Senate Averts Shutdown, Passes $741 Billion Defense Bill With Veto-Proof Majority, Buying Time For Stimulus And Budget Talks

Senate Averts Shutdown, Passes $741 Billion Defense Bill With Veto-Proof Majority, Buying Time For Stimulus And Budget Talks | Economy

The Senate must now move quickly to pass a stopgap spending bill to avert a government shutdown at midnight.

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We can speak of the harm of slavery, but need more political will to actually address it. It's time to move from acknowledging history, to mending the ongoing racial wealth gap.

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Section 6 of the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act provides for the hearing on the special motion for expedited relief.

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The party’s over for the biggest of the big bank stocks.

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Your business has a lot of cash, but is in trouble. Creditors will want to claim that money. Here’s a clever way to shield it.

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Healthcare—along with consumer staples (“buying stuff”) and utilities (“keeping the lights on”)—provide portfolio stability.

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Here's what it means for your student loans.

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Inflation is already at 5% and probably headed higher. What are you going to do about it?

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In trading on Friday, shares of Honeywell International entered into oversold territory, hitting an RSI reading of 29.8, after changing hands as low as $212.20 per share.

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The common explanation for the Nasdaq resurgence this past month has been that inflation is indeed transitory, and thus Federal Reserve policy can remain accommodative and expensive stocks can continue to marinate at record valuations.

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Mistakes in the Estate Planning of high profile celebrities is one very good way to learn the lesson of what not to do.

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Mark Cuban, the billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks that has begun dabbling in bitcoin and crypto, has called for regulation of burgeoning decentalized finance (DeFi) space...

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Sam Bankman-Fried, the billionaire chief executive of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has said dogecoin is the "asset of the year for 2020 and 2021"...

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Easements on 8,236 acres yielded charitable contributions of $956 million. That works out to $116,076 per acre. Assuming a 37% rate the tax subsidy for the easements would be just shy of 43,000 per acre if the deductions held up.

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The Biden administration has released the Green Book, with the most sweeping changes in a century, but at what unintended cost?

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Steve Mandel's firm invests in newly public fintech company

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For those looking to capitalize on the magic of compounding interest to reach their financial goals faster and easier, this conversation of when to invest begs the question, "Is there a best time to buy stocks?"

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John Bel Edwards became the first Democratic governor to cancel the $300 a week federal unemployment benefit before its scheduled expiration date of September 6

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American International Group stock has gained around 37% YTD, increasing from about $38 at the beginning of 2021 to around $52 currently, significantly ahead of the S&P500, which grew 12% over the same period. Trefis estimates American International Group’s valuation to be around $53 per share...

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As Fed week winds down, investors are looking at the potential for a down day. Also, stock index futures and options, stock options, and single-stock futures expire today.

Source: | 18. 06. 2021 20:53:02 | Economy runs daily factor models to get the most up-to-date reading on stocks and ETFs. Today, our deep-learning algorithms have identified Southwest Airlines Co among others.

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The Dow Jones dropped 400 points, the S&P 500 fell 0.8%, and the Nasdaq dipped 0.5%. Make the most of this market with today's Top Buys from's artificial intelligence.

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Our theme of Stocks That Benefit From Rising Business Spending, which includes heavy equipment makers, electrical systems suppliers, automation solutions providers, and semiconductor fabrication equipment players that stand to benefit from higher capital spending, is up by 29% year-to-date...

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The Dow Jones dropped 400 points, the S&P 500 fell 0.8%, and the Nasdaq dipped 0.5%. Find opportunities with today's best short plays from's deep learning algorithms.

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His announcement sent semiconductor names among other growth stocks higher in both Mainland China and Hong Kong.

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U.S. inflation has been trending higher, as abundant liquidity, soaring demand following Covid-19 lockdowns, and supply-side constraints are putting pressure on prices. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve considerably raised its expectations for inflation for 2021, projecting that prices for personal.

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Trefis expects the Payments Volume per Visa (NYSE:V) Card to increase moderately from around $2,520 in 2020 to $2,540 in 2021 while rising to $2,620 in 2022...

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How Julie Steller of Minneapolis is making the COVID-19 pivot once again

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The 'Friends Talk Money' podcast hosts on the blockchain, Bitcoin and the wild world of cryptocurrency

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Electric vehicle start-up Canoo (NASDAQ: GOEV) has seen its stock rally by almost 35% over the last month. The recent gains are driven partly by increasing interest from Reddit traders who have been bidding up prices of small and mid-cap stocks with high levels of short interest...

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Most people could increase their nest eggs and retirement security by doing less.

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At-home fitness major Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) has been one of the big winners through the Covid-19 pandemic, with its stock up by over 5x since the first set of Covid-19 lockdowns back in March 2020. The stock now trades at about $105 per share, or almost 6x projected FY’22 revenues...

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The U.S. Department of Defence has selected Verizon (NYSE:VZ) to manage a wide area network connecting its crucial R&D labs and High-Performance Computing (HPC) locations...

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Trefis expects Mastercard's (NYSE:MA) Payment Volume per Card to increase from $1,725 in 2020 to about $1,810 in 2021 and about $1,940 in 2022...

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IRS reaffirms that crypto-to-crypto trades (BTC, ETH & LTC) are not eligible for the like-kind of exchange treatment.

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To most of the sane world, charging clients lots of money for doing nothing—providing no meaningful product or service—sounds like the very definition of fraud. But much of what happens every day on Wall Street is far from rational or fair.

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What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries

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Benjamin M. Willis talks with Mark Oberstaedt and Ken Ahl, partners at Archer, about their help with a major taxpayer victory regarding foreign bank account report penalties.

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Many of the traditional asset management behemoths are expanding their operations to include private capital to help counteract the profit margin pressures on their traditional investing offerings.

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Up more than 2x from its low in March 2020, at the current price of $28 per share, we believe HP Inc. stock (NYSE: HPQ) has further upside potential. HP Inc. has seen its stock rise from $14 to $28 off its March 2020 low, more than the S&P which increased by over 85% from its lows...

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The April 2021 Upper Tribunal decision in the case of Tower Resources Plc [2021] UKUT 123 could provide a “roadmap” of the steps holding companies should take to ensure they have an economic activity that results in the making of taxable supplies and consequently an entitlement to recover VAT.

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RH stock, an upscale home furnishings retailer, which was formerly known as Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc., experienced almost an 8% gain over the last week (five trading days) to levels of $658 currently. This gain was largely on account of its stellar first-quarter (ended May 1, 2021)...

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Despite Wynn Resorts’ (NASDAQ: WYNN) high exposure to Macau, its shares have recovered to pre-Covid levels assisted by the company’s entry into the U.S. sports betting and iGaming industry. In 2019, Macau contributed 70% of the total revenues and 75% of earnings...

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Contrarian investing is not just a strategy, but rather a cognitive method. It can be applied within an asset class by searching for value, where others believe there is none.

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Schlumberger’s first quarter revenues declined by 6% sequentially, largely due to low North American rig count and a seasonal dip in international business. Apart from the traditional reservoir performance and well construction segment, the company’s digital & new energy business also experienced...

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Give yourself a fighting chance.

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We think that Pfizer currently is a better pick compared to Eli Lilly & Company. PFE stock trades at about 5x trailing revenues, compared to around 8x for LLY. Does this gap in Pfizer’s valuation make sense? We don’t think so. While Pfizer’s near term revenue growth has been driven by its Covid-19..

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Two rounds of the PPP have come and gone, and PPP funding is drying up for many small-business owners, leaving them wondering what next steps they can take.

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Up around 2.5x from its low in March 2020, at the current price of $126 per share, we believe EXACT Sciences Corporation stock has further upside potential. EXAS, a molecular diagnostics company, has seen its stock rise from $51 to $126 off its March 2020 low, much more than the S&P which increased.

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Value-style stocks are well positioned to perform better than the rest of the market after falling behind growth-style stocks for the last 4 years. The conditions favoring value over growth are the best they have been in a long time.

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Asian equities were largely off today as investors reacted to the Fed’s guidance of interest rate hikes in 2023. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea’s Kosdaq gained as growth stocks were bought following yesterday’s sell-off. Vice Premier Liu He will lead the effort to make China self-reliant in...

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WalkMe's stock fell 7% from its opening price on June 16. That could be a buying opportunity if WalkMe's revenue growth tops 40%.

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As the partisan battle heats up over President Biden’s ambitious infrastructure plan—and the tax increases to pay for it—the fate of the package will largely be decided by who can best frame its tax hikes.

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Interestingly, Pioneer Resources did not report any asset impairments last year largely due to a strong presence in the Permian Basin. With recent acquisitions, the company has further strengthened its Permian portfolio – indicating room for better operational efficiencies and higher investor...

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The Dow Jones rose 30 points, while the S&P 500 rose 0.1%, and Nasdaq was flat. Make the most of this market with today's Top Buys from's artificial intelligence.

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We’re still contending with a racial wealth gap created through centuries of racism and discrimination, but black entrepreneurship may be the way we can help close the gap.

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As the Dow Jones rose 30 points, the S&P 500 rose 0.1%, and the Nasdaq was roughly flat, materials stocks and growth stocks lagged. Find opportunities in this market with today's best short plays from's artificial intelligence.

Source: | 18. 06. 2021 02:37:04 | Economy runs daily factor models to get the most up-to-date reading on stocks and ETFs. Today, our deep-learning algorithms have identified Novavax and Lowe's among others.

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The World Bank's founding document obliges the developmental body to accept payments in the local currencies of its members. In El Salvador's case, that means bitcoin and bitcoin-backed debt securities.

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Only three of the world's 100 largest cryptocurrencies have climbed in value over the past month.

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Huntington Ingalls is the largest military ship building company in the U.S. With the Department of Defense as a prime customer, the company is engaged in many high-priority defense programs...