Pizza Chili Is an Agent of Chaos

Pizza Chili Is an Agent of Chaos | Lifestyle

As some of you may recall, I started this chili journey to find a chili recipe—or at least a style—that spoke to me. I didn’t grow up with a strong chili identity, so sampling the recipes of those who did seemed like the best way to form opinions about the highly regional dish. I’ve eaten a Texan style all-meat chili,…Read more...

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Character actor John O'Hurley loves Four Seasons hotels, can't play enough golf at Pebble Beach, and will soon host a new TV show about vineyards around the world.

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California-based KLUR takes luxury clean beauty to a new level with thoughtful, science-led ingredients.

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With a flagship location in Soho and a burgeoning wholesale brand, Chillhouse is strategically expanding on a global level, starting with its recent opening in Paris’ iconic department store, Galeries Lafayette. Get inspired by her top 6 takeaways.

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West Nile virus has been found in a record number of mosquitoes in the New York City area, with at least two cases known to have occurred in humans. If you weren’t around for the last big West Nile panic about 20 years ago, you might be wondering just what this disease is and whether you should be worried about it.Read more...

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What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries

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In a former life, I was a lab technician in a chemistry lab, where I used a very small portion of the knowledge I had gained studying chemistry for four years. I left that industry over a decade ago, but little habits have stuck with me, particularly when it comes to glassware.Read more...

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This megawatt power couple’s recent collaboration with Hello Fresh serves up a tasty peek into the celebrity kitchen.

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If you’re building out a home gym, we have suggestions on where to start and what to buy next. But what if you don’t want a ton of equipment, just the minimum for getting a decent workout at home? First, figure out if there is a specific type of workout you’d like to do. Kettlebells are often recommended for…Read more...

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It’s a fact of living in a work-obsessed world: You may find yourself with more than one job at some point. Hell, I haven’t had just one job since high school. For 14 years, I’ve had multiple income sources at all times, which has been great for survival in a financial sense, but not always as great for survival in a…Read more...

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Launched earlier this month, the adaptive platform Adaptista has already made headlines, revealing its substantial ambitions for the future of inclusive shopping and the need for legitimate accessibility. It's founder, Maria O'Sullivan-Abeyratne, reveals the personal story behind the brand.

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The growth of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and popularity of electric vehicles means new opportunities for the $50 billion aftermarket industry—a key driver for the opening, Thursday of a second SEMA Garage near Detroit.

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You’re working diligently on an Excel spreadsheet, making sure all the figures are accurate and everything looks great. You’re a machine: There’s nothing that can stop you from acing this task and impressing your boss. Except, however, for a power outage that shuts your PC down before you had a chance to save. Now you…Read more...

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Australia may be famous for some big reds but go to the cool region of Coonawarra and balance is the key word. John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 from pioneer winery Wynns will be released at La Place de Bordeaux in September, one of the few non-Bordeaux wines to have this honour.

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Piero Angela, Italy’s most famous science journalist and TV presenter, died earlier this week, at 93 years of age.

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If you rent your home, there’s a good chance one of your biggest pain points is laundry. If there’s no laundry in your unit or building, you’re stuck heading to a laundromat (or your parents’ house) on a regular basis. But there might be another solution: Just like the countertop dishwasher, you can buy yourself a …Read more...

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Tomorrow at Quail Lodge, Bugatti will unveil something new. Today, just a tease.

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From a 15th century manor house with a panoramic view to a medieval chateau converted to a luxury hotel, these properties will have you feeling like you are living in a fairytale, all for under 4,000,000 euros.

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If you recently bought a new Mac, you don’t have to spend days setting it up to your liking. Whether it’s for work, school, or a little of everything, following these eight tips will make your new laptop is ready for whatever you throw at it.Read more...

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While official app stores are the safest way to find and download new software on your smartphone, they aren’t without faults. The Google Play Store has protections in place to weed out malicious apps, but occasionally, some manage to sneak through undetected. Thirty-five such apps were just discovered hiding on the…Read more...

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Raw nuts are an acquired taste. One that, for some, shall never be acquired. Even though I snack on the occasional raw almond, I get it—they lead with their bitter flavors, and the texture isn’t so much snappy as it is mealy. For anyone kicking themselves because they bought a pound of raw nuts, when you were looking…Read more...

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To reach at-risk communities where they are, HHS is launching a new pilot program providing on-site vaccinations at large events that attract LGBTQ communities.

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It turns out the Great Resignation could be more like a whisper than a bang, according to the newest trend known as quiet quitting. Instead of flipping the table at work and walking out on your job for greener pastures, quiet quitting is a much more subtle way to achieve better balance between work and life.Read more...

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Some airlines allow free or low-cost stopovers, allowing you to visit multiple destinations either for a small surcharge or even the same price as your standard ticket. It’s a great way to see more of the world for less money. If you’re looking for a cheap way to travel, consider booking a stopover with one of these…Read more...

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White rums keep selling as cocktail mixers, but producers like Botran are aiming for a higher-end market.

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Long beloved by Finnish people, Lake Saimaa is also a worthwhile destination for wellness travelers worldwide who want their relaxing getaways to come with a big dose of culture.

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One of the first foods I learned to make for myself was a quesadilla, where I would fold some shredded cheddar inside a flour tortilla and nuke it until the cheese melted. It wasn’t authentic or texturally balanced, but it was good enough for a 7 year old.Read more...

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I wrote this article on an Android tablet with a Targus Pro–Tek Universal Bluetooth Keyboard case. My thoughts?

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I have a lot of passions, but natural spectacles have to be at the top of my list. More specifically, volcanos. So, when I saw a new eruption in Iceland that started on August 4, I had to go. Here's what I learned from the last-minute trip.

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The extension was only natural, given their 450 acres of countryside in Bristol, Virginia; 28 rooms and suites now have unparalleled access to the award-winning vines and Appalachian cuisine the Nicewonder family put the property on the map with.

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Every suburbanite is familiar with a “city day.” Why shouldn’t the reverse be true? Why shouldn’t stressed-out city dwellers use their local suburb as a way to escape for a few hours?Read more...

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Capri Sun juice drinks have been a lunchbox staple since they first hit American grocery store shelves in 1981. But before you pack one of the iconic foil pouches for you kid’s (or your own) lunch tomorrow, take a minute to check whether it’s among those being recalled due to a risk they contain cleaning solution.Read more...

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Buying a pen? Stay on the lookout for these six features of a great writing instrument. And watch out for the telltale signs that your new pen will never make it past next month’s journal entry.

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Richard Branson's cruise line Virgin Voyages has made quite a splash in the cruise industry with its adults-only, no-buffet sailings and steep-but-inclusive pricing.

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Denmark’s center of power for hundreds of years, Viborg is an intriguing stop on a tour of Jutland. Here are the best things to do in Viborg, Denmark.

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After a three-year hiatus, the city’s tourism board is welcoming back this biannual promotion.

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Drivers and enforcement officers often have mixed interpretations of what is lawful, so wording in state laws that is more specific about what cell phone behavior is banned is essential and has the potential to cut crash rates.

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The 2022 BMW Championship has just 68 players this week for the second stop of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. The tourney at Wilmington CC is the first ever Tour event in the state of Delaware. Leading favorites, odds, sportsbook data on golfers taking the most bets & money with information you can bet on.

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With more and more cryotherapy-inspired beauty products and tools popping up on shelves, three skincare experts weigh in on whether these cold therapy offerings are actually worth the hype.

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In a heated abortion debate, podcaster Joe Rogan spoke out against guest Seth Dillon.

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Overnight oats are one of the great classic breakfast hacks. You probably already know this. You can make them with almond milk or real milk, with yogurt or without, with raisins and nuts or with pumpkin puree and chia seeds. But I need to ask you: have you ever considered grating a whole apple in there? Read more...

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Sometimes, you miss your ex. Other times, you just miss the sex—or think you do. It can be enticing to reach out to someone you already know matches your vibes in the sheets, knows what you like, and generally does it for you physically, but it’s not always the best idea. The standard advice here is usually to…Read more...

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In the US, there's plenty of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc in the $11-$22 range, but increased quality perception and a premiumization of Chilean wines in general are trending prices up.

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There’s a problem with crudité platters as a party food. It’s one thing if you eat raw broccoli in private, but if I come to your home expecting food, a platter of raw baby carrots and celery sticks does not count. It’s not the vegetables (I love them for their nutrients, color, and texture). It’s their preparation—as…Read more...

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If you recently updated Google Chrome to version 104, you might be surprised to learn there’s already another update available for your browser. After all, the last update patched 27 security vulnerabilities: What’s left to update? Apparently, quite a bit, including a new security flaw that hackers already know how to…Read more...

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Grand Seiko’s 44GS 55th Anniversary Limited Edition Spring Drive is a 1,500-piece edition inspired by the moon over the Shinshu Mountains in northern Japan where Spring Drive watches are made.

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Four years ago, the Campari company launched an aggressive campaign to turn the Aperol Spritz into the drink of the summer. It worked. The vibrant red-orange beverage flooded bar patios everywhere, and while its grip has loosened slightly since 2018, the bubbly cocktail is still very much present. But this year, I…Read more...

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One of the simplest balance tests is to see how long you can stand on one leg. Older adults who can’t make it past the 10-second mark are more likely to die in the next 10 years, according to research reported in the New York Times. But are you doomed if you can’t pass this test? Probably not. Read more...

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If you’re anything like me, you have, over the course of your adult life, collected an extensive supply of spices in your kitchen, many of which you purchased and then used exactly one time. Then one day, you look at your spice rack and notice a thick layer of dust on those bottles, and wonder: Do spices go bad? The…Read more...

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Whether you want to acknowledge the contributions of the many “below-the-line” entertainment industry professionals who worked on your favorite streaming movies and TV shows, or you just want time to get a snack before the next episode rolls, it’s a good idea to turn on the “watch credits” option on your streaming…Read more...

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Choux paste is a pillar of the pastry world. It’s not made out of anything special, but this humble dough is the foundation of many sensational desserts. While you’ve surely seen it adorning bakery pastry cases, and maybe even eaten it before, it’s a dough that you should really be on a first name basis with. This…Read more...

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You know the token “funny one” at your workplace? Well, those coworkers are self-aware, and they’re speaking out. It’s called being a “personality hire,” and the term is trending on TikTok from those claiming that their charisma landed them their job, rather than the qualifications on their resume.Read more...

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Like much to come out of Washington, it’s a complicated issue.

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It won’t come as much of a surprise to hear strangers who play games online aren’t necessarily “nice.” Anyone who experienced a Modern Warfare 2 lobby back in the day has the battle scars to prove it. But even in 2022, trolls are alive and well, looking to make your online gaming experience a living hell. If your…Read more...

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For anyone planning an air trip across the U.S., it's important to know the best airlines for reliability, cost, and loyalty as well as for the overall experience. The Points Guy has released its sixth annual Best Airlines Report, naming the top ten.

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Patricks Island is its own slice of tropical bliss – a canal-filled residential community on Grand Cayman.

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Android’s home screen is immensely customizable. While users mostly focus on icon packs, widgets, and launchers, one small, incredibly useful feature often flies under the radar: your ability to add shortcuts right to the home screen.Read more...

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The famous brand recently announced it’s expanding the portfolio to include the first east coast property—The Ranch Hudson Valley—just 45 minutes outside New York City.

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Small Pharma is evaluating the best way to administer DMT in a therapeutic setting for the treatment of depressive disorders. DMT—the primary psychoactive compound in ayahuasca—could show promise in formulations designed to treat major depressive disorder.