Benchmark fills out its, yes, bench, with Miles Grimshaw

Benchmark fills out its, yes, bench, with Miles Grimshaw | Tech

Benchmark, the storied venture firm, has brought aboard a fifth general partner: 29-year-old Miles Grimshaw, a Yale graduate who joins the outfit from Thrive Capital, where he similarly joined a team of four other partners back in 2013, helping then raise the firm’s fourth and fifth funds (per Forbes).

From his post as a general partner with New York-based Thrive, Grimshaw had sourced deals in some of today’s buzziest startups and served on their boards, including Lattice, Mapbox, Benchling and Airtable, getting to know fellow investors at Benchmark in the process.

He represented Thrive on the board of Benchling, whose sof...

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Pakistani students designed a Formula Electric car which took second place in a competition held in Russia’s capital city Moscow.According to the rules, the contestants were required to come up with a vehicle in which a driver could sit. The Pakistani student came runners up in the competition which was the participation of 20 teams.A team was made ...

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Since the PlayStation 5's launch, Sony has published several visually stunning games - but new Ember Labs release Kena: Bridge of Spirits might well be the prettiest of them all.

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For years, EA's FIFA games have been the uncontested king of the football castle.

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A US judge has ordered Facebook to release records of accounts linked to government-backed violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar that it had shut down, the Wall Street Journal reported.In his ruling on Wednesday, Washington DC district court Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui criticized the social media giant for refusing to provide the records to cou ...

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PESHAWAR: A man accused of harassing a girl in the United States (US) through social media was arrested in Peshawar by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Cell on Thursday, ARY News reported.The FIA Cyber Crime Cell carried out an action against the suspected man following the complaint of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation ...

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For Big Tech companies, having endless money can hold them and us back.

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The development team of Cyberpunk 2077 are hiring a developer to work on their upcoming untitled Computer Role Playing Game (CRPG).CD PROJEKT RED had posted the advertisement for the position of Open World Designer was posted on Game Jobs website.“CD PROJEKT RED is looking for an Open World Designer (Junior/Specialist) to join our Cracow team,” the ...

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Apple has hit back at the European Union's plans to make all mobile phones have the same charger in a bid to crackdown on electronic waste.

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The game won't be available on iPhones or other Apple devices until its legal battle with Epic Games ends.

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The beta version of Battlefield 2042 is slated to be released next month and players reported receiving code right after pre-ordering it.According to a report, multiple Reddit users had claimed that they got the codes after they registered for the beta on Amazon. A series of posts regarding the code leaks were seen on the micro-blogging platform na ...

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"Only a person can have rights. A machine cannot," one of the judges wrote.

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ProGrade Digital just released the first CFexpress Type A cards that aren’t made by Sony and while they aren’t “cheap” by any stretch of the imagination, they are more affordable than Sony’s offering. But does that discount come at a performance cost?At the time of publication, CFexpress Type-A memory cards were only used by Sony in a few of its ne ...

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The EU aims to have a common charging port for mobile phones, tablets and headphones under a European Commission proposal presented on Thursday in a world first, with the move impacting iPhone maker Apple more than its rivals.The move has been more than 10 years in the making, with the European Union executive touting environmental benefits and 250 ...

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The media giant warned it would take Facebook products out of its App Store.

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Manufacturers could be forced to change devices to a uniform charging port.

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The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp offers a feature that allows users to save important messages so they can access them later without any hassle.The feature called “Starred messages” lets users to bookmark messages they want to quickly refer back to later.Here’s how this feature works:Step 1: You first need to open any chat on WhatsApp and ...

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Mr. Mattis, the former defense secretary, testified that Ms. Holmes had not been forthcoming with the board about her start-up’s problems.

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Campaigners say including extremist narratives among everyday conversations can be a pathway to radicalisation.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is all about teamwork and how the player’s relationship with gang members affects the mission.The game is all set to release on October 26 for platforms namely PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.We play as Star-Lord, also known as Peter Quill, who leads the group of Gamora, Drax, Gro ...

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It has been revealed that the Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, is removing a feature that it designed into the chats about a year ago using which you could conduct a chat room.According to a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp has removed the Messenger Rooms shortcut from the chat share sheet for both WhatsApp iOS and Android versions.This shortcut ...

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Robinhood Markets is testing new crypto wallet and cryptocurrency transfer features for its app which would allow customers to send and receive digital currencies such as bitcoin, Bloomberg News reported on Monday.A beta version of its iPhone app showed the company’s work on such features, the report said.There was also a hidden image showing a wai ...

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French artificial heartmaker Carmat announced on Tuesday that it had carried out the first implant of its Aeson artificial heart in a woman.The company said the procedure had been performed at the UofL Health – Jewish Hospital by University of Louisville physicians in the United States.“This third implant in the U.S. was a landmark event not only b ...

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The United States imposed sanctions Tuesday on cryptocurrency exchange SUEX for its ties to ransomware attackers, as Washington seeks to crack down on digital crime.The move comes after hacks and data breaches that have targeted a major US oil pipeline, a meatpacking company and the Microsoft Exchange email system, as well as ransomware attacks hit ...

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The much-anticipated World War II game, Call of Duty: Vanguard, is slated to be released on November 5. The details of its beta version have been announced.According to reports, the version was supposed to be brought down on September 20, but the date was extended by two days.The available maps in the beta version are Hotel Royal, Gavutu, Red Star ...

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KARACHI: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Cell has restored the ‘hacked’ Facebook page of the Sindh Minister for Prisons Aijaz Jakhrani, ARY News reported on Tuesday.Following the complaint of the Sindh Prisons Minister Aijaz Jakhrani, the FIA cyber crime cell regained access to the social page having around 60,000 followers.According ...

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Apple recently rolled out its latest operating system, iOS 15, and it will have new and improved features for improving the use of Google applications.The announcement was made by the technology company was made in a statement.A Focus mode is announced in which the feature will help in getting tasks finished within a given timeframe. They will be a ...

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TRIKALA, Greece: Greece on Tuesday tested a drone to deliver medicines to isolated places in an environmentally friendly way, sending the unmanned vehicle to a 200-person village.The red drone with four rotor blades took off from the northwestern Greek city of Trikala and flew 3 kilometers (0.5 miles) to Leptokarya. It made two stops, landing outsi ...

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The Nikon 50mm f/2.8 Macro Prime lens is part of a pair announced in June. While the lens is designated as a macro, the 50mm focal length makes it more of a walkabout lens with macro capabilities.While Nikon’s legacy macro lenses would still work using the FTZ adapter on the Z-System, the new lenses note another step of Nikon’s promise to deliver a ...

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Apple Watch Series 7, the latest addition to Apple’s wearable tech family. The Series 7‘s new features have the potential to add more convenience to a lot of everyday tasks, from checking the time to responding to texts and tracking your sleep. Apple unveiled the $399 Apple Watch Series 7 during its product launch event on Sept. 14 alongs ...

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Microsoft has announced that Office 2021 will be launching alongside Windows 11 with the company already set the new operating system’s launch date for October 5.Office 2021 will be available in the following versions:Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021Microsoft Visio Standard 2021Microsoft Visio Profession ...

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As California struggles with another crippling drought, a Silicon Valley startup that believes robots can grow produce more sustainably said Wednesday it raised $50 million in a funding round led by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures.Iron Ox uses robots that are integrated with a hydroponic system consuming 90% less water than traditional far ...

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Scientists have discovered another clue to the origins of the virus that causes Covid-19, with bats living in caves in Laos found to be carrying a similar pathogen that experts suggest could potentially infect humans directly.The virus has killed millions since it emerged in China in late 2019, and controversy continues to swirl around where it cam ...

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Is your work space lacking in form and function? Some of our favorite desks, webcams, and keyboards are discounted right now.

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We all want ice cream fast, but app delivery services make it too easy for us to ignore their true cost.

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Microplastics, tiny fragments of plastic less than 5mm in size, are a hidden form of pollution known to be contaminating waterways and the world's oceans - and now, scientists say, the human digestive system.

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Before you retire that smartphone or tablet to the bottom of a drawer, there are ways to get more life out of it around the house.

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The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence has urged people to stop buying Chinese phones and throw away the ones they already possess after discovering censorship software.

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Amazon is lobbying the US government to legalise cannabis and in support of a law that would expunge cannabis-related offences from criminal records, the company has confirmed.

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A new museum dedicated to the history of the mobile phone will launch online next month.

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For kids, developing a healthier relationship with Instagram and other platforms can be tricky.

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Facebook has been used as a tool for violence and abuse in country after country. Maybe it shouldn’t be everywhere.

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I was annoying Seth Rogen. We had just started the interview, and while he politely answered my questions, he was growing tired of talking about his celebrity status. He was more interested in discussing how the company he co-founded is succeeding by overcoming countless regulatory hurdles. To him, that success has little to do with the Seth Rogen ...

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Igor Bonifacic Contributor Igor Bonifacic is a contributing writer at Engadget.

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The Mercedes-Benz has priced the flagship EQS electric vehicle more than $8,700 below its gas-powered S-Class counterpart, a strategic move by the German automaker aiming to ensure a successful rollout of the luxury EV in North America. The EQS, which will arrive in U.S. dealerships in fall 2021, will start at $103,360, including the $1,050 destina ...

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French startup Mirakl has closed a new Series E funding round of $555 million. Following this round, the company is now valued at $3.5 billion. Mirakl helps you launch a marketplace on your online store for your end customers or for your B2B clients. It’s a software-as-a-service marketplace, meaning that Mirakl manages the marketplace for you. Silv ...

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Roblox is introducing an optional age verification for its users that will combine an ID check with a selfie scan. While the system will not be needed to play most Roblox games, it will be required for those who want to gain early access to Roblox’s upcoming voice chat features when they roll out later this fall. Additionally, the company say ...

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The Portal line has always been a kind of odd duck in the world of smart screens. Facebook’s most significant contribution to the category is almost certainly Smart Camera, which uses AI to track a subject and pan and zoom accordingly to keep them in frame. It was the first big line to bring the clever feature to market, though Google, Amazon and e ...

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But some fans question if crypto-assets and football are a good mix.

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BioNTech’s founding story dates back to the late 1990s, when CEO and co-founder Uğur Şahin, his wife and co-founder Özlem Türeci, and the rest of the seven-person founding team began their research. Focused specifically on an area dubbed “New Technologies,” mRNA stood out as one area with tremendous potential to deliver the team&# ...

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Rippling, a startup building a platform to manage all aspects of employee data, from payroll and benefits through to device management, launched Rippling Inventory Management, what founder and CEO Parker Conrad is touting as the “world’s first cloud IT closet.” The dashboard enables businesses to automatically store, ship and retrieve employee comp ...

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Audi has launched the Q4 e-tron, the fifth electric vehicle in its growing portfolio, as part of the German automaker’s plan to bring more than 30 EVs and plug-in hybrids to market by 2025. The Q4 e-tron is Audi’s entry electric SUV model and the price reflects that. The vehicle, whi

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This year’s iPhone review goes back to Disneyland for the first time in a couple of years for, uh, obvious reasons. I’m happy to report that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 performed extremely well and the limited testing I was able to do on the iPhone mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max showed that for the first time you’re able to make a pretty easy choic ...

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Just Insure, a pay-per-mile insurance technology company, has raised $8 million in a funding round.  CrossCut Ventures, ManchesterStory and Western Technology Investments co-led the investment, which brings its total raised to $15.3 million since its January 2019 inception.

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Turns out COVID-19 lockdowns have been good for the indoor hobby of hardware hacking: The UK-based foundational behind the low price microprocessor, Raspberry Pi, announced close of a $45 million funding round yesterday. The cash injection into the trading arm of the (non-profit) Raspberry Pi Foundational values it at $500M (pre-money), founder Ebe ...

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Tumblr is entering open beta for its subscription product Post+, meaning that all U.S. users can now try out the monetization feature. The product launched in closed beta in July, allowing users hand-picked by Tumblr to place some of their content behind a

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And we’re off to the races! Welcome to the official start of TechCrunch Disrupt 2021. Over the next three days, we play giddy host to icons, trendsetters and emerging technologies — plus a veritable panoply of innovative startups and the brilliant people behind them. Settle in and get ready to mine Disrupt for knowledge, trends, inspiration and opp ...

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It’s the first day of Disrupt, so things are a bit busy here at TechCrunch. In honor of that fact, entries from The Exchange concerning NFT volume viz recent marketplace valuations and how an accelerating pace of change helps startups by exposing more market voids will have to wait. But we do have time this morning for a little incredulity, s ...

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Uber said Tuesday that it could hit one measure of profitability in the third quarter, earlier than expected as the ride-hailing company saw gains in its delivery and mobility businesses. The ride-hailing service told regulators in a filing this morning that it anticipated an increase in gross bookings and stronger adjusted EBITDA in the quarter th ...