Does Vicks VapoRub Really Cure Toenail Fungus?

Does Vicks VapoRub Really Cure Toenail Fungus? | Lifestyle

A longstanding rumor among those who suffer from fungus-ridden feet contends that over-the-counter Vicks VapoRub has a hidden podiatric power: it allegedly cures toenail fungus.Read more...

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Since she began using LSD in the mid ‘60s, Beckley Foundation director Amanda Feilding has devoted her life to studying the benefits of and mechanisms behind psychedelics. Chief among their benefits, she says, are cognitive ones.

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With soaring popularity comes the responsibility to stay true to your roots, and Key West has not lost any of its’ old-town charm, which you can enjoy from the comforts of a resort oasis or bungalow- style cottage.

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With AEW, the 38-year-old CEO has built the first real threat to Vince McMahon’s WWE in more than two decades. Inside the billionaire vs. billionaire smackdown.

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Starting this week, most of Italy is in a “white zone”, the area with the least coronavirus restrictions. While welcoming tourists back is a priority, there are still uncertainties on travel from overseas.

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Oakland, California has so many different neighborhoods, each with its own flair and character. It’s a Bay Area destination that’s been molded by history, social movements and an unwaveringly strong community that is proud of where it comes from.

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Four Seasons Hotel Toronto is bringing guests to the French Riviera with d|azur, the hotel's all-new patio.

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Vacheron Constantin, Switzerland’s oldest watch brand, has opened a new flagship at 28 East 57th Street in New York City. The 4,500-square-foot store will house the complete Vacheron collection, boutique exclusive editions and the first ever permanent Les Collectionneurs vintage collection.

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Inside some of the most luxurious and stylish hotel lobbies in London.

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Oakland is a town of diversity in everything from the people and neighborhoods, to the food and bars, to the boutique shops and city staples, to the art and murals that can be found on any given wall in the city. Here's why you need to visit.

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You might expect a very specific crowd at a ranch recently dubbed the most expensive hotel in the country, but that's not what you'll find here.

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Don’t forget Father’s Day is just around the corner and here are the best grooming products for the hardworking dads everywhere, to show them that you care.

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It’s National Bourbon Day today and in honor of the occasion Cascade Hollow Distilling, home of George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, is unveiling a new permanent addition to its lineup: an 8-year-old bourbon.

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A few months after his debut single, 'Distance,' topped the charts, Wolfgang Van Halen has released his first album as Mammoth WVH. I spoke to him about the record, opening for Guns 'N' Roses and much more.

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The Jurassic World VelociCoaster is a genre-defying experience.

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If your dad is lucky enough to have a country escape, or just simply loves the style of country living, here’s your guide to the perfect gift that’ll get you endless brownie points.

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Today, the legendary Swiss watch brand Vacheron Constantin opens its two-story 4,500-square-foot New York City flagship boutique on East 57th Street and be prepared: this is no ordinary boutique.

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From beauty gadgets to backpacks, here is the travel accessory edit for your next trip.

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Allocation of “scarce” bottlings has pretty much disappeared, and the Chinese market for big Bordeaux and Burgundy went soft as well.

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Comfortable travel shoes may be the best gift of all.

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The island is a place for people who appreciate nature at its most jurassic, technicolor and surreal (and people who own hiking boots and rain pants). The blues and greens of the lagoons and mountainsides are almost electrically charged—so vivid they practically make your eyes hurt.

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The trend reflects the surge in gun sales in the U.S. and mirrors the rise in gun seizures at airports over the past year.

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Deep-fried deliciousness from some of the best doughnut shops around the country.

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Nantucket will always be a summer destination for the luxury traveler. Find out how to spend 36 hours on the island.

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Have you ever noticed how strict websites are about PDF sizes? Whether it’s uploading a resume, submitting a school project, or sending an important file to a colleague, most of us have probably found ourselves needing to compress a PDF to meet a website’s clandestine PDF size restrictions.Read more...

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I’m not much of a baker, so my favorite ways to “use up” a flat or two of berries usually involve eating them with un-whipped heavy cream or drawing out their juices with a whole bunch of sugar, then making a shrub (also known as “drinking vinegar”) from that vividly-covered syrup. Read more...

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Blocked sinuses are no fun—especially during a pandemic, when every single seasonal sniffle or sinus headache results in a new round of “is it allergies, or COVID?” Methods of dealing with sinus congestion will frequently require you to take a pill (or several), some of them with side effects that can act as a pretty…Read more...

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If you were considering a FEMA-run flood insurance for your home you’ll want to get it before October 1, when monthly premiums could increase for up to 77% of policyholders. By getting a policy before that date, your rates will be locked in for a year after the new pricing goes into effect for new policies. Here’s…Read more...

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When is the last time you cleaned your lampshades? When is the last time it occurred to you that lampshades even need to be cleaned? But they do. Some lampshades are made of paper, others cloth, and still others a stiff plastic, and cleaning them is probably not on your weekly to-do list (especially if you have no…Read more...

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Some kitchen tools are indispensable, but others just float around your kitchen, never to be used again. All it takes to declutter your kitchen storage, though, is one simple process.Read more...

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Camping is supposed to be about “unplugging” and “appreciating the simple things,” but it has always seemed quite complicated to me. Sleeping and eating outside are actually much more challenging than sleeping and eating inside, and that first night out in the wilderness can feel a little overwhelming, especially if…Read more...

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With so many celestial events lately, it might seem strange that the next space phenomenon to witness won’t be a natural occurrence, but launched into the cosmos by people. Just a few days after the alignment of the moon and mars, NASA is launching Northrop Grumman’s Minotaur 1 rocket from the space agency’s Wallops…Read more...

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Are you a little nervous about getting back out there? Do you have some lingering pandemic-induced anxiety keeping you from socializing again? Fear not, because this week we’re learning how we can start to gradually reintegrate into society with help from therapist Chamin Ajjan, Founder and Clinical Director of Chamin…Read more...

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Remember movie theaters? Remember movie theaters in summer? It’s been a long time (463 days as of this writing) since I last sat in a big, darkened room with strangers to experience a grand entertainment on the big screen (in that case, Cats). I truly hope to do so again soon—but sadly, I don’t know if that’s going to…Read more...

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Little kids love to pour liquids from one container into another—but they’re not great at it. That’s because precise pouring is not a skill one can learn by watching another person do it; they have to practice it themselves to learn how to control the flow. Read more...

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Summer is the time for cocktails and dinner parties, and now that we can host more gatherings again, putting your home bar in order is essential. If you’re like me, your home bar has been a vital resource during the pandemic, and the odds are good it has gotten a bit unwieldy during your 15-month social hiatus. Now…Read more...

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Everything on the internet was wild last week. There were wild pants, wild boxing matches, and criminals who act wild on YouTube, so let’s dive in. Oh, and Loki is alive again.Read more...

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It’d be pretty convenient if any portable air conditioning unit could slot right into your window and immediately cool down your home, but the size of the room in question is the most important aspect of your search for satisfying air conditioning. You don’t want to situate a smaller unit in front of a large,…Read more...

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Considering that nearly a third of borrowers cancel their credit cards because of annual fees, it makes sense to consider whether you’re getting enough value for the cost of owning a premium card. One overlooked way of maximizing that value is to understand any statement credits offered before you sign up for a new…Read more...

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Most people aren’t intentionally toxic. Rather, the way we were raised, the relationships we have, or our own temperament can allow bad habits to slip into the way we parent in a way that can negatively impact our longterm relationships with our kids. That’s one of the (many) struggles that comes with this role—we…Read more...

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Lexus partnered with Expedition Overland, a team of experts in the field of building overloading vehicles and leading overloading adventures, to create the J201 Concept. The result is a luxury-oriented, highly specialized off-road device meant to inspire the overloading spirit.

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,,, aged stocks are becoming increasingly rare and also the fact that aged whiskies, especially ultra-aged whiskies, are becoming a financial asset class that puts financial investors in competition with whisky bottlers. Simply put, some whiskies are becoming simply too expensive to drink!

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During a moment away from planning his next big move, the rapper turned mogul sat down with Forbes to talk about real estate and offer insight about entrepreneurship.

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Norway's startup transatlantic airline Norse Atlantic Airways is very much following in the wake of Norwegian Air. Here's what to expect from Norse.

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If he enjoys classic hearty brunch, that’s what should be honored this Father’s Day.

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Prestigious Place Vendome jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels joins hands with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris to present an exhibition exploring how incredible mineral marvels are formed and converted into pieces of jewelry of indescribable beauty.

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Streamlined, elegant and quick, Mercedes-AMG GT is a Gentleman’s Express, a 4-door fastback, a classic German sports sedan, and the third vehicle created by AMG's independent engineering corps.

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With Canada's vaccine rollout humming along, there is optimism that border restrictions could ease very soon.

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From the optimistic 1950s of cocktail parties and suburban life to the new found freedom of the women lib movement in the 1960s-70s, these decades are witnessing a revival among vintage jewelry fans as well as new customers who have found that many of these designs are both collectible and wearable.

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This global prestigious contest for artistic photography recognizes visionary creators that break the rules to create amazing new trends.

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The vintage watch craze continues. Phillips just held its biggest watch auction ever in Asia, for a total of $24,650,748. The top four lots in the Hong Kong Watch sale XII were Patek Philippes – no surprise there – but the next six pieces at the top of the sale were smaller or independent brands.

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In 2021, there are still so many fantastic things to say about the Veloster N, as it remains among the most fun cars to drive, with a great-value price point, new transmission options and other incredible drive features.

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A cool device for video calls, with one condition.

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As more people are getting vaccinated and COVID-19 rates are declining, those who have been avoiding social situations for either pandemic or personal reasons (or both) may find themselves in situation where they’re supposed to socialize. This includes both starting and having a conversation. Read more...

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As temperatures across the country continue to rise—along with the humidity and our electricity bills—our air conditioners are getting a workout. But if your home has central air, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your unit, according to Dave Radziej from the Plumbing, Heating and Cooling…Read more...