Trump backs Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate millions of votes

Trump backs Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate millions of votes | News

President Donald Trump is backing a lawsuit filed to the Supreme Court by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to block millions of votes from four battleground states that voted for President-elect Joe Biden.

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The Vikings used their longships to cross the Atlantic Ocean and settled in Canada as early as 1021, according to a new study providing the first exact date of Europeans in the Americas.

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The first stars formed using products from the Big Bang, and learning more about them can teach us about how the universe as we know it came to be.

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Some philosophical counselors offer useful help with problems of living; others aren’t sure mental illness is real. What will their field become?

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Trump is backing a number of candidates who have openly pushed QAnon's wildest theories. By endorsing them, he's mainstreaming the extremist movement.

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More than 600,000 people have died from COVID-19 in Brazil since the pandemic began.

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Katie Couric returned to "Today" promoting her new memoir, "Going There." She discussed her relationship with former co-anchor Matt Lauer, who was fired after complaints of "inappropriate sexual behavior."

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Police in New Zealand leapt into action to attend the house of a 4-year-old boy -- to check if his toys were as cool as he said they were.

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CNN's John Avlon discusses the importance of the midterm elections for Democrats and how they can win over swing states by paying more attention to middle class and rural America.

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All 21 passengers on board a plane headed for Boston survived after it crashed after takeoff in Waller County, Texas. CNN's Rosa Flores reports.

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The UK competition regulator has slapped Facebook with a $70 million fine for repeatedly ignoring warnings and deliberately breaking its rules.

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CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks with Marcus Arbery about the murder trial for the killing of his son Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and what it's like to be in the courtroom with his alleged killers. Gregory McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and their neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan Jr. face charges including malice and felony murder and have pleaded not g ...

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The bitcoin bull market is showing no signs of slowing down. Bitcoin, the world's most valuable cryptocurrency, hit a new all-time high above $66,000 Wednesday, topping the previous record set in April.

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Nikolas Cruz, the gunman who carried out the massacre of students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018, pleaded guilty in a Florida courtroom Wednesday to 17 counts of murder and 17 counts of attempted murder.

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Police in Lagos fired tear gas Wednesday as hundreds of demonstrators turned up at the Lekki toll gate in a memorial car procession to honor those who died during protests last year in Nigeria's economic hub.

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CNN's John King joins John Berman to discuss why he decided to share his multiple sclerosis diagnosis live on air.

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Mitch McConnell's entire being is -- and always has been -- focused on winning elections. Every move he makes and every thing he says is part of a broader effort to ensure that his side winds up with more seats -- and therefore more control -- than the other guys.

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Assassinations have doubled from January through August 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

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Facebook has become synonymous with hate speech, disinformation, election interference, and even genocide.

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Data from when something bad happens can be erased, and the score itself can be reset with the press of a few buttons.

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The cheap computer company said it's not 'immune' to the supply chain crisis.

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It’s a major breakthrough for xenotransplantation, and a dream for both scientists and transhumanists.

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Give them a weekend at a kitsch love motel, a getaway to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, or a famous Frank Lloyd Wright retreat.

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This is not the first time Bangladesh has seen anti-Hindu violence triggered by social media posts.

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Are their burgers really that good anyway?

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The hacker turned against his former partner, accusing him of stealing his fair share of a $16,000 heist.

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Dbrand made replacement sideplates for the PlayStation 5 then begged Sony to sue them. Sony threatened to, and now Dbrand is back with an upgraded sideplate and a brand new troll.

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Tiny bits of plastic are swirling in the sky, and a new model suggests they could be subtly affecting the climate.

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Google has shed light on a spate of attacks that turned creator channels into cryptocurrency scam livestreams.

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To add fractions, you find the least common denominator—a term that has a certain resonance in our age of mass cancellation.

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Staff at an English animal hospital were in for a shock when they responded to a call about an unusual creature -- which turned out to be an aggressive and deadly snake.

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Millions of Russians face strict new Covid-19 restrictions from this week after a slow vaccination drive, an overwhelmed health care system and widespread mistrust in government combined to plunge the country into its most deadly phase of the pandemic to date.

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The Chinese government has ordered the country's coal mines to "produce as much coal as possible" as it tries to increase production as winter approaches, and ease an ongoing energy crunch.

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Starting or staying on the gold medal-winning Mediterranean diet? Then you'll need a shopping resource you can use to stock your pantry with Mediterranean meal essentials -- and continue to use on a weekly basis to restock and purchase fresh, frozen and canned vegetables, fruits, and more.

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The Greek islands! It was a bucket list trip, made even more precious as a getaway after the long pandemic travel drought. I'd been to Athens before, so this trip was all about the islands, including a visit to the beautiful cliff homes on Santorini.

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A Spanish drone operator has received permission to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped near a volcano in the Canary Islands by catching them with a remote-controlled net and flying them out over a stream of lava. The dogs have been stranded for weeks in an abandoned yard covered with volcanic ash on the island of La Palma.

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It's not often an NBA star can quietly make his way through a crowd unnoticed. But with celebrities like William H. Macy, Martha Stewart, and Guy Fieri roaming the grounds of the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado last month, Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum figured he had a decent chance to quietly taste wines, meet vineyard owners and ...

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Former Washington Spirit player Kaiya McCullough has told CNN that the abuse she faced at the hands of former coach Richie Burke left her "dreading having to go on the field" and "hoping I would get hurt at practice."

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When you see a 3D image of a real person in a video game or as a visual effect in a movie, that virtual human has usually been constructed through an intricate process known as "volumetric capture."

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Lionel Messi inspired Paris-Saint Germain to a thrilling 3-2 victory against RB Leipzig in the Champions League on Tuesday but the night also revealed the Argentine's magnanimity.

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Miss France, the country's 101-year-old beauty pageant, is being sued by a feminist activist group over alleged discriminatory entry requirements.

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Novak Djokovic will not be able to enter Australia to defend his Australian Open title unless he is fully vaccinated for Covid-19, the country's immigration minister said on Wednesday, putting the Serb's grand slam record bid in doubt.

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Manager Steve Bruce has left Newcastle United by mutual consent just 13 days after the Saudi Arabia-backed takeover of the Premier League club.

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Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos has some regrets about how he handled Dave Chappelle's stand-up special, even though he still stands by Netflix's decision to stream the controversial act.

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Two former German soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of attempting to create a paramilitary unit to fight in Yemen's civil war, prosecutors said Wednesday.

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Procter & Gamble, the consumer goods giant that makes Pampers diapers, Crest toothpaste and Tide detergent, says that running its business is far from simple right now.

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This fall, the US Supreme Court will decide New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Kevin Bruen, a case that may result in vastly expanded rights to carry firearms in public. In doing so, the Court will need to grapple with a key question that, until now, has been left unanswered in the Second Amendment debate: Are there any limits to the ty ...

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For the first time, a pig kidney has been transplanted into a human without triggering immediate rejection by the recipient's immune system, a potentially major advance that could eventually help alleviate a dire shortage of human organs for transplant.

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Facebook is planning to rebrand itself with a new name focused on the metaverse, the Verge reported on Tuesday, as the tech giant comes under fire from regulators around the world over its business practices.

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The next few weeks will be pivotal if former President Donald Trump is hoping to bury the House's request for January 6 documents in years of litigation.

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Queen Elizabeth II has canceled a trip to Northern Ireland today and has "reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days", Buckingham Palace said, Britain's PA Media news agency reported Wednesday.

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At least 14 people have been killed and three others injured after a Syrian military bus was targeted with two explosive devices in the capital Damascus on Wednesday, the SANA state news agency reported.

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Mexico's Supreme Court voted down an appeal by several chemical and seed companies to allow them to cultivate genetically modified corn.

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I don’t need it, but I could ride this ebike all day, every day, forever.

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Federal advisers meet again this week to discuss third shots, but it’s still not clear what the best timing is—or what the US owes the world.

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From LG OLEDs to affordable TCL screens, a ton of our favorite models are steeply discounted.