Citigroup Stock Still Has Some Potential

Citigroup Stock Still Has Some Potential | Economy

While Citigroup stock has gained around 70% since the March bottom, it is still down 25% YTD. Trefis estimates Citigroup’s valuation to be around $65 per share - around 10% above the current market price. Citigroup, a leading global financial services holding company that does business in over...

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At a time when many people are vilifying Musk and his takeover of Twitter, crypto’s richest entrepreneurs are publicly backing the controversial billionaire. Their interests are both ideological and financial.

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Upcoming data is expected to inform whether the Fed makes a 0.5 or 0.75 percentage point move up in rates at its December meeting.

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The Egyptian economy has been struggling for years. Recently, the IMF and the Egyptian government struck a new deal to improve stability, and this time, there is a fully rounded strategy attached to the funds. Here are the details you need to know.

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Open banking is either the most over-hyped trend in Asia, or the most under-estimated. In either case, banks will need to be able to have the core-system agility to be able to deal with a whole new paradigm.

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What does the Amazon Venmo deal mean for PayPal? We look at how Amazon payments can boost PayPal revenue, and what it all means for investors.

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The midterm elections on Tuesday typically provide a positive catalyst for stocks over the next year. With this earnings season winding down, actual earnings are likely to remain below estimates at the end of the quarter. The CPI report will provide another data point to adjust Fed expectations.

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Jerome Powell is fighting for the Fed's credibility to beat back inflation. But monetary policy doesn't happen in a vacuum and the 2024 election is fast approaching.

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The Federal Reserve is doing its part to stifle inflation by crimping demand, but policy changes that encourage supply will help subdue inflation just as effectively, and with a lot less pain.

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Both concern the Fed's desired outcomes and the capital (money) market's role in setting interest rates

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Berkshire Hathaway posted a quarterly loss of almost $2.7 billion versus a profit in 2021. Operating earnings, which remove the distortion from market changes, rose by 20%. Management warned that some businesses are beginning to see the negative impact from slower economic growth.

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Key Republicans say they will cut Social Security and Medicare if their party gains power. Some Republicans are considering raising the full retirement age to age 70.

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The big news today was that payrolls increased by +261K. This caused markets to rally. Interest rates moved up because the headline +261K may cause the Fed to be even more hawkish. Nevertheless, beneath the veneer, this was a very weak employment report

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Tuesday's mid-terms may see some gains fro the Republicans but will likely embolden Donald Trump and further divide American politics.

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The scam involve swindlers posing as representatives of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a legitimate agency that protects consumers.

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Amongst the doom and gloom in many media outlets over rising US-China tensions and the results of China's 20th Party Congress, the US and China have a robust trading relationship which is not going to disappear nor decouple overnight.

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Today’s market is ideal for us to grab stock-focused closed-end funds (CEFs) paying outsized 10%+ dividends.

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Elon Musk’s Twitter deal finally closed. He celebrated with a sink. Here’s what you need to know.

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The taxpayer properly elects deferral by making an election on or before the due date (including extensions) for filing the tax return for the year in which the QSBS is sold.

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Tech stocks have been in favor for years now. But they are just as susceptible to a bad market as other securities, maybe more. Here is a roundup of the latest tech earnings reported, and what investors need to know as they adjust their portfolios for the rough road ahead.

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HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers enterprise security, analytics and data management services to businesses worldwide CEO Antonio Neri noted earlier this year at the firm’s partner and end-user event in Las Vegas that the company continues to see resilient demand from enterprise customers and...

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A single justice of the U.S. Supreme Court has denied another request to block Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. Here's what it means for borrowers.

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During Covid-19, I adopted a beautiful German Shepherd named Anya who happily greets me everyday at the door after work.

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The amounts exempt from federal estate and gift taxes are adjusted for inflation each year. The IRS has come out with the exemption amounts for 2023.

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In traditional private equity, business owners may feel limited to traditional passive growth and control buyout transactions. However, there are hybrid investment alternatives worth exploration.

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Over the last two weeks, China has poured billions into Mexico. Its corporate brands are surpassing US ones in Colombia and Brazil.

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We walk you through projecting your target retirement income, Social Security, the savings you need to retire, and how to reach that goal.

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Dividend income is taxable, but the tax rate is determined by a handful of factors. Here are important details.

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Borrowers should start taking steps now to maximize their student loan forgiveness opportunities and prepare for repayment in January.

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Since March 2022 U.S. unemployment has been broadly flat. Now there's a real risk U.S. unemployment could get worse, signaling a recession could be close.

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During COVID, I adopted a beautiful German Shepard named Anya who happily greets me everyday at the door after work.

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Cutting back marketing and related technology budgets was a leading cause of handwringing among recession-spooked execs at a recent fashion industry event I attended in New York. The question wasn’t whether a recession is imminent but how deep it might be.

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Robert Goulder of Tax Notes and professor David Kamin of the New York University School of Law discuss the purpose and political importance of book minimum taxes, particularly the global anti-base-erosion agreement.

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The president’s recent comments on Social Security, the deficit and economic growth claim credit where it is not always due.

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Lower bonds prices are likely.

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Participation in early and mail-in voting—as well as its rejection by parts of the Republican Party—reached new heights in 2020. But the rise of early voting had started even before the pandemic made casting a ballot via mail, by using a drop box or by showing up early the more popular option.

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Daily Dividend Report: Snap-On, Capital One Financial, Hershey, UnitedHealth Group, Dominion Energy

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With falling expectations for the busiest shopping season of the year, we could be in for a significant slowdown in retail hiring.

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Some owners of pass-through businesses will be able to contribute as much as $73,500 to their tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts.

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SNAP shares plummeted after announcing third quarter earnings and warning for continued weakness into the fourth quarter. Here's what investors need to know.

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The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates for the sixth time this year on Wednesday. Here's what it means for investors.

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If you have extra money outside of your emergency fund, now might be a good time to invest it in I bonds or the stock market, depending on your time horizon.

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Shareholders will have new ways to measure Executive Compensation versus company performance thanks to new disclosures. Here's what it means.

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The company also witnessed a rise in revenue over this period, and revenue per share has increased, despite a marginal rise in the outstanding share count MSI’s Total Revenue has grown 15% from $7.3 billion in FY 2018 to $8.5 billion on an LTM basis.

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Given the current concerns that inflation could remain stubbornly high and Fed Chairman Powell throwing cold water on a pivot to lower interest rates anytime soon, an inflation reading significantly below expectations should result in a risk on investing environment.

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On the one hand, the unemployment rate rose from 3.5 to 3.7 percent, as employment fell nationwide by 300,000.

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Despite expectations-beating growth and guidance and record orders in the most recent quarter, DoorDash stock has lost 79% of its value. That could make its shares a bargain.

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The unemployment rate for older workers (age 55 and over) for October 2022 is remarkably low and is essentially unchanged from September.

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Despite growing waves of layoffs, the data signals the labor market may still not be cooling quickly enough for the Fed to ease up on interest rate hikes.

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Because of the complexity of retirement planning, it’s easy to make some missteps that could ultimately hurt you financially.

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With inflation rising and the Fed raising interest rates, Chipotle stock has fallen 19% this year.

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Small business owners in 2023 may find themselves in an extremely unique situation to save as much as $37,500 in Roth money.

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As we enter the fourth quarter, it’s an optimal time to begin implementing year-end tax-saving strategies and review critical areas in your finances to ensure you are organized and heading into 2023 on the right path.

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What can get complicated is understanding the legal, tax and accounting implications of running a business after you start one.

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One of the largest tax traps is the sticky and growing web of state and local taxes.

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One provision of the newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that raised revenue (taxes) is a 15% Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (CAMT) on corporations with average book income of $1 billion or more over the last three years. Who is affected? How will it affect your investments over time?

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The technology giant surpassed the consensus estimates in the first quarter of FY2023 (FY July-June).

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Republicans are poised to win control of Congress on Tuesday. What should they do?

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Given that CAT stock has seen a rise of 19% in a month, will it continue its upward trajectory, or is a fall imminent?

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Digital media streaming company Roku posted a better-than-expected set of Q3 2022 results, although its outlook for the holiday quarter was weak, causing the stock to fall by almost 19% in after-hours trading on Wednesday.

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At Forbes Iconoclast Summit, Icahn reveals his Twitter profits and warns against fighting the Fed.