After Nagorno-Karabakh War, Trauma, Tragedy and Devastation

After Nagorno-Karabakh War, Trauma, Tragedy and Devastation | Word

For Armenians uprooted from their homes, and for Azerbaijanis returning to uninhabitable towns, “It’s going to be very hard to forgive.”

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A Chicago pastor said his community in the South Side of the Windy City also deserves justice after Highland Park shooting attracts national attention.

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An armed policeman at the Uvalde school massacre had an opportunity to shoot the gunman but missed his chance waiting for permission from a supervisor, according to a new report.

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A Beverly Hills man has been charged with murder for the deaths of two women and there may be more victims, Los Angeles DA George Gascón said Tuesday at a press conference.

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Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio embraced President Biden during his visit to the Buckeye State on Wednesday to tout an initiative linked to the American Rescue Plan.

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Civilians flee Ukraine's eastern city of Slovyansk and Kazakh oil is hit by a Russian court ruling.

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Law enforcement officials are looking into the conduct of two Providence police officers who are seen on video smashing a handcuffed man's face into the pavement over the weekend.

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The mandate will be enforced with spot inspections and fines of up to 300 euros ($305) for violators.

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A California sex offender died at 74 while awaiting execution. The man had been on death row for more than 40 years after killing a woman he had raped.

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A Buffalo driver who was accused of shooting at police during a car chase which ended with an exchange of gunfire was arraigned Wednesday on 5 counts of attempted murder.

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The annual event in Spain's Pamplona was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions.

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Also, Boris Johnson battles to keep his job and Europe labels gas and nuclear energy “green.”

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A West Virginia judge struck down a school voucher law. The Hope Scholarship voucher program would have been one of the most far-reaching school choice programs in the country,

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Police in Richmond say they thwarted a July 4 planned mass shooting after receiving a tip that led to the seizure of guns and arrest of the potential shooters.

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Most of the 53 migrants who died in what appears to be the deadliest human smuggling case in modern U.S. history have been identified, authorities said.

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A Texas police police officer had the Uvalde gunman in his sights but never fired a shot, believing — perhaps incorrectly — that he needed permission to fire.

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Rhode island's environment officials have warned of a jellyfish which has a powerful sting. The species in question are adult clinging jellyfish.

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A Uvalde police officer had the Robb Elementary School gunman in his sights before the suspect entered the school, but didn't fire, a new report says.

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The FDA announced Wednesday that state-licensed pharmacists in the US would be able to prescribe Pfizer's Paxlovid COVID-19 pill for eligible patients as cases continue to rise.

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Indiana homes and businesses were in the dark on Wednesday after waves of storms damaged power lines. Crews worked Wednesday to restore power to about 14,500 power customers.

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Fox News averaged 1.4 million total viewers, finishing the week of June 27 through July 3 as the most-watched basic cable network for the third-straight week.

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All but six of the 53 migrants who were found dead in a San Antonio tractor-trailer have been identified by the Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office.

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Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis torched the Biden administration for omitting the "real reason" behind the rampant learning loss facing American students: "Democrat lockdowns"

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An NYC found late last month with significant head and face trauma succumbed to his injuries over the weekend and police are seeking three men for questioning

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Wolfgang Van Halen popped the question to longtime girlfriend Andraia Allsop. Van Halen is the son of rock icon Eddie Van Halen and actress Valerie Bertinelli.

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House Republicans are supporting the effort by Texas counties to declare the crisis at the southern border an "invasion" as migrant numbers remain at historic highs.

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The intelligence community said leaders at the state level are at risk of being targeted by China in an effort by Beijing to lobby for federal policies starting at the local level.

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A ND man was sentenced to life in prison for murdering four people in 2019. He has appealed his sentence on the basis of errors made during the jury selection process.

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Favorable weather in California's Gold Country has aided firefighters against wildfires that have ravaged the state. Containment has doubled to 10%.

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The state already has a majority stake in France’s main electricity and nuclear company. The move reflected President Emmanuel Macron’s desire to champion economic and energy sovereignty.

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Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes as Russia has slowly advanced in the east. Many may not have a home to go back to when the war is over.

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These easy, green chicken enchiladas recipe from Cara Lanz of is a recipe you can add to your weeknight dinner repertoire for the whole family to try.

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Nick Kyrgios beat Cristian Garin in three sets and advances to the semifinals the day after Australian police said Kyrgios is due in court next month.

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A woman from Green Bay, accused of killing and dismembering her partner, has pleaded not guilty. An earlier ruling by a judge found the woman competent to stand trial in October.

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Here's how parents and caregivers can talk with their kids following the July 4th shooting in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, where seven people were killed.

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President Biden’s communications director Kate Bedingfield will be stepping down from her post later this month to spend more time with her family.

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Leftists, including The Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson, fell for a year-old, debunked story accusing Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., of creating a political registry.

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The Hill, CNN, NBC News and The New York Times have all reported on Democrats expressing frustration with the Biden White House as the midterms approach.

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Berlin and Paris are preparing bailouts as Europe braces for further cuts to gas supplies next week and economists warn of a recession.

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The British prime minister’s blueprint for dealing with a crisis, his critics say, almost never begins, and rarely ends, with simply telling the truth.

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Guitarist Carlos Santana is said to be "doing very well" after he collapsed on stage Tuesday evening in Michigan, according to a post shared on social media.

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Singapore confirmed its first case of monkeypox on Wednesday. The patient is stable, and three close contacts of the man are in quarantine.

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Rafael Nadal won an epic battle against Taylor Fritz in the Wimbledon quarterfinal and will faceoff against Nick Kyrgios in semis.

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Uterus transplants are now a clinical reality in the U.S. More than half of U.S. women who received a uterus through a transplant went on to have successful pregnancies, a study shows.

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At least six Belarusian soldiers who volunteered to fight in Ukraine against Russia's invasion were confirmed on Wednesday to have been captured or killed.

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Eric Holder Jr. was found guilty of first-degree murder in connection to the shooting death of rapper Nipsey Hussle. The rapper was shot to death in 2019.

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The mayor of NM's largest city is going to revisit how the city addresses homeless encampments. Mayor Tim Keller's administration has not determined the exact framework it wants to pursue.

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Elle Macpherson, an Australian supermodel and former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl known as "The Body," kept her two sons out of the spotlight until they became adults.

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Police in Richmond, Va. say that the two suspects who were arrested on gun charges for plotting a mass shooting at the city's July 4 celebration were illegal immigrants.

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Now or Never, a collective of climate activists, are planning to disrupt this summer's annual Congressional Baseball Game. The game is on the evening of July 28,

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Sweden's Christian Democrats are proposing a major overhaul of policies related to sexual assault and rape, recommending chemical castration in the most severe circumstances.

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A top Gavin Newsom aide erupted at a California reporter for "gotcha journalism" after she revealed the Democratic governor was vacationing in Montana.

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Hate crimes officers are investigating an explosion outside of a mosque in Long Island. Police say a device similar to a Molotov cocktail damaged the building around midnight Sunday.

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Dutch police shot at a tractor and detained three demonstrators during a night of farm protests in a string of demonstrations against the government cutting pollutant emissions.

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'Outnumbered' co-host Emily Compagno reacts to ironic shift in Hollywood celebrities, Democrats away from President Biden as approval ratings drop.

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Belgium's parliament looks set to pass a controversial prisoner swap treaty that some fear could pave the way to set terrorists free.

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A small group is stepping to center stage as Britain’s political crisis intensifies, including the rival Boris Johnson beat last time.

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Iran's Revolutionary Guards have detained several foreigners, including Britain's second-most senior envoy in Tehran.

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Toyota has reached the threshold of 200,000 plug-in vehicles sold that begins a phase-out of their eligibility for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit.

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The father of the jet engine-powered semitruck driver who died at an air show in Battle Creek, Michigan, said a blown tire caused the vehicle to burst into flames.

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Dmitry Medvedev of Russia warned the U.S. that it would face the "wrath of God" if the country pursues efforts to establish an international investigation of Russia's actions in Ukraine.