In Her Own Words: Why I Still Believe In My Business Despite COVID-19

In Her Own Words: Why I Still Believe In My Business Despite COVID-19 | Economy

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart, but what is it like to start a business during a pandemic? Daphne Chen Matthews shares the story of her journey with FORBES.

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Markets have tanked since the worse-than-expected CPI reading caused more Fed hawkishness. And it doesn’t look like the economy will have a “soft-landing.”

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Taichung Commercial Bank will pay $82 million for the City of Industry bank

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Tax advisors are already working hard to determine how the IRS disaster relief announcements and Internal Revenue Code will impact disaster victims, and those who reside in disaster areas. While the first thoughts of many are to be able to deduct losses and home remodeling, and to be able to extend.

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After any disaster, scammers find the most vulnerable people ans seek to take advantage. The FTC warns of these scams and suggests these precautions.

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BOP Director Colette Peters testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 29, 2022. While boasting of the implementation the First Step Act, the facts are that the BOP continues to lag on rolling out the program.

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PCE inflation came in well ahead of what the Fed wanted to see for August, but other metrics may offer a little more comfort.

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Plenty of folks are starting to look toward the new year, and I’m getting a lot of questions about my outlook for high-yield closed-end funds (CEFs)

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Many were hoping to get a better look at the anticipated Optimus robot, and they were not disappointed at Tesla AI Day 2022.

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Inflation is still hotter than expected, and Fed officials are warning a recession won't stop them from fighting it—even as stocks continue to crater.

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Tesla's product recall affected over one million electric vehicles. What happened with this Tesla recall and what was the effect on TSLA stock?

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Being an investor during bear markets is challenging. Making it through to the rebound requires fortitude. Adhering to three simple rules will enhance your chance of success.

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The bearish trend is flaming out

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There are five theories, and two subsidiary theories, proposed by different groups of economists and others to explain rising prices, or “inflation” so-called. But one dominates — "It’s The Supply Chain, Stupid"

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It’s not ‘junk fees’ that are causing Americans the most damage—it’s inflation and a weak economy. The recent change in many banks' overdraft policies is good news for consumers, and actually good for banks—from a regulatory and PR perspective. But it's not a fix for Americans' real problems.

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You may be buying the wrong kind of inflation bond. Here are two ways to get the good stuff.

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My advice? Choose an investment adviser that specializes in managing the ultra-high-net-worth. Or set up your own "family office."

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Another record-breaking month has left many strategists confused as well as frustrated. One well-known strategist thinks the Fed could stabilize the market and the Viper Report’s Tom Aspray addresses their concerns.

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States waste billions in subsidies to private companies, often with little or no transparency, in spite of evidence that they don't work.

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The S&P 500 and Nasdaq each posted their worst September since 2008.

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What's driving recent market volatility? Commonwealth CIO Brad McMillan says it's all about interest rates.

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ESG investors should consider investing in well regulated big oil and gas if they want to get us safely to a renewable future.

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In another ugly month for stocks, investors are pulling their cash out of retailers and investing in industries typically less impacted by recessions.

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Millions of Americans were infected with COVID-19. Now, many are coping with its lasting effects.

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Are you prioritizing your child’s college fund over your retirement savings? Big mistake.

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How do you ask your loved ones if they have a valid will in place? Experts weigh in on the importance of the awkward question.

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Given how quickly the economy is slowing, why is the Fed continuing to raise interest rates at such an aggressive rate?

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As the 2022 fourth quarter kicks off, those retailers that have been weathering the choppy economy so far appear poised to come out on top when all the beans have been counted.

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Asian equities closed lower following yesterday’s US equity market meltdown except for India, after the Reserve Bank of India raised interest rates less than expected (0.5% and not 0.75%).

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Through Thursday, the S&P 500 is down 8% for the month while the Nasdaq is down 7%.

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In an attempt to turn the lemons dealt by a seemingly souring economy into lemonade, some companies are using an otherwise awful year for their stocks to reset the table.

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The company hopes that the move will make Nintendo shares more affordable for homegrown investors.

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IRS Notice 2016-66 will remain invalidated under the Administrative Procedures Act after the Service dropped its appeal to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

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While CEOs have seen a real hourly wage increase in recent years, American workers have seen a decrease when you factor in inflation — it’s bad for the economy and investors, here's why.

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United Airlines Holdings Inc. stock (NASDAQ: UAL) is down 6.1% in the past week, strongly underperforming the S&P 500 which was down 1.8% over this period.

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Morgan Staley has warned shares of the debt-loaded cruise liner could plunge to $0 in a worst-case scenario.

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This can be attributed to Biogen’s success with its Alzheimer’s treatment - Lecanemab - in late-stage clinical trials.

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Self-employment can look very different, depending on your needs. It's important to shape the business to reach the goals that you have for the company, especially when you're thrust into self-employment due to childcare, loss of job or as you prepare for retirement.

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Introducing Forbes Billionaire Investor

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There is more to the comparison, and in the sections below, we discuss why we believe AMZN stock will offer better returns than WBA stock in the next three years.

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“Whether you are a climate-change-as-investment-risk “skeptic,” “divestor” or “engager,” the fact is that companies and other investors are factoring climate change into their decision-making. That means it can move markets and affect your portfolio, and is by definition, a risk worth considering.”

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Health care stocks are traditionally a defensive play for investors in a falling market. It's a rich market with blue chip insurance providers, service providers, pharmaceutical companies, retailers, and tech players. Here is a diversified list of some of the best stocks in health care.

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The tide has turned and it doesn't bode well for stocks

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With the right strategies, seasonal businesses can remain successful and profitable even during their “down” times.

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FedEx stock (NYSE: FDX) has plunged 31% in a month, underperforming its peers, with UPS, XPO, and CHRW stocks down between 13 and 15% and the broader S&P500 index down 8%.

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The Biden administration yesterday announced sudden changes to eligibility rules for its new one-time student loan forgiveness plan, and questions are swirling. Here are key takeaways.

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Technology is integral to the modern registered investment advisor (RIA) industry.

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It has been a bitter first half of the year, underscored by broad indications of a centralized systemic fraying.

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Many small-business owners may be excited to learn about these new investments but unsure if or how they can take advantage of them. Navigating government programs can be complicated and time-consuming.

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Massa has managed to buy some time for Argentina’s economy for the first time since the whirlwind that began with Martin Guzman’s resignation, and the brief tenure of Silvina Batakis at the Economy Ministry.

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Over the last month, the stock has declined by about 26% amid concerns about interest rate hikes, continued high inflation, and signs of a weakening global economy.

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Our Theme of Apple Component Supplier Stocks, which includes a diverse set of companies that supply components for Apple’s devices, has declined by about 28% year-to-date, underperforming both the S&P 500 (down 23%), and Apple stock (down about 17%).

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The upcoming film 'Argentina, 1985,' recounts the events leading up to the Trial of the Military Juntas in Argentina in which those chiefly responsible for the crimes against humanity committed during the brutal 1976-1983 dictatorship were convicted and sentenced

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Citigroup’s stock (NYSE: C) has lost 28% YTD, as compared to the 22% decline in the S&P500 over the same period.

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This is true even though they in theory qualify for twice the loan forgiveness.

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The looming EU ban on Russian crude imports, a worsening global economic contraction, and simple logistics costs will dramatically limit Russia’s oil revenues.

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Fixating on short-term performance is not constructive. Instead, review these pragmatic strategies to make the most of this challenging market.

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After a 28% drop in sales and $500 million in negative equity, according to an analyst, Bed Bath & Beyond stock looks overvalued

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What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries.

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Hurricane Ian victims throughout Florida now have until Feb. 15, 2023, to file various federal individual and business tax returns and make tax payments, the Internal Revenue Service announced today.

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Mortgage payments are 50% higher than a year ago as mortgage rates sit at their highest level since 2006.