Here’s How The Biden Presidency Will Impact Markets, Climate And Energy

Here’s How The Biden Presidency Will Impact Markets, Climate And Energy | Business

Carbon capture, use and sequestration—which would be rewarded under a carbon tax—will expand.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to abandon planning reforms after Conservatives at national and local level blamed them for the party's shock defeat in the Chesham and Amersham by-election.

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Morrisons has rejected a takeover bid from a private equity firm, saying the £5.5bn value "significantly undervalued" the supermarket chain.

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On Sunday, the Foo Fighters are slated to headline Madison Square Garden’s first concert in more than a year, welcoming thousands of fully vaccinated fans to the iconic New York venue.

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Robin Gosens was the key player on both ends of the pitch, providing Germany with the sort of dynamic that was missing from the game against France. The man of the match led his country to its first victory at Euro 2020.

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After 51 years of watching deep playoff runs from afar, the Los Angeles Clippers have reached the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history. For the second straight series, they have overcome a 2-0 deficit and fought through a mountain of adversity.

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Raisi has been accused of leading crackdowns against political dissidents for decades.

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Disney and Pixar's 'Luca' will earn around $80,000 in a single theater this weekend as it debuts on Disney+ nationwide.

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The president and first lady said the first dog died peacefully.

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'In the Heights' is an unmitigated box office disaster, but 'Conjuring 3' and 'Godzilla Vs. Kong' are offering up better news for Warner Bros.

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The Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks are set to clash in Game 7 tonight. Get ready for the thrilling conclusion of this 2021 NBA Playoff series with this preview.

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This roundup of new U.S. immigration developments provides an insight on the progress of immigration reform in the United States. A look at entrepreneurs, EB5 investors, H1B visas, family immigration and refugees, suggests there is room for some optimism as improvements are being implemented.

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Clayton, Dubilier & Rice has 28 days to formally bid for the UK's fourth-largest supermarket group.

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Can Jaime Munguia continue on track to a possible middleweight title against the man Gennadiy Golovkin just beat up?

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As Lil Durk and Lil Baby prove their incredible popularity by claiming almost 20% of the entire Hot 100 to themselves (both of them!)

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Here's everything you need to know about the middleweight title defense of Jermall Charlo against Juan Macias Montiel.

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NASCAR driver Landon Cassill never imagined that something he’s passionate about from the Internet would cross over to the track. Cassill however, has become the first driver to have primary sponsorship paid entirely by cryptocurrency for nearly an entire season.

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Sports-vehicle maker Polaris is changing its manufacturing and sales strategies on the fly to meet strong demand while coping with shortages of materials and parts.

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The popularity of virtual cards has grown again as people sought ways to connect with loved ones and friends in the isolation and separation of Covid-19 restrictions.

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Focused on extracting methane from farm and organic waste that would otherwise be returned to the atmosphere, Vanguard Renewables is the leading player in a growth industry set for massive expansion in the coming few years.

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Loki is the most popular show in the world at the moment, and it hit that point faster than past Marvel series.

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Chief executives have signed countless statements in support of social causes over the last few years. Do they make a difference?

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One of the world's biggest buyout firms is weighing a spectacular £5.5bn takeover bid for Wm Morrison, Britain's fourth-largest supermarket chain by market share.

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A lawsuit against America’s largest sandwich chain has raised questions about America’s most popular canned fish. We tried to answer one: Is Subway selling tuna?

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What is a liberal, atheist parent to do if you want to raise volunteers?

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Apple is dragging Microsoft, Google and the entire PC industry into the 21st century, thanks to power-sipping, cellular-connected designs that borrow the best elements of smartphone technology.

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. makes almost all of the world’s most sophisticated chips, and many of the simpler ones, too. Its dominance poses risks to the global economy, amid geopolitical tensions and a major chip shortage.

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Shares of new electric-vehicle makers Lordstown Motors, Nikola and Canoo are holding tight despite a challenging series of speed bumps

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The CDC imposes safety measures about Covid on cruise ships. Friday, a federal judge enjoined those safety measures, with sweeping language that would undermine all CDC action.

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown results with Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio inside Hell in a Cell.

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Track and minefield

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Timing is everything

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The episode also throws light on a quirk of Indian corporate ownership

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Cosmetics firms clustered around Milan stand to benefit from long-term trends in the industry

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Big cities like Los Angeles and Denver agreed to start reparations pilot programs Friday, a large jolt of momentum for supporters of reparations.

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The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix gets a mysterious new trailer filled with clues.

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HyphaMetrics has created panels for the way people consume media in 2021, which means the panels are omnichannel, tracking not only which TV series are being watched, but which apps, websites and gaming devices the individual is using as well.

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Will Smith and Kevin Hart break down stereotypes about Black fathers, share biggest parenting mistakes, and reveal important life lessons on Red Table Talk.

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Two members of the IT department in Manatee County have died since Monday and the local government building was abruptly shut down Friday.

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Starting next month, the CDC’s stringent reopening requirements for cruise lines in Florida will turn into voluntary recommendations.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, The Athletic viewed the New York Times as a “leading contender” to merge with the sports news site since the sites would discussions that would have lead to the sale of the subscription sports news site.

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Employers rushed to decide whether and how to give paid time off for Juneteenth, the first new federal holiday in nearly four decades.

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The ruling could ease the path for ships to resume sailing after a 15-month shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve suggested that as inflation climbs it may hike rates twice by end of 2023.

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A firm making wire fairy sculptures has been hit by scammers using adverts on the social media network.

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Fed policymakers now expect to make two interest rate increases by the end of 2023. The Fed’s main policy interest rate, the federal funds rate, has been set at near-zero since March 2020.

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First Netflix Icelandic series from director Baltasar Kormákur ('Trapped', 'Everest'), 'Katla' is a visually-striking tale.

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“She is MAGA all the way,” Trump said of Tshibaka.

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More brands are placing their bets on the future of the internet. One of those brands is Stella Artois. The company is galloping into the metaverse with a newly announced partnership with digital horse racing company, ZED RUN.

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Eriksen immediately went to visit his teammates after leaving the hospital.

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Former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub said he is ‘disgusted’ by the hires, blasting them as ‘nepotism.’

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The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said the economy is seeing more inflation than he and his colleagues had expected, and that could lead to a rate increase late next year.

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Natasha Sarin, a protégé of Larry Summers, is taking a leading role developing tax policy at the Treasury Department — to some progressive Democrats’ chagrin.

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Mary Kay Huse cofounded livestreaming platform Mandolin at the height of the pandemic. A year later, the company is valued at $47 million with a roster of enviable clients.

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Joe Biden struck the right tone in Geneva, but Vladimir Putin has missed a great strategic opportunity to rejoin the Russian economy to the West and to take the diplomatic initiative in areas like cybersecurity.

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Kyle Busch is entering Nashville Superspeedway with a chip on his shoulders and special pets looking after him. The Joe Gibbs Racing driver is raising awareness for pet adoption with the Pedigree Foundation, putting some dogs on his No. 18 car. It's as he looks to win his 100th Xfinity Series race.

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The Celtics reportedly are trading Kemba Walker to the Thunder for Al Horford. What does this mean for Boston?

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Based on a true story, the stars and director of '12 Mighty Orphans' discuss with Forbes the film's importance, as the box office looks to gain traction after a difficult pandemic year.

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“Teaching even one child these divisive messages would verge on psychological abuse,” Trump claimed.