Huckabee: Dems winning Ga. Senate races like giving car keys, 'liquor cabinet access to teenager’

Huckabee: Dems winning Ga. Senate races like giving car keys, 'liquor cabinet access to teenager’ | Word

Giving the Democrats control of the White House and both houses of Congress would be like giving car keys to a Corvette to a 14 year old [as well as] free access to the liquor cabinet, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Friday.

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The California State University Board of Trustees took a step towards permanently dropping a requirement for school applicants to take the ACT or SAT.

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Bragg is one of many Democratic district attorneys around the country who have announced or enacted policies critics say amount to decriminalizing many violations and favoring offenders over victims.

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If you're planning to travel to the United States, here's what you'll need to know and expect if you want to visit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Since losing one-third of its workforce at the outset of the pandemic, the child care industry has seen a jobs recovery that's been slow and incomplete.

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Guinness World Records has officially recognised the world's biggest rolex - but it's not a watch.

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More than a billion people across the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year 2022 on 1 February.

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Unlike many of her predominantly white peers, Sofia Chang, the new CEO of the Girl Scouts, had an unique upbringing, spending much of her childhood working at

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Brookside raked in so much revenue from traffic fines and forfeitures in 2020, it amounted to almost half of its $1.2 million municipal budget.

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The Pittsburgh bridge that collapsed Friday was in poor condition and not targeted for improvements under the federal infrastructure bill, state records show.

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Peter Tatchell's high-profile activism has seen him take on archbishops, presidents and boxers.

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India has dropped a colonial-era tune from Beating Retreat celebrations to "decolonise" the event.

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When the EV1 was cancelled, many thought the electric car era was over. But its death inspired Tesla

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Germany's refusal to arm Ukraine has puzzled and angered some allies. Here's what's behind it.

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Syrian refugees saw Europe as a sanctuary - but now some are afraid of coming face to face with their torturers.

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The group of friends from Kaduna borrowed smartphones from family members and made tripods out of wood.

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A selection of images from all over the globe, taken this week.

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Alabama has sent a request to the Supreme Court asking for a delay in a lower court order to proceed with drawing new congressional maps ahead of the 2022 election.

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A Kentucky State Trooper was shot multiple times on Friday in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

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Virginia Congressional candidate Andy Parker censured Big Tech Friday on "America Reports."

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President Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to New York City to meet with Mayor Eric Adams next week as the city reels from the loss of two NYPD officers shot and killed last week.

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President Biden told reporters Friday that he is moving U.S. troops to Eastern Europe and NATO countries.

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Two Houston police officers were released from the hospital after being shot on Thursday afternoon.

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Republican politicians criticized President Biden amid his visit to Pittsburgh on Friday.

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Think the best course for those who aren’t at high risk is to just catch the virus and get it over with is flawed — because Covid doesn't work that way..

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New cases are down nationwide, but the biggest declines are in New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C.

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FIRST ON FOX: Senate Republicans have written to the Biden administration, requesting information about the Transportation Security Administration's practice of allowing illegal immigrants to use civil immigration arrest warrants as identification and warning that the practice is a security threat.

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The satellite displayed On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM) capabilities and moved the second satellite to a "graveyard orbit."

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The Royal Rumble is one of WWE’s top attractions of the year, and the pay-per-view is right around the corner once again, and the winners of the main event will earn top billing at WrestleMania.

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Enes Kanter Freedom’s opposition to China’s nefarious labor practices and enslavement of Uyghur Muslims has been a recent narrative covered by the media — courtesy of the player’s determination.

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Fox News contributor Joe Concha criticized President Biden, the media and liberal lawmakers on "The Story" Thursday for failing to condemn police shootings and crime.

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If Tom Brady retires, he will fall into a rare category of athletes who left the game on top, not after their body failed them.

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Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., on “America Reports” slammed a left-wing judge for releasing 16-year-old accused cop shooter.

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While Ukraine’s president complained about “acute and burning” warnings from Washington, the Pentagon issued a dire new appraisal asserting Russia has amassed enough troops to invade his entire country.

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Larry Rodgers was accused of fatally shooting Todd Burkhart and Kyla Hayton who was five months pregnant. Rodgers of Dayton, Ohio, was found guilty Thursday and will be sentenced on Feb.11.

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New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham backed a $15 minimum wage for all school workers.

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Lourdes Maldonado was shot outside her home becoming the third Mexican journalist to be killed this year.

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States and localities are considering a wave of proposals designed to deregulate or decriminalize prostitution, raising concerns about human trafficking.

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Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a comedian and actor before he became leader.

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Storm Ana passed over Madagascar on Jan. 22, adding to days of already intense rainfall. The country declared a state of disaster on Thursday night, reporting a rise in the death toll from Ana to 48, with people killed by landslides and collapsing buildings or washed away.

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Russia's military buildup along the Ukraine border now includes blood supplies along with additional medical supplies.

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This past week brought the news of Justice Breyer’s plans to retire from the Supreme Court after 27 years of service.

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Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard took issue with President Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court, arguing that the decision should not be made based on race or gender.

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President Biden pledged this week to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer in an offering to the progressive left.

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The star of Netflix's Tiger King was convicted of hiring men to kill rival Carole Baskin in 2020

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Politico scolded New York Times senior writer David Leonhardt, who pens the Gray Lady’s flagship newsletter "The Morning," Thursday for COVID-19 coverage that has reportedly irked some medical professionals by going against liberal dogma.

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The Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida on Thursday announced charges against 68 suspected drug dealers as part of an undercover operation using social media and dating apps.

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The White House responded Friday to leaked video footage which shows migrants being transported on secret charter flights under the cover of night from southern border states to Westchester, New York, claiming the footage is “not new or news.”

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Attleboro woman Samantha Schwarts was arrested by police in connection to a fatal shooting at South Shore Plaza mall in Braintree, Massachusetts.

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Italy's Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani shared that they are planning on how to best use the funds pledged to fight global warming.

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A Clemson University admissions counselor was reassigned from her role after calling Republican applicants part of an “oppressive group” in a Snapchat story.

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IU Health has a backlog of thousands of elective surgeries, procedures that are medically necessary but can usually be scheduled at a patient’s convenience, that they have had to postpone to make room for COVID-19 patients and other acutely ill patients.

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Google dealt a major blow to conservative media personality and Fox News Channel host Dan Bongino on Friday, pulling Google ad services from his website.

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The Mayor of a Mississippi city is accused of withholding $110,000 from a public library because they carry LGBTQ+ books, according to the Executive Director

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A Wisconsin judge on Friday approved an agreement by lawyers to destroy the assault-style rifle that Kyle Rittenhouse used to shoot three people in 2020.

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R&B singer Chris Brown is accused of drugging and raping a woman on a yacht in 2020, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in a Los Angeles County court.

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The committee sent subpoenas to 14 of the "electors" from seven states in order to find out "who was behind that scheme," Rep. Bennie Thompson said.

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BA.2 earned the name the “stealth variant” because it’s harder to distinguish from other variants on the PCR tests

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The club in St. Andrews, Scotland, announced the move Friday, two weeks after Andrew was stripped of his honorary military titles and roles with charitable organizations amid a U.S. civil lawsuit filed by a woman who says she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was 17.