Singapore’s New Digital Banks Will Change The Banking Landscape Forever, Maybe

Singapore’s New Digital Banks Will Change The Banking Landscape Forever, Maybe | Tech

In a landmark announcement made on December 4, 2020, Singapore’s Monetary Authority (MAS) awarded banking licenses to four players. How will new digital banks change the market landscape in Singapore?

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Sixty-seven MPs and Lords have said Hikvision and Dahua surveillance equipment should be banned.

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If your iPhone's ringtone is hard to make out in public, or you're simply tired of what's available, here's how to personalize your mobile device with a custom ringtone.Apple has a wide array of default ringtones included in the iPhone. With a few taps, anyone can change the ringtone from the default to one of many alternatives.If what is included ...

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On July 1, 2022, the new Transparency in Coverage Final Rule went into effect. It could upend how Americans shop for healthcare services—and how much they pay.

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Alongside its existing back-to-school offers, Apple is providing new subscribers of its Apple Music Student plan a free pair of Beats Flex earphones.Available to new accounts subscribing to Apple Music on the cheaper Student plan starting from June 22, the offer provides users in the United States and the United Kingdom free Beats Flex earphones.Ac ...

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Tennis great Serena Williams is placing tape on her face to relieve sinus issues. Does this help?

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The $1,799 14-inch MacBook Pro promotion at leading Apple resellers is still one of the best 4th of July deals available this holiday weekend. Best Buy has also dropped the M1 13-inch MacBook Pro to $1,049.99 while supplies last.Apple's 14-inch MacBook Pro and 13-MacBook Pro are discounted for the 4th of July.14-inch MacBook Pro price war Read more ...

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Here are the "immune escape" concerns about this subvariant that is now spreading in the U.S. and appears to fueling a new wave in NYC.

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You’ve brushed off your Keynote skills, you’re giddy that you’re finally going to be able to start paying yourself a living wage, and you are excited to start pitching your startup’s next round of funding to your investors. It’s heady times, for sure, but hit the other pedal there for a moment, friend — you may b ...

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Back for the first time since the start of the pandemic, UK sustainable materials trade show Future Fabrics Expo marked its 10th edition this week in its largest venue to date.

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Apple is bringing Quick Notes to the iPhone with iOS 16 — sort of. Here's what you get, what you don't, and how to use it all.Introduced in iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey, Quick Notes were a transformative addition to Apple Notes. Suddenly Apple Notes felt like it was part of every app, every document, and every website you used because you could so ...

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Favorite quote from this book: If you want to trounce the other guy, winning every time—you must enter the competition unevenly matched. You have to create an advantage that they can never overcome. You must exploit a weakness that they can never correct.

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Halo Infinite players have been waiting for something they hoped was going to launch with the game for ages now, Forge mode.

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Equity crowdfunding — or community raises, as the fundraising platforms involved prefer to call it — has grown steadily over the last few years. Regulations governing the process continue to evolve in the market’s favor, and 2022’s venture

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The new MacBook Pro is an uncharacteristic mis-step from Apple, and it's very hard if not impossible to recommend.

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Outriders’ big Wordslayer expansion launched last week, and at $40, it’s on the same page with things like Diablo 3’s Lord of Destruction expansion or a year Destiny release.

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The rumored temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8 could provide the ability to detect if the wearer has a fever, as part of its enhanced fitness-tracking capabilities.Expected in late 2022, the Apple Watch Series 8 is widely anticipated to include some form of body temperature sensing feature as part of its annual update. In a report on Su ...

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Learn to harness your emotions when they are at their most powerful.

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Welcome to The Interchange! If you received this in your inbox, thank you for signing up and your vote of confidence. If you’re reading this as a post on our site, sign up here so you can receive it directly in the future. Every week, I’ll take a look at the hottest fintech news of the previous week. This will include everything from funding rounds ...

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No more guessing, we know that Destiny 2’s third and final subclass rework will be arc 3.0 next season, and given that we’re about a month and a half away from its arrival, I figured it was time to start checking some boxes.

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Apple's second-generation of AirPods Pro won't include any fitness tracking capabilities, a report claims, with the next version more likely to focus on providing audio than health-related features.Rumors surrounding the AirPods Pro 2 have occasionally touched upon Apple including some form of fitness tracking functionality in the personal audio de ...

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Here are Netflix's top 10 TV shows on its list for July 3, 2022.

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Sunday's best deals include a Meross HomeKit-compatible smart plug 4-pack for $32, Lego Star Wars Grogu for $64, and much more.Best deals for July 3AppleInsider checks online stores daily to uncover discounts and offers on hardware and other products, including Apple devices, smart TVs, accessories, and other items. The best offers are compiled int ...

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Stranger Things season 5 is on the way. But what's the release date? What will it be like?

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In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, a new lawsuit says Michael Jackson's iPhone was stolen after his death, iPhones are taken from a music festival, and big iPhone trouble for an African soccer star.Apple Store at Lenox Square in Atlanta The latest in an occasional AppleInsider series, looking at the world of Apple-related crime. Read more...

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The new Focusrite Vocaster Two is a brilliant little audio interface that makes producing a podcast a cinch. It's incredibly versatile and offers superb sound quality.

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Some hints and the solution for today's 'Quordle' are just ahead.

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Here's today's 'Heardle' song, along with some hints.

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Federal and state governments are failing to address climate change, said former California Gov. Jerry Brown, so now it's up to the private sector.

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Here's today's Wordle #379 word of the day answer plus a helpful hint.

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While the legal situation surrounding the 'Macross' saga was resolved last year, it’s taken a long time for the various anime iterations of the franchise to be given a Western release. Well, it looks like the wait is now over.

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Hi Jamie, I wondered if you’d like to speak to Inmarsat’s Senior Director of Spacecraft Programmes, Edwina Paisley, about a new report under strict embargo until 30th June 00.01 BST – What on Earth is the value of space?

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Gamevice makes controllers that clip onto an iPhone or iPad to transform them into portable gaming consoles, but their clunky design leaves space for improvement.Gamevice turns your iPhone or iPad into a handheld game consoleGamevice was among the first companies to create dedicated controllers for mobile devices, and their approach was incredibly ...

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The final two episodes of Stranger Things 4 arrived this weekend after a month-long wait from the first seven episodes.

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There's a secret scene at the end of the credits in The Boys Season 3, Episode 7.

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This snail had been decaled eradicated in Florida in 1975 and then again in 2021. But it may be back again, carrying the risk of rat lungworm.

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An academic-led study of astronauts has revealed the devastating impact space travel has on the human skeleton.

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Far from cause for celebration, this 4th of July marks the 6th wave of Covid-19, with BA.4 and BA.5 variants leading the parade. The fact is that other strategies must be developed if we hope for independence from this pandemic.

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A prolonged production slowdown in China due to strict Covid-related protocols lasted longer than CEO Elon Musk anticipated and the company worked through startup pains at new plants in Germany and Texas.

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Attempts to run old software on a Mac could fail because they haven't been notarized by Apple. Here's how to run downloaded apps without being blocked by macOS Gatekeeper.Downloading applications from the Internet can be a hazardous task, with the high potential for software to become a problem. Acquiring a download could, in a worst-case scenario, ...

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The Lululook Foldable Magnetic Stand for iPad offers a more versatile option thanks to its two-hinge design, but while it improves usability in some ways, it takes away in others.The Lululook Foldable Magnetic Stand can be positioned for any use caseWe love the magnetic iPad stands made by Lululook, but one thing had been missing from them until no ...

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AI Ethics questioning whether human voice cloning such as using your deceased relatives is appropriately being used in AI autonomous systems.

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Getting hacked sucks. It’s even worse if you’re a digital creator whose social media accounts literally pay your bills. When creators get hacked, it can mean that they aren’t able to post sponsored content, earn payments from badges or operate their Instagram shops — it’s debilitating, like if a chef broke their arm an ...

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Testing by A&M Farms found a not-so -sweet finding about one of its packaging lines for this sweet onion.

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The website Maxroll is currently one of the top rated sites for Diablo Immortal builds and guides, and they’ve announced that despite the massive amount of effort they’ve put into covering the game so far, and the amount of money they could rake in from those guide visitors, they are simply…killi...

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This week’s Supreme Court decision to curtail the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions may not have been unexpected, but it was still a bombshell. Not only did it kill the prospect of quick executive action on the matter, it potentially cut off a number of regulatory solutions. The EPA had sought t

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We have gotten bits and pieces of hints about Bungie’s upcoming non-Destiny 2 projects over the past few years, but now a few things are starting to coalesce, it seems.

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I continue to be deeply impressed with The Boys season 3, not just because of its X-rated antics, which were on full display last week with the infamous Herogasm episode, but also because of how it’s doing it’s storytelling.

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Here are the Genshin Impact v2.8 special program stream gift codes, plus the new banner coming.

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Saturday's best deals include a Belkin MagSafe-compatible Magnetic Wireless Charger for $20, 19% off an EVGA GeForce RTX 3090, and much more.On a daily basis, AppleInsider checks online stores to uncover discounts on products including Apple hardware, mobile devices, hardware upgrades, smart TVs, and accessories. The best offers are compiled into o ...

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Welcome to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by the daily TechCrunch+ column where it gets its name. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up here. There is a paradox when it comes to retail investors: Many startup-related deals are out of

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Plus: Insta-delete your Instagram account, TikTok is eyeing your wallet, and Google makes it easier to switch from iOS.

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It's spendy, but this portable board folds up compact enough to fit in (relatively) small spaces.

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Time to talk about the Stranger Things season 4 part 2 ending.

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Last month, the FTC voted unanimously to examine rising list prices of insulin, but also to probe possible anti-competitive practices by PBMs. Proof of the establishment of anti-competitive practices - such as rebate walls - would likely lead to legal action being taken against PBMs.

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A prominent analyst covering Apple doubts claims made in a rumor that the company has cut down its iPhone 14 orders, insisting that such a major supply chain event is unlikely to occur as reported.On Friday, a report emerged about Apple chip partner TSMC, which has allegedly seen orders from three major clients reduced. AMD, Nvidia, and Apple, are ...

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Flora Growth CEO Luis Merchan Merchan is planting his hopes for sustainable cannabis business in the hillsides of Bucaramanga, Colombia, where the plant has been grown for generations.

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Whether you're on a train, in the mountains, or at home when your wifi cuts out, you can still get a lot done. All it takes is a little preparation.

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In a landmark body of work, researchers detail the origins and diversity of every known mineral on Earth and beyond.

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Tech innovation is a cycle, especially in the main character-driven world of early-stage venture capital and copycat nature of startups. The latest proof? Y Combinator this week announced Launch YC, a platform where people can sort accelerator startups by industry, batch and launch date to discover new products. The famed accelerator, w

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Macs "don't get viruses", but that hasn't stopped Microsoft releasing Mac security software. Is it any good? Find out here