Does Your Employer Match Charitable Gifts?

Does Your Employer Match Charitable Gifts? | Economy

Employee workplace giving has accelerated in part by the issues of 2020—the Covid-19 pandemic and racial justice—and in part by the lure of company matching gifts.

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Prudential Financial’s stock (NYSE: PRU) has lost roughly 5% YTD as compared to the 17% decline in the S&P500 index over the same period.

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From checking your spending to reviewing your credit report, it’s important to ensure you’ve covered every base when carrying out an annual personal finance review.

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Former FTX CEO will talk about the exchange’s collapse as subpoena threats emerge.

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What will 2023 bring - heightened strategic competition between large economies, a focus on energy and technology, a macro unravelling in the context of high inflation and rates.

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Listening to clients builds strong client relationships and leads to greater client satisfaction. This translates into more referrals and happier clients, says Forbes/SHOOK Best Idea winner Jon Vigi Jr.

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Heading into Friday, stocks had been higher but today’s PPI reading has since sent stocks down in premarket.

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The large number of ETFs has little to do with serving investors’ best interests. Here are three red flags investors can use to avoid the worst ETFs.

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I must get a half-dozen scam emails a week.

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For a regime that's dependent on crypto to avoid sanctions and steal hard currency, the collapse of FTX couldn’t have been more ill-timed.

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Thursday’s jobs report and unemployment report found that November’s numbers performed slightly better than expected. But there's more to the picture.

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Asian equities were mixed today as North Asia outperformed led by Hong Kong while India was off.

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We look at the latest in the rail union negotiations and the $2 billion per day impact the strike could have had on the economy this holiday season.

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The student loan pause will have exceeded three years by next summer. But perhaps the least-talked about benefit is actual student loan forgiveness for borrowers in some cases. And the longer the pause remains in effect, the more borrowers may ultimately get their loans forgiven.

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Scammers are extras budy at this time of year. They target your aging loved ones directly. They can get ahold of a frightening amount of personal information about your aging parent. To protect them, inform yourself first. Speak to your elder directly. Here is a suggested script.

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Meta Platforms on Tuesday unveiled Quest Pro, its $1,499 VR headset with eye and face tracking, and color passthrough video for mixed reality. It’s tech Meta badly needs to grow its business. Yet investors should continue to avoid Meta shares.

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Momentum is growing for cannabis reform at the federal level. But there are several political and structural hoops getting in the way.

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Cities hope to convert office buildings to residences, and there is a lot of market action now. Conversions can help with the housing shortage, but they are only one tool for cities.

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SpaceX has quietly revealed the Starshield service, which is intended for government use. Here’s what we know about the latest from Elon Musk's other new offering so far this week.

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DoorDash announced that it would be laying off 6% of its workforce in this recent round of tech layoffs. We break down what this means for investors in DoorDash and what to expect from the delivery pros moving forward.

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One of our favorite tools to use is a Roth conversion for our clients’ pre-tax 401k or IRA accounts, something which is especially powerful in the current tax environment.

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The activist guru increases his stake in the real estate company

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U.S. inflation is no longer rising, but it’s not falling much either. As 2022 draws to a close, inflation data may not encourage policy-makers or markets.

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As an obscure but muscular congressional staffer and chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, he helped usher into law a raft of consumer protections.

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Mr. Lipton, who served in senior roles in the Clinton and Obama administrations and at the I.M.F., is retiring.

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Government data for October shows the labor market is still strong, though cooling slightly.

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The state is undertaking the nation’s most ambitious effort so far to compensate for the economic legacy of slavery and racism.

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Consumption climbed and personal income rose, even after accounting for inflation, new data from the Commerce Department showed.

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A longtime University of Chicago economist who served in the Obama White House will be president of one of the Fed’s 12 regional districts.

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Men ages 35 to 44 are staging a lackluster rebound from pandemic job loss, despite a strong economy.

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The labor market remains strong, complicating the picture for the Federal Reserve. Investors are expecting the central bank to soon start slowing interest rate increases.

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Employers added 263,000 workers in November, even as some industries showed signs of a slowdown. Wage growth exceeded expectations.

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The Biden administration pre-emptively halted any penalties from the case in June, prompting critics to say the administration had shortcut its own trade rules

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A new report suggests where 20 newly created research centers could best revitalize struggling economies and accelerate new technologies

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As concerns about labor force participation among American men mount, maritime transportation firms are desperate for new mariners.

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Layoffs and hiring freezes at companies like Amazon and Meta are changing the job market for recent grads and college students. Tell us about your experiences.

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A new report on the auto industry cites extensive links to Xinjiang, where the U.S. government now presumes goods are made with forced labor.

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A new reality is setting in for students and recent graduates who spent years honing themselves for careers at the largest tech companies.

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At a time when many people are vilifying Musk and his takeover of Twitter, crypto’s richest entrepreneurs are publicly backing the controversial billionaire. Their interests are both ideological and financial.

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Upcoming data is expected to inform whether the Fed makes a 0.5 or 0.75 percentage point move up in rates at its December meeting.

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The Egyptian economy has been struggling for years. Recently, the IMF and the Egyptian government struck a new deal to improve stability, and this time, there is a fully rounded strategy attached to the funds. Here are the details you need to know.

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Open banking is either the most over-hyped trend in Asia, or the most under-estimated. In either case, banks will need to be able to have the core-system agility to be able to deal with a whole new paradigm.

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What does the Amazon Venmo deal mean for PayPal? We look at how Amazon payments can boost PayPal revenue, and what it all means for investors.

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The midterm elections on Tuesday typically provide a positive catalyst for stocks over the next year. With this earnings season winding down, actual earnings are likely to remain below estimates at the end of the quarter. The CPI report will provide another data point to adjust Fed expectations.

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Jerome Powell is fighting for the Fed's credibility to beat back inflation. But monetary policy doesn't happen in a vacuum and the 2024 election is fast approaching.

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The Federal Reserve is doing its part to stifle inflation by crimping demand, but policy changes that encourage supply will help subdue inflation just as effectively, and with a lot less pain.

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Both concern the Fed's desired outcomes and the capital (money) market's role in setting interest rates

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Berkshire Hathaway posted a quarterly loss of almost $2.7 billion versus a profit in 2021. Operating earnings, which remove the distortion from market changes, rose by 20%. Management warned that some businesses are beginning to see the negative impact from slower economic growth.

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Key Republicans say they will cut Social Security and Medicare if their party gains power. Some Republicans are considering raising the full retirement age to age 70.

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The big news today was that payrolls increased by +261K. This caused markets to rally. Interest rates moved up because the headline +261K may cause the Fed to be even more hawkish. Nevertheless, beneath the veneer, this was a very weak employment report

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Tuesday's mid-terms may see some gains fro the Republicans but will likely embolden Donald Trump and further divide American politics.

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The scam involve swindlers posing as representatives of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a legitimate agency that protects consumers.

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Amongst the doom and gloom in many media outlets over rising US-China tensions and the results of China's 20th Party Congress, the US and China have a robust trading relationship which is not going to disappear nor decouple overnight.

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Today’s market is ideal for us to grab stock-focused closed-end funds (CEFs) paying outsized 10%+ dividends.

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Elon Musk’s Twitter deal finally closed. He celebrated with a sink. Here’s what you need to know.

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The taxpayer properly elects deferral by making an election on or before the due date (including extensions) for filing the tax return for the year in which the QSBS is sold.

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Tech stocks have been in favor for years now. But they are just as susceptible to a bad market as other securities, maybe more. Here is a roundup of the latest tech earnings reported, and what investors need to know as they adjust their portfolios for the rough road ahead.

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HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers enterprise security, analytics and data management services to businesses worldwide CEO Antonio Neri noted earlier this year at the firm’s partner and end-user event in Las Vegas that the company continues to see resilient demand from enterprise customers and...

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A single justice of the U.S. Supreme Court has denied another request to block Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. Here's what it means for borrowers.

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During Covid-19, I adopted a beautiful German Shepherd named Anya who happily greets me everyday at the door after work.

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The amounts exempt from federal estate and gift taxes are adjusted for inflation each year. The IRS has come out with the exemption amounts for 2023.