This Week In Credit Card News: Health Concerns With Credit Card Debt; E-Commerce Fraud Rising

This Week In Credit Card News: Health Concerns With Credit Card Debt; E-Commerce Fraud Rising | Economy

What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries

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President Biden is suffering in the polls as high inflation saps confidence in the economy, even as growth comes in strong.

Source: | 27. 01. 2022 17:56:18 | Economy

The nation’s G.D.P. has outpaced the growth rate that preceded the pandemic, until you take higher prices into account.

Source: | 27. 01. 2022 00:28:57 | Economy

A major competitiveness bill passed the Senate last year with bipartisan support, only to stall. Democrats hope to revive it in the House, but first they will have to bridge big differences.

Source: | 26. 01. 2022 20:03:40 | Economy

Markets expect the Fed to raise interest rates at their next meeting in March, and possibly four times this year, amid high inflation.

Source: | 25. 01. 2022 11:04:49 | Economy

This new political breed accepts paychecks in Bitcoin. The mayors also want to use buzzy new tech like NFTs to raise money for public projects.

Source: | 25. 01. 2022 11:04:47 | Economy

The Federal Reserve is still buying bonds as prices surge. Some praise the central bank’s continuing policy pivot; others ask if it was fast enough.

Source: | 24. 01. 2022 16:05:10 | Economy

The latest wave of coronavirus cases is slowing the recovery, but its longer-term impact is less clear.

Source: | 23. 01. 2022 07:51:43 | Economy

The First Step Act reflects a commitment to redemption and rationality in the criminal legal system. However, implementing the act has been slow until this past week and many hurdles lie ahead.

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Boris Jonson's character, or rather lack of it, has been clear for some time, but this has not gotten in the way of his supporters fervour. He will need to be pushed out of Downing St, and when he goes, huge challenges remain.

Source: | 23. 01. 2022 07:51:39 | Economy

Fixed income markets are faring no better the Fed’s intention to significantly remove liquidity. And, of course, the anticipation of rising interest rates has an immediate negative impact on existing bond prices, as markets immediately discount to the newly anticipated yield curve.

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According to the City the guys up top might qualify as "the minister" but Josh and Anacari are not ordained as teaching elders or pastors, do not exercise sacramental of administrative authority over the congregation and are not "set apart as the leader".

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They’re called “value stocks” because relative to other stocks they’re cheap based on the amount of earnings investors can see for the price they pay.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:35 | Economy

Netflix shocks investors as streaming wars starts looking like another casualty of the reopening trade. Expiration Friday could be extra volatile because of the addition of LEAPS options. Oil prices are still seeing strong fundamental factors to move higher.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:34 | Economy

For over a year, the world’s largest contract assembler of consumer electronics has been actively announcing partnerships and plans to produce electric vehicles.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:32 | Economy

When does financial stress turn into anxiety around money?

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:30 | Economy

Most states are requiring businesses to report their non-employee compensation directly, rather than through the federal-state combined tax reporting program.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:27 | Economy

Many experts are saying to expect huge delays when it comes to your tax refund this year. Here's how you can make sure you get your tax refund as fast as possible.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:25 | Economy

Biden administration officials are touting $15 billion in student loan forgiveness for hundreds of thousands of borrowers during Biden’s first year in office. But will he do more?

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:23 | Economy

Asian equities had another rough day to end a rough week, though Hong Kong and the Philippines were outliers as both managed small gains.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:21 | Economy

COVID-19 will go down in history as a global catastrophe — like the start of World War II — that ignited a sudden shift in how we see ourselves in relation to others and to the world.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:19 | Economy

The market is likely to move lower into the 27th.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:17 | Economy

If the rumors are true and Dallas billionaire Trevor Rees-Jones is set to sell his Chief Oil & Gas for $2.4 billion to Chesapeake Energy — it would be the single biggest payday for the most successful shale fracker of the Great American oil and gas boom.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:15 | Economy

Like many special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deals, the proposed merger of Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) and the Trump Media and Technology Group is complex, which poses a risk to investors who do not understand SPACs.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:13 | Economy

Crypto investor rotation into yield-bearing stable coins, e.g. UST, MIM, FRAX, is likely to continue.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:11 | Economy

Some of the guru's picks are on sale

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:09 | Economy

Peloton’s stock may have rebounded Friday, but it still has a long way to go to recover.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:07 | Economy

Inflation hit seven percent. Not only does it affect consumers, but it also affects consumer stocks. Here’s what you need to know about inflation for investors.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:04 | Economy

Moderna was last year’s third-best-performing stock in the S&P—it’s now this year’s worst.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:03 | Economy

The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite is down over 13% from its record highs last November.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:05:01 | Economy

Large commercial banks are stuck holding enormous amounts of Treasurys and Agencies just as the Fed is stepping away from buying them.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:04:58 | Economy

Results move from great to okay to negative

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A new "crypto winter" could be around the corner after a huge crypto price crash has wiped $1.5 trillion from the combined cryptocurrency market—hitting bitcoin, ethereum, BNB, solana, cardano and XRP hard...

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:04:55 | Economy

Is your portfolio cluttered and costly? Reform it.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:04:53 | Economy

How to get approved for student loan forgiveness.

Source: | 22. 01. 2022 18:04:52 | Economy

Investors are way too pessimistic about the economy.

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Market Correction: The Nasdaq Leads the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average Lower

Source: | 21. 01. 2022 06:56:06 | Economy

Building up U.S. chip production has been a focus of lawmakers and companies alike amid a global shortage of the crucial components.

Source: | 19. 01. 2022 19:34:04 | Economy

With Omicron complicating Broadway’s return, Gov. Kathy Hochul proposed more assistance for commercial theater, which her budget director called “critical for the economy.”

Source: | 19. 01. 2022 11:04:40 | Economy

There’s more money and more bubbly behavior. Investors insist it’s rational.

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These hot button topics will continue to shape the way board’s function and evolve in 2022. Boards must prepare to evaluate and potentially reshape their approach as the boardroom continues to modernize.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:50 | Economy

The ‘Friends Talk Money’ podcast hosts share their favorites on personal finance, investing, paying for college and more

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My husband just went through this, and here are steps that turned things around

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:46 | Economy

If you’re preparing for divorce negotiations, it’s important to educate yourself about your financial options to ensure nothing is overlooked and you are getting the best possible settlement.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:44 | Economy

The January Effect: is this 80-year-old hypothesis a thing of the past – or is it something you should prepare for?

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:42 | Economy

A dream grows in Brooklyn for this chef and business owner

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:40 | Economy

While public companies have received criticism on their lack of board room diversity, private equity, through its investments, controls thousands of board seats. Yet much less is known about governance and board composition of the companies they control.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:38 | Economy

Today organizations representing professionals in the tax industry sent a letter to IRS Commissioner, Charles Rettig, and the Department of Treasury’s Assistant Director for Tax Policy, Lily Batchelder, requesting specific relief for taxpayers for the 2022 tax season.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:35 | Economy

It would appear that retailers booked a robust 2021 holiday season, except that the new year brings with it an old problem that’s gotten worse—.

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An overview of Cathie Wood and Sarah Ketterer's top common holdings

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The Fed can do little to solve the supply chain problems that are pushing up inflation. If they fight the wrong battle, the Fed may end up slowing the economy too much and bringing the 10-year stock market rally to an end.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:27 | Economy

The opportunity to better engage customers with art, collectibles, swag, coupons, rewards, and financial products has broadened the base of social inclusion in crypto through NFTs with many new products and investments just around the corner and poised to superscale in Web3.

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TIPS beat straight bonds last year. Does that make them a better investment?

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:21 | Economy

Wall Street giant Fidelity has said other countries and even a central bank could follow El Salvador and Tesla into bitcoin this year...

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:19 | Economy

Inflation has been with us about as long as money has existed. For 2022, it appears inflation has come to the party. Whether this is ‘sticky’ or ‘slippery’ (or both) remains to be seen. In either case, we should consider these 5 (and a bonus) defensive tactics.

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Will your student loans get cancelled this year?

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These days, everyone’s in a tizzy about rising interest rates.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:13 | Economy

Productivity - the most important driver of growth, is wilting, despite technological advances. Will the rise of inflation and new ways of working kill it off?

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:11 | Economy

If ServiceNow raises its revenue growth guidance above 25% on January 26, its stock could soar

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 04:22:09 | Economy

Anyone who owns bonds is probably thinking about it seriously at this point.

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Student loans are paused, but student loan cancellation may never happen.