Top Stocks To Short Today As Stimulus Talks Derailed Markets

Top Stocks To Short Today As Stimulus Talks Derailed Markets | Economy

Stocks traded lower on Friday and largely reflected the ever changing tug of war between good news and bad news. Time will tell what happens with stocks, but our deep learning algorithms have crunched the data to give you a set of Top Shorts.

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The Biden administration has called on major companies to help fight the pandemic. Big chains want to get past the holiday staffing crunch first.

Source: | 24. 11. 2021 18:19:01 | Economy

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the figure fell to 199,000, a milestone in the economic recovery from the shock of the pandemic.

Source: | 24. 11. 2021 17:51:31 | Economy

In resettling thousands of displaced Afghans, the Biden administration must weigh their need for support against the needs of the U.S. labor market.

Source: | 24. 11. 2021 17:38:20 | Economy

Prices climbed by 5 percent in the 12 months through October, according to Personal Consumption Expenditures price index data released Wednesday.

Source: | 24. 11. 2021 11:03:49 | Economy

Administration officials blame the Delta variant for a prolonged stretch of consumer spending on goods, rather than services, pushing up prices and creating a conundrum for the Fed.

Source: | 24. 11. 2021 11:03:47 | Economy

Ifeoma Ozoma, who accused Pinterest of discrimination, has become a key figure in helping tech employees disclose, and fight, mistreatment at work.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 23:12:48 | Economy

Thanksgiving will be the biggest test of the system’s resilience since the pandemic began, with millions more passengers than last year.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 20:09:03 | Economy

President Biden views the incumbent Fed chair as sharing his values on price growth and the pursuit of a lower unemployment rate to help Black, Hispanic and other marginalized workers.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 15:05:18 | Economy

The White House returned to a longstanding pattern in which presidents reappoint the same leader of the Federal Reserve regardless of partisan identity.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 15:05:16 | Economy

The longtime Washington insider is now the central bank’s No. 2. That could give her more bandwidth to influence policy.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:31 | Economy

Hillary Clinon, the former U.S. presidential hopeful and secretary of state under president Barack Obama, has warned the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could undermine the U.S. dollar's reserve currency status...

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:28 | Economy

This week's top personal finance headlines.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:26 | Economy

Once a darling of the direct-to-consumer sector, Casper Sleep has fallen on hard times. Now, it's falling in with a private equity firm.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:24 | Economy

The traditional mREIT’s gravy train derails when rates rise and these mortgage portfolios decline in value.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:21 | Economy

The coming week is post-OPEX week in November and is also Thanksgiving week.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:18 | Economy

The IRS has announced new standard deductions and new tax brackets for 2022, reflecting higher price levels thanks in part to inflation. This is great news tax planning for many tapayers.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:15 | Economy

Renault pioneered battery electric vehicles with the little Zoe, but the company has been slow replacing it and is now finding sales harder to achieve as just about every other big car maker has launched more modern competitors. Zoe sales in Western Europe dived 28.1% in the first 9 months of 2021.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:12 | Economy

While retail sales point to robust growth, markets reacted to the rising risk of an economic slowdown from the possible Covid restrictions. The holiday-shortened trading week will focus on the inflationary environment and the Fed chair announcement while keeping a wary eye on the Covid situation.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:10 | Economy

Get student loan forgiveness.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:08 | Economy

Rivian has soared to a market cap of almost $115 billion with essentially no revenue. Its partnerships or ownership stakes by Amazon and Ford and a decent number of preorders are keeping the shares from crashing and burning.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:06 | Economy

Today's Social Security column addresses questions about what effect not working in the years before filing might affect benefit amounts, switching from Social Security disability benefits to retirement benefits and on the process of starting spousal benefits.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:04 | Economy

"The reality is a large portion of the market still interacts with cash on a daily basis,” says CEO Neil Bergquist.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:02 | Economy

The specter of COVID-19 related lockdowns have reared their ugly head again in Europe.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:06:00 | Economy

Many are not aware of the dominant trend that has determined the long term stock winners since the bear market low in 2009. The Viper Report’s Tom Aspray discusses this indicator and shares his current outlook.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:05:58 | Economy

Over 60% of survey respondents believe it resolves itself by summer 2022 at the earliest.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:05:55 | Economy

The advent of cryptocurrency is making us rethink the relationship between money and the nation state (which is, to be honest, a pretty recent arrangement in human affairs). Perhaps cities should be a nexus for money just as they are a nexus for creativity in all other walks of life.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:05:53 | Economy

Joseph Maldonado-Passage, Joe Exotic, was recently transferred from his prison medical center at FMC Fort Worth to FMC Butner. Exotic recently won an appeal that could reduce his sentence. In the meantime, he's cashing in on his celebrity with a new cryptocurrency that has made him some big bucks.

Source: | 22. 11. 2021 04:05:51 | Economy

Prof. Omarova’s has written extensively on remaking the current financial system, her most recent paper titled “The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy” calls for a complete revamp of the financial system in the United States.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:30 | Economy

How Social Security made it easier to see what you could get, depending on when you start claiming

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:28 | Economy

Meet Michael Zacchea and Larry Steward, offering useful services to former service members

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:26 | Economy

A conversation with Steven Roberts, author of a new book about the beloved NPR and ABC journalist

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:21 | Economy

It’s so easy that if you consider the time it takes to purchase this investment, you could be paying yourself more than $1,000 per hour.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:18 | Economy

As the tech giant’s regulatory troubles continue, founder Jack Ma is nearly $30 billion poorer than he was a year ago.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:16 | Economy

Banks are going to run into a severe shortage of the digital skills they need, and they have to compete with tech firms looking for people with the same skills.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:14 | Economy

Solana's sol token appreciated today. What pushed the digital asset's price higher? Analysts weigh in.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:13 | Economy

What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:11 | Economy

After plunging due to the global health crisis, the personal luxury goods market returned to pre-pandemic growth in 2021, with sales estimated to top 283 billion euros ($325 billion) by year-end, according to a new report by Bain & Company.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:09 | Economy

The Build Back Better social spending bill the House passed this morning includes a long list of important changes aimed at improving the quality of life of older adults.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:06 | Economy

The Citadel CEO and founder outbid a group of crypto investors.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:04 | Economy

Activist investor reveals 3rd-quarter trades

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:02 | Economy

Now that consumers are returning, Target and Walmart are finding traction by leveraging the one thing Amazon lacks — a brick-and-mortar network.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:56:00 | Economy

After years of applying to the SEC to launch a Bitcoin ETF that would track the coin's spot price, this week, VanEck joined the elite group allowed to track Bitcoin futures by launching the least expensive Bitcoin-futures ETF.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:58 | Economy

Ark Investment Management chief executive Cathie Wood has renewed her huge bitcoin price prediction—but warned over the increasing likelihood of the Fed raising interest rates...

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:56 | Economy

Retail users are loving Binance Smart Chain. On a single day, BSC recorded 14.7 million transactions, reaching an all-time high. Behind its momentum are blockchain games and decentralized finance (DeFi) on BSC.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:54 | Economy

If you’re rich, you can take a higher money supply and use it to your advantage. If you’re poor, you really can’t.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:51 | Economy

Even with the concerns that the Fed will taper its bond purchases and eventually raise interest rates and multiple waves of Covid-19, the S&P 500 has hit more new highs under President Biden than under President Trump.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:49 | Economy

They’re volatile but it’s always possible to identify the basic trend and where prices tend to find support or resistance.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:47 | Economy

America is hungry for unity, but remain divided on what form of capitalism best suits and supports our economy.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:45 | Economy

Retirement plans that integrate financial asset management, annuities and reverse mortgages in conjunction with competitive markets would provide non-affluent retirees with significantly more spendable funds than is now possible with stand-alone components.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:43 | Economy

The first digital bond issued in a regulated market begs for standards such as those developed by the IWA.

Source: | 21. 11. 2021 04:55:41 | Economy

I’m hearing from a lot of CEF Insider members who are worried about inflation these days, and there’s a good reason why: consumer prices raced up 6.2% in October from a year ago!

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Helpful spending goals do not excuse harmful financial tactics, particularly when governments are involved

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 05:17:21 | Economy

The new fund raised about twice as much as originally planned.

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 05:17:19 | Economy

Musk, the richest person in the world, got into a spat with Sen. Bernie Sanders over taxing the rich.

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 05:17:17 | Economy

As a short term crypto bear, it’s fascinating to watch Ethereum rise. You couldn’t really want a more bullish chart. Talk about going up in a straight line.

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 05:17:16 | Economy

Nana Ama Sarfo looks at how select countries are thinking about tax as a lever for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 05:17:11 | Economy

Retailers take a turn at earnings with gorillas like Walmart, Target, Lowe’s and Home Depot on deck

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 05:17:09 | Economy

As in semiconductors, so in high capacity power storage - a.k.a. 'battery' - technology the US once led the world. Here in Part 3 of my series on how to restore our productive prowess and forestall inflation as we did during WWII, I propose means of resuming global leadership in battery tech.

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 05:17:07 | Economy

Technology has progressively changed the dynamics of financial markets. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is sending seismic waves through the landscape of finance. The active asset management space is no exception to this disruption.

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Beyond clear examples of an adverse employment action, like being fired, suspended, or having your pay cut, it gets murky about what other actions rise to this level.