Give Virus Alert Apps a Shot

Give Virus Alert Apps a Shot | Tech

These Google and Apple apps work and aren’t stealing all your data. More people should use them.

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Here's everything you need to know about the wildly popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream and why showing his face was such a big deal to so many young people.

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While leaders of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) offices and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs deal with criticisms from politicians and certain investors on the right, they are also faced with mounting pushback from activists and watchdog groups on the left.

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The short answer is that it can allow commenters to voice a concern without creating further drama.

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Uber does not inform the police of such incidents, citing advocacy group guidelines. But officials in a California county argue that it should.

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Ikea's updated Homekit-compatible Dirigera smart home hub with Matter support is anticipated to go on sale in Europe in November for under $60.Ikea launched its Dirigera smart home hub in May, as a replacement for the existing Tradri hub. Months later, it now seems that Ikea is preparing to put the hardware on sale to the public.An online store lis ...

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The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Apple's bid to cancel patents on 5G and wireless tech, as the company faces the possibility of another lawsuit from Qualcomm.US Supreme CourtThe justices upheld a lower court's decision against Apple after the company made a similar attempt in June 2022. Read more...

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How does the human brain learn to innovate? The Thousand Brain theory has direct, important, unexpected implications for how people learn to innovate, and therefore for how teachers, coaches, managers, and other professionals teach innovation.

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Will your side effects be the same, worse, or better compared to the primary series and previous booster vaccinations?

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Delayed by a lawsuit and Will Smith's infamous Oscar slap, Apple TV+ has announced "Emancipation" will be in theaters and streaming in December."Emancipation" has not had the easiest production, with COVID halting filming, and producers moving shooting away from its Georgia location over the state's voting laws. Then came a sexual harassment lawsui ...

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A new study from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University has found that irrigating your nose twice a day with a saline solution after testing positive for Covid-19 can decrease your chances of hospitalization and death in higher-risk patients.

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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and other sun watchers picked up an intense X-class flare from our local star on Sunday afternoon, the most powerful burst of energy seen from the sun since May 10.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month serves as a needed reminder for many that highlights the continued risks and significance of cybersecurity in general.

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Recent discoveries in Alzheimer's disease research have thrown into question fundamental assumptions about the disease and its origins. In the second installment of this series, we introduce the primary risk factor of Alzheimer's and how it may cause cognitive decline.

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Apple is expected to release two new iPads this year. But when, precisely?

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It's time to say goodbye to the first incarnation of Overwatch.

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Last week's leak in the Nord Stream pipeline caused an enormous pulse of methane to be released into the atmosphere - possibly the largest ever recorded.

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Developers who applied for a share of Apple's $100 million App Store class action settlement have been told that payments should happen as soon as October.The Small App Developer Assistance Fund was created as part of Apple's settlement of a lawsuit that also saw the company make changes to its App Store practices.Following the August 2021 settleme ...

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Save up to $400 on a wide selection of Apple products this week at Amazon, as the e-commerce giant gears up for its Prime Early Access Sale.Save up to $400 on a variety of Apple devices, from AirPods to MacBooks, at Amazon this week.The deals continue to roll in at Amazon this October, as the company readies itself for a second Prime event in 2022, ...

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Simon Barnes’ A History of the World in 100 Animals is a look at 100 animal species and taxa that have helped shaped human pre-history and history. What’s more, the evolutionary courses taken by many of these animals have been shaped at least in part by humans.

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The 2023 preseason update hits the PBE on October 4, so you can test out all the massive new changes sooner than usual!

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Apple celebrated 100 million songs in Apple Music on Monday, and to help discovery, has launched a new Apple Music Today series.Apple Music TodayApple highlighted its human curation in Apple Music that powers its recommendation algorithms. The company believes a human touch is more important than ever to connect artists and fans. Read more...

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The government says it has enough doses to meet current demand. But campaigners have called the move "shortsighted."

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UnitedHealth Group’s Optum unit Monday completed its proposed $13 billion acquisition of the software and data analytics firm Change Healthcare after successfully fending off a U.S. Justice Department challenge of the deal.

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Apple has announced that Apple Music now features more than 100 million songs, and says 20,000 are being added by artists every day.Apple Music launched in 2015, but Apple says its celebration of 100 million songs on the service is also about how the company has previously provided music through iTunes and the iPod."Twenty-one years on from the inv ...

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‘Isonzo’ is as back-to-basics as online FPS games get–and despite its quirks and issues, it’s all the better for them.

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Automated collection methods can deliver anywhere from thousands to millions of data points per day. Even real-time streams of data have become possible, allowing organizations to get access to new information the second it appears.

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Current mobile phone numbers for British Prime Minister and Chancellor are being sold online.

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New this September from Prometheus Books, Who’s Counting is a collection of original essays and repurposed columns that incorporate some jaw-dropping examples of innumeracy in our 21st century world.

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At the University of Naples Federico II in Italy, Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company has great success with employees that have these four traits.Apple CEO Tim CookDuring the final week of September, Tim Cook spent time traveling around Europe to visit Apple Stores, company offices, and more. He received an honorary Master's Degree in Innovation a ...

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I’ve recently talked about the seasonal model of Destiny 2, and how some aspects of that are starting to feel a little too copy and pasted from season to season. But there’s an entirely different part of the game, one that is meant to be an eternal fixture, the core playlists.

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The third and fourth largest mobile phone networks reportedly hope to strike a deal by the end of the year.

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This sleek new Debut PRO S turntable from Pro-Ject is completely adjustable and has an S-shaped tonearm with a removable headshell for quick and easy changeout of cartridges.

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I find that a user-driven approach helps tremendously in giving you information on what your users need and care about.

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This week marked considerable optimism for neuroscience breakthroughs

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On the latest episode of the Homekit Insider podcast, Amazon's massive product-focused event with several new smart home devices, smart home baby gear, and more!HomeKit InsiderIn the wake of the last Apple event, and as we wait to see what Apple will do in October, recent headlines have been about Amazon's big hardware event. Amazon announced a who ...

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Pope Francis had a private meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, as the Apple executive European tour continues.Pope Francis meets with Tim Cook (Source: Vatican Media)Cook's tour has so far seen him make unannounced stops in the UK, Germany, and in Italy where he was awarded an honorary degree. He has now visited Vatican City, where he has an audience ...

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As more businesses begin to integrate Web3-enabled metaverse experiences, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure safety and trust in virtual communities.

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An administrative court judge in Italy has canceled a 200 million Euro retail collusion fine levied on Apple and Amazon.In November 2021, L'Autorit Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato had imposed fines against Apple and Amazon following an investigation into collusion. The fine was levied over accusations the two cooperated to prevent price cut ...

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A state-sponsored Chinese espionage group is using a malicious Windows logo image in campaign to spy on government targets.

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When it comes to how organizations handle data, most people view it as either a valuable asset or a dangerous material. Is one side right, or can the two sides work together?

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Being a parent is hard, but it does not have to be confusing.

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Even with the cloud-native container-based deployment approach, we cannot ignore middleware, which provides foundational elements in application software development. But what’s happening to middleware in the modern cloud-native era?

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One of my (few) complaints about House of the Dragon was that ultimately, I wasn’t wild about the decision-making they did with the time jump mid-season.

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By operating transparently as a public benefit corporation, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company aims to expand affordable access to medication and help to reshape the $4.1 trillion U.S. health care industry.

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Rachio has announced that its Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller will no longer support HomeKit after engineers are unable to resolve issues, and is offering refunds to users.The Rachio 3 sprinkler controller added HomeKit support back in 2018. Recently users have been reporting "no response" errors.Since April 2022, Rachio has been detailing the ...

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If deemed to meet the reasonable and necessary criteria, Medicare may - for lecanemab - remove the conditional access barrier it imposed on all beta amyloid-directed monoclonal antibodies in the National Coverage Determination (NCD) issued in April of this year.

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The saga of Halo Infinite continues, as after some high profile departures and leadership restructuring, a new rumor is circulating that could be the biggest change of all.

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Like influenza, SARS-CoV-2 is an expert at mutating and evading prior immunity. This includes vaccine-induced immunity. New research suggests that expanding the target area of our vaccines to include the virus' nucleocapsid protein may offer stronger and broader protection.

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A strong organizational security strategy ensures that the correct security controls are in place to protect critical data assets.

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The University of Illinois (UIUC) is working with Apple and other tech giants on the Speech Accessibility Project, which aims to improve voice recognition systems for people with speech patterns and disabilities current versions have trouble understanding.While often derided for mishearing a user's request, voice recognition systems for digital ass ...

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The law of supply and demand is clearly at work.

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Joe Kiani surmounted overwhelming personal and professional odds to build a better blood oxygen monitoring device. So why should he be afraid to push his scrappy company into consumer electronics, challenging firms 100 times its size?

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Here are the best clothes and where to get them in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Recently, Twitter users pounced on the fact that the Tesla robot demo was a bit underwhelming, and they are mostly correct.

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The first aerial observations of orcas hunting white sharks in South Africa has shown scientists some interesting behaviors!

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How good were forecasts for Hurricane Ian? It depends on whom you ask. An explanation of challenges conveying the "cone of uncertainty".

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Since hundreds of thousands of new drone jobs will be created within the next few years, it's worth asking the question: What does it take to be a good drone instructor?

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Capturing knowledge and expanding automation are the fundamental mechanisms to enable meaningful progress in managing today’s growing operational complexity.

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A new AI-based skin scan app will recommend the best solution for your skin

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The second-generation Apple Watch SE upgrade is the ideal starter Apple Watch, and the best choice for parents who want their child to have one.The 2022 Apple Watch SEWhen Apple introduced the first Apple Watch SE, it became an extremely attractive option for users who wanted a low-cost smartwatch that worked with their iPhone, while also offering ...