The Rich Rewards of Online Furniture Auctions, and How to Get Started

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Some people (notably college roommates and coworkers in the office kitchen) think you can throw plates and silverware hither and thither in the dishwasher, what does it matter, it’ll all get cleaned in the end.Read more...

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If you’ve ever found yourself snapping multiple screenshots of one chat to share with someone else in another chat, you’ve probably also found yourself annoyed that you can’t just take one big, long screenshot of the whole thing. While you can snap and save full webpages as a PDF using the iPhone’s built-in screenshot…Read more...

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis made quite the splash yesterday with the news that there is actually a distinct lack of splashing happening in their home. That is to say, they—and their children—don’t bathe all that often. They explained on the Armchair Expert podcast, as CNN reports:Read more...

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It’s once again time to crack open your best box of (skin safe) wet wipes and stock up on napkins: Folks, it’s National Chicken Wing Day 2021. Actually, it’s tomorrow, July 29 (we wanted to give you plenty of time to plan out your wing quest). And rest assured that this year’s deals do not disappoint. Here are some of…Read more...

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You probably have thousands of photos stored on your iPhone that document life’s biggest (and smallest) moments, from memorable beach vacations to last night’s dinner. And while the Memories feature in the Photos app helps you look back on those memories in small doses, sometimes it offers up an image you’d rather not…Read more...

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At any given moment, my fridge is about 15% pickles. This may not sound that impressive, but it translates to at least four or five jars, which is a respectable—though not excessive—amount. I appreciate all kinds, from the simple fridge pickle to a true lacto-fermented cucumber (or some other vegetable). I even like …Read more...

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Every borrower wants to have a high credit score, but what does it take to have a FICO credit score that’s over 800? A new LendingTree survey offers some insights into the spending habits of borrowers with the highest scores possible— some of which you can emulate to improve your own score.Read more...

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Make sure you install the latest iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Big Sur system updates immediately to patch a dangerous security vulnerability that hackers are actively exploiting in the wild.Read more...

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The CDC announced today that students and teachers in K-12 schools should all wear masks, whether they’re vaccinated or not. And people who are vaccinated should go back to wearing masks indoors if they are in an area with “substantial” or “high” community transmission.Read more...

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How do you raise kids who aren’t racist or sexist? What do you do if you find out that your kid has bullied a classmate? When should you start to worry that your child’s selfishness has gone too far?Read more...

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According to a new Bankrate survey, 73% of US adults have unused gift cards they haven’t redeemed in the last year, leaving an average total of $116 hanging out there. The problem with gift cards is if you don’t spend them in the first year, they tend to stay unspent, whether because you forget about them over time or…Read more...

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Custom Routines are one of the handiest features of the Amazon Echo—you can use them to launch a cascade of home automation actions before bed or play specific media each morning—all in response to a single request. And now Alexa can respond to up to seven unique phrases per routine (versus just one), so you can…Read more...

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Pots and pans can have a pretty long shelf life, depending on their style, brand, and how well you take care of them—but odds are you’re stretching that lifespan a little too long. The signs that your cookware is at the end of its life aren’t always as obvious as a broken handle or peeling finish. Although there are…Read more...

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I rarely cook from recipes. It’s not due to a lack of desire—it’s more a matter of time and energy. After a long day of cooking, tasting, and thinking about food, I rarely want to clean my kitchen only to make a whole new, proper recipe. (I want to eat snacks, which is what I usually do for supper.) Read more...

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If you’re one of the many people who got into stargazing and backyard astronomy during the pandemic, you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been a lot going on in the night sky as of late. All the usual suspects—the stars, the planets, the moon—are content to just hang around in space, and it’s been a while since…Read more...

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I love pancakes, but I don’t love making pancakes. Even under the best of circumstances, I’m prone to either overcooking or undercooking them, which leads to a bunch of waste, a lot of frustration, and copious amounts of cursing, which is not ideal when you have impressionable young children around. Add in trying to…Read more...

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Attention hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, is a disorder for which a lack of treatment can have a number of lifelong impacts. Usually, when people think of ADHD, they think of a little boy who can’t sit still. However, ADHD symptoms often look very different in girls, which means many will go years—…Read more...

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If you’ve been playing Xbox games on Windows 10, whether through Game Pass or otherwise, there’s a good chance you’re receiving notifications every time you unlock an achievement in a game. But once you start getting them, they’ll just keep coming—these notifications have even shown up on my Windows 10 PC when I’ve…Read more...

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When choosing a houseplant, climate doesn’t factor in—a tropical variety will do just as well in the chilly climes of the northeast as a desert shrub in the rainy Pacific Northwest. For your outdoor garden, on the other hand, you might want to be a bit more choosy about what you’re putting into the ground, both for…Read more...

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During the height of the pandemic last year, a lot of us looked to our own kitchens to replicate the fabulous dining-out experiences we took for granted before our favorite local spots shut down. Sourdough fanaticism gave rise to flour and yeast scarcities, while meat production slowed to a crawl (and we still suffer…Read more...

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Normally, buying out the lease on your vehicle isn’t a great bargain. But then again, these aren’t normal times. With used car prices up more than 34% from the same time last year, you might be able to buy out your car lease for less than it’s selling on the market right now. In doing so, you could sell your car to…Read more...

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Your wildest nomadic dreams are entirely possible, both short and long-term.

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What if you could buy an NFT to screen an independent TV show? Stoner Cats is a new animated series featuring top talents like Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Mila Kunis and Chris Rock, which is betting on cryptocurrency.

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Brimming with small-town New England charm, Block Island is most popular in the summer months, when its 1,000-person population swells to more than 20,000.

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Did you know there's far more to Louisville than the Kentucky Derby and bourbon? The charming city is also home to a crop of buzzy restaurants representing Louisville’s diversity, history, and hospitality. Here, six restaurants and a hip new hotel proving why now is a great time to visit Louisville.

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It is too soon to travel in the U.S. without a face mask, with local mandates popping up around the country and a potential national requirement on the way.

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Lizzie Tisch has been building her LTD brand of highly curated fashion and accessories for the past few years.

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Starting in September, you'll need to be vaccinated if you want to travel to France.

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The historic landmark in Seattle recently added seasonal outdoor seating, the perfect spot to dive into sweet and savory treats from these excellent vendors.

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In an exhibition at UTA Artist Space, curator Zuzanna Ciolek breaks open traditional standards of feminine beauty.

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Kanye West has a history of delighting, and sometimes disappointing, his fanbase.

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In his latest book, The Age of Combustion, author and design critic Stephen Bayley celebrates the golden age of the motor car with all its vices

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Make marshmallows in a variety of flavors (from vanilla to raspberry) using these tips from a culinary school instructor.

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Paul Stuart’s Summer 2021 collection is inspired by the bohemian rock and rollers, and English gentry who frequented the island of Mustique in the 1960s.

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Rick turning himself into a turkey feels like it should have been a one-off joke.

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Plus-size surfer Elizabeth Sneed is expanding the traditional surfer image with a community determined to make surfwear more inclusive.

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On July 26, the restaurant group by CHLOE.

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This past weekend on a gorgeous summer day more than 200 classic cars and thousands of fans of them came together for the 42nd Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, Mich.

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“Mid-sized 3-row crossover hybrid SUV” - these are not words that necessarily inspire people when it comes to cars. Korean auto giant Kia, however, has managed to find a way to make the concept very compelling with their 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid.

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The famed drag queen and artist talks cannabis, social justice, LGTQIA+ rights, her music and more in an exclusive interview.

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Actor-screenwriter Deon Cole of "Black-ish" fame has paid $5.7 million for a tennis court estate in Encino, California.

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Supply chain issues have impacted deliveries of consumer goods all over the world, but now, it’s coming for the liquor sector.

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You don’t have to be jet setting to experience global flavors: you can host a party for family and friends at home with products and dishes that trasnport you around the world, sort of speawhen has opened up again and This summer reconnect with friends and family with an intimate private chef exp...

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As New York City rumbles back to life following the unprecedented shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Langham New York is incentivizing visitors to come help herald its triumphant return.

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Backing up your PC, smartphone, and other devices ensures you can recover your data in the event of a crash, sudden power outage, or total hardware failure—but not many people considering doing the same for their game consoles. Luckily, the PlayStation 5 makes it easy to back up your files to an external USB device,…Read more...

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Explosively lifting a giant barbell over your head takes strength, technique, and a certain fearlessness. I’ve been training this sport—Olympic style weightlifting—for about two years now, and it seems like I find something new to learn about it every day. Recently, I had a chance to ask two members of the US Olympic…Read more...

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Would you try a pair of headphones that rests on your cheekbones and sends audio to your ears through your bones? This is possible through a technology called “bone conduction,” and it’s most used in consumer headphones. These products aren’t too expensive and may be a good alternative for people who don’t enjoy using…Read more...

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Hotels are already expensive, so the last thing you need are sneaky fees adding unexpected costs to your travel budget. Hotel fees aren’t always something you can avoid—especially at popular resort destinations—but you shouldn’t be surprised by them, either. With that in mind, here’s a look at some commonly tacked-on…Read more...

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Plants are pretty wonderful, providing us with food, shade, and breathable air, but they aren’t magical. Yes, rainforests are vital for our ecosystem because they filter carbon out of the air and create oxygen—but any notion that houseplants can be used to filter toxins out of the air in our homes is, as this report…Read more...

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The worst part of wearing makeup is taking it off at the end of the day. Single-use makeup wipes and cotton pads are as expensive as they are wasteful, but most people see them as a necessary evil. Assuming your cleanser can’t remove makeup on its own, you need something that does. But here’s the thing: No matter what…Read more...

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The iPhone has a great accessibility feature that’s been adopted by many popular apps—Dynamic Type, which lets you increase or decrease the text size for the OS and all supported apps, is a prime example. Starting in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, you’ll be able to specify the text size for each app (and even the home screen)…Read more...

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Leaves are a big, if not the main, component of a salad, but the other stuff is what makes it fun. But you know what’s not fun? Adding all of your tasty toppings, crispy bits, and proteins, only to have them fall to the bottom of the bowl when you toss the salad in an attempt to distribute them. This is not a…Read more...

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If you’ve been a runner for a while, there’s a good chance that, at one point or another, you’ve had to take an emergency pit stop to poop while on a long run. If you were lucky, there was a bathroom nearby. If you weren’t... well, let’s never speak about that again.Read more...

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I still remember the time I was in a parking lot after work, absentmindedly shoving my hand into a fake blazer pocket, when I realized there was a hole in the stitching. Great, I thought, there’s still no place to put my phone and now I have a hole in my blazer. I fiddled with the loose thread and realized that’s not…Read more...