Can Children’s Place Stock Regain Pre-Covid Levels?

Can Children’s Place Stock Regain Pre-Covid Levels? | Economy

The Children’s Place stock (NASDAQ: PLCE), a pure-play kids’ specialty apparel retailer, became vulnerable due to nonessential product assortment during the pandemic. Consequently, the company’s stock has lost almost 28% of its value so far this year, and currently stands at around $45...

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Democrats are nearing a make-or-break moment for President Biden’s agenda, with party divisions imperiling top-priority legislation and fiscal crises looming.

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Investors are watching whether the property developer defaults. But in the background, the world’s No. 2 economy is flashing numerous warning signs.

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NTT Data's annual study on the current state of the global supply chain offers clues into how the logistics industry is managing through the worst crisis in decades.

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Markets opened sharply lower on Monday on Chinese real estate debt concerns. Telling sign: buying after the open or prolonged selling to see if the market is overdone or if there’s more pain ahead

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Roxanne Bland examines Sirius XM Radio Inc. v. Hegar, a case in which the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District ruled that Sirius’s receipts should be attributed to Texas, but hopefully the state supreme court will set it aright.

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The Ohio Court of Appeals decides whether a charging order may be entered against a professional association organized as a species of corporate law.

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The Biden administration is taking early steps to provide clear messaging to student loan borrowers. One message is that student loan repayment will be resuming in February. The other is that mass student loan cancellation is probably not going to happen.

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With the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting scheduled this week, there are a number of economic and social crosscurrents to consider when navigating what an economic “next normal” could look like and how policymakers can ensure the American economic engine remains on track.

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With a rise in number of Covid-19 cases in the U.S., it is likely that FedEx’s Ground shipment volume may have trended higher during the quarter, boding well for its overall top-line growth.

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Crypto should not take the blame for weak cybersecurity

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The widows penalty can increase a surviving spouses taxes while at the same time decreasing their retirement income. What you need to know about the widow and widowers penalty.

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Traditionally, hedge funds stuck to the public market when it came to their allocations, but a new study from Goldman Sachs suggests that is changing

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How technology is addressing the surge in absenteeism fueled by Covid-19.

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The outcome ultimately hinges on how Chinese households respond if property values begin to decline. The main risk is that China would confront a loss of confidence by households at a time when business confidence is shaky due to the government’s clampdown on tech co. and other private businesses.

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The government wants to make it harder for you to claim a loss and easier for you to be forced to declare a gain.

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Investors, rather than being fearful of higher interest rates, invest in some fix-to-float bonds.

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The index is down 4% from an all-time high last month.

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Equity comp in private companies can be profitable. Many are growing fast. But unlocking the value of stock without liquidity calls for special measures. I asked a financial advisor with expertise in this unique planning area how private company employees can finance the exercise of stock options.

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Women with equivalent skills and education still earn less than men, which adds up to much worse retirement security in old age.

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Climate change was top of mind at the Gold Forum Americas conference I attended and spoke at last week in Denver.

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Stock markets in China open back up tonight after their holiday. So we might see further selling overnight as the world reacts to what’s going on in the markets.

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The global asset markets suffered a broad sell-off today. Interestingly enough, cryptocurrency prices declined along with those of stocks and commodities. Will this price correlation continue?

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Here’s what it means for your student loans.

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Paris-based Sorare raises a record $680 million Series B round, led by Softbank, at a $4.3 billion valuation.

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A guide to exploring the Bitcoin ecosystem and understanding its many facets.

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FIRE advocates look to retire earlier than the traditional age of 65—and I mean way earlier.

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If you win the lottery, make sure you do this.

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For older adults who need or want to continue working at something meaningful, the choices beyond traditional W-2 employment are endless. Here are a few suggestions as well as ways to find money through other sources.

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Personally, I doubt dollar stores are destined to wither away anytime soon. But I’ll be keeping an eye on them as the economy continues to shift post-pandemic.

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Here's how to apply for student loan cancellation.

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By 2025, SoFi could be profitable and 3.5 times bigger, says Mizuho. Or a big bank could snap it up.

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A few months back we discussed that the stock price of Biogen can see a rebound after falling 10% in a week, based on its historical performance. However, BIIB stock has seen a decline of over 12% since then, and it is down 7% in the last five trading days...

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The inland waterways system plays a vital role in trade and is a critical component in the U.S. supply chain. Similar to other parts of the supply chain, signs of stress are emerging.

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CME Group stock has gained a meager 4% YTD, and at its current price of $189 per share, it is trading 13% below its fair value of $216 – Trefis’ estimate for CME Group’s valuation. The stock has lost approximately 11% since its second-quarter 2021 results in July, despite outperforming the...

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Asian equities were largely higher as Hong Kong outperformed led by internet stocks.

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Quadruple witching could put a scare in some investors, but retailers are finding ways to help consumers with their financing

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The news that Amazon would be joining the ranks of the departments stores it has been beating up for years came as somewhat of a surprise to many retailers.

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Economic growth would falter and the labor market could lose millions of jobs, the White House told state and local officials on Friday.

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Philip Morris stock is up 18% in the last six months and currently trades at $104 per share. Despite belonging to the defensive tobacco sector, the stock has registered impressive gains over recent months. With the global lockdowns gradually being lifted, Philip Morris’ supply constraints have...

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Several of the region’s wealthiest casino moguls saw their fortunes tumble this week after officials in Macau launched a regulatory review that threatens to tighten the government’s grip on “Asia’s Las Vegas.”

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To close this week, the Dow Jones lost about 40 points, the S&P 500 dipped 0.2%, and the Nasdaq lost 0.2%. Make the most of this market with today's Top Buys from's artificial intelligence.

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This Friday, the indices saw some minor losses, as the Dow Jones lost about 40 points, the S&P 500 dipped 0.2%, and the Nasdaq lost 0.2%. Make the most of this market with today's Top Shorts from's deep learning algorithms.

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“We don't feel ready to start saving, yet,” said a recent prospective client, “We’ll wait a bit longer until our situation gets more stable.” But when will they be ready?

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Throughout 2020, even as back-to-back U.S. administrations were mobilizing “China Free” supply chain initiatives and sanctioning Chinese companies and individuals for a host of issues—from the South China Sea to Xinjiang—Wall Street plowed more than $75 billion into China’s economy.

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But making Qualcomm Inc an even more interesting and timely stock to look at, is the fact that in trading on Friday, shares of QCOM entered into oversold territory, changing hands as low as $133.74 per share.

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The ex-co-CEO of private equity giant the Carlyle Group has poured more than $16 million into his gubernatorial campaign against his Democratic opponent, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, himself a multi-millionaire backed by billionaire donors.

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What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries

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Fabrica uses NFTs to sell low-value plots of land 100% online.

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Innovation-focused guru increases exposure to SPACs, pharma and tech stocks, trims CRISPR Therapeutics stake

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The price of Solana's sol token tanked more than 35% below last week's all-time high.

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In a tragic feedback loop people in cognitive decline are more susceptible to financial mistakes and predation and financial security can make people so stressed their cognition is not protected.

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The companies with the large operations there — Las Vegas Sands and Wynn — took it the hardest with both down more than 10% in the last 4 days.

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Celebrity investor and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary has said he expects "another trillion dollars worth of buying" into bitcoin...

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Evergrande is close to default, the question is whether this causes a recession in China and ripples across financial markets.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren urged tougher restrictions after disclosures that two regional Federal Reserve presidents bought and sold stocks and real estate-tied assets last year.

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The 0.7 percent climb in sales last month comes after a 1.8 percent decline in July and gains earlier in the summer.

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For long-term investors, ensuring that investment decisions consider the impact of climate change on long-term value is critical for fulfilling fiduciary duty. Here’s what you can do to not only climate-proof your investment portfolio, but also to help meet the climate change challenge.

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In the wake of nationwide protests, corporate America has pledged to fight racism and support Black Americans. But a similar initiative started decades ago in Rochester shows it is a promise that is difficult to sustain.

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Should the regulators, the legislators and the commercial banks be working together to bring the number of unbanked down to zero? No. The goal of a modern and forward-looking strategy should be not to bank the unbanked but to unbank the banked.

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In an exchange filing late Friday, the Singapore-based property developer said it has agreed to sell the group’s 63.8% stake in HCP Chongqing Property Development for $1.