Now It’s Dune Director Denis Villeneuve’s Turn to Trash Warner Bros.

Now It’s Dune Director Denis Villeneuve’s Turn to Trash Warner Bros. | Society

The acclaimed filmmaker said the company’s decision to unload its 2021 slate on HBO Max showed “absolutely no love for cinema.”

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The Apple head reportedly called Pelosi in June, after lawmakers introduced a slate of bills aimed squarely at Silicon Valley. And he’s not the only one who’s worried.

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The former baseball player and Scurtis have reportedly grown “closer” since their “very messy” 2008 divorce.

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The Netflix hit’s team gathers to discuss the queen’s first scene: “The most powerful person in this world is a woman of color.”

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On Tuesday, Trump denied that he asked the department to probe “SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, and other late-night comedy mischief-makers” for hurting his feelings. The hosts aren’t buying it.

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“It was really, really intense,” the Broad City alum—who’s currently pregnant with her first child—says. “I felt scared, paranoid, crazy, empty, and weak. My body felt so tense and scared and in pain.”

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The Search Party star is as opinionated as his ridiculous character—though thankfully much better informed.

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The Friends star took a hard pass on online dating in a recent interview.

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The pop star is scheduled to speak in court today as part of the ongoing legal battle to have her father removed as her conservator.

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Though the prince won’t be around to see his sons reunite next week, a source told People that he is “hurt and upset” by the discord.

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All Northeast states have already hit the president’s July 4 goal as the South lags, reflecting how the country’s political divide has led to a disparity in vaccination rates.

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The ninth film in the car-appreciation film series goes to some extreme places, physically and emotionally.

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The music manager denied her accusations that he’s a “bully,” saying, “It would be really nice if we all give each other a little bit of grace.”

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The finger-pointing has begun.

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Post-prison sun and fun for everybody.

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Landing soon on the streaming platform are second seasons of Never Have I Ever, Outer Banks, and I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.

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Unfortunately for the duo, no one is buying it.

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The singer appeared virtually before an L.A. courtroom on Wednesday, asking for her legal freedom in an impassioned 23-minute speech. “I just want my life back,” she told the judge.

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A fraud conned his way into her heart. Now the comedian is telling her story in her “rom-con” Good on Paper.

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Because it can be kind of hard to keep track of who’s dated whom when you’re experiencing time as a physical dimension.

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Kate McKinnon and her cast and crewmates on nailing a Delco accent, tangling with Gritty, and learning to love Elon Musk’s creepy priest.

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Fox News has given airtime to anti-CRT parents who also have ties to groups on the right, as the GOP appears to see a political upside in efforts to ban teaching about systemic racism in America.

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“It would be very difficult for the Justice Department to change course now.”

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This season is all about hitting “refresh”: Refreshing our homes, our wardrobes, our gadgets, our lives. And the Prime Day deals are here to help.

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A star-filled homemade version of the classic fantasy film was buried in Quibi’s collapse. But Emmy voters have access—and among them are potential saviors.

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The star of For All Mankind, In Treatment, and The Suicide Squad on how he became one of the hardest-working actors in Hollywood.

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The filmmaker was questioned by the paparazzi upon her arrival in Los Angeles after reportedly spending a few months in London with the singer.

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The theater legend puts his own spin on a Sondheim classic to celebrate 90 years of the Billy Rose Theatre Division.

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Inside the MCU’s first major Emmy campaigns—and how they mark a prestige era.

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Stingy with his smiles and slow to rush into battle, Atticus Freeman isn’t your typical genre lead.

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During a visit emphasizing the importance of nature for children, the duchess revealed that she is a beekeeper.

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He’s also reportedly getting along great with his new-old girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’s twins who “think he’s funny.”

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Played by Juno Temple, Keeley is a football girlfriend who reveals incredible depths— while still wearing sequins and extensions like a pro.

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As the GOP steps up its anti-democracy crusade, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema continue complicating their party’s ability to fight back. Now, says one progressive activist, “it’s time for the President to get off the sidelines.”

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The Rose Byrne dramedy has even more similarities with Jane Fonda’s aerobics era than you might think.

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After final-stretch alliances and accusations, New Yorkers headed to the polls Tuesday—though a new ranked-choice system and glut of absentee ballots could delay calling a winner.

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According to court records newly obtained by The New York Times, the pop star thought her father had “too much control” as far back as 2014.

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The first trailer for the film, starring Taryn Manning as the personification of a meme, instantly went viral, drawing comparisons to Jordan Peele’s Get Out for all the wrong reasons.

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Weaponizing the federal government against a sketch-comedy show? Sounds about right!

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The “Yeah!” singer was not impressed by T-Pain’s rampant use of Auto-Tune.

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The Clinton adviser has been on a decades-long mission to get the real skinny on aliens. With a report due to be released to Congress this week, his time has finally come.

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Whether it’s the country club or pinkies-up tea, stick to the strictures of The Official Preppy Handbook and Carlton Banks: classic cuts and bold prints, with a delightfully restrained touch of ’60s pop.

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Films like Magnus van Horn’s Sweat are modern day cautionary tales—but they don’t really seem to understand the phenomenon they’re critiquing.

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The labeling of Mike Pence as a “traitor” on Friday and the growing agita over Arizona’s soon-to-be-concluded 2020 election audit could signal another blowup on the horizon.

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The ex-president’s bodyguard turned COO is reportedly being investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney, too.

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The late-night host shared his thoughts on whether the Olympics should continue as planned on Last Week Tonight.

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The character actor has reached a long-deserved new stage in her career: “I don’t want it to stop and I don’t see any reason why it should.”

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The two-year-old also apparently loves the children’s book she wrote for him, The Bench.

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The pair have reportedly been dating for almost two years following Chapman’s divorce from Harvey Weinstein.

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The For the People Act—a massive effort to combat Republican disenfranchisement measures—will land in the Senate this week. But Joe Manchin isn’t the only one who has a problem with it.

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“I had to be someone the viewer could accept. And I was a token until I made sure I wasn’t,” the ex-Bachelorette wrote in a searing first-person account.

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This season is all about hitting “refresh”: Refreshing our homes, our wardrobes, our gadgets, our lives. And the Prime Day deals are here to help.

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The formally-incarcerated couple are currently on vacation in San José del Cabo after a judge granted them permission to travel.

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On the Peacock sitcom, Schmieding and her fellow Native writers and actors are “tasked with bringing our full, joyful Indigenous selves to this story.”

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Talking to the mayoral front-runner about his Bed-Stuy apartment, the weird contraband video, stop and frisk, and more.

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Carlson’s conspiracy that the FBI is behind the January 6 Capitol riot is raising questions about his news-reporting authority—even as his popularity inspires 2024 speculation.

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William, who is celebrating his 39th birthday on Monday, also shared a few family photos on social media to honor Prince Charles and Prince Philip.

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The filmmaker has advocated for movies as theatrical experiences, but now his company has aligned with the streaming giant.

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It’s unclear how the former pro athlete plans to escape the “world of pain” he’s currently in if he keeps running into his ex-fiancée all summer.

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The actor, best known for playing Gunther on Friends, said on Today that his current mission is to “help save at least one life by coming out with this news.”

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The actress also confessed earlier this year that she “never wanted to get divorced.”