As Democrats Weigh Student Loan Forgiveness, Will Credit Card Debtors Be Left In The Cold?

As Democrats Weigh Student Loan Forgiveness, Will Credit Card Debtors Be Left In The Cold? | Economy

President-elect Joe Biden has expressed support for up to $10,000 in student loan forgiveness for borrowers with federal loans. But Americans are twice as likely to have credit card debt as student loan debt. Until 1986, credit card interest was tax-deductible.

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The Treasury secretary is traveling to Warsaw, Brussels and Bonn, Germany, this week at an uncertain time for the global economy.

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The market has been producing double-digit returns for investors, even at moments of great national strife. But the party has ended and it may be a long time before it begins again.

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The traffic was robust in March and April, reflecting the time it takes for sanctions to come into effect and an enduring profit motive for trading Russian energy.

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A steep sell-off that gained momentum this week starkly illustrated the risks of the experimental and unregulated digital currencies.

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The confirmation of a third Democrat creates an opportunity for Lina Khan, the Federal Trade Commission’s chair, to advance efforts to rein in corporate power.

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A survey by McKinsey & Company and Marshall Plan for Moms found that few workers had access to child-care benefits, but most mothers said such benefits would make them more likely to accept a job.

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Central bankers have been asking whether they should have reacted faster to rising inflation last year — and are learning from the recent past.

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Tax reductions and rebates that are being proposed to help people cope could have the unintended effect of pushing prices higher.

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New York State wants to rebuild the transit hub in Midtown Manhattan and pay for the improvements through a larger real estate development.

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It was a you-can’t-make-this-up moment of nerdy-billionaire excess. Each of the 364 guests was outfitted in a Lord of the Rings costume made by the designer who won an Oscar for the moviel

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The market declines that last longer than you expect mean you have to identify a series of support levels and determine which levels you can tolerate. Protective stops are important when the downside targets are exceeded, and patience is critical to avoid buying too early.

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A tradable low is unlikely until late June. Here are short sales selections.

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Congress's answer 55 years ago to Newt Minow's 'vast wasteland' speech on commercial television was the Public Broadcasting Act. The PBA to this day brings you PBS and NPR via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). It's time now to add a 'public option' for social media to CPB's portfolio.

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Far East Organization and Sino Land have partnered with Perennial Holdings to buy the iconic Golden Mile Complex on the edge of the Singapore central business district for S$700 million, adding to signs of robust demand for older properties earmarked for redevelopment in the financial hub.

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Can you beat the market?

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I often hear people discuss "good investment returns." But, I think it’s also important to know "what to expect" during your investment journey. Because your journey will surely be unique to your needs and values.

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Stocks extended losses from Thursday’s brutal selloff.

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The incoming data tell us that a recession is unfolding. Once that recession is recognized by the business community, the Fed will be forced to stop its tightening.

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This bear market appears to have reached bottom

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Bitcoin, ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply, wiping around $200 billion from the crypto market in just a matter of days.

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Studies suggest that up to 80% of financial planning recommendations are never implemented! Here's how to optimize the energy we put into financial planning.

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Mid-cap dividend stocks are the best bargain on the board right now.

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Carter Braxton Worth, a technical analyst, believes that Bitcoin could break below its support levels and soon fall to $30,000.

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Lack of consistent crypto reporting continues to be a drag on the sector

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Here are 5 apps that can help parents teach their children how to invest.

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Buffett and Munger’s partnership in managing Berkshire Hathaway has produced arguably the most remarkable extended performance for investors ever recorded. As market volatility has ramped up along with uncertainty, it is an optimal time to revisit four timeless lessons.

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Today's Social Security column addresses questions about who will and who will not have the 2022 COLA applied to their benefit rates, what happens to divorced spousal benefits when an ex dies and whether SSA actually overpaid benefits.

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Financial security in retirement is increasingly precarious for most Americans, especially women. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, here are three things mothers need to know about retirement.

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Tips on how older adults can avoid falling victim to the 3 top scams: romance, cryptocurrency and imposter scams

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Bitcoin prices logged additional losses today after the drop they suffered yesterday. Analysts weigh in on what drove these latest declines.

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The chief strategy officer of $5 billion crypto asset manager CoinShares, Meltem Demirors, warned governments are going to try to ban bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies...

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5 reasons why Biden may not cancel student loans.

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Today’s Kentucky Derby, horse racing’s most well-known event, is an unmistakable metaphor for so many things I see in the current investment markets.

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Punitive rules make people even more dependent on government aid, not less.

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An avenue open to Vladimir Putin may be to use Victory Day to engage in some much needed risk management, and to declare a ‘mission accomplished’ in the context of a much degraded Russian army.

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At times like this, our closed-end fund (CEF) dividends are a key tool to help see us through.

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Support levels are those areas on the price chart where enough buyers showed up previously to reverse the downward pressure of sellers.

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Critics have accused the Federal Reserve of not reacting quickly enough to tame rising prices. On Friday, a Fed governor explained why it took so long.

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Workers had accused the company of unlawful behavior during a recent union campaign.

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Supplies of goods are coming up short in the pandemic, and prices have jumped. Some economists warn that the changes could linger.

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While no chart is perfect, if I could only have one chart to analyze the stock markets it would be this one.

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We give to charity primarily because it feels good. Being strategic and intentional about charitable giving can increase the effectiveness of giving and increase donor satisfaction.

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Twitter is in an incredible position to attract a new set of creators and help them monetize better their content and what’s the better way to do this than by enabling crypto payments?

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If you are looking for Bitcoin to reach $50,000 or $100,000 this year as some are predicting you might want to look at Tom Aspray’s technical analysis of the yearly Bitcoin trend.

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Today Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger held court at the 2022 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. Here's what I learned.

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If you’re going to worry about inflation rates and their effect on the economy, better consider the main drivers of the country’s fiscal outlook.

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The biggest surprise of the month, a -1.4% real GDP print (preliminary) (market consensus was 1.0%) was greeted with a yawn on Thursday (April 28) because the components pushing down the GDP were not consumer spending issues.

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According to a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, medical debt was a key source of consumer complaints about debt collection and credit reporting.

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Buffett and his right-hand man had harsh words for Wall Street at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting.

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There are many reasons to be bearish the stock market, at least in the short term, from war to inflation to monetary tightening to fiscal spending declining in 2022.

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In mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF), the main cost to the investor is the expense ratio. Paying a smaller expense ratio can help increase investor returns. Here are six ETFs that currently don't charge an expense ratio.

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The hedge fund performance numbers for March and the first quarter are finally in. Data from With Intelligence shows that hedge funds generally protected wealth during

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Berkshire Hathaway’s annual “Woodstock for Capitalists” was held on April 30th. After two years of virtual annual meetings, the energy was high for the return to in-person meetings, but attendance was below recent years.

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Ancient Rome is often used as a reference point for today's 'empires' and many declinists draw a comparison with the USA. yet the fall of Rome may have more relevance for China and Xi Jining.

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Tesla billionaire Elon Musk has mocked the legendary investor Warren Buffett after the Berkshire Hathaway chief executive again attacked bitcoin...

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices have fallen along with stock markets this year as investors brace for a more hawkish Federal Reserve...

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Bitcoin and other crypto are transforming the real estate market

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With Kazakhstan in trouble, China's biggest cities on lockdown, and Russia bogged down in war, Uzbekistan looks for better days.

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This selloff has gone on seemingly forever, and I’m hearing from more investors who are feeling nervous.

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The market is likely to move lower. Here is a short sale.