Save 94% on this absolutely stacked bundle of Mac apps

Save 94% on this absolutely stacked bundle of Mac apps | Tech

TL;DR: The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle is on sale for £52.96 as of Dec. 12, saving you 94% on list price. Your Mac has been your lifeline to the outside world throughout 2020. It’s served as a companion for your strange new remote work life, a source of communication for reaching your friends and family, and a distraction from the chaos. And, guess what: it could be even better with the addition of some award-winning apps. From boosting your productivity and keeping your data secure to optimising your time and enhancing your creative outlets, premium apps can step up your Mac’s potential even more. And you shouldn’t have to break the bank to access them. This award-winning bundle of a dozen different Mac apps for productivity, photo editing, desktop management, and more is on sale for only £52.96. Read more...More about Mac, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Uk, Uk Deals, and Tech

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It’s no secret that America’s struggling public pensions are a hot mess. Ohio promises to be the first state where participant-initiated reform may take hold, bringing an end to decades of callous squandering.

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Florida now accounts for about one out of every five new reported infections across the entire U.S.

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Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 is mired in controversy over its capacity and price. After using it for a while, it has become one of our go-to accessories.Unintended as a way to extend your battery for days, Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is the ideal solution when you need those crucial extra few hours or have to get through that long we ...

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Deutsche Telekom's tech incubator Hubraum is opening itself up to iOS developers working on augmented reality applications, a program that includes development support from Apple.Promoted by Oscar Falmer, previously an AR evangelist for Apple, the Hubraum iOS Innovation Program calls out for iOS developers to pitch their AR apps that can be "booste ...

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Saturday's best deals include money off two starter sets for the HomeKit-compatible Nanoleaf Shapes, and $170 off a standing desk for your Mac.Best deals for Saturday July 24Shopping online for the best discounts and deals can be a difficult and annoying task. Rather than sifting through miles of advertisements, check out this list of sales we've h ...

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Shortcuts are the fastest way to get a lot done on macOS Monterey, but at first there's little to tell you how to actually run them. Here are all the ways to launch a Shortcut fast.Shortcuts on macOS MontereyEven if you've never used a Shortcut on iOS, you've heard of them, and you're quite possibly weary of people saying how great they'll be on th ...

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WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart has problems with the NSO Group taking no responsibility for surveillance and hacking of journalist and activist iPhones and other devices.Following the discovery that the Pegasus spyware by NSO Group was being used to surveil high-level journalists, campaigners, and world leaders, NSO took steps to quieten the story. O ...

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Producers and stars of the Apple TV animated series "Central Park" have spoken at the virtual edition of the annual Comic-Con event, to talk about how the show was created.Streamed and uploaded to YouTube as part of the [email protected] 2021 initiative, the virtual panel consisted of six people, including both producers and voices behind the hit sho ...

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Rogers has become the latest major organization to include support for Apple Business Chat, enabling customers of the Canadian carrier to chat with representatives using iMessage.Apple Business Chat is a feature that launched in 2018, with the aim of streamlining customer service queries by using iMessage. Using the feature, customers can ask quest ...

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Sunday's best deals include $120 off a Roborock S4 Max robot vacuum, $150 off a Brother laser printer, and $15 off a Razer gaming mouse.Best deals for Sunday July 25Shopping online for the best discounts and deals can be a difficult and annoying task. Rather than sifting through miles of advertisements, check out this list of sales we've hand-picke ...

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Apple could be bringing Face ID over from iPhone to Mac within a few years, according to a report, with the added possibility of using cameras embedded in the display itself.In terms of security, the Mac and MacBook lineup still largely depend on passwords and, in some cases, Touch ID. While iPhones and iPads currently benefit from using Face ID as ...

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Apple will be taking part in NAB 2021, attending the broadcasting-centric show for the first time after a decade-long absence.The NAB Show, by the National Association of Broadcasters, is a trade show that aims itself towards media production. For 2021's show, set to occur from October 9 to October 13 in Las Vegas, Apple will be making an appearanc ...

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Designed to be a wearable camera with full integration with the Apple Watch, Wristcam is an impressive achievement that pushes the watchOS platform to its absolute limits. It's a unique product that will ultimately only appeal to a niche market because of its price tag.With no accessible ports and limited wireless connectivity, the market for Apple ...

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Following an unusual launch livestream on Apple Music, it appears Kanye West fans will have to wait until August 6 before being able to listen to the new album "Donda" on the music-streaming service.Kanye West delivering a 'keynote' at an Apple Store in 2018. After holding a sell-out live event to promote the tenth Kanye West album, fans have been ...

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The celestial highlights for the week ahead.

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Controversial French delicacy foie gras could see a future market expansion; as a Paris-based start-up raised $ 10 million to develop a cruelty-free and lab-grown alternative.

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Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

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A second monitor is ideal for desktop computer users who want a second dedicated monitor for displaying emails, PowerPoint presentations or even movies.

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AppleUnboxed has much more stuff, including exclusive interviews, reviews before you can read them anywhere else (no, I mean anywhere), long-read features, comparison pieces, news items and more.

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How To Unlock Inazuma’s Shakkei Pavilion Domain In ‘Genshin Impact’, which is harder than you might imagine.

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There’s one thing Marvel’s Avengers has never seemed to get a handle on after all this time: the loot, and with a new set coming with the Omega-Level Threat mission next week, that does not appear to be changing any time soon.

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There have been all manner of reactions to the recent lawsuit filed by the state of California against Activision Blizzard for the alleged discrimination and harassment of women.

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There are a number of changes coming to Destiny 2 in season 15, among them something Bungie said a long time ago, that they were going to be bringing legendary stasis weapons to the game, and making stasis a full elemental type like solar, arc and void before it. But why?

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AI is only as good as the data used to train and feed it. But, as any data scientists will tell you, having raw data is half the battle.

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With rising climate change and cybersecurity risks, which can significantly disrupt financial institutions, legislators and financial regulators urgently need to be more focused on financial markets infrastructure companies (FMIs).

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Amazon's New World is a sprawling MMO that itself has undergone a huge number of reworks and spent years in development.

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The CDC predicts new weekly cases could rise to 800,000 by mid-August, but Dr. Gottlieb believes they're likely to start falling soon.

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How to trade bitcoin now.

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Electric cars don’t impress the pickup crowd. But don’t blame them.

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As the summer of 2021 begins to wind down, and the Delta variant continues to surge in the midst of nearly half of the U.S. unvaccinated, plans for the school year remain in flux.

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New leaks surface on future Intel processors that will run Windows 11.

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You can harness happiness by creating the conditions through which you can access it—and creative pursuits are a surefire way to bring about more happiness.

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The idea that access to water, especially the clean, drinkable kind, is something that’s worth fighting for is coming to the fore once again, as recent incidents have exposed the vulnerability of U.S. water and wastewater systems to attacks by cyber criminals.

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Experts warn working from home has led to complacency over security protocols

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Rui Ma Contributor Rui Ma is a partner with 500Startups based in Beijing.

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Protect your eyes in style while you lounge, run, paddle, or work on your computer outside.

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It took a pandemic for personalized health and well-being to start to sink in for both employers and their employees. It took a pandemic to drive home the point that the systems and models we built during the age of standardization are no longer relevant in today’s age of personalization.

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If you're looking for a new MacOS laptop and are thinking about the MacBook Pro later this year... you might want to think again.

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The now iconic spacecraft’s 35th three-hour flyby of Jupiter comes close to the 10th anniversary of its launch. Here are the best and newest phots from its JunoCam imager.

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The new Tesla Model S Plaid is fast enough to blow away fast-car aficionados at a Bugatti dealer.

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Pegasus spyware might be becoming a bit easier to find, because iVerify has added the capability to detect the malware to its smartphone app.

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The second full Moon of summer captured by photographers around the world as our satellite aligned with Saturn and Jupiter.

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Tencent will buy Sumo as people lodged at home during the pandemic crowd online to try for new high scores.

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Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg explains how sustainable racing can raise environmental awareness but governments still need to do more to promote the rollout of electric vehicles.

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Don’t expect the most recent debate over so-called unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) in our skies to reach any sort of consensus or logical conclusion.

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With all eyes on Windows 11, it's actually a games streaming service that will prove to be Microsoft's biggest hit of 2021

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Forget iOS 14.7—millions of iPhones are still alarmingly exposed to malicious Wi-Fi attacks, you need to change this setting today...

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That seems to be the general question Genshin Impact players are asking themselves as they consider whether to keep saving for the Thunder Archon or spend now for the cryo princess.

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The U.S. failed to medal in any events on the first day of Olympic competition, the first time that has happened in the Summer Games since 1972, while China came away with three golds and host country Japan took a gold and a silver.

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A rift is widening between many employees at Activision Blizzard and those in charge of the corporation, who have issued a wide range of statements regarding a lawsuit by the state of California alleging mistreatme...

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Destiny 2 has had a weird year or so, with content vaulting stripping out probably over the half the overall content in the game between the elimination of five zones and the complete dismantling of the original vanilla game storyline,...

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Raj Venkatesan, co-author of “The AI Marketing Canvas: A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing," shares insight on how marketers must upskill to address the changing marketing landscape.

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The most recent figures show more than 75% of children are tutored outside of school.

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A study of more than 20,000 teeth of fossil and living primates debunks a long-held belief about our ancestors' eating habits.

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A few weeks on, has Google finally made a working pair of headphones?

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Doing smartwatches differently.

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The incident, which was blamed on Russia-based cybercriminals, marked the world’s first known successful cyberattack against an electric grid. Ever since, the question that has haunted American electricity providers and government officials has been: Can the same thing happen to the U.S. grid?

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As college students at Berkeley, Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis created a successful open-source graphics program, GIMP, which got the attention of Google. The duo ultimately joined Google, and even personally got kudos from Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Kimball and Mattis quickly rose to prominence within the company, and then chose to leave it al ...

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Sequoia’s Mike Vernal has worn many hats. He was VP of product and engineering at Facebook for eight years before getting into investment. His portfolio includes Houseparty, Threads, Canvas, Citizen, PicsArt and more, and he continues to invest in companies across a broad spectrum of stages and verticals, including consumer, enterprise, marke ...

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