This ‘Christmas In July’ Themed River Cruise Is Keeping The Holiday Spirit Alive

This ‘Christmas In July’ Themed River Cruise Is Keeping The Holiday Spirit Alive | Lifestyle

Let’s face it, we could all use a do-over next year.

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Take a look inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's summer home with help from the man who rebuilt the waterfront mansion.

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Long before Paris was the tourist mecca it is today, it was a desolate place with foggy night scenes and fewer people. This was captured by 20th century French photographer, Eugene Atget.

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The substance and style of Loren Nicole Jewelry's 22-karat gold "Viking Trove" collection is inspired by the power and artistry of ancient Viking culture.

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Located in the heart of London’s buzzing West End, CINTA’s new pop up opened its doors on June 23 with a whimsical vibe throughout. Founder Amy Sturgis speaks to Forbes about fashion, PR, and all things in-between.

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Solvang, California’s newest hotspot is Sear Steakhouse, a farm-driven Santa Ynez Valley restaurant venture from Demitri “Jimmy” and Karen Loizides.

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Three restaurants that should be on your radar include the relatively new Park 1039, SLO Provisions, and Brasserie SLO which is located in the boutique property, Hotel Cerro.

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It can be difficult to work in silence, but finding music that won’t distract you from high-concentration tasks—like writing—is also a challenge. But it turns out that video game tunes could be the perfect background music when you need to focus. No, seriously. As this Reddit post points out, video game music is…Read more...

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Audrain Auto Museum CEO Donald Osborne is rethinking what a classic Concours can be, simply by way of inclusivity.

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The Claremont Hotel, on the quiet side of Maine's Mt Desert Island, is reborn thanks to the same hotelier who created Hidden Pond.

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Often, I report on dressing for success while on the path towards corporate ascension. The same goes for your workout regime. Advancements in smart watches, to fabrications with built in memory to gadgets that make you feel like a million bucks!

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The S-Class is the world's benchmark luxury sedan. These are five ways it earns that coveted accolade.

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The arts and entertainment industry is highly competitive. Not only is it difficult for actors to get into the business—directors, cinematographers, makeup artists; all involved face a difficult road. Being a Black and Brown person in the industry presents challenges of a different magnitude—and ChiChi Anyanwu…Read more...

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The virus that causes COVID-19 has been a successful one from an evolutionary perspective, getting to see the world and expanding its little family tree. (Its been successful from its point of view; not so much from ours.) This means that variants of the virus have popped up in several different locations, and some…Read more...

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You might have heard of people “churning” through credit card welcome offers, but what about bank bonuses? Many banks offer $400 cash back or more when you sign up for a new checking account, and it’s certainly possible to cycle through new accounts just to accrue bonus money. Banks don’t want to make this easy for…Read more...

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If you’ve ever fantasized about a tropical getaway while toiling away at your office job, you’re not alone. While you might not be able to leave your home or office any time you crave nature, surrounding yourself with a bit (or a lot) of greenery can be the next best thing. If you’re looking for plants that not only…Read more...

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We tend to think of a day as this single block of time, a finite period during which you can either triumph or fail. But you might find you have fewer bad days—and more good ones—if you start think of a single day as something that can be divided up into smaller segments of time. If you tend to get discouraged as…Read more...

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Are you constantly late, despite your best intentions and efforts? Do you find yourself losing track of time on a regular basis? The cause might be a condition known as time blindness—but there are ways to cope, and keep yourself running on schedule. Read more...

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The latest Google app update, version, is unstable. Numerous users report the app crashes every few minutes on Pixel, Motorolla, and Samsung devices. This is a problem, considering the app controls everything from Google search, to Google lens, to the “Discover” feed, and communicates with Android Auto,…Read more...

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A refreshing mix of tequila, lime juice, grenadine and bitters, the Mexican Firing Squad is the classic cocktail to keep you cool this summer.

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Last year, the sculptor and painter Lonnie Holley made more than 100 artworks while in residence at the Elaine de Kooning House in the Hamptons. Simultaneous exhibitions at the Parrish Art Museum and the South Etna Montauk Foundation show his remarkable versatility and virtuoso talent.

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Hot springs are concentrated in the American West, so there are hundreds of possibilities, ranging from undeveloped pools in the woods to the height of spa luxury.

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From March 2020 on, in the face of widespread lockdowns and the closure of most bars and restaurants, online sales of wines, according to the Nielsen data, increased by around 234% in 2020.

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Steep fines are not enough to quell the rise in onboard violence, say airlines, pilots, flight attendants and transit workers.

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A non-surgical nose job involves injecting fillers into the nose to change its shape and appearance. Despite its popularity, it's not suitable for everyone, and here's all you need to know about the procedure.

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Starting today, IHG Hotels & Resorts will give one lucky traveler the chance to win a year's worth of hotel stays through their "'tell me without telling me contest.

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You might have a passing mystical tremor while leaning over Mystic old iron bridge on Main Street gazing out over the placid harbor while the stars twinkle and the silver half-moon glows, but the town’s name has nothing mystical about it: It comes, like so much else in Connecticut, including “Con...

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Travelers will have another option for getting around on their next trip to the islands.

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Outdoor living soared in popularity during the pandemic, a trend that will stick around. Here are quick and affordable upgrades for your patio, deck or backyard.

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In honor AAPI Heritage Month, For Freedoms collaborated with 40 artists, activists and cultural pioneers to create billboards that visualized support for AAPI communities, as well as expanded the notion of what it means to be Asian American in the United States.

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What to expect at the newly upgraded and restored (compliments of Blackberry Farm's design team) High Hampton Resort.

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Caran d'Ache's versatile Fixpencil is capturing our collective imagination in a new limited edition created in collaboration with designer Alfredo Häberli.

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For centuries, human beings grew food and fiber crops without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

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An AirDNA study finds that demand for Airbnb and VRBO bookings in small cities and rural areas is up 62% from the summer of 2019.

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Italian police have announced the recovery of a massive haul of archeological artifacts illegally exported from Italy by a Belgian collector.

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Hippo Point is a private wildlife conservancy with a colonial country house in Kenya available on the home-swapping platform Love Home Swap.

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Create an unusual, epic adventure for your teenager in Las Vegas with these over-the-top experiences the whole family can enjoy.

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Former Dallas Cowboys defensive back Orlando Scandrick has made a move off the field, selling his home in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles for $3.415 million, or $215,000 more than the asking price.

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I have often thought of turkey burgers as a relic of the ‘90s, leftover from an era when fat was the number one enemy, and Snackwells reigned (and it was a reign of artificially sweet terror). But some people just don’t like red meat, and others have medical reasons for wanting to avoid it. Some people may just like…Read more...

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Depression has a sneaky way of creeping into all aspects of your life, and making you not care about any of them. And yes, this includes food. Eating is a prerequisite for life, so it makes perverse sense that, for many people, it’s among the first victims of a depressive episode.Read more...

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In April, Apple made some long-overdue changes to its Podcasts app, part of an overhaul of the company’s general approach to the podcasting market that will allow podcasts makers to charge subscription fees for their content via Apple’s homegrown app. Unfortunately, the changes have proved frustrating to many longtime…Read more...

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There is no shortage of apps and online courses purporting to offer the best way to learn a new language. Whether you want to brush up on your high school Spanish or start fresh, you might turn to Duolingo (which has been accused of pillaging users’ personal data) or a paid option like Rosetta Stone or Coursera, but…Read more...

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In a development fictional scientists are calling “not really that surprising,” I have grown obsessed with cooking cucumbers, both pickled and plain. First I cooked some of the latter over coals, then I turned my attention to ranch-fried pickles, and now I’m all about—and I mean all about—grilled pickles.Read more...

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If you’re the kind of person who keeps tabs on summertime snack deals, you’ve probably already taken advantage of some of what Wendy’s has on offer—including free small Frostys during the month of June. Well, now you can add another one to the list, because the hamburger chain is also giving away free chicken nuggets…Read more...

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With the labor market tilted in favor of job seekers, it’s time to consider asking for a raise. Your employer is much more likely to agree versus earlier in the pandemic, and you can make a convincing case that rising inflation has weakened the purchasing power of your wages. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you…Read more...

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Rolex connoisseur David Silver's massive book "Vintage Rolex: The Largest Collection in the World", is an impressive historical chronicle and visual reference of Rolex timepieces.

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A new exhibition at the Boca Raton Museum in Florida displays the work of international artists who collaborated with Murano glass factory Fondazione Berengo to tackle issues of climate change, racism, sexual abuse and government authority through glass sculptures.

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The Rav4 Prime is Toyota's new and exciting Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) offering that’s set to compete this year with the likes of Hyundai, Kia and Ford. There has been a lot of buzz about the Rav4 Prime, but does this PHEV crossover live up to it all?

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New studies add to growing evidence that crash rates go up in states that legalize the sale and use of recreational marijuana use.

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Bulgari has always taken inspiration from art and culture for its designs, which are often over-the-top one-of-a-kind pieces that dazzle and delight. Now the Magnifica collection goes over and above thanks to incredible stones, designs and settings.

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As travel roars back toward normality, travelers might need a reminder of unique items that they never knew they needed.

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Full store operations are set for Wednesday and will be more low-key than first planned due to Covid-19. But it does not take anything away from the grand ambition behind the complex and drawn-out project.

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The Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel occupies the spot formerly occupied by the beloved vintage market.

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14 picnic packages offered by hotels around the world, from humble to extravagant.

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Porsche’s entire lineup consists of performance-oriented cars apart from the Panamera which is meant to take on the likes of the 4-door Mercedes AMG GT63, Audi RS7, and the BMW M8. The 2021 model offers significant improvements in every department, but the focus has been laid on performance.

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A combination of exclusive shapes and the re-emergence of classic cuts with bold, playful, and joyously colored gemstones are the type of looks we will want to wear as we look towards happier times, dressing up again, and jewelry that evokes a cool understated glamour.

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With music by Grammy artist Jacob Collier, Reflection: A Walk With Water focuses on California's dwindling water supply.

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An unusual bug is currently breaking iPhones’ wifi connections. Luckily, it’s easy enough to avoid—and to fix if your phone becomes afflicted—but dang, is it weird. In short, for some reason, if your iPhone connects to a wifi network named “%p%s%s%s%s%n,” the device’s wifi will cease to function. So don’t do that.Read more...

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Bianca Anstiss founded her self-financed swimwear label Myraswim, and has grown it steadily into a well-recognized international fashion brand. But it was not just glamor that came with being successful.