LV, Orlando Brown, Mike Remmers and company played poorly.

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Home to almost 1.4 billion people, this means that nearly 75% of the population has received atleast one dose of the vaccine.

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Eternals boasts Marvel's biggest worldbuilding yet, literally retconning the history of the universe and human civilization. It has great performances and some exceptional set pieces, but the film's many virtues are ultimately undercut by a host of messy missed opportunities.

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Ferry retailing, an overshadowed duty-free channel for two decades, is back and ready to pump up its share of the travel shopping market.

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Tmall launches a Metaverse Art Exhibition featuring Burberry's NFT. Curated by a virtual influencer, selected NFTs will be available to purchase as part of Singles' Day sales. Despite China's cryptocurrency crackdown, brands continue to navigate the NFT space to connect with the 'art-lennials'.

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As NFTs evolve, so should a brand’s understanding of the role NFTs play in the metaverse. Here are 5 upcoming events that no brand can afford to miss as professionals and executives seek to educate themselves on what’s to come.

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Senate Democrats continue to fight among themselves over President Joe Biden’s proposed $3.5 trillion 10-year spending plan for so-called “human infrastructure,” a massive expansion of the social safety net.

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In her latest book, Indian filmmaker Tahira Kashyap talks about the some of the most taboo subjects. Here's an interview with Kashyap, who is also the wife of Indian actor Ayushmann Khurrana.

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What made Saturday night's win over Temple especially rewarding for Jeff Scott is that it came one week after what he said was of one of the toughest losses of his career.

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Regulators and industry watchdogs express concern, while sports-betting companies say advertising is done responsibly.

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The deal is a bet on continued demand for metals used in the production of electric-car batteries.

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A new book argues that the Italian diplomat’s 500-year-old advice could help women navigate the modern workplace.

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Gross domestic product data from the U.S. and eurozone this week will show how sharply economic growth slowed in the third quarter.

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In hot debates, employees and management spar over allegations content rules aren’t enforced for Breitbart and other right-wing publishers for fear of public blowback. Other internal documents show management expresses wariness of appearing biased. In response, Facebook says it enforces its rules equally and doesn’t consider politics in its decisio ...

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A shortage of child-care workers is sending ripples across the U.S. workforce, stymieing employers as they try to hire more workers and sidelining the careers of women who would otherwise opt to remain in the labor force.

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Britain went all in on renewables and natural gas, leaving it vulnerable when winds died down and global gas supply ran low.

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Firms like Microsoft and Shell provide funding to remove carbon from the atmosphere in return for credits but have been critical of the process. Efforts are under way to bring standards and oversight to the market.

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Price increases so far have paid off for makers of household staples as shoppers have remained loyal to big-name brands.

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In a time of mega-leaks, journalists’ sources have become power players. Frances Haugen, the former Facebook executive who shared company documents, led a meticulous media rollout.

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The government says the funding will build 160,000 greener homes on brownfield land.

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The findings could add momentum for F.D.A. authorization of the pediatric dose, perhaps as early as next week, a long-awaited development that would affect 28 million children.

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A Facebook whistleblower whose claims have rocked the social media giant has launched a fresh attack on Mark Zuckerberg, accusing him of not being willing to protect public safety.

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The Fed unveiling sweeping changes to its ethics practices. The government approved more coronavirus vaccine booster shots and is set to decide on vaccines for children 5 to 11.

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The boss of Hyve Group, one of the London stock market's largest exhibition organisers, is hatching plans to bid for Money20/20, the international fintech event owned by rival Ascential.

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A team of private security sleuths, in their first public detailing of their efforts, discuss how they used cybercriminals’ mistakes to quietly help victims recover their data.

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Invasive hacking software sold to countries to fight terrorism is easily abused. Researchers say my phone was hacked twice, probably by Saudi Arabia.

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Rishi Sunak has refused to be drawn on the future of the eastern leg of HS2 just three days before announcing his spending plans in the autumn Budget later this week.

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The Old Trafford club have not won in the Premier League for over a month and today face Liverpool at Old Trafford.

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"The invitation is wide open," West Virginia's governor said of the idea.

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Don't miss these great movies before they leave Netflix at the end of October 2021.

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Simmonds is Deaf, her talent and global success have been big wins for the industry and Deaf community, but should the casting of this project have been conducted differently? “A DeafBlind actor for a DeafBlind role shows the most authentic perspective, only they know the lived experience.”

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With influencer marketing becoming increasingly important, I sought insight from Deloitte Digital’s Managing Director of Social, Content, and Influencer, Kenny Gold. Below is his insight on how to leverage influencers to drive growth.

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AEW Dynamite results featuring Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black III.

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For the fourth consecutive season, the Milwaukee Brewers' playoff run was ended by the eventual National League pennant-winner.

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Coronavirus travel rules have been relaxed for those returning to England, allowing fully vaccinated holidaymakers to take cheaper lateral flow tests instead of PCRs.

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Holidays have been made a fair bit cheaper just in time for half-term, with PCR tests scrapped for fully vaccinated passengers arriving in England.

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A shortage of bus drivers in the UK is being caused by better pay being offered to drive HGVs, according to a union.

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The chancellor has announced a series of spending pledges ahead of the autumn budget this week, which include £5bn for health research and innovation and £3bn for education.