These Two Swiss Photographers Have Set Out To Overcome Political Polarization In America By Taking Pictures Of Everyone

These Two Swiss Photographers Have Set Out To Overcome Political Polarization In America By Taking Pictures Of Everyone | Lifestyle

Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer traveled fifteen thousand miles in search of common ground. Their group portrait of political differences - and common humanity - is the subject of a new book and exhibition at the Lechner Museum.

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Elie Saab Couture included a sizeable number of men's couture looks.

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are powerful machines—that much isn’t news. One such example of that power is The Matrix Awakens, currently available on both systems, which provides a free-of-charge look at Unreal Engine’s future in gaming. That unique experience, however, is going away for good, unless you download it…Read more...

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Morbius and Minions both attracted an ironic fandom, but only one actually showed up to theatres.

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Can Taika Waititi capture lightening in a bottle a second time?

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Almost everyone agrees that large swaths of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit are terrible, each in their own way. But these monolithic social media platforms are so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to use them. Which isn’t to say that you have to swear off of social media forever: T…Read more...

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Two types of veggie burgers are available!

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Older Android phones are a known security risk, but recent research from Microsoft’s 365 Defender Research Team shows just how vulnerable the outdated devices are vulnerable to a serious form of malware known as “toll fraud.”Read more...

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French Haute Couture designer Julien Fournié’s AW22-23 collection is a reaction to all the things that have happened the past couple of years from the pandemic and social issues.

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Journey will release 'Freedom," their first album in 11 years, this Friday (July 8). I spoke with guitarist Neal Schon about the new record, dream tours and reclaiming their business dealings.

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If you’re in portions of Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, or Tennessee, you may have heard about an “excessive heat warning,” with temperatures predicted to be over 100 degrees for potentially several days. This is dangerous weather, so here’s what you should know. Read more...

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Here how second-quarter sales compare to the same point in time before COVID-19 tossed a monkey wrench into the automotive industry’s well-oiled works.

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A new study identifies the best and worst road-trip routes throughout the country for operating electric vehicles.

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While delta-8 is generally safe, there are some things to look out for when shopping for delta-8 vapes. Diamond CBD breaks down what to know when shopping for carts.

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Inside FARM Rio's London pop-up store at Liberty.

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Give thanks to the farmers, freezers and formulators, the extractors and hash masters, the patients and the stoners for manifesting this special day.

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I replaced my kitchen scale recently. The new one has every feature I was looking for—negative tare being the big upgrade. But it also has two features that I never asked for and do not want. Nobody wants them. I’m talking about the “milliliters” and “fluid ounces” settings, which are both complete bullshit. Read more...

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Visit this trio of urban wineries and tasting rooms for unique Willamette Valley wine experiences without leaving the city.

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International travel is finally on the rebound, and the reduction of travel restrictions is a contributing factor. The Americas and Europe are the easiest to reach because of proximity and policy flexibility.

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Fishing out the last stem from a jar of Amarena cherries is extremely disappointing—even more upsetting if there’s no cherry attached. These bitter cherries are saturated with flavor and boast such a romantic, dark red, you’ll be instantly smitten the moment you pop the lid. They’re the elevated version of a…Read more...

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Why does Estonia attract so many digital nomad business and then continue to create unicorns? The ease of business administration is only part of the picture

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As last week’s solstice marked the passage into the astronomical summer, a discrete group of wellness-seekers, including Chloe Sevigny and “Stranger Things” star Cara Buono, descended upon Etereo, Auberge Resorts’ new property on the Riviera Maya for a wellness retreat curated by Sabine Heller.

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If you use Google Chrome on Windows or Android, you need to update ASAP. There’s a new browser update for each platform that includes patches for newly discovered security vulnerabilities. The bad news: One of these security flaws has a known exploit, meaning your browser and its data are at risk unless you update now.Read more...

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Travel is a mess right now, and with so many things going wrong, it’s entirely possible that you’ll be stuck overnight somewhere or have your luggage delayed on an upcoming trip. Of course, you can always purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover any additional expenses you might incur, but many credit…Read more...

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The once creative director of Yves Saint Laurent has flexed his wings in furniture design, having just co-unveiled a collection with Fahad Hariri Once a designer, always a designer.

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Most of the apps in Apple’s App Store are slowly moving away from asking you to pay upfront, opting to make their money either through ads or in-app purchases. But if you’re someone who prefers to buy an app rather than deal with micro-transactions, keeping track of prices can be a pain—especially since Apple ditched…Read more...

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I am someone who gets locked out of their rental apartment a lot. I’ve left my keys inside my apartment more times than I can count. I’ve lost them a few times while I was out. Once, I accidentally spilled super glue on my keys, disfiguring them and making it so they didn’t fit in my locks anymore. As a result, I have…Read more...

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The writer, actor and producer talks body positivity, Indian American representation and learning to appreciate self-care in this Forbes exclusive.

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“Stay original, authentic and have fun with your brand. Consistency is key. Details can separate a good brand from a great brand - so pay attention to the smallest of details. Let things around you inspire you," says the founder.

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No matter what browser you use on your Android, it accumulates junk files over time. Left unchecked, those files can take up anywhere between 100s of megabytes to multiple gigabytes of storage space. It not only slows down your browser, but can also affect the speed of your phone, and the solution is easy:…Read more...

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European countries continue to scrap travel restrictions relating to Covid-19—including Portugal and Finland for July—but there are a few countries where it is still mandatory to test and come equipped with Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificates.

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Add to that a lavish and creative menu by Christopher Cryer and world-class wine list and you have quite a total package no one—tourist or gourmand—could dismiss as mere spectacle.

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Given the ubiquity of shows like Vikings, movies like The Northman, and the forthcoming Thor: Lover and Thunder (this installment differentiated by the presence of a bonus Thor), Norse mythology is very much in the zeitgeist lately.Read more...

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In order to get along in the world, we generally operate under the assumption that we’re experiencing the same reality as others. But this may be an illusion— ask a random person who won the last presidential election to get a picture of how little we share in a political and cultural sense—and if you want to take it…Read more...

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Enjoy surprising pleasures on this beachy Massachusetts peninsula, especially in the summer.

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From the best shopping terminal to her official city of love, here's how Oleema Miller travels.

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Tennis fans will want to head south early next year as legends John and Patrick McEnroe will be the first professionals to ever do battle on the seventh continent. It is part of an 11-day luxury cruise itinerary to Antarctica.

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As Covid-19 cases spike on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the country is requiring face masks indoors for all people over 12.

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Some of my favorite foods are utilitarian sources of protein. Cottage cheese, jerky, hard boiled eggs—things I can grab and shove in my face the moment I realize I’m way past hungry. (Being a food writer does not automatically make one good at recognizing hunger cues, as it turns out.) Hard boiled eggs are one of my…Read more...

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A Montana-based bluegrass band loves its home state and recommends the state's wonders to travelers.

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Berlin doesn’t want to be branded, says a spokesperson. There are so many different food and restaurant initiatives, people doing things from the heart. The system is that there’s not really a system.

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Architect firms often incorporate a unique element when designing a major project for the hospitality industry. These recent projects each include a unique design element of their own, ranging from authentic representation of Native American history to art programs that reflect cultural influences.

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Nashville was setting tourism records until the pandemic. Now it is back as a travel hot spot, with many high-profile new hotels.

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Lauren and Lee Gonzalez are the entrepreneurial sisters behind L&L Hospitality, a company that specializes in opening and operating hostels. Guests who may have never considered hostels in the past now are realizing that they are a good wallet-friendly option.

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Jim Farley likes to wear the iconoclast hat as CEO of Ford Motor Co., and he’s just broken another barrier: He’s wrapped up his first season as a podcaster.

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Omar El Gharbawy of Balmain Hair Couture shares his top tips for looking after your hair during summertime.

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Tony Ward's AW22-23 Couture collection is one of colorful ensembles.

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Ten years into being on the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode calendar and Giambattista Valli let everyone know it at his AW22 Couture runway show in Paris’ Place Vendôme.

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The all-new 2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE is the AMG-tuned variant of the pure-electric Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+ model that arrived earlier this year.

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Our group, strangers molded into a temporal ersatz rowing team of six, were on the penultimate day of a weeklong sojourn run by Solitude River Trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

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You’ve been dating a pretty great person for a few months, but there’s just one problem—when you aren’t snuggling and getting along, you’re pushing each other’s buttons, resulting in some big flare-ups. This person has many wonderful qualities and you can see a future with them, so you don’t want to break up—but the…Read more...

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One of the simplest joys in life is going out to dinner with friends. That is, of course, until the bill comes. All conversation now must turn to how much money each person owes for the loaded potato wedges and fried pickles the table shared. You’re in the mood for merriment, not complicated math. Of the many great…Read more...

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Air Canada, Canada's major carrier, has been plagued with flight delays, cancellations and missing baggage.

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Can cowboy boots be fashionable? This former marine is on a mission to inspire everyone to rock cowboy boots, no matter where they live.

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Chances are, if you’ve gone through middle school, you know what it’s like to be insulted right to your face. But insults aren’t solely the work of a schoolyard bully—adults dole them out, too. You might deserve the next insult you get, or you might not. Either way, you have a few options on how to respond. You could …Read more...

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Legislation passed into law in California eliminates the state cannabis cultivation tax assessed on licensed marijuana growing operations.

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Just opened in London, Africa Fashion at the Victoria & Albert museum and In the Black Fantastic at the Hayward gallery both make for essential viewing.

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Butter is an ideal dipping sauce for these sweltering summer months, when the artichokes are ready to be steamed and the crab is ready to be boiled. If you’ve eaten much of either of those, you’ve probably noticed they come with a little tub of drawn butter for dipping. But how does one go about drawing butter,…Read more...

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Aviator makes khakis that stretch, dry quickly and go anywhere.

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Last year, hospitals had to start posting lists of the prices they charge for each procedure. The data wasn’t easy to access, and a serious flaw is that these were just the sticker prices—not the prices that insurers, or anybody else, actually end up paying. Now, as of July 1, the insurers have to post lists of…Read more...