Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, who played Deebo in 'Friday,' dies at 62

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, who played Deebo in 'Friday,' dies at 62 | Word

Lister, a former pro wrestler, appeared a number of films, but his most notable roles came in “Friday” and its sequel.

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Jerry Harris admitted to exchanging lewd pictures with children that he knew to be underage.

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A top prosecutor gave the new figure to the BBC, but admitted many trials would be held in absentia.

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A farm house in Battle Creek, Iowa exploded Wednesday morning reducing the property rubble and sending three people to the hospital with severe burns.

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Days before a mass shooting in Sacramento left four men injured and one dead on July 4, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed two new gun-control bills into law.

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Speaking alongside his UK counterpart, FBI head Christopher Wray issued his starkest warning yet about the national security threat to the West from China.

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Fox News co-host Jeanine Pirro laid out why she thinks the father of Richard Crimo is 'culpable' for the mass shooting after he allegedly helped his son obtain a gun permit.

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Jerry Harris, from the Netflix cheerleading documentary 'Cheer,' received a 12-year federal prison sentence for soliciting sex from minors and child pornography.

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Fox News host Jesse Watters explained why many Americans lack confidence in the presidency and U.S. institutions on Wednesday's "Jesse Watters Primetime."

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Fox News contributor Bill Bennett and other guests on the "Special Report" All-Star panel probed the Fourth of July parade mass shooting on Wednesday.

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The Chagos Islands football team are trying to keep the story of their ancestors alive, 6,000 miles from their disputed homeland.

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The NEA teachers union's proposed resolutions called for the word 'mother' to be switched out for 'birthing parent' in the 2022 Representative Assembly.

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During the finale of the Netflix series, Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, strums "Master of Puppets" on the guitar to do his part in taking down this season’s villain.

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Politico’s Alex Thompson suggested that the White House blatantly ignored his request for a comment on the recent news surrounding communications director Kate Bedingfield.

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Netflix series 'Outer Banks' stand-in Alexander 'AJ' Jennings was killed in hit-and-run collision while walking in Charleston, South Carolina, after July Fourth.

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld claimed the Republican Party needs to be "persuasive" to voters during this year's midterms amid the "lack of optimism" across the nation on 'The Five.'

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A wave of resignations and calls for him to step down showed the prime minister’s support within his Conservative Party melting away, but he remained defiant.

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Authorities have requested a "hold for feds" detainer on Texas cycling love triangle murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong following the death of Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson in Austin.

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Lawrence O’Donnell blamed Republicans for the Highland Park shooting, claiming they “do everything they can” to ensure Americans are the “best equipped mass murderers in the world.”

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Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees didn't get a contract extension worked out before opening day, but team owner Hal Steinbrenner doesn't appear to be worried.

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Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon could face a recall election if the 717,000 signatures turned in to officials Wednesday are verified.

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Jerry Harris, one of the breakout stars of the Netflix docuseries "Cheer," was sentenced Wednesday to TK years in prison on federal charges involving child sexual abuse images.

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Actor Brad Pitt recently shared that he believes he has prosopagnosia, or "face blindness." Fox News Digital interviewed an expert about this troubling neurological condition.

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Ted Williams spotlighted 'troubling' behavior from the parents of the suspect accused of killing at least 7 at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade on 'Your World.'

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Jerone Davison released a controversial campaign ad in his bid for Arizona's 4th Congressional District, where he wards off the KKK with an AR-15.

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Las Vegas officials are weighing a 21-and-under curfew following two recent shootings on Fremont Street downtown. The latest shooting occurred July 4 after a fight broke out.

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Two plane crash survivors were rescued by a Coast Guard crew in Alaska on Tuesday after their aircraft went down on an island.

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Former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson returned to Twitter on Wednesday after he was given a "permanent "ban for allegedly violating the platform's COVID "misinformation" policy.

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Operation Lone Star, which was launched last year in Texas amid surging border crossings, is under investigation by the DOJ, according to public records.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has regularly found himself at the center of controversy, from office sex scandals to alleged abuse of power while in office.

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NHL teams approaching the draft are uncertain about selecting Russian players in the first round amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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A 14-year-old girl was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon while riding in a car with other juveniles in Tacoma, Washington, police said.

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The New York Times published an article on Wednesday bemoaning the loss of the Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security back in May.

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Police in Redondo Beach, California said an armed suspect caught on video robbed a business over the July 4th holiday weekend.

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Country star Granger Smith's wife Amber said that she "forgives" people who send her cruel messages regarding her son River's drowning in June 2019.

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Two suspects vandalized a pro-life clinic in Miami on Sunday. The clinic had previously been vandalized, and that history led staff to install cameras that captured the incident.

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A growing number of officials in Boris Johnson’s government are stepping down, adding to the pressure on the prime minister.

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Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia hauled in nearly $7 million in fundraising the past two months as he runs for reelection this year against Democrat Stacey Abrams

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Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan was absent from Joe Biden's Cleveland event on Wednesday, and Rep. Jim Jordan suggested the president has become a detriment to his party.

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Los Angeles-area authorities pulled the body of a man from a lake next to SoFi Stadium on Wednesday after hours of searching.

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Experts say the decrease in U.S. police department traffic stops played a role in an increase of DUI fatalities during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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Rory McIlroy expressed understanding for some players joining LIV Golf but said now that the decision has been made, "don't try and come back and play over here again."

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Bryan Marchment, a former longtime NHL defenseman, has died, the league announced Wednesday. Marchment, most recently a scout for the San Jose Sharks, was 53.

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A Chicago pastor said his community in the South Side of the Windy City also deserves justice after Highland Park shooting attracts national attention.

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An armed policeman at the Uvalde school massacre had an opportunity to shoot the gunman but missed his chance waiting for permission from a supervisor, according to a new report.

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A Beverly Hills man has been charged with murder for the deaths of two women and there may be more victims, Los Angeles DA George Gascón said Tuesday at a press conference.

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Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio embraced President Biden during his visit to the Buckeye State on Wednesday to tout an initiative linked to the American Rescue Plan.

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Civilians flee Ukraine's eastern city of Slovyansk and Kazakh oil is hit by a Russian court ruling.

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Law enforcement officials are looking into the conduct of two Providence police officers who are seen on video smashing a handcuffed man's face into the pavement over the weekend.

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The mandate will be enforced with spot inspections and fines of up to 300 euros ($305) for violators.

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A California sex offender died at 74 while awaiting execution. The man had been on death row for more than 40 years after killing a woman he had raped.

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A Buffalo driver who was accused of shooting at police during a car chase which ended with an exchange of gunfire was arraigned Wednesday on 5 counts of attempted murder.

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The annual event in Spain's Pamplona was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions.

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Also, Boris Johnson battles to keep his job and Europe labels gas and nuclear energy “green.”

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A West Virginia judge struck down a school voucher law. The Hope Scholarship voucher program would have been one of the most far-reaching school choice programs in the country,

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Police in Richmond say they thwarted a July 4 planned mass shooting after receiving a tip that led to the seizure of guns and arrest of the potential shooters.

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Most of the 53 migrants who died in what appears to be the deadliest human smuggling case in modern U.S. history have been identified, authorities said.

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A Texas police police officer had the Uvalde gunman in his sights but never fired a shot, believing — perhaps incorrectly — that he needed permission to fire.