Anne Frank memorial in Idaho defaced with Nazi swastikas

Anne Frank memorial in Idaho defaced with Nazi swastikas | Word

The Idaho memorial which features a life-sized statue of Anne Frank was tagged with Nazi insignias.

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FIRST ON FOX: A new organization is joining the fight against critical race theory (CRT), launching Thursday with over $1 million in ads.

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New York Yankees pitcher Zach Britton said Wednesday the constant inspections for grip-enhancing substances and the ensuing fights were not a good look for baseball going forward.

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A 1977 Ford Bronco previously owned by Kevin Hart was sold at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction for $139,700. The truck was customize for the comedian.

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Lynne Spears' attorney spoke out on her behalf on Wednesday following her daughter Britney Spears' bombshell conservatorship hearing.

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The 16-year-old victim, who authorities did not identify, was taken to a hospital and later died. A suspect has not been identified.

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A Southern California man who brought the tortillas that were thrown during a scuffle at the end of a high school basketball championship on Saturday said there was no “racial intent” in tossing them in the air.

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More than 150 employees at a Houston hospital system who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine have been fired or resigned after a judge dismissed an employee lawsuit over the vaccine requirement.

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Doctors in Ireland will present a case next month involving a 29-year-old woman who was treated for sepsis that was linked to dermal filler injections in her buttocks that she received 14 months prior.

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Indigenous leaders and human rights groups say the Brazilian president's policies threaten tribal communities and constitutes what should be a new crime: ecocide.

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With the arrival of Michael Conforto and a few other reinforcements, the banged-up New York Mets got back in the swing of things.

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The last time the San Diego Padres swept the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park, in September 2010, right-hander Joe Musgrove was just starting his senior year at Grossmont High in suburban El Cajon.

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Russia will be ready to fire to hit to protect its borders, a senior diplomat warned Thursday in the wake of a Black Sea incident in which a British destroyer sailed near Crimea in an area that Russia claims as its territorial waters.

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Rioters blocked an intersection and sparked a fire outside a police station in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on Wednesday night, hours after a video on social media showed police struggling with two Black men while arresting them at a gas station.

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Biden's open border policies are creating an enormous human trafficking operation. It is akin to a modern form of slavery.

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Local police have had enough of pesky “Mare of Easttown” fans visiting Wallingford, Pa. to catch a glimpse of filming locations from the hit HBO series – bothering residents and going onto private properties.

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One draft proposal floats $120 billion to lift the cap on state tax deductions for incomes up to about $400,000. But no decisions have been made.

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Mariam Thompson, 62, shared the names of US informants in Iraq to a man linked to Hezbollah.

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Nizar Banat's family say he was severely beaten by Palestinian security forces while being arrested.

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They’re growing more apparent. But there are reasons to be hopeful.

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Anthony Fauci resisted a White House directive in April of last year to cancel a research grant for a nonprofit linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, only complying after he learned that former President Donald Trump had explicitly ordered its cancellation, according to an exclusive excerpt from a book detailing the Trump administration’s resp ...

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Josh Duggar is living in an 'eerie' and 'desolate' property in Arkansas as he awaits trial, an eyewitness tells Fox News.

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By the time the San Francisco Giants got back to the clubhouse from a 13-inning marathon against the Los Angeles Angels, they were looking at starting pitcher Kevin Gausman a bit funny.

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José Altuve silenced the booing fans at Camden Yards with a two-run homer, José Urquidy pitched seven innings of three-hit ball and the Houston Astros stretched their winning streak to 10 games by breezing past the Baltimore Orioles 13-0 Wednesday night.

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Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the southern border Friday, more than three months after President Biden tapped her to lead the administration’s diplomatic response to stemming migration.

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Austin Meadows, Mike Zunino and Brandon Lowe homered to help the Tampa Bay Rays stop a seven-game losing streak by beating the AL East-leading Boston Red Sox 8-2 on Wednesday night.

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Jeff Gordon is leaving the Fox Sports broadcast team to become vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports. The four-time Cup Series champ spent his entire driving career on the team.

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Aroldis Chapman bent over sharply and cursed at himself after blowing a save with a four-pitch bases-loaded walk and falling behind on an infield single.

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Adriana Rivas, who lives in Australia, is suspected of kidnappings during Pinochet's rule in Chile.

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A huge emergency operation is under way after a partial building collapse in Miami Beach, with reports of at least one person killed and several injured.

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When New York Times staffers get caught up in controversy, the Gray Lady turns to … its public relations Twitter account.

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Sen. Marco Rubio called for a return to "commonsense conservatism," telling Fox News the Republican Party has an "enormous opening and opportunity" to shift its messaging closer to a pro-worker agenda, as those voters who traditionally gravitated toward Democrats have become turned off by the left's "woke" rhetoric. 

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In his first one-on-one interview since Vice President Kamala Harris took office, Emhoff said that her decision to visit the border later this week was not motivated by politics.

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After asking to make a “point of personal privilege” during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Wednesday, Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono reportedly accused Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, of “mansplaining” to her about originalism.

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Hundreds of supporters chanted slogans and cried as the Hong Kong tabloid prepared its last run.

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The office of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is asking the public to submit community impact statements prior to the sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

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Indigenous leaders and human rights groups say the Brazilian president's policies threaten tribal communities and constitutes what should be a new crime: ecocide.

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On May 16, Israeli airstrikes destroyed three apartment buildings, decimating several families. We visited the scene, interviewed survivors and analyzed videos, photos and satellite images to find out what happened.

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The move is meant to place interpreters and others who worked with departing American forces somewhere safe until visas for them to enter the United States are processed.

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As vaccination levels rise and Americans head back to the roads and skies, sober travel, a subset of vacations once relegated to 12-steppers and recovering addicts, is going mainstream.

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Several countries are allowing mix-and-match inoculation, which scientists hope will have benefits, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is among those to get it.

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With 2.7 percent of the world’s population, Brazil has suffered 13 percent of the Covid-19 fatalities, and the pandemic there is not abating.

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The nuts were valued at over $170,000 according to the Tulare County Sheriff's Department.

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The share of e-bike usage more than tripled from May 2020 to May 2021.

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Dozens of rescue units are at the scene, with no immediate reports of people injured or trapped.

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Housing affordability was a crisis even before the pandemic. We are mayors from different parties, but we both agree that resources for housing are an investment, not a cost.

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The vice-president has faced repeated questions about why she has not visited the border.

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More than 80 fire rescue units were involved in the response, officials said.

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Rescue crews in South Florida rushed the scene of a partial collapse at an apartment building that one witness said felt like an earthquake.

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Two women accused of stealing more than $100,000 from Walmart stores across several Western states were arrested in Arizona last week.

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It is the most significant such discovery to date, a First Nation group in Saskatchewan says.

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Buffalo Sabres' legend Rene Robert, who was part of one of the most productive lines in NHL history during the 1970s, died Tuesday. He was 72.

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Britney Spears said during her address to the court that her conservatorship has blocked her from removing her contraception despite wanting to conceive a baby.

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The spike in homicides and other major crimes is becoming a political albatross for the Democrats, who run nearly all these major cities. And that’s why Biden gave a crime speech Wednesday when he’d rather be focusing on vaccines or infrastructure or just about anything else.

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The former Philippine president known as "Noynoy" and scion of the Aquino family has died aged 61.

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Senior White House officials met twice with a bipartisan group of senators Wednesday to discuss the framework of a massive infrastructure bill and made enough progress to warrant another meeting Thursday at the White House.

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A New Mexico mom wants her 23-year-old son to remain behind bars instead of constantly being released and reoffending, according to a report. 

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Two young girls whose bodies were found, hours apart, in a South Florida canal this week have been identified, according to authorities.