The Dicey Economics of Investing in Fossil Fuels Now

The Dicey Economics of Investing in Fossil Fuels Now | Business

Even before a pandemic sapped the world’s thirst for crude, fossil-fuel producers faced threats from renewable energy, electric vehicles and worries about climate change. Is it time to strike, or slip away?

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Energy supplier Green has become the latest victim of the crisis engulfing the sector as it collapsed blaming "unprecedented market conditions and regulatory failings".

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A report by a liberal think tank tries to quantify the potential employment gains and losses, concluding that subsidies will be crucial.

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Around 70 cargo ships are queuing outside two of the biggest ports in the US due to the increasing demand for imported goods.

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Traton, the maker of Scania, MAN and Navistar trucks, said it was also suffering from shortages of many other critical components.

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The PM says farmers can export to the US, and insists the chances of a wider trade deal are not fading.

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A digital marketing services group founded by a British advertising executive is plotting a public listing in New York that could value it at more than $3bn (£2.2bn).

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Global stock market values are climbing after a massive Chinese company, seen as having the largest debt pile in the world, was able to sooth worries over its imminent future.

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The tech giant has changed its playbook this year to rebut criticism, using its algorithm to promote positive stories about itself.

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Beijing is the undisputed king of coal, but the announcement at the United Nations General Assembly this week was cautiously welcomed by climate experts.

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The Fed is expected to clearly signal that it will slow bond purchases later this year. But the meeting comes as stocks sink.

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The energy regulator says "well above" hundreds of thousands of customers may be left in limbo as more suppliers fold.

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A London-based company which uses artificial intelligence to transform waste into reuseable resources is raising millions of pounds from investors amid frenzied interest in the sector.

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A new rule, the only one of its kind in a major European city, forbids short-term private-room rentals, adding fuel to the debate over how to control booming prepandemic tourism.

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A parallel universe of millions of employees did not have the luxury of thinking about returning to the office — they never left. Six workers share their experiences.

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Igloo Energy is close to being added to the list of supplier casualties as the fallout from surging gas prices continues to shrink the number of players operating in UK’s domestic energy market.

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Total losses through fraud rockets by 30% in the first half of the year, with many victims not refunded.

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In areas inundated with coronavirus patients, hospitals have postponed treatments and surgeries for people with other serious conditions.

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The government could end up giving tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to an American company to help it restart carbon dioxide production at two plants, a minister has told Sky News.

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Pret A Manger has revealed plans to hire 3,000 staff through a post-coronavirus strategy that will see it target sales away from city centre offices after a pandemic driven slump.

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More than £1bn-worth of state pensions have been underpaid due to repeated human errors which were almost inevitable amid complex rules and outdated IT systems, a spending watchdog has said.

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Taxpayers will help pay for the operating costs of a US-owned fertiliser manufacturer amid the ongoing energy crisis - just weeks after the government announced it was cutting Universal Credit and raising National Insurance contributions.

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The competition watchdog has been asked to look at the structure of the UK music industry over concerns musicians are getting "meagre returns" from the current streaming system.

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The coffee and sandwich chain says it hopes to open 200 shops and double in size within five years.

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The Public Accounts Committee is "increasingly alarmed" about key parts of the rail project.

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The National Audit Office says 134,000 pensioners, mostly women, were affected by a preventable scandal.

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Boss Brian Chesky says people are increasingly combining business and leisure travel thanks to remote working.

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The Justice Department said the partnership amounted to a merger in the New York and Boston markets and reduced competition more widely.

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Ministers are considering efforts to join an existing free trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada - or to strike a series of mini-deals with America - after Boris Johnson appeared to admit a standalone UK-US free trade deal was not an imminent prospect.

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Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, has signed off on an effort to show users pro-Facebook stories and to distance himself from scandals.

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He developed an estimated 200 toys and other items, including a phaser rifle for “Star Trek.” But his best-known product was a game for “literally everyone on earth.”

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Airlines and airports say they need a date for when PCR tests are removed so they don't lose out on bookings.

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Previewing its new approach, the Treasury Department announced sanctions against a virtual currency exchange called Suex.

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Ladbrokes owner Entain has confirmed it received a takeover offer from US fantasy sports betting firm DraftKings - reportedly valuing it at around $20bn (£14.6bn).

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The group forecast that the worldwide economy would grow 5.7 percent in 2021, slightly lower than its previous estimate.

Source: | 21. 09. 2021 19:56:09 | Business

Some 65 container ships are stuck outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, amid trade bottlenecks.

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A chilled foods distributor whose customers include Asda and J Sainsbury is on the brink of collapse as a maelstrom of headwinds including acute driver shortages threatens further disruption to grocery retailers' supply chains.

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The former chief executive of Fiat Chrysler, Mr. Manley will start at the automotive retail giant on Nov. 1.

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It is not clear precisely how much Evergrande, the Chinese property company, owes its creditors.

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Alyson Shontell, 35, will be in charge of content across Fortune’s magazine and website, as well as its conferences, newsletters, videos and podcasts.

Source: | 21. 09. 2021 17:31:02 | Business

Alyson Shontell, 35, will be in charge of content across Fortune’s magazine and website, as well as its conferences, newsletters, videos and podcasts.

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A surge in gas prices has prompted fears of hard times ahead - but how bad could it get?

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The technology giant has built a sprawling campus on the west side of Manhattan and has 12,000 employees in the city.

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Experts are making increasingly grim predictions about the developer’s ability to hold on without a government bailout, and the consequences of a possible collapse.

Source: | 21. 09. 2021 15:42:24 | Business

It comes after one industry group warned shoppers could start noticing gaps on shelves within days.

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With the business secretary telling Sky News the government could make emergency loans to suppliers suffering from rising energy prices, Ian King speaks to Gareth Stace of UK Steel about the knock-on effects to other critical industries.

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Another of the UK's small energy suppliers is lining up advisers to oversee its potential insolvency after ministers ruled out stepping in to prop up companies on the brink of collapse.

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The prime minister has described Britain's energy crisis as a "short-term problem" and said he does not think there will be disruption to food supplies at Christmas.

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The UK is expected to have inflation of 3% at the end of 2022, the highest rate of the advanced economies.

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Occupancy rates and rents are at record highs, drawing investors and entrepreneurs looking for growth opportunities.

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The government has reached agreement with CF Industries to restart carbon dioxide production at its UK sites following talks between the company and Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

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To step onto Montserrat’s volcanic beaches, 21 travelers (so far) with an income of at least $70,000 have agreed to stay two months. The goal: to keep cash coming in, while keeping Covid away.

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The state voted in July to require workers who install solar panels and batteries to be certified electricians to ensure the safe installation of power equipment.

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It's all Vladimir Putin's fault! This is all because of climate change policy! We are doomed to winters like this forever!

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The Biden administration is trying to address a problem with private child care that has worsened during the pandemic.

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The group forecast that the worldwide economy would grow 5.7 percent in 2021, slightly lower than its previous estimate.

Source: | 21. 09. 2021 14:22:55 | Business

The jitters over a potential default for Chinese real estate firm Evergrande only tell part of the story.

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A New York family had good health insurance. But the bills for their daughter’s care started showing up and kept coming.

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Shares of the troubled Chinese property giant slipped modestly lower Tuesday, while its chairman predicted a turnaround.

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Under government proposals, all employees will be given the right to request flexible working.

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Shoppers could start noticing food shortages within days due to the crisis in carbon dioxide (CO2) supply, a food industry chief has warned.