Rebuild The Arecibo Radio Telescope To Inspire Students

Rebuild The Arecibo Radio Telescope To Inspire Students | Tech

The urge to explore and learn is a basic human need. A rebuilt Arecibo can help nurture it.

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Automattic is expanding its lineup of online writing platforms with its acquisition of Day One, a popular journaling app for Mac and Apple mobile devices. The app has been downloaded more than 15 million times since its March 2011 launch on the Mac and iTunes App Store, offering users a private place to share their thoughts. Since then, it’s ...

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Throughout its four or so years of life, the Equity podcast crew has had the good fortune to record a few live shows. We’ve sat on the small stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, for example, with Garry Tan one year, and Charles Hudson another. We’ve also adventured to other venues and events with varying levels of success.

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Raquel Urtasun, the former chief scientist at Uber ATG, is the founder and CEO of Waabi, an autonomous vehicle startup that came out of stealth mode last week. The Toronto-based company, which will focus on trucking, raised an impressive $83.5 million in a Series A round led by Khosla Ventures.  Urtasun joined Mobility 2021 to talk about her new ve ...

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This morning at this year's Six Five Summit 2021, the head of Intel's DPG, Navin Shenoy, announced its intention to create the “Infrastructure Processing Unit," or the "IPU."

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When it comes to digital, we intuitively think ‘disruption’. Especially in our post-pandemic age, new digital solutions, businesses and innovations are emerging all the time.

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A parade honoring the sacrifice of frontline workers during the pandemic will be held next month in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, signaling a return to normal while acknowledging the massive toll faced by the workers since the start of the Covid-19 crisis.

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New evidence finds that faster responses are thought to be more sincere and truthful than slower ones.

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New research teaches us how to strengthen our bonds with others.

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A group of nearly 100 central banks released much anticipated climate scenarios last week. Developed by leading climate scientists, these new scenarios have major relevance for financial institutions who will use their outputs to set net-zero strategies and address climate risks.

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We kicked off this year’s TC Sessions: Mobility with a talk featuring three leading players in the field of autonomous delivery. Gatik co-founder and chief engineer Apeksha Kumavat, Nuro head of operations Amy Jones Satrom, and Starship Technologies co-founder and CTO Ahti Heinla joined us to discuss their companies’ unique approaches to the catego ...

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The Supreme Court has given LinkedIn another chance to stop a rival company from scraping personal information from users’ public profiles, a practice LinkedIn says should be illegal but one that could have broad consequences for internet researchers and archivists. LinkedIn lost its case against Hiq Labs in 2019 after the U.S. Ninth Circuit ...

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Redwood Materials, the battery recycling startup founded by former Tesla CTO JB Straubel, has purchased 100 acres of land near the Gigafactory that Panasonic operates with Tesla in Sparks, Nevada as part of an expansion plan that aligns with the Biden Administration’s drive to increase adoption of electric vehicles and boost domestic battery ...

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This weekend, all of your friends morphed one by one into animated, Pixar-inspired characters. This isn’t a fever dream, and you’re not alone. On Thursday, Snapchat released a Cartoon 3D Style Lens, which uses AR to make you look like a background character from “Frozen.” Naturally, even though TikTok’s own AR cartoon effects aren’t quite as convin ...

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Mac Reddin, the co-founder and CEO of Commsor, met the first professional investor for his company’s $16 million Series A on Lunch Club, a marketplace for 1:1 video introductions. Commsor, which sees itself as an operating system for community managers, then experienced first-hand the benefit of matching people within similar industries in an engag ...

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Fraud protection startup nSure AI has raised $6.8 million in seed funding, led by DisruptiveAI, Phoenix Insurance, AXA-backed venture builder Kamet, Moneta Seeds and private investors. The round will help the company bolster the predictive AI and machine learning algori

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Is real estate—one of the most change-resistant verticals of all—finally ready to move into the digital age?

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I’ve said for a long while now that Avengers would need a Taken King or Reaper of Souls type expansion moment to shift the narrative about the game, and while I don’t know if its free expansion, Black Panther: War for Wakanda, will ultimately do the trick, I was impressed by what I saw from it at...

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By Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member at SAP SE Finding qualified employees remains the biggest risk for technology companies, according to the latest CNBC Technology Executive Council Survey.

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There are simple, proactive steps to safeguard your company’s most important information.

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If you’re working overtime and are still losing sleep over work, it might be a matter of mastering your mind rather than the matters on your to-do list. Vanquish fear and admonishments by adopting a step-by-step approach to confronting your fears, overcoming anxiety and regaining confidence.

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Back in October 2019, Destiny 2 introduced a new seasonal system with the Shadowkeep expansion, an artifact full of temporary mods that you would unlock over time.

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There are companies that achieve a 350% improvement in productivity. How do they accomplish this goal?

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A new study compared previous research on health effects of the performing arts, and discovered that dancing and drumming had the most positive health outcomes.

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Apple just launched Beats Studio Buds—more than a month earlier than had been rumored.

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Beats has announced the Beats Studio Buds, a pair of true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation.

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Although the origins of SARS-CoV-2 remain uncertain, all the pandemics of the past century involve zoonotic diseases. Activities that bring people, domestic animals, and wild animals into close contact, in new combinations, increase spillover risk; nature conservation strategies can reduce risk.

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A new report claims that this year’s Apple Watch will have an upgraded display, while next year’s will have big sensor updates.

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The startup hopes to expand its sales team and continue researching new potential uses for the budding scientific field.

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There is a lot of hype around AI, but for a business new to AI, there is little information about how to get started and how to generate the first dollar of ROI from an AI project. We share common myths, practical realities, and how to get started.

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The ability to establish and maintain an effective and reliable cybersecurity strategy has become increasingly challenging for organizations in the throes of digital innovation.

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Even in the best of times, maintaining network visibility, orchestrating security policies, and consistently enforcing controls across a corporate network can be challenging.

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A new report based on a survey of 505 C-level technology executives, conducted by Forbes Insights in collaboration with Adobe, shows that few organizations anticipate a full return to the 9-to-5 office.

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When Cory Siskind finished school, she was dropped into a high-stakes job helping large multinational corporations manage their operational security in Mexico City, with almost no relevant lived experience. Eventually, she realized that this was more or less par for the course in the corporate security field, which lagged behind other mission-criti ...

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If you’re like me, you spent the weekend longing for the mixed bag that is downtown Los Angeles during E3. I’ve got fond memories of fish tacos, The Last Bookstore, watching playoff basketball in garishly lit hotel lobbies and, of course, video game press conference after video game press conference. For a second year in a row, the show’s gone all ...

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Hello and welcome back to The Station, a weekly newsletter dedicated to all the ways people and packages move (today and in the future) from Point A to Point B. Welp, the mobility event is over and we had loads of interesting interviews and anyone with an Extra Crunch subscription can access the videos. For instance, Rita Liao moderated a panel wit ...

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Andrea Campos has struggled with depression since she was 8 years old. Over the years, she’s tried all sorts of therapies — from behavioral to pharmacotherapy. In 2017, when Campos was in her early 20s, she learned to program and created a system to help manage her mental health. It started as a personal project but as she talked to more peop ...

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Beleaguered electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors’ stock shares have taken another hit after the company said Monday that CEO Steve Burns and CFO Julio Rodriguez have resigned, just a few weeks after Burns was reassuring investors of the company’s bright future. Lordstown Motors’ Lead Independent Director Angela Strand was appointed execu ...

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Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This is Equity Monday, our morning coffee chat with you that is a

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Hunter Jensen Contributor

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When they were released in 2019, Powerbeats Pro were standouts. Two-plus years later, they remain one of the more well-rounded wireless earbuds on the market. There are things I would change, of course. Even in 2019, that charging case was ridiculously large. In 2021, the original case is all the more absurd. And, of course, noise-canceling has bec ...

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Nubank’s first office, on California Street in the Brooklin neighborhood of São Paulo, makes for a great beginning to the company’s story. It wasn’t a Silicon Valley garage, but this tiny, one-bathroom rented house, where 30 people worked insane hours to push out the company’s debut credit card, lends just as well to an image of entrepre

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As we saw in parts 1 and 2 of this EC-1, by mid-2013, Nubank CEO David Velez had most of what he needed to get started. He’d brought on two co-founders, assembled ambitious engineering and operations teams, raised $2 million in seed funding from Sequoia and Kaszek, rented a tiny office in São Paulo, and was armed with a mission to deliver the kind ...

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As we mentioned in part 1 of this EC-1, David Velez had two key co-founding roles he needed to fill to get started building Nubank. For one, he needed a CTO to lead the engineering side of the business, as Velez didn’t have an engineering background. Edward Wible, an American computer science graduate who spent most of his career in private equity, ...

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For most startups, the hardest early challenge is identifying a market and a product to serve it. That wasn’t the case for Nubank CEO David Velez, who understood the massive potential for success if he could break into Latin America’s most valuable economy with even a moderately modern banking offering. Instead, the challenge was how to rebuild the ...

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Brazil is a country riven with economic contradictions. It has one of the largest and most profitable banking industries in Latin America, and is among the world’s most developed financial markets. Financial transactions that would take days to process in the United States through ACH happen instantaneously in Brazil. This sophistication, however, ...

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In January, former Uber executive Liz Meyerdirk took over as chief executive of The Pill Club. The company, which offers an online birth control prescription and delivery service to hundreds of thousands of women, had hit record revenues, crossing $1

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A number of startups (eg, here, here, here and

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It’s easier than ever to build a product and sell it around the United States, or the world. But if you want to do so without incurring the wrath of any particular state, or nation-state, you’d best have your tax matters in order. This is why Stripe’s news last week that it has built tax-focused tooling to help

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Dataiku is going downstream with a new product today called Dataiku Online. As the name suggests, Dataiku Online is a fully managed version of Dataiku. It lets you take advantage of the data science platform without going through a complicated setup process that involves a system administrator and your own infrastructure. If you’re not familiar wit ...

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European privacy group noyb, which recently kicked off a major campaign targeting rampant abuse of the region’s cookie consent rules, has followed up by publishing a technical proposal for an automated browser-level signal it believes could go even further to tackle the friction generated by endless ‘your data choices’ pop-ups.

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Because of the pandemic, we’re all a lot more familiar with remote working than we used to be, whether we like it or not. But the remote tools of the pre-pandemic era – Slack, Trello, Zoom, Asana, etc, etc, etc – are, if we admit it to ourselves, barely scratching the surface of what we really need to be productive. Luckily a new era of ...

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South Korean firm's contract win called a market "breakthrough" by one analyst.

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It's all about clean energy, it seems.  Elon Musk and Tesla caused ripples in the cryptocurrency market in the past few months, first by announcing that Tesla had bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins and that it will start accepting Bitcoin for purchases, and then by selling some of those bitcoins and halting said purchases due to environment ...

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TL;DR: Want to cut the learning curve on creating digital art? Try a lifetime subscription to Paintstorm Studio, on sale as of June 14 for $14.99 — a 21% discount.  Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator are well-known, award-winning, and always topping lists as the best digital art tools, but they’re also complicated, expe ...

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For anyone gleefully awaiting the '80s nostalgia trip that will be Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation, we have good news: showrunner Kevin Smith has dropped a few new hints about the direction the reboot will be taking. "We pick up, spiritually, where He-Man and the Masters of the Universe left off," Smith explains in the clip above, ...

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After a period of tight stock, both the white and space gray original HomePod models have now sold out and are unavailable either online or in Apple Stores in the US and Canada.It's over, the original HomePod is now gone — at least from Apple StoresFollowing its discontinuation in March 2021, the original HomePod has been officially listed by Apple ...

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Apple's worst-kept secret, the Beats Studio Buds have surfaced yet again, with major retailer Best Buy advertising the personal audio accessories on its website.On Monday, the Best Buy website's top banner is devoted to Beats, showing a close-up of one of the earbuds along with the tagline "Made for music." The banner also states the Beats Studio B ...

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The 2021 "Apple Watch Series 7" for 2021 will be faster with a better screen — and Apple is reportedly working on more health features, and an extreme sports model alongside a revised entry-level Apple Watch for 2022.Source: Jon ProsserFollowing recent claims that the "Apple Watch Series 7" is to feature a redesigned chassis, a new report says that ...