Can Your Hardware Handle 'Minecraft' With Ray Tracing?

Can Your Hardware Handle 'Minecraft' With Ray Tracing? | Lifestyle

After months in beta, Minecraft with ray tracing is now available for Windows 10 players. It’s the biggest visual upgrade Minecraft has received in its nine-year lifespan, adding realistic lighting behavior to the game’s blocky, malleable worlds. You’ll need to meet high hardware requirements to experience the effect…Read more...

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Rolls-Royce Ghost II is built on the same space frame architecture as the Phantom and Cullinan SUV. With acceleration to rival many sports cars, Ghost II Black Badge is a luxury cocoon muscle car.

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The two Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts I experienced this past week have survived remarkably intact to the century mark, yet both are driven thousands, even tens of thousands of miles each year. These cars are foundation of the Rolls-Royce brand.

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Afternoon tea by Gucci? Ooh la la!

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Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things introduces a compelling villain that challenges our assumptions about the Upside Down.

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Imagine Dragons have a superb new Rick Rubin-produced album, 'Mercury - Act 2.' I spoke with frontman Dan Reynolds about working with Rubin, his favorite songwriters and much more.

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Fill your home with the scent of freshly-cut roses with this candle edit.

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When it comes to powering a car, gas gets all the attention (which is understandable given the prices over the past few months). But in addition to your fuel gauge, you should also keep an eye on your battery level. Batteries perform multiple functions in vehicles—including providing the power you need to start your…Read more...

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Fans of vintage or antique wood furniture know that these older pieces come with some trade-offs. For example, older, solid wood furniture was built to last—unlike modern particle board counterparts. But because of this, it can be extremely heavy (i.e. difficult to move), and be pretty pricey if it’s in pristine…Read more...

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There’s nothing like the feeling of climbing into bed after putting on a set of new, clean sheets. But if you’re used to well-worn cotton sheets—or ones made of jersey, bamboo, or microfiber—a new set of sheets (especially if they’re percale, linen, or other higher-end types of cotton) may not be as soft as you’d like…Read more...

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Is Royal Caribbean a tech failure?

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This internationally-renowned annual competition comes with a twist: It redefines the art of photography by setting no rules on post-production work — and the winners are outstanding.

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Over the course of a week, the French auction house will hold a jewelry sale over a three-day period, two women watch auctions, and a men’s fine watch sale at the Hôtel Hermitage in Monaco.

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For many people transitioning to a minimalist wardrobe, buying items that are sustainably made is a high priority

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The Harmonist has launched a new perfume fragrance, Yin Transformation that has been added to thirteen fragrances that already exist in the house.

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From a QR code scavenger hunt in Las Vegas to making simple social media posts online, there are all kinds of travel prizes up for grabs. Here are a dozen travel contests and sweepstakes worth checking out this summer.

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Easy American-made roses to sip for July 4

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Air New Zealand is introducing a new concept for those of us who find ourselves at the back of the plane.

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The best places to eat and drink in Telluride, Colorado — this weekend and beyond.

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Love your hydrangeas, but want to see how they would look in a different color? Depending on the variety, you may be able to change their color yourself. Here’s what to know.Read more...

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The Ahoi line of watches are some of Nomos Glashutte’s most popular offerings. This summer, they’re releasing a few new variants on the line, including the Nomos Ahoi Atlantics.

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Now that summer is in full swing, people lucky enough to have their own pool (or at least live near someone who does) are probably spending a lot of time in the water. And while that’s a great way to cool down on a hot day, you could end up with some less-than-pleasant aftereffects, like a sunburn or swimmer’s ear.Read more...

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Grilled meats like hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken tend to take centerstage at cookouts—like the many happening over this holiday weekend—but the sides are what make the meal. And because most cookouts take place in warmer summer weather, it can be tricky to keep sides like potato salad and coleslaw cool.Read more...

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Hong Kong's $450 million Palace Museum opens next month, one of several new museums making their debuts this year.

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Air Canada cancels over 150 flights for July and August in response to mounting travel chaos.

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In Miami’s red hot restaurant scene, where flash and hype don’t always match substance, Sexy Fish doesn’t disappoint. We'll be coming back soon...Here's why!

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In a world heaving with globally branded “luxury jewels” that are mass produced, Francesca Villa’s 18-karat gold creations repurpose relics in distinctively luxurious and rare designs.

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Proof is made by women for women, providing everyday and leak-proof underwear, and bras made sustainably without chemicals.

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Ruby, July’s birthstone represents a romantic past with its meaning of passion and desire. Here we look at some of the best antique and vintage styles, which are being shown on Instagram or new arrivals on websites to celebrate those born during this month.

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Prince once said, “Time doesn't exist. Clocks exist. Time is just an agreed-upon construct.” The same could and has been said about ownership of digital artworks and NFTs. Can you really own something that has been replicated thousands or sometimes millions of times online? You can, but only...

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My relationship with martinis can be traced back to the bar at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, an iconic establishment that’s decorated like a French bordello. Desperate to be perceived as refined, I ordered a dirty martini with my shrimp cocktail and ribeye. Marco—the platonic ideal of an old-school bartender—asked if I…Read more...

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The team behind Michelin-starred Ju-Ni recently opened their first casual concept in San Francisco’s Mission District. Handroll Project is the city’s first-ever hand roll sushi bar and the first from a Michelin-starred team in the country. Here's everything you need to know.

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Analysts say that Las Vegas has recovered so fast from the pandemic that the “music has to slow down” soon and predict that a drop in demand is on the horizon.

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Childhood emotional neglect (CEN) occurs when caregivers fail to fulfill a child’s emotional needs. This can include overt, verbal abuse, as well as passive acts of ignoring or neglecting the child’s needs. Both emotional neglect and emotional invalidation fall under the larger category of CEN and have different…Read more...

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So you’ve set out to do a load of laundry only to realize you already used the last of the detergent. Bummer—but there is hope for your socks and underwear yet. In a pinch, you can sub in some common household items for your Tide or All; they may not have the same stain-busting power but they will get rid of odors and…Read more...

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After a delay due to the pandemic, Qantas is back on track to introduce nonstops between New York and London to Sydney and new cabin configurations aboard the Airbus A350-1000s selected to fly them.

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Most shoemakers left the United States for cheaper factories abroad decades ago. Here’s how two small, family-owned firms with strong consumer followings—Sabah and Okabashi—are bucking the trend.

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For all the good things it does for us, the sun can also be a menace: It can burn your skin, mess with your eyes, and even damage your vehicle. It might also be responsible for that rash you’ve been Googling since you discovered it across your shoulders. You could have a “sun rash” or “sun allergy” and never have even…Read more...

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This week in the Guardian, writer Rachel Sigee pondered the question of why so many of us frequent sites like Goodreads and Letterboxd to log our media consumption, and came up with an answer that seems obvious in retrospect: It’s dopamine.Read more...

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Rob McCallum is not a name many people know, but in the oceanographic exploration world he is a big deal.

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If you want to reduce your chances of an early death from a heart attack or stroke, you’ve probably heard of a few ways to do that: get more exercise, eat “good fats,” maybe pay attention to the heart health metrics on your smartwatch. But there are a lot of things that are supposed to be good for our hearts, and…Read more...

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The idea of hopping in an RV with some friends or family and exploring off the beaten path completely on your own schedule might be pretty compelling—at least until you look up the price of the rental. If this sounds like something you want to do, though, don’t be scared away by the high rental prices you may come…Read more...

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The most influential heads of tech and media are in Sun Valley, Idaho for the very exclusive annual conference put on by investment firm Allen & Company.

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Millie Bobby Brown thinks she should play Princess Leia, and it appears fandom and the studio itself agree.

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For those looking to make one last grownup-only escape, Del Mar’s Rancho Valencia & Spa offers plenty of creature comforts and considerations for mothers-to-be.

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Governments lie. They cheat. They steal. Sometimes the blame comes from within: corrupt individuals who’d conned their ways into the halls of power with no moral compass beyond their own self-aggrandizement. Sometimes, the fault lies within ourselves: We’re drawn to populist politicians who tell us what we want to…Read more...

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"It's all about the moment," Dixon says.

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The 2021-launched upscale ranch meets luxury residential experience has exciting plans for the coming months.

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Sometimes you want to melt away the hours managing an island of misfits and paying back a predatory raccoon. And sometimes you wanna be put through the wringer—to test every fibre of your patience, skill, and smarts on your path to victory. From its first steps in arcades full of quarter-munching machines designed to…Read more...

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Maluma launched his Summer 2022 collection, in collaboration with Reunited Clothing for men and women at Macy’s.

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When it comes to running in the heat, I’m a wimp. (When it comes to a lot of things, I am a wimp.) After running a spring marathon, I’ve struggled to resume training and get myself out the door and into the summer weather. Then I remembered one of my hacks that I usually reserve for pre-race nerves: A quick shower.Read more...

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In 2020, no household product loomed as large in the public consciousness as hand sanitizer. Back in March of that year—before we knew COVID-19 is mostly spread through the air rather than by you touching your face—the stuff was practically liquid gold. Shelves were emptied. Prices skyrocketed. Some people tried to…Read more...

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Learn more about the London-based footwear label, Le Monde Beryl from founders Lily Atherton and Katya Shyfrin.

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A room filled with young Black creatives, including creative strategists, fashion designers, journalists, dancers, actors, musicians, social influencers, and a curated group of other multidisciplinary artists from all over, were privileged to have a first-look at the exhibit.

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Buying a new car has always been a major investment, and at a time when everyone is feeling the pinch of inflation, it’s especially important to factor in the costs now, and the expenses associated with using and maintaining it over time. And with gas hovering around $5/gallon, a car’s fuel efficiency could end up…Read more...

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The Oris New York Harbor Limited Edition watch benefits the restoration of the city’s oyster population.

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And, what you can expect when you do.

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Johan Creten’s disturbing bestiary is never naturalistic but symbolic, with each flawed beast taking on human attributes like in the fables of Jean de La Fontaine or Aesop, in which anthropomorphic animals teach moral lessons.

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On one hand, things are seriously fucked up basically all over the world. Everyone feels like they’re going crazy and nothing makes any sense anymore. But on the other hand, young people have collectively decided to dress in their nicest clothes to see Minions: The Rise of Gru this weekend. That has to even the scales…Read more...

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Located in a former sushi spot, Shmoné is the newest restaurant created by Chef Shani, who has opened over 40 hot-spots across the globe.

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When you’re single, it’s easy to lose control of your budget, or even feel like you don’t need one in the first place. Date nights, takeout for one, no one to split streaming subscriptions with...the costs of being single add up quick. Without a second income, you have to get a little creative with how you save. At…Read more...