Alcoa Stock Looks Overvalued After 300% Recovery

Alcoa Stock Looks Overvalued After 300% Recovery | Economy

After more than a 300% rise since its March lows of this year, at the current price of close to $23 per share, Alcoa stock (NYSE: AA) looks overvalued. Alcoa’s stock has rallied from $5.48 to $22.71 off the recent bottom compared to the S&P which increased over 60% during the same period...

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Despite school reopenings and the end of some federal aid, many people are in no rush to land a job. Savings and health concerns are playing a role.

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A more traditional view is competing against a newer approach that has become mainstream among economists.

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J.P. Morgan experts say digital payment solutions help companies monetize subscriptions, prevent fraud, better understand their customers and complete more sales online.

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Guru increases stake in cloud-based software company

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Crypto products and policy are developing fast, and that should be applauded

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One MarketWatch article voiced concerns that a futures-based bitcoin ETF is "inferior" to a spot ETF. Is this claim accurate? Several market analysts offer their point of view.

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Who will win the race to provide affordable EVs to Main Street?

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The American Rescue Plan could be pushing inflation up slightly and temporarily, a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco analysis said.

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Democrats are debating whether doing nothing will cost more than doing something to deal with climate change, education, child care, prescription drugs and more.

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Last week's rise produced positive indicators for the stock market. However, patience looks to be the best strategy.

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The rollercoaster of student loan servicing changes continues for borrowers. Here are the latest Navient and FedLoan Servicing updates.

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Advance child tax credit payment system faces another glitch, and the IRS is up to Letter O on its FAQs. The latest: How to return payments.

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Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans deliver similar health outcomes and customer satisfaction measures, though MA plans tend to deliver more coordinated care.

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When investors think about investing in quality, they often think of it as a factor, but it is much more than just a factor.

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The amount of legwork AMC Entertainment needs to do to reach its goals is nothing short of astronomical.

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What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries.

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As SEC Commissioner Allison Herren Lee delivered her remarks at the annual The SEC Speaks on Oct. 12—focusing on the rapid growth of private markets in the 21st century and the implication of this growth on investors and the economy at large—it was a vindicating moment for me as I have written on...

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The Semiconductor Index is below its 50-day SMA and has a negative weekly chart.

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A reverse mortgage's pros and cons, plus alternatives for retirement income

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How high out-of-pocket health costs are causing them financial pain

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Joan and Steve Reid planned to retire happily by slashing their spending after moving from New York to less-costly Florida in 2019. Here's what happened.

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Forbes previously reported in 2018 on how Mike Lempres, the Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer at Coinbase at the time, asserted the U.S. did not need a new regulator for crypto to Congress. However, the newly released Digital Asset Policy Proposal by Coinbase suggests a new regulator is needed.

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Boston Fed President Eric S. Rosengren, who according to the New York Times is resigning earlier than planned due to controversy over trading in stocks that may have benefitted from the Fed’s monetary policy, made comments at the Bretton Woods Committee on research the central bank conducted rega...

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Britiain is entering a winter of discontent as prices rise, labour shortages hit and the side effects of Brexit come home to roost - the question is whether is this just a Brexit effect or will be more widespread

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Days after his son Kendall’s explosive press conference left the media conglomerate Waystar Royco teetering on the brink, the Roy family patriarch opens up as he goes to war with his children, his shareholders and potentially the U.S. government.

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As bitcoin, ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies rocket higher, crypto traders are predicting a "ludicrously strong" rally through the rest of 2021...

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Most investors are ignoring a clear shot at 7%+ dividends double-digit price gains...

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The president’s approval rating has been taking a beating since the middle of August and that doesn't bode well for municipal bond proposals in his Build Back Better plan.

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The first batches of student loan forgiveness emails are going out to borrowers, following the Biden administration's expansion of a key loan forgiveness program. More are on the way.

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No one talks about the "shadow economy," which is a lot more than tax-avoidance schemes for the wealthy. We should.

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Stubborn aging parents and step-parents can create extreme stress for adult children. Who has the right to make decisions? It's a legal question explained here.

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Here's how to apply for student loan forgiveness.

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Considers clauses that attempt to divest a debtor of assets in their event of their insolvency or bankruptcy.

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Levels have been reached — or are about to be reached — that indicate the possibility of change in direction.

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This blog inspects the impacts the pandemic has had, including on inflation, whether those impacts are permanent, and how they will impact short and long-term economic growth.

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The Social Security Administration announced key numbers that affect workers and retirees today—a substantial increase in the taxable wage base for workers and the biggest increase in benefits for retirees in decades.

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Coinbase stock (NASDAQ: COIN) has gained almost 11% over the last week (five trading days) considerably outperforming the S&P 500, which was up by just about 1% over the same period. The gains are likely driven by the recovery in Bitcoin prices in recent weeks. While the bellwether cryptocurrency...

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We think that Emerson Electric stock currently is a better pick compared to Johnson Controls stock, despite Emerson Electric being more expensive of the two. Emerson Electric trades at about 3.2x trailing revenues, compared to 2.2x for Johnson Controls...

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Unprecedented insights into why Street Earnings provide a flawed picture of earnings, and five S&P 500 companies likely to beat 3Q21 Street EPS estimates.

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Tata Motors has reached a deal to raise about $1 billion by selling a stake in its electric-vehicle business to a TPG fund and other investors.

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The Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment, or COLA, is going to be 5.9% next year.

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With the critical holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, retailers are scrambling to get products on their shelves due to the ongoing chaos along global supply chains. U.S. importers are getting creative, deploying new tactics to keep merchandise moving.

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Robinhood Markets is best known as a zero-commission brokerage app that Millennials turned to, to cash in on the soaring Covid-19 stock market and to ride the meme stock wave. However, Robinhood stock which was listed in late July hasn’t really delivered for investors since its listing this Summer..

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Apple distracts from the Financial sector’s earnings announcements and CPI report with production woes that are hitting its suppliers

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While still in your peak earning years, is there a tax efficient way to give back? Charitable giving can both benefit others and help you set yourself up for retirement.

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Hyperledger’s first executive director, Brian Behlendorf, steps down, passing the reins to vice president Daniela Barbosa.

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Earnings and revenue are soaring for middle-market companies in the U.S. But with the holidays looming, supply-chain woes could lead to a consumer crunch.

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Asian equities were largely higher with Japan off and Hong Kong unexpectedly closed due to Typhoon Kompasu hitting the island.

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A week ago, the Biden administration announced transformational changes to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). These changes include several unique benefits that aren't getting much attention. Here’s an overview.

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A major settlement agreement has been reached in a long-running lawsuit brought by student loan borrowers against the U.S. Department of Education for failures associated with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

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With careful planning, small-business owners can both save for a rainy day and keep sales coming in.

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It was almost precisely a year ago that I got the most bullish on bitcoin I’ve ever been. Fears around a winter Covid wave were building, and investors were debating how much stimulus the next president would have to inject into the economy.

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Tax Notes reporter Sarah Paez discusses the EU tax haven blacklist and the potential impact of the recently released Pandora Papers.

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Binance coin rose in value recently, pushing higher after Binance revealed the creation of a $1 billion fund to help fuel greater adoption on Binance Smart Chain, as well as in the broader blockchain industry. Analysts weigh in on these developments and their implications.

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If your finances freak you out, first find solace in knowing that you’re not alone.

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Superman had kryptonite—the substance that caused him to lose all power. Will tech stocks succumb to their kryptonite?

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Social media giant Snap (SNAP) has had a notable year, boasting a roughly 50% lead since the start of 2021.

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Binance coin enjoyed some impressive gains recently. After these latest price movements, where will it go next? Technical analysts offer their two cents.

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A case of buy-the-rumor, sell-the-news appears to be all the rage in Chicago, home to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME Group), the world’s largest regulated futures and options exchange.

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“We can already see the growing costs associated with the increasing frequency and severity of climate-related events."