EU Bans Travel For U.K. Citizens–Brits Divided Over Actual Impact

EU Bans Travel For U.K. Citizens–Brits Divided Over Actual Impact | Lifestyle

The EU announced that U.K. travelers would be banned from travel to Europe from 1 January, as a result of Brexit. The question is: will it really change that much?

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Patricks Island is its own slice of tropical bliss – a canal-filled residential community on Grand Cayman.

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Android’s home screen is immensely customizable. While users mostly focus on icon packs, widgets, and launchers, one small, incredibly useful feature often flies under the radar: your ability to add shortcuts right to the home screen.Read more...

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The famous brand recently announced it’s expanding the portfolio to include the first east coast property—The Ranch Hudson Valley—just 45 minutes outside New York City.

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Small Pharma is evaluating the best way to administer DMT in a therapeutic setting for the treatment of depressive disorders. DMT—the primary psychoactive compound in ayahuasca—could show promise in formulations designed to treat major depressive disorder.

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More and more people are thinking about working overseas. But where could you go? Where are the most liveable cities in the world, and which of these are in the most beautiful countries to explore? Recent studies might just have the answer.

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Thankfully, there are dozens of producers in the Golden State that do take Sauvignon Blanc seriously and craft excellent wines; then there are a precious few that aim to make wines from this grape that can rank with some of the best examples from around the world.

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Like most people, you probably subscribe to so many (too many) streaming services—and yet, each one carries a show you’d hate to miss. With price hikes across the board, the cost of keeping up with all your favorite shows and films is getting out of hand, but none of us are going back to traditional cable TV. If you…Read more...

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Dodge announced yesterday it is ending production of the Dodge Challenger and Charger. The 2023 models of the famous muscle cars will be the last new ones you’ll be able to buy unless they revive the model down the, uh, road.Read more...

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While the collaboration between designer Raf Simons and Kvadrat has been ongoing for the past 9 years, the recently-launched Shaker Collection from the collaboration between these two acclaimed design leaders is an exciting new addition to their work together.

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Urbanic is the #1 DTC brand in India and the company boasts annual sales of over 400m USD. They have just launched biodegradable packaging, a move that's an investment into their future, and into the future as a whole.

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From digestion-minded intermittent fasting to gut health as a determiner of youthful skin, digestive health and function have taken center stage in the wellness conversation. Now, functional soda OLIPOP has cemented their place as a wellness product through academic research.

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If all goes according to schedule, the first paying passengers will break the sound barrier by the end of the decade, some 26 years after the last Concorde flight.

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Gallagher's has been reclaimed and restored to reflect its storied past and present in New York's Theater District.

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We, as a society, do a lot of things to and with french fries. The United States plunges them into ketchup (and sometimes mustard), the UK splashes them with malt vinegar, a good portion of Europe dips them in mayo, and Canadians drown them in gravy. We cover them in chili, cheese, and chili-cheese, and some people…Read more...

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Betting markets open for the upcoming premiere of GOT House of the Dragon. Find odds on who will make an appearance, who will die, and which character will ultimately sit on the throne at the end of the 1st season.

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The best of Mykonos style is distinctively different from that of Ibiza or St Tropez — meet the tastemakers behind Mykonos' best luxury outlets.

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If you feel that you should be doing something more productive while on vacation, like learning new things, then podcasts are your answer. Here is a selection of some of the best educational podcasts.

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A. Lange & Sohne Creates a new version of its beloved 1815 Chronograph in a combination it has never made before. The one-of-a-kind watch will make its debut at Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court and will be auctioned by Phillips in November, and will benefit The Prince's Trust youth charity.

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The US didn't make the list of the top 25 best places to live. What went wrong?

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Located on the waterfront of Copenhagen, Denmark, 'The Little Mermaid' by Edvard Eriksen depicts a mermaid becoming human and is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 fairy tale of the same name.

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Have you ever wondered, with all of the jewelry collaborations, why Chris Evert never had a voice in tennis bracelet design, considering the name is indelibly linked to her. That's about to change with the launch of Monica Rich Kosann's and Chris Evert's The Tennis Bracelet-CE...

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Despite the chaos at airports, airline cancelations and staffing shortages, travel industry executives attending Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas say consumers should begin to see their experiences returning closer to pre-Covid times, even if it costs more.

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In September 2021 a second property opened under the Beaverbrook name. Like the luxurious country house hotel, with its eclectic mix of original artworks and antiques, this new boutique outfit was rife with all the requisite quirks and charm.

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Inspired by their own transatlantic travels and obsessed with order and efficiency, mother-daughter team Rana and Camryn Lebowitz decided to launch their own high-end luggage brand, Royce & Rocket.

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At this point, it’s obvious that our smartphones and computers are data-leakers. Plenty of us now cover our laptops’ webcams (although we always forget about the mics), while our smartphones track our locations with us wherever we go. Unfortunately, these tools are so indispensable in modern life, we accept the…Read more...

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A new Gallup poll finds that Americans are divided when it comes to the drug’s effect on society, but most see pot as less harmful than alcohol.

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Zurich-based Ineichen Auctioneers welcomes its new co-owner, Sebastien André Heiniger, who successfully bid on the first 0.5% share in the company at a timed sale in May 2022.

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My spam folder currently contains over 500 emails of incomprehensible phishing attempts, newsletters from companies I didn’t know I subscribed to, and a variety of unsolicited messages. I’m grateful that there’s a spam filter checking for certain email traits so my inbox isn’t entirely clogged. But what about the…Read more...

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Located on the corner of Madison Avenue and East 29th Street in Manhattan, The James New York NoMad hotel has a storied and intriguing past.

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With polio in the news lately, many people are wondering if they were vaccinated against polio as a kid. Fortunately, if you grew up in the U.S., there’s a good chance you were. Read more...

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I try hard not to take the dreaded red-eye flight. Not only is it a miserable way to get a few hours of fitful sleep, but it also puts me at my destination well before I have access to a real bed. Hotels and short-term rentals usually have afternoon check-in times, so what to do with those hours of exhaustion in…Read more...

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If the Cult of Diet Coke were an actual cult, I would be its Squeaky Fromme (totally devoted, weirdly hot). Some of my earliest foodie memories are of pairing Diet Coke with Oreos at vacation bible school, but I didn’t realize the no-cal beverage and I were so close in age. The silver can turned 4o this week, which…Read more...

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Airstream has partnered with REI Co-op, the outdoor gear and lifestyle company, to introduce the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailer.

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Nevis Naturally—it's now easier than ever to visit the lush quiet island of Nevis.

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There’s fruit salad, and then there’s fruit as a main component of salad. The former turns into a soggy, oxidized mess, macerating in its neighbor’s juices. Save it for the 12-year-old after-soccer-practice crowd. For a more grown-up take, use large spears of roasted pineapple to build a sophisticated salad fit to…Read more...

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Billionaire tech entrepreneur and Oracle founder, Larry Ellison, lists his North Palm Beach estate for a whopping $145 million.

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After four months of beta testing, Android 13 is finally here. The software, codenamed “Tiramisu,” is available right now for many Android users, and includes many of the new features and changes Google has been cooking up this past year.Read more...

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“Skinny” is such an outdated concept; too diet culture for 2022. “Flat belly” sounds better, but we’re tired of that, too. What is the trend-dependent online influencer culture to do?Enter “gut health,” TikTok’s latest euphemism for having a thin waist—this time with extra wellness baggage. It sounds like it’s all…Read more... ...

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I don’t know how our mothers used to talk about dating, but I do know that their daughters live by a simple mantra: “Dump him.” It’s great—many women are refusing to lower their standards for men who aren’t emotionally available, well-meaning communicators, or at least able to demonstrate the bare minimum of respect.…Read more...

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Installing pavers for your backyard patio, driveway, or sidewalk is a great idea. Not only do pavers class up your outdoor living areas and enhance curb appeal, but they’re durable and low-maintenance.Read more...

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It may sound like an odd match: a Swiss watch brand dedicated to preserving the ocean environment yet partnering with a yacht racing team whose boat is made predominantly of carbon fiber. But Ulysse Nardin and 11th Hour Racing Team have a lot in common. Team Co-Founder, Mark Towill, discusses them.

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Take a look at André Fu's fourth super suite for The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

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With the 2022-23 College Football season kickoff less than two weeks away, sportsbooks and the most recent Associated Press Poll rankings agree on the nation’s top four teams.

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Since 1915, Moscot has a family-run optical business.

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It’s certainly overused, but that’s because there are few more satisfying tropes in movies than the bit about “assembling the team.” These movies lay out a goal, introduce the protagonist with the most personal connection to that goal (whether it’s a convoluted heist, a military strike, or a humanitarian mission), and…Read more...

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Choosing the right oil for the job can be the difference between experiencing a romance of flavors, or the taste of scorched, bitter fats ruining your appetite. Cooking oils are ideal for conducting heat, but finishing oils take the baton when all the roasting, searing, and frying is over. You probably have one in…Read more...

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The live music venue, bar and restaurant has something for everyone.

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A lesser known perk of travel rewards credit cards is the free companion ticket, which provides you with a free or reduced-cost second fare when you pay for one ticket at full price. A number of cards offer this benefit, but while it sounds great, there are downsides, and not all of them are worth your time, effort,…Read more...

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If you’re a frequent user of Uber or Uber Eats and a member of Uber Rewards, you should make plans to use your remaining points and benefits in the next couple of months. Uber is axing its free loyalty program in favor of its paid monthly subscription—Uber One—after Oct. 31.Read more...

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It’s a bad time to purchase an iPhone. It’s bad if you want to rock the newest Apple cell, and it’s bad if you want to purchase an older, more economical model. Industry watchers expect Apple to announce the iPhone 14 in September, and if/when it does, the entire Apple price structure will almost definitely change—so…Read more...

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Polestar has confirmed plans that an electric performance roadster based on the O₂ concept will go into production by 2026 as the Polestar 6.

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It’s natural to get defensive when we feel misunderstood, especially in romantic relationships. Open communication is key to any relationship, but a defensive reaction—which likely reads as hostile to your partner—will quickly shut down any hopes of overcoming misreads and misunderstandings. Luckily the same simple…Read more...

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Blink’s Outdoor Solar Panel Charging Mount gets the job done without recharging, provided it gets good sunlight.

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This new getaway offers everything from sizzling pools to must-try agave tastings.

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Editor Nicholas Monsour and sound designer Johnnie Burn discuss their work on Jordan Peele’s UFO flick, ‘Nope.’

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It’s becoming clearer that the summer of airport hell will bleed into the fall.

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My 12-year-old son, Michael Alexander, was drawn in by the sinewy lines and the ethereal colors of Adele Watson's Untitled (Mountain Island Monk), declaring it his favorite work in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Dawn of a New Age: Early Twentieth-Century American Modernism.

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Macon might be most best known as the home of Southern rock and soul – after all, it’s where Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers launched their careers – but there’s more to the central Georgia city than deep musical roots. Lots more. Here, why you should visit one of the South's best kept secrets.

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Non-surgical facelift is on the rise, and now you can see what experts say about the energy-based treatments they love.