Sinaloa Cartel May Have Dug a Prison Tunnel to Bust Out a Serbian Drug Lord

Sinaloa Cartel May Have Dug a Prison Tunnel to Bust Out a Serbian Drug Lord | News

The tunnel was 600 feet long and began in a house several blocks from the Castro Castro prison.

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Neil Young removed his music from the platform to protest Rogan's vaccine disinformation. But Spotify is unlikely to cave on its star.

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The moon is in Sagittarius today.

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The US Department of Transportation wants to shift the focus from the actions of individual drivers to the role of street layouts and local policies.

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For the first time in her nearly century-long life, Minnie Mouse will add a pantsuit to her wardrobe. And it won't be just any old pair of tailored slacks, but an iconic silhouette from British fashion designer Stella McCartney.

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Stocks have slumped this year. So has bitcoin. But gold, by comparison, has had a fairly solid start to the year. The price of the yellow metal is roughly unchanged, hovering just below $1,800 an ounce.

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Jordanian soldiers killed 27 armed drug smugglers as they tried to enter the country from Syria on Thursday, an army spokesman said.

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The car of Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri was struck by gunfire early Saturday morning in the St. Louis area, a Bush spokesperson confirmed to CNN on Thursday.

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An Oklahoma death row inmate who had requested execution by firing squad was executed by lethal injection on Thursday, according to the state Department of Corrections.

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Authorities alleged Robert James Dinh and Thomas Cheruka were connected to the Vietnamese mob and murdered over criminal debts.

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From Tom of Finland and Salvador Dali to tattoo anthologies and astrology bibles, there's something for everyone at Taschen's mega sale.

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Google has scrapped FLoC, its controversial cookie replacement. Now it’s back with Topics—but rivals and privacy experts are still nervous.

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Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song are engaged.

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Older adults who took daiiy fish oil and vitamin D supplements for more than two years were nearly 30% less likely to develop autoimmune disorders, a new study says.

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On Monday, the British government moved to make hymenoplasty, or "virginity repair" surgery -- with or without consent -- illegal.

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A man charged with groping a flight attendant has been sentenced to six months in prison.

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Amazon representatives also asked workers for their “grievances” with the “express promise” to fix them if workers did not support the union, the complaint states.

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New FCC proposal would require the nation’s ISPs to clearly disclose all hidden broadband fees, surcharges, caps, and limitations.

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The lead artist's comments to 'Rolling Stone' have started a discussion around artist compensation in the NFT space.

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Since 2007, has let people send packages filled with disturbingly realistic feces. Now, 'United States of America v.' has named two men who may be responsible.

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A tacked-on provision aims to let the Treasury block cryptocurrency transactions it believes are tied to money laundering.

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The anti-work movement is bigger than ever. Now it needs to decide what it is.

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On the campaign trail, Joe Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman, and the right has predictably already dismissed the idea.

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The San Jose City Council approved a first-of-its-kind law that mandates gun owners buy liability insurance and pay an annual fee.

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“The conspiracy theorists have taken over the party,” said Wisconsin Republican state Sen. Kathy Bernier.

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The QAnon cult is merging with the sovereign citizen movement and trying to unseat and infiltrate school boards.

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After Citizen's CEO Andrew Frame offered a $30,000 bounty on the wrong person, LAPD officers said they would no longer work with Citizen.

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The former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ alum went from being the franchise’s demure and dutiful wife to the star of her own spinoff.

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Bud Light Next, the first zero-carb beer from Anheuser-Busch, is hitting shelves next week.

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As if losing helmet radio communications during a divisional round game wasn't tough enough, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow's sound-related trials are apparently only just beginning.

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To say "Spider-Man: No Way Home" has been a roaring success would be an understatement.

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Brian Cox, aka Logan Roy of HBO's "Succession," joins Anderson to talk about the show, his six-decade career and his new memoir "The Rabbit in the Hat." Anderson Cooper Full Circle airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.

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Anheuser-Busch is launching a new zero-carb beer bearing the Bud Light name just in time for the Super Bowl. Get an inside look at how the company brews its latest innovation.

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Higher prices and chicken sandwiches are helping boost McDonald's sales. But earnings disappointed Wall Street Thursday morning.

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On July 18, 1945, Ilse Loewenberg wrote a letter to her sister, Carla, after surviving as a Jewish woman during the Holocaust.

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Dramatic body camera video shows an LAPD sergeant rushing to revive a toddler after being flagged down by frantic parents of a young girl who appeared to have stopped breathing.

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"Maus," the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the experiences of Holocaust survivors, has been removed from an eighth-grade English language arts curriculum by a Tennessee school board over concerns about "rough, objectionable language" and a drawing of a nude woman.

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CNN's Kyung Lah reports on secretary of state candidates across the country who are running on former President Donald Trump's election fraud lie.

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John Kerry on Thursday is hosting his first major international climate meeting of the year with the world's largest greenhouse gas emitters.

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Southwest Airlines reported its first quarterly operating profit since the start of the pandemic. Still, when excluding the financial help it received from the government, Southwest reported another full-year loss.

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A high-ranking official in Cuba's foreign ministry is calling for the Biden administration to restore relations with the island in light of a recent CIA report that found most "Havana syndrome" cases were unlikely to have been caused by a foreign power. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

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A rogue rocket booster could collide with the moon in the next few weeks, according to space experts, an event that could leave a crater on the far side of the moon.

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As podcaster Joe Rogan faces condemnation from medical scientists for spreading misinformation about vaccines and Covid-19, another interview by the controversial host this week has become the subject of mockery -- this time among climate scientists.

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CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to Democratic Florida State Senator Lauren Book about a contentious confirmation hearing for Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo that ended abruptly after Democrats walked out in protest, prompting Republicans to immediately vote to favorably recommend Ladapo.

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Microsoft's nearly $70 billion deal to buy Activision Blizzard could make it a leader in gaming. But it also risks creating a new headache for the tech giant in a key part of its operations: corporate culture.

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Pfizer and BioNTech announced Tuesday that they're beginning a clinical trial for an Omicron-specific Covid-19 vaccine. Moderna had previously revealed plans to develop its own vaccine that targets the variant, which is by far the dominant one in the United States right now.

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Accusations of racism, alcoholism and sexual misconduct, some past SCOTUS nominees faced contentious confirmation hearings before reaching the high court. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

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ThIs DeViCe MaKeS tYpInG sArCaStIcAlLy MuCh EaSiEr.

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But that doesn’t mean simply changing numbers on signs. It should feel dangerous to go any faster than that.

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“One thing I keep coming back to is the fact that REI prides itself on being a great workplace, but why is it that none of us are making a living wage?”

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Designer Luca Galante just wanted a little community to manage. Instead, they ended up with 2022's first surprise hit.

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The NFT shows how viewers of NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea may unexpexpose their data

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The Great Unconformity has baffled geologists for a century. New research points to glaciers being the culprit.

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Penny-pinch your way to financial peace of mind.

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Advances in artificial intelligence and other technology allow machines to be operated from far away. The trend could spell trouble for workers.

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Second Life creator Philip Rosedale wants to prevent the Facebook-ization of virtual reality.

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Deutsche Bank delivered its most profitable year in a decade on the back of a dealmaking bonanza, strengthening Chief Executive Christian Sewing's hand as he fine tunes a new strategy and targets for the years ahead in March.