Chris Evans to voice Buzz Lightyear in new Pixar movie

Chris Evans to voice Buzz Lightyear in new Pixar movie | News

Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear.

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An undersea pipeline set to deliver gas from Russia to Germany has become exactly what the two countries have always insisted it would never be: A weapon in a geopolitical crisis.

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The approaching legal and political showdown over abortion will reprise the key dynamics that shaped last week's bitter Senate struggle over voting rights -- and further inflame disputes between the parties over the filibuster and the role of "states' rights" in limiting federal guarantees of civil rights and liberties.

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President Joe Biden is confronting a series of distinct but interlocking global crises and hotspots with US foes lining up to test the mettle of an under-pressure leader and their own sense that the United States is a retreating global power.

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Evergrande is still trying to appease growing anger among its offshore creditors, who have threatened to take legal action over the embattled Chinese developer's plans to restructure the business.

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Teen pilot Zara Rutherford tells Anderson about the scariest moment of her journey around the world. Watch Anderson Cooper Full Circle Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.

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Toddler orders almost $2,000 of furniture from Walmart. CNN's Jeanne Moos talked to the proud parents.

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Journalist Lourdes Maldonado López was killed on Sunday in northern Mexico's border city of Tijuana, marking the third killing of a journalist in the country in two weeks.

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CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the mounting pressure for pet owners wishing to leave Hong Kong to save their animals as officials kill thousands of hamsters and small animals over Covid-19 fears.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at a rally against vaccine mandates, where he compares vaccine mandates to Nazism. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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About 4,000 people have summited Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. And only eight of them have been Black.

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The political fight over pandemic policy is playing out in America's suburbs, where some of the same voters -- namely suburban women -- who propelled Democrats to big wins in the 2018 and 2020 elections are now breaking ranks ahead of this year's midterms.

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Florida state Rep. Anna Eskamani (D-Orlando) tells CNN why she opposes a bill in her state that would prohibit some schools from "encouraging" conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms with young students.

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Three firefighters died and one was in serious condition after responding to a two-alarm fire at a vacant row home in Baltimore on Monday, Fire Chief Niles Ford said at a news conference.

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President Biden was caught in a hot mic moment after a Fox reporter asked if inflation is a liability.

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CNN global affairs analyst Michael Bociurkiw says that Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely use the build up of NATO forces around Ukraine as a pretext to insert troops into the Donbass area in the Eastern part of the Ukraine.

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President Joe Biden was heard calling a reporter from the Fox channel a "stupid son of a b*tch" on a hot microphone following a White House event Monday afternoon.

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved five Caribbean island destinations into its highest-risk travel category for Covid-19 on Monday.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated his birthday with a gathering at his official residence in June 2020 while the United Kingdom was in its first Covid-19 lockdown, a spokesperson said Monday, marking the latest scandal for the country's leader.

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Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai talks to Christiane Amanpour about the Taliban, women and the future of Afghanistan.

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The pilot of a US F-35 jet ejected as his jet crashed on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in the South China Sea injuring seven, the US Pacific Fleet said in a statement Monday.

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CNN Global Analyst Kimberly Dozier joins Newsroom to discuss recent comments made by Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State under Trump, on Fox about Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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Our seemingly collective winter blues is better known as Seasonal Affective Disorder—and luckily there are ways to help alleviate it.

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The moon is in Scorpio today.

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"Too many areas, if you own a product, from a smartphone to a tractor, you don’t have the freedom to choose how or where to repair that item you purchased."

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Saturn's innermost moon, which resembles the Death Star from Star Wars, may be a "stealth" ocean world, according to new research.

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From day traders to El Salvador's president, the golden arches are calling.

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Lauren Smith-Fields was found dead after a Bumble date. Her family says police have been “racially insensitive” and failed to adequately investigate her death.

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Unbound Babes makes a dual-action dildo that’s pretty enough to take to the grave and offers mindblowing vaginal and anal orgasms.

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If you want a Ford Maverick pickup but haven't placed an order already yet, time's running out. On Thursday, Ford will stop accepting any new retail orders for the 2022 model year Maverick, company spokesman Michael Levine said in an email. After that, buyers will have to wait until order banks open for the 2023 model year this summer.

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The James Webb Space Telescope has reached its final destination, almost a month after launch.

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A cruise ship heading to Miami changed course to the Bahamas Saturday after a US judge issued an arrest warrant for the ship due to unpaid fuel bills.

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Kansas City Chiefs 42, Buffalo Bills 36. An instant classic that'll be remembered for years to come.

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Dana Santas, a breathing, mobility and mind-body coach in professional sports, demonstrates four yoga moves that help prepare your body for sleep. Click here for more information and the full routine.

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Two fans of the actress Ana de Armas are suing the studio Universal Pictures for allegedly duping them into renting a film because they believed she would be in it due to trailers and promotional material.

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CNN legal analyst Elle Honig reacts to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's Fox interview where he falsely claimed that lawmakers serving on committee investigating the violent Jan. 6 insurrection could face jail time.

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Following Gonzaga University's decision to suspend Utah Jazz hall-of-famer John Stockton's season tickets, fellow NBA icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says Stockton's untruthful Covid vaccine claims push a 'dumb jocks' stereotype for athletes.

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A Dutch tourist was detained by police and fined in Poland after making a Nazi salute at the gate of the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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Doctors Jonathan Reiner and Lucy McBride respond to comments made by journalist and author Bari Weiss claiming she is "done" with Covid-19 during an appearance on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

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Lebanon's former Prime Minister Saad Hariri has pulled out of politics, ending a turbulent 17-year career and throwing the crisis-ridden country into further uncertainty.

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Planned Russian naval exercises within Ireland's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) are "not welcome" or "wanted right now," Ireland's Foreign Affairs Minister has said, as tensions between Russia and the West continue to simmer over fears that Moscow is planning an invasion of Ukraine.

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“It’ll be over my dead body that I’ll have to get a shot. I will not do that,” Palin once said.

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Zepla, who lives in Kyiv, said she is preparing for a possible attack.

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The telecom giant is going all-in on fiber internet, claiming it’s hit ‘10-Gig speeds in our labs.’

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Australian Open favourite Daniil Medvedev labelled the tennis tour's bathroom break rule as "stupid" after rowing with the chair umpire about freshening up during his sweaty fourth round win over Maxime Cressy on Monday.

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Evan Rachel Wood powerfully speaks out about the abuse she says she experienced in a new documentary.

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Facebook has long bet that artificial intelligence can help it with the difficult task of moderating posts from its billions of users. Now its parent company is taking a step that could move it closer to that elusive goal: building its first supercomputer.

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Comoros' progress to the Africa Cup of Nations knockout stages has been the feel-good storyline of the tournament so far.

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Could you find 10 minutes in your day to increase your physical activity? It might be lifesaving, according to a new study.

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If you picture a typical Rolls-Royce owner, you probably imagine someone with white hair and maybe also white golf shoes. These are, after all, huge, cushy cars designed for comfort, just the sort of thing you'd think rich retirees would enjoy.

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A judge on Monday delayed Sarah Palin's defamation trial against The New York Times by 10 days to February 3, after the 2008 Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Over the weekend, the Arizona Democratic Party voted to formally censure one of its own -- Sen. Kyrsten Sinema -- after she opposed changing the filibuster rules to allow major voting rights legislation to pass the Senate with just 50 votes.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered an inquiry into allegations made by Nusrat Ghani, a Muslim lawmaker, that her faith was raised as a reason for her losing her job.

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Wall Street was in the red again Monday as investors worried about the Federal Reserve's policy plans, the tensions in Ukraine, earnings season and — of course — inflation.

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"I just lost an ape guys…. I’m crying…. How did this just happen????" tweeted a user whose NFT was bought for just $1,750 and resold for $190,000.

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The anime porn game shows a muscle-bound Hitler's testicles, but reviewers note that there are one too many of them.

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Climate change will unleash havoc on the world of drugs.

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The killing of Lourdes Maldonado in Tijuana is the second mu of a journalist in the border city in a week, and the third this year so far across Mexico.

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A Connecticut man has been arrested and lost his job after video surfaced of him yelling at employees of a smoothie shop Saturday, where he claimed his son received a drink with peanut butter, causing a severe allergic reaction sending him to the hospital.

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Jeff Franklin, Hollywood producer and creator of the hit ABC sitcom "Full House," has put his sprawling Beverly Hills mansion on the market for $85 million.