Citroen’s Cute Little Ami Could Be The First Mass Market Electric Car

Citroen’s Cute Little Ami Could Be The First Mass Market Electric Car | Lifestyle

The Citroen Ami only has range of 43 miles and a top speed of 28 mph but could be the forerunner of a new breed of electric car that is designed for a specific roles like shopping commuting because it’s also very cheap.

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From New Zealand to Alaska, these yurt hotels are worth traveling for.

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With Veterans Day 2022 less than a week away, it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the food deals and freebies available to veterans and active members of the military on Friday, November 11. Here are a few to consider.Read more...

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With the midterm elections coming up this Tuesday, Death Cab For Cutie and frontman Ben Gibbard have been using their voice to encourage people to vote. I spoke to Gibbard about voting, Roe V Wade and much more.

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The Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) welcome the Tennessee Titans (5-2) to Arrowhead Stadium for Week 9’s Sunday Night Football battle. We examine the betting odds and offer up our top NFL picks.

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Rising energy costs means that most of us will be paying more to heat our homes this winter. And unfortunately, that’s only one of many price increases we’ve seen over the last year or so. This makes it especially important to ensure that we keep the resources, appliances, and home features we do have working for us,…Read more...

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I rarely get excited over tech anymore. But this is one of those times.

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On Thursday, November 3, the Norwegian, Oslo-based fashion line infused with a streetwear aesthetic, Holzweiler, hosted an intimate dinner at The Bard Room at the Hotel Chelsea in New York City to celebrate the ‘See the Light’ Holiday 2022 campaign fronted by A$AP Nast.

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We examine the Week 9 battle between the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears. NFL odds currently list Miami as a -4 point favorite, slightly down from the -4.5 line that hung earlier in the week.

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Lucy Golf, founder of LYMA and disruptor of the wellness space concludes, “It’s great to see the LYMA Laser in the hands of celebrities and beauty experts, but what’s really special is seeing before and after pictures from people who have faded scars, treated pigmentation and erased wrinkles.”

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Susan Chen, a Vedic Meditation Teacher and previous Wall Street analyst, explains how quick wellness practices can eliminate holiday stress—even for busy professionals.

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Whether you're a new or expectant parent or helping someone you care about welcome a new child, stylish holiday gifts for babies and toddlers are so much fun.

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Seed Health is pioneering new applications of probiotics to improve human and planetary health.

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Washington's craft whisky producers share a focus on being a farm-to-glass distillery, a proclivity for using locally grown grains, especially historic varieties, and local ingredients, from peat to oak casks. Their selection of craft whiskeys reflect the region’s terroir and craft brewing legacy.

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The prize will be the largest jackpot in national lottery history after no winning ticket has been sold since August.

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The Loren Hotel at Lady Bird Lake is a new luxury hotel in Austin, Texas that offers upscale amenities, stunning skyline views and a fabulous spa.

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The 2022 Breeders' Cup at Keeneland set a betting record. Total all-sources, global common-pool handle for the two-day event was $189 million. Superhorse Flightline won the Breeders' Cup Classic by a record 8-lengths. Final results & payouts of 14 Breeders' Cup races & information you can bet on.

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The Houston Astros won the 2022 World Series Saturday in Game 6 over the Philadelphia Phillies. And Jim McIngvale, "Mattress Mack', won $75 million in World Series futures bets. Mack's bets, charity and community contributions and information you can bet on.

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No matter where you plan to go this fall, this is some of the latest airline news to keep top of mind. From new airline lounges and updated onboard cuisine to free inflight gifts for some passengers, these airlines have a lot planned for fall travel.

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For his sixth and richest lifetime win in Saturday's $6 million Breeders' Cup Classic, Flightline raced largely as he likes, up front gate-to-wire, then bringing a huge run. He won by eight legnths, going away. Here's what happened.

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The event returns to San Nicolas.

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Anyone who has done any DIY work in their home (or someone else’s home) knows that in most cases, the project will take longer than you anticipated, and no matter how small it seems, usually ends up being pretty exhausting. This means that when it’s time to clean up, you’re faced with a tough decision: Push through…Read more...

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When it comes to fast food and fast casual burger chains, there are options galore. So, to help convince consumers that their burgers are the best, these chains have ads and marketing campaigns featuring new limited-time-only offerings and deals, as well as claims about the quality and size of their food. Read more...

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Israel is expecting a record-breaking season in 2023. Where should you go — and when is the best time to visit?

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Broadway and West End musical theater superstar Sierra Boggess and her sister, Allegra, a music educator in Georgia, are running in tomorrow’s TCS New York City Marathon to raise awareness and money for the Cancer Support Community.

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There have not been many other stakes quite like this year's Breeders' Cup Classic. The reason is the once-in-a-generation Flightline, who will come up against the best talent he has ever faced. Here's how the race will look.

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Recent spectacular, multi-colored displays of northern lights are just the beginning of what we can expect as the sun’s activity increases over the coming years.

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Inflation has hit us hard this year, and so far, things aren’t looking great for 2023. No, buying some fast food in order to get more fast food for free probably isn’t going to fix things, but thanks to Wendy’s, you can try it out and see what happens. Here’s what to know.Read more...

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One of Teeling’s more intriguing experiments has been the periodic release of a progressively older Irish single malt whiskey. The latest expression is a 32 YO whiskey finished in a Purple Muscat cask.

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The College Football Playoff rankings came out this week, and No. 1 Tennessee at No. 3 Georgia kicks off November's biggest games. That includes rivalry games and key conference games during the College Football Playoff chase. Odds, biggest games in Nov. and information you can bet on.

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November is a great month to get ready for the holiday season ahead. There are seminars and tours, different shopping experiences, new modern designer launches and jewelry to purchase for charitable causes as gifts or for yourself.

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Marbella is a mainstay getaway for Europeans, but it’s time for travelers from the United States to get more plugged in.

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From megawatt gems to vintage treasures, here's what to see at GemGenève before it closes on Sunday.

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Just weeks after French billionaire Bernard Arnault sold his private jet in the wake of trackers who were climate shaming the LVMH boss, a Bombardier executive says the Montreal-based maker of business jets is seeing more customers ask about sustainability.

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The idea of walking while you work isn’t a new one; we first featured a “treadputer” on this site in 2006. But the idea has returned, and it’s enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to cheaper, smaller treadmill models that are being called “walking pads.” So how is a walking pad different from a treadmill, and are…Read more...

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The deal will help the hip-hop mogul foster more Black and Brown entrepreneurs in the industry.

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It’s that time of year again: parent-teacher conference season. For 15 minutes, parents sit face-to-face with the person responsible for their kid’s education. For most, it’s a time for parents and caregivers to hear the truth about what really happens during school hours and to work together to help their children…Read more...

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Tom Uttech’s paintings celebrate nature’s abundance. They recall a time when passenger pigeons flying overhead could block out the sun for hours.

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You don’t have to risk life and limb messing with molten caramel to make delicious, candied nuts. There is a much quicker way to conduct this sweet business, and it doesn’t involve candy thermometers, silicon mats, or burn cream. These candied nuts are so simple, tasty, and pretty, that making them would be a great…Read more...

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Here’s what to gift enthusiastic urbanites.

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A new release reveals a band whose horizons are rapidly and spectacularly expanding.

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Oranges are a pain in the ass. First off, they’re wildly inconsistent. Sometimes, they’re heaven. Other times, they’re flavorless mush. Of course, to even find out, you need to peel them—a term that really undersells the struggle. A traditional orange holds onto its peels for dear life. Soccer kids are onto something…Read more...

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A new kind of party and event hotel is waiting in the lesser visited area of San Jose del Cabo.

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The chef behind a Durham, N.C., bakery turned a nasty request into a work of art.

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Bucharest is turning out to be an energized stomping ground for great food and beverage professionals.

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Unsightly water stains will drag down the vibes in even the most beautiful bathroom. From shower humidity to internal leaks and ventilation problems, they have a lot of causes, but after you’ve identified what made the mark on your wall in the first place, you still need to remove it without making the aesthetic…Read more...

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The Grammy Award-winning artist recently purchased the waterfront home on Allison Island, a 35-acre island within Biscayne Bay. The island’s past residents include rapper Lil Wayne, as well as athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs.

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As the end of the year approaches, you may have already maxed out your 401(k) plan contributions for 2022. However, some plans have an option to keep making after-tax contributions past the deferral limits. Described as an “under-the-radar” option to get more funds to grow tax-free, this type of deposit may not be…Read more...

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If you’re anything like me, your overriding goal in life is to not have a hilarious obituary. This is why I’ve decided to never ride a rollercoaster, board a hot air balloon, or go skydiving—I don’t want my last thoughts to be along the lines of why I thought jumping out of a plane was a good idea. But just avoiding…Read more...

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Frances Farma made enough money selling fruits and vegetables from her garden to buy a 1976 Porsche 914, which she's now restoring.

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Even if you aren’t a gamer, you’re undoubtedly aware of Dungeons & Dragons, the fantasy tabletop role-playing game that popularized the genre (at least among a certain subset of geeks) way back in the early 1970s. Spurred by any number of things—traditionally “nerdy” culture going mainstream and the throwback…Read more...

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Spotify vs. Apple Music is a debate we won’t soon hear the end of. However, as of late, Apple Music users are claiming their service sounds better than Spotify’s, that Apple’s songs are punchier and more crisp than the rival streaming service, especially when using high quality headphones or speakers. While Apple…Read more...

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If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), time is running out to use up your remaining balance. During the pandemic, you may have benefited from relief rules that allowed you to rollover FSA funds past the typical year-end deadline. This year, that rollover rule is being rolled back. Here’s what to know about…Read more...

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Imagine a Napa Valley wine region as known for its wine as its quality cannabis. For some, this may seem highly improbable. For others it’s only a matter of time. Stephanie Honig, winery owner and cannabis consultant is in the latter group. Here are her thoughts on bud, hospitality, dining and more.

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Besides the water bath, the notorious cracking, a long bake time, and an unimaginably long cooling time, cheesecake has only one bother: chunks of unblended cream cheese. Cakes and quick breads that are made with flour are often OK if there are small lumps of unblended ingredients—it usually shakes out in the oven. …Read more...

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For 36 years, Carpinteria has held an annual California Avocado Festival in early October, billed as “California’s largest free music festival.

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Spanning an entire townhouse in the Meatpacking District, you can shop chic shades while sipping natural wine in the living room.

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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson held a joint press briefing Monday at the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce in Little Rock, joining insurance, construction, truckers, and agriculture officials to speak out against Issue 4, the state’s amendment on the ballot that would legalize cannabis for adults.

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Located in the new Radio Hotel, Jalao NY is more glamorous than its Santo Domingo original and encourages music and a spirit of a festival.

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Finding a workplace environment in which you can thrive is no easy feat. And even when you do land in a place that seems like a perfect fit, dynamics can always change—particularly if your company comes under new management. The new bosses could turn out to be incompetent, unethical, or a disastrous combination of the…Read more...

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Thanks to a dedicated single mom, these world-traveler sisters are making their mark in the beauty business.