Nigeria To Be Investigated By The International Criminal Court

Nigeria To Be Investigated By The International Criminal Court | Business

On December 11, 2020, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced the conclusion of the preliminary examination of the situation in Nigeria. The preliminary examination was opened on November 18, 2010, following several communications received by the Office of the Prosecutor.

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Elon Musk has warned his planned $44bn deal to buy Twitter will not move forward until the company's chief executive publicly shows proof the platform has less than 5% spam accounts.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 09:07:27 | Business

Some private companies are keeping tabs on employees with systems that may rely on questionable behavioral science foundations.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 08:28:34 | Business

Pay fell by 1.2% between January and March but the jobs market remained buoyant.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 08:24:53 | Business

Real wages have dropped by 1.2% as regular pay growth fails to keep up with soaring inflation, according to the latest official figures.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 07:35:14 | Business

The move follows a public letter to the supermarket giant claiming farmers would go out of business.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:35 | Business

The company now expects sales to fall due as supply-chain disruptions and retail slowdowns take a toll.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:32 | Business

Microsoft’s CEO is promising to boost employee compensation amid continued low unemployment across the U.S. and high inflation.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:29 | Business

The ruling, which found the 2018 law violated the state constitution’s equal protection clause, marked the second legal setback in as many months for efforts to mandate board diversity.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:26 | Business

The chief executive of Ryanair Holdings took aim at the planemaker’s sales team and its 737 MAX delivery schedule and said the company needed to reboot its commercial-aircraft division.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:22 | Business

The electric-vehicle startup said the pricing dispute could impact production of an electric van ordered by Amazon.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:19 | Business

Power-grid operators are pushing older coal- and gas-fired plants to keep running to bolster electricity supplies, raising concerns about maintenance levels and fair compensation.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:16 | Business

Group that played online now competes in England’s semi-pro leagues; Toby Aromolaran goes to ‘Love Island’

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:13 | Business

Disagreements over legislation designed to boost U.S. competitiveness against China are clouding its prospects in Congress, as lawmakers enter a period of make-or-break negotiations.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:10 | Business

New York Fed chief reiterates the central bank is moving aggressively to lower inflation and he expects that inflation will moderate next year.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:26:07 | Business

Poland has been the key European holdout in a taxation policy agreement negotiated by the U.S. treasury secretary.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:25:58 | Business

Funding is suddenly scarce as venture capital firms grow stingy, forcing young companies to get frugal and focus on breaking even. “This is clearly not a speed bump.”

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:25:56 | Business

JetBlue launched a hostile takeover attempt for discount carrier Spirit Airlines, after Spirit rejected JetBlue’s $3.6 billion offer in favor of an existing deal with Frontier Airlines.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:25:53 | Business

The ability of Lordstown Motors to stay in business for at least another year remains in doubt until it secures more funding and its market value rises, its finance chief said after the electric-truck maker sold its factory to raise cash.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:25:51 | Business

The company will sell its business in Russia, joining a raft of Western companies leaving as the war in Ukraine continues. It expects to post a charge of between $1.2 billion and $1.4 billion in connection with the move.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 05:25:49 | Business

Overseas makers will need to apply with the agency to make shipments to the U.S., and safety and quality checks will follow.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 04:50:28 | Business

Ranil Wickremesinghe also said the country's central bank will print money to pay government wages.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 02:09:29 | Business

The UK energy system is drowning in natural gas. There is so much of the stuff in this country that for the time being at least no-one is quite sure what to do with it.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 01:57:47 | Business

Everyone in the UK is feeling the pinch from rising prices, but the pain is not being felt evenly.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 01:14:57 | Business

As tensions build over Northern Ireland, concerns of a trade war between the EU and UK have surfaced.

Source: | 17. 05. 2022 01:14:55 | Business

Fuel poverty charity warns that low income households will wait longest for £150 council tax rebate.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 23:42:22 | Business

The company said if the agency approved reopening the plant, production could resume and store shelves would be restocked within several weeks.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 21:58:38 | Business

Twitter's chief executive has hit back after Elon Musk put his deal to buy the platform "on hold" over concerns about fake user accounts.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 20:19:34 | Business

A former chief executive of Unicef UK is to spearhead the charity being set up to receive the proceeds of Roman Abramovich’s proposed £2.5bn sale of Chelsea Football Club, even as the controversial sale hit a potentially significant stumbling block.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 19:56:31 | Business

Chief executive Parag Agrawal says the firm is confident that less than 5% of users are spam accounts.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 19:49:09 | Business

The founder of Cazoo, the British-based digital car-buying service, has staked another seven-figure sum on a recovery in its valuation after a precipitous share price collapse.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 18:48:30 | Business

The governor of the Bank of England has warned of "apocalyptic" food prices, as he said there is nothing the Bank could have done to prevent soaring inflation.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 18:25:19 | Business

In a memo on Monday, the company said it wanted to ensure that its employees had “access to quality health care.”

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 17:50:21 | Business

A new regulatory filing by the company in talks to merger with Trump Media & Technology Group also warned that regulators may not let the deal go through.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 17:15:42 | Business

Andrew Bailey says he could not have foreseen events such as the war in Ukraine that are driving prices higher

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 14:30:21 | Business

The former Federal Reserve chair warns that the U.S. could be headed for a period of 1970s-style “stagflation.”

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 14:19:44 | Business

Google is being sued over its use of confidential medical records belonging to 1.6 million individuals in the UK.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 13:30:57 | Business

Investment bank Goldman Sachs will no longer cap paid leave for its senior staff and partners.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 13:30:25 | Business

Authorities moved quickly to censor videos and photos that showed students at Peking University demonstrating.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 13:23:12 | Business

The carrier made a tender offer valued at $3.2 billion, and said it was willing to pay more if Spirit cooperated with an acquisition.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 13:03:33 | Business

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve has a new book out on Tuesday explaining the powers of the Fed and Congress to juice or slow our economy amid a supply-chain crunch and sky-high demand.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 12:42:56 | Business

The Ukraine war means operating in Russia is no longer "consistent with McDonald's values", the firm says.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 12:27:21 | Business

The RAC says prices rose to just over £1.80 a litre after the previous record was set in March.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 12:27:19 | Business

It is the first Russian nationalisation of a major foreign business since the invasion of Ukraine.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 12:04:25 | Business

“This is a complicated issue that’s without precedent and with profound consequences,” Chris Kempczinski, the chief executive of McDonald’s, wrote in a message to franchises that was obtained by The Times.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 11:23:32 | Business

But the deal would allow the French automaker to repurchase its share of the company in case it wants to return to Russia in the future.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 11:07:51 | Business

To some, the pursuit of workplace happiness — and its price, like an $18,000 “happiness M.B.A.” for managers — can seem like a corporate attempt to turn feelings into productivity.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 10:58:39 | Business

The average price of a litre of diesel has hit a new record high, according to the AA, signalling further financial pressure on households and businesses amid the cost of living crisis.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 10:12:15 | Business

Michael O'Leary warns high demand for European beach holidays will mean price rises.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 09:03:59 | Business

In the three years since the television industry’s biggest companies pitched their shows to advertisers in person at the so-called upfronts, the entertainment industry has been flipped on its head.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 08:39:27 | Business

Ofgem says a review every three months would allow households to benefit sooner from falling prices.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 08:08:51 | Business

The energy price cap, the mechanism that determines gas and electricity bills for 22 million households, could soon be reviewed every three months under plans announced by the industry regulator.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 07:57:59 | Business

Europe's largest airline has reported an easing in annual losses but warned its return to profitability remains clouded by "fragile" demand despite discounting fares to stimulate custom.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 07:16:49 | Business

Evidence of China's economic slowdown came as authorities unveiled plans to lift Shanghai's lockdown.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 05:41:33 | Business

U.S. retail sales and existing-home sales data for April highlight this week’s economic calendar.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 05:41:28 | Business

A stronger U.S. dollar could help the Federal Reserve hold down the cost of imported goods.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 05:41:26 | Business

The Amazon founder blames Democrats’ stimulus packages for rising prices.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 05:41:23 | Business

People who agreed to buy homes under construction but haven’t yet closed are facing mortgage-interest rates that could be nearly double what they anticipated.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 05:41:21 | Business

U.S. officials and allies around the world are looking to establish friendly supply routes for key goods amid a war and global pandemic.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 05:41:18 | Business

Social media has grappled with phony accounts for years, raising questions about why Tesla CEO Elon Musk is talking about them again now.

Source: | 16. 05. 2022 05:41:16 | Business

The U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council had its first meeting in Pittsburgh last fall, which participants said helped forge ties that proved critical when the two economies joined to impose sanctions on the Kremlin following its Feb. 24 attack on Ukraine.