The 12 Best Vitamin C Treatments for a Winter Complexion Boost

The 12 Best Vitamin C Treatments for a Winter Complexion Boost | Society

This hardworking antioxidant gives skin a brightening lift—and the time to re-up is now.

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From Shakespeare to Lord of the Flies to 11-hour epics in a rock quarry, Brook left his mark.

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The twice-impeached president is considering announcing a third bid for the White House to distract from the fallout of the Jan. 6 hearings and stave off potential GOP rivals.

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A restraining order has been issued against the singer in Puerto Rico.

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“I am stunned that you are my husband,” the actress wrote on Instagram.

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The Kingsman and Rocketman star is hopeful he’ll get his “shot.”

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A fistful of dollars, indeed.

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The mixed-media museum exhibit with exclusive merch promises to be the hottest thing this summer.

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The actor gets candid about playing a vengeful society lady in Mr. Malcolm’s List and the lead villain in the Captain Marvel sequel.

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The actress and activist was hauled away by D.C. police during a rally.

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With the anti-LGBTQ+ law officially in effect, teachers are scared to wear rainbows, have pictures of their same-sex spouses, and in some places have to notify parents upon the “determination” of an “open” LGBTQ+ student in the class.

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Nurse Sandra Lindsay, who got the COVID-19 vaccine live on television, will also receive the honor, as will the late John McCain and Steve Jobs.

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Following a third season that kept much of the central cast apart, the new season of the FX series gets a bit more back to normal— whatever “normal” is on this show, at least.

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A chef’s kiss to the new FX on Hulu series starring Jeremy Allen White and its take on toxic restaurant culture.

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The brothers sent separate messages of support to the 180 winners of the Diana Award, which is given to young people internationally who have made charitable contributions to their communities.

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Everything went according to plan for Hulu. Throw in FX and ABC programming, and you’ve got a true power player. Is that what Disney wants?

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“I thought that at some point, there would be some group within the Republican Party that would go, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa. This is too far,’” the former Planned Parenthood leader says in an Inside the Hive interview.

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“If you’re culturally a Democrat…I’m with you,” Dr. Oz said on Fox News, as the Trump-endorsed Republican nominee for Senate apparently tries to pivot to the center to beat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in November. The problem? Democrats don’t seem to buy it, and it’s pissing off Trump supporters.

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The rock star said he is working on recovering from an “unforeseen medical complication.”

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The British actor on his breakout leading turn, redefining masculinity onscreen, and the career affirmation he got from Chiwetel Ejiofor.

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The actress has apparently been having a “great time” vacationing with her friends following the split.

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Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and other brand leaders take stock of the house’s influence and its future.

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The justices’ decision to defang the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to curb carbon pollution speaks to their larger, much scarier, project to dismantle the administrative state.

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The season’s final two very long episodes contain an immense melancholy in addition to the blockbuster experience.

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Spoilers ahead!

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In an explosive new Variety report, two women break their silence about their alleged abuse at the hands of Miller.

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Biden has come out in support of a filibuster carve-out to protect abortion rights. But a report that the president has allegedly struck a deal with Mitch McConnell to nominate an anti-abortion judge to a lifetime federal court appointment is raising red flags about his priorities.

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The auction house called it “an incredibly special and nearly unprecedented opportunity” to own a little piece of rock and roll history.

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The protest-drawing visit to three nations where the queen is the head of state was the monarchy’s biggest expenditure in the last fiscal year.

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In a preview of next week’s Little Gold Men podcast, the actor and voice of Marcel talks about adding depth to whatever she’s working on: “I’m such a bouncy person, but of course, because I’m alive, I feel my shadow.”

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Democrat Hillary Scholten is running for the second time to unseat Republican Peter Meijer, this time in a post-Roe world. The Michigan congressional district’s lines are more in her favor now, but she’s facing the headwinds of an election cycle where Republicans have the advantage. Will Democrats’ message on abortion be enough?

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A royal source claims the couple was “absolutely thrilled” to spend time with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their two children.

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Inside the actor’s eight-year retirement, and why she’s ending it for a Netflix film with Jamie Foxx.

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The pair got engaged in March after quietly dating for three years.

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His accent wasn’t so theatrical, and he was way funnier than Baz Luhrmann gives him credit for. But according to Alanna Nash—who spent time with the real Colonel in the ’90s—there were times when he was just as scary as what you see onscreen.

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Just after the cutoff for Emmy eligibility this year, a slew of ambitious, gripping shows have debuted—proving the best TV of the year can’t be limited to the crowded spring season.

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The reality star is “pretty concerned” about her husband, but Barker is expected to be released in the coming days.

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The court's conservative majority ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency does not have authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, significantly narrowing the agency's regulatory authority.

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The annual Sovereign Grant report explains royal spending on everything from royal tours to the Platinum Jubilee. But the investigation into bullying claims at Kensington Palace, expected to be included, will instead remain secret.

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Forensically examining Instagram accounts, interviews, and police reports, author Kathleen Hale reconstructs their relationship, and ultimately Petito’s murder.

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Vanity Fair's July/August 2022 issue, featuring Dakota Fanning

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Republican two-term senator Ron Johnson has said people who don’t like their state’s abortion law can “move” and has supported federal restrictions on abortions. “He is really a true believer when it comes to the oppression of women,” says one Democratic strategist, explaining why Johnson is a perfect test case for Democrats’ message on women’s rig ...

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The R&B singer had been trailed by accusations of sexual abuse for decades.

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The author of American Girls, an investigation into the misogyny affecting Zoomer teenagers, speaks to the young women in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling.

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Prince Charles was reportedly “thrilled” to see the couple in the U.K. earlier this month, but a trip to the broadcaster’s Santa Barbara estate is a reminder of how strained their relationship used to be.

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Anchor Bret Baier said the ex–White House aide’s testimony was “compelling.” But it became clear throughout Fox News’ programming that he was in the minority, with the likes of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham continuing to carry Trump's water.

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The January 6 committee — and witnesses like Cassidy Hutchinson — are showing prosecutors a potential path to charging the former president and his allies.

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Let that truth sink in.

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The season finale of the FX series finally reveals the family tragedy that has consumed Carmy’s life, in a seven-minute roller coaster monologue that star Jeremy Allen White says grounded him for the entire season.

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The pair reunites in the trailer for Ticket to Paradise, out October 21.

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The couple hosted their Manhattan-inspired nuptials at the New York Public Library.

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From Stella McCartney to Girlfriend Collective, look no further than our sustainable clothing brands for mindful shopping.

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Director Emelie Mahdavian talks filming on horseback, in a blizzard, and in high altitudes for her documentary about two tough female range riders.

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The royal and the feminist icon have also been working together over the last few months to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified.

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“For many reasons—some I understand, some I don’t—Maggie vanished from my life,” Assayas says of the reclusive former star.

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Titled Faraway Downs, the reimagining of Luhrmann’s Australia debuts on Hulu this winter.

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The musician was reportedly taken by ambulance from West Hills hospital to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after experiencing some health issues.

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The star-studded Netflix film will debut at the awards-season launchpad in September.

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The former police chief helped impeach Donald Trump and survived an insurrection—now the third-term congresswoman has her eyes on the Senate. “In Val there’s hope,” says fellow representative Robin Kelly, “that we can move closer to that promise of America.”

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The British socialite, convicted of facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse, addressed her victims in court on Tuesday.