As Democrats Weigh Student Loan Forgiveness, Will Credit Card Debtors Be Left In The Cold?

As Democrats Weigh Student Loan Forgiveness, Will Credit Card Debtors Be Left In The Cold? | Economy

President-elect Joe Biden has expressed support for up to $10,000 in student loan forgiveness for borrowers with federal loans. But Americans are twice as likely to have credit card debt as student loan debt. Until 1986, credit card interest was tax-deductible.

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Many people wonder what all the fuss is about regarding the loss of gas from Russia via the Nord Stream pipelines; here’s a simplified primer on why Germany and much of the Eurozone face a difficult winter.

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Thanks to major satellite providers the remainder or the world’s unconnected regions will soon come online through innovative satellite technology, bridging the digital divide.

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How do you know your aging parents need help if they don't ask? Look for signs of neglect. Visit in person. Red flags can be subtle.

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The U.S. stock market has lost more value since January – than in the pandemic in 2020, or in the crash in 2008. Everything looks grim. But there is a clear "Buy Signal" flashing now.

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The S&P 500 closed at its lowest level in 22 months.

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If we earn the dividend, and if VZ closes above $39.00 on October 14, we would earn $1.4025 per share on $38.25 at risk, or 3.67%. Over 17 days, that would be 78.7% on an annualized basis.

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As prices plunge from record levels, one home builder says it's "too soon to predict how long or severe" a recession could be.

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The Fed’s mission is to crush expectations that inflation will remain high in the future. Fed governors speaking this week share optimism that will happen without a U.S. recession.

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A student loan forgiveness waiver for borrowers working in public service careers is expiring in a matter of weeks. Biden administration officials are stepping up outreach efforts, urging borrowers to apply as soon as possible. Here's what borrowers should know.

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In the last few weeks, the company has bled multiple high-level executives, including Peloton CMO Dara Treseder.

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In trading on Tuesday, shares of McDonald's entered into oversold territory, hitting an RSI reading of 28.6, after changing hands as low as $240.65 per share.

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Tesla AI Day is just around the corner, here’s what you can expect, and how to watch. Elon Musk is known for putting on a show, last year’s event garnered millions of curious streamers, so this year we expect even more - more hype, more tech, more insight into Tesla's culture of innovation.

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The DividendRank formula at Dividend Channel ranks a coverage universe of thousands of dividend stocks, according to a proprietary formula designed to identify those stocks that combine two important characteristics — strong fundamentals and a valuation that looks inexpensive.

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Daily Dividend Report: Ingredion, TTEC Holdings, General Mills, Hormel Foods, BankUnited

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some people will find it tricky to buy or sell houses for the immediate future.

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Ultimately, the nod goes to Germany given that full legalization is already on the federal agenda.

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The US dollar’s parabolic rise has taken a breather, allowing some Asian markets to recover overnight.

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Amazon's stock price has been dropping for months, even a short rally yesterday morning was just a blip. The S&P500 P/E Ratio (TTM) is currently 27.1 - 35% above the 10 year average of 19.6 - while Amazon is trading at a P/E Ratio (TTM) of 106.62. Does that mean we’ve seen Amazon’s peak?

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KMB) stock price has remained roughly unchanged at around $120 since late 2017, primarily due to unfavorable changes in its P/S multiple.

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The US consumer just got a $162-billion “pay raise,” and I’m betting you haven’t heard a word about it.

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Operating Earnings and GAAP Earnings for S&P 500 companies dropped lower than Core Earnings in 2Q22 for the first time in multiple quarters.

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The online brokerage known for popularizing no-fee trading is aiming to provide the go-to wallet for crypto newcomers.

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Northrop Grumman stock (NYSE: NOC) has seen a 24% rise this year, significantly outperforming the broader S&P500 index, down 23%.

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Merrill's Raj Sharma publishes new book offering young advisors advice on how to become a top financial advisor.

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Ethereum completed the merge as the network switched to the proof-of-stake model for verifying transactions on the blockchain. We look at proof of stake and what the Ethereum merge means for investors in search of a rally.

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Saga’s share price has fallen by a fifth in Tuesday trading. Does this represent an attractive dip buying opportunity?

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Credit Suisse’s stock (NYSE: CS) has lost 21% in the last week, underperforming the S&P 500 by a huge margin (down 4.6%).

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Disney stock has been a long time favorite for investors. With the recent news that Disney+ has surpassed Netflix in the coveted global subscriber number, here is a detailed the impact on investors look at what this means for investors.

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Emerging market countries are each unique, with their own specific circumstances.

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Investors can expect to see more disruption of traditional markets and investment practices in 2023.

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The inefficiencies of the finance back office, due to the delayed integration of technology, can cost companies time and money.

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We project that earnings will stand at about $0.98 per share, compared to a consensus estimate of $0.97.

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While determining what retirement looks like may seem overwhelming, planning for it does not have to be overly complicated.

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Wynn stock has declined by roughly 5% over the past month (about 21 trading days) compared to the S&P 500 which remains down by 11% over the same period.

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Biffa's share price has rocketed after it accepting a £1.3 billion takeover approach from US suitor Energy Capital Partners.

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Tragically, for the numerous countries now in financial trouble, the IMF’s misbegotten prescriptions will prolong their suffering.

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A hard winter is coming, but Britain's new prime minister, Liz Truss, is showing the way to a brighter spring. The U.S. should follow suit, but won’t—for now.

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Comcast stock has declined by almost 14% over the past month (about 21 trading days) underperforming the broader S&P 500 which remains down by about 11% over the same period.

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Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) stock price gained almost 50% from around $92 at 2018 end to $135 currently, primarily due to favorable changes in its revenues and P/S multiple.

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Line Man Wongnai has become the latest unicorn in Thailand after the food delivery delivery app raised $265 million in a funding round led by Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC.

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Big stocks dominate the headlines and investors’ wallets. Here are buy and avoid ratings for the 20 largest.

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The shock and angst over student loan forgiveness tends to forget much bigger giveaways in the recent past.

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All-too-often public pension assets are steered into risky, secretive, poor-performing investments based upon “dark money” contributions by Wall Street to politicians sitting on oversight boards—private investment funds which also ensure outlandish pension staff bonuses.

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Some analysts predict an "apocalypse" in commercial real estate. If they're right, investors, renters, and cities are in for a rough ride.

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Many forecasts are now calling for a U.S. recession, prompted by worrying signals from the markets and elsewhere. Will it happen?

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In another sign that the U.S. economy is headed for a rough landing, leveraged loans’ and high yield bonds’ probability of default and actual defaults continue to rise. As I have written about for almost a decade, American companies have been gorging themselves at the trough of debt.

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Monetary policymakers added 350 basis points (bps) in rate hikes, bringing the total amount of hikes in the world’s top 10 largest economies to a massive ~2,000 bps so far this cycle. The single holdout is Japan, which is still facing only moderate inflation of under 3%.

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To paraphrase the great Jerry Maguire: Show me the money. Monthly!

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What exactly has happened to the British Pound, what has caused it and what does that mean for US investors?

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The country's growth under Xi likely dropped to zero from regular double-digit gains.

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The Federal Reserve may have no choice but to wage a relentless inflation fight, but countries rich and poor are feeling the pain of plunging currencies.

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The yield curve can be a great resource in determining the future of the U.S. economy, and has accurately predicted the ten most recent recessions. Learn what an inverted yield curve is and how it pertains to your investments.

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Discusses when arbitration agreements should be entered into or avoided and the benefits and disadvantages of arbitration as opposed to courtroom litigation.

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The London, U.K.-based firm used AI algorithms to successfully predict the three-dimensional shapes proteins would take as they folded organically. It was a monumental advance in the field of biotechnology. Investors should consider buying Ark Genomic Revolution ETF (ARKG).

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Asian equities were off with an emphasis on growth stocks except for Hong Kong, as internet stocks outperformed.

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The Federal Reserve plays a very small role in regulating the budding digital currency ecosystem, but crypto isn’t free from government oversight, and there are multiple agencies ready to take a more active regulatory stance - here's what investors need to know.

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Della Air Lines Inc. stock (NYSE: DAL) is down 10% in the past week, strongly underperforming the S&P 500 which was down 4% over this period.

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We all know we need to save for retirement, but it can be tricky to know which of all the various tax-advantaged accounts to prioritize with our limited savings. Making the wrong choice could cost us in higher taxes, less flexibility, or even missing out on free money.

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Nearly 50% of the S&P 500’s Core Earnings comes from just 41 companies representing only 8% of the number of firms in the index.

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The Home Depot (HD) is the featured stock in September's Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Model Portfolio.