The essay I wish I could have read when I was a 22-year-old virgin

The essay I wish I could have read when I was a 22-year-old virgin | Word

We don’t talk enough about how it’s neither strange nor shameful to have your first sexual experience well after adolescence.

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Florence Kambua has no choice but to salvage waste from a dump site in Kenya's capital to survive.

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Salon writer compares President Biden to Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because he is a "visionary" who is ignored by his peers.

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Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors is something to "keep an eye on" in the coming days, according to an NBA insider.

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An Indian man, pretending to be a missing son, deceived the boy's family for over four decades.

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Special Operations veterans are training Ukrainians near the front lines in the fight against Russia, despite warnings from the Pentagon.

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Border Patrol agents conducting a secondary inspection of a vehicle at checkpoint in Texas discovered three Honduran migrants crammed inside metal toolboxes.

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MSNBC's Ali Velshi credited foreign dictatorships for their abortion policies, suggesting that America is “not truly a free country,” because states decide their own abortion laws.

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Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Winckowski wasn't impressed with the historic "Friendly Confines" of Wrigley Field and Cubs manager David Ross responded.

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New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom may follow through and opt out of his contract in the winter and a National League East rival could be waiting.

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Liv Morgan entered WWE's Money in the Bank without any guarantee she would have a chance at a championship but left the big winner.

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A large chunk of an Alpine glacier broke loose Sunday and roared down a mountain in Italy, sending ice, snow and rock slamming into hikers on a popular trail

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President Volodymyr Zelensky described the visit as the first by an Australian prime minister to his country during their history of diplomatic relations.

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At least six people hiking along a popular Alpine trail in northeastern Italy were killed on Sunday when a large chunk of glacier broke loose.

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Multiple people were killed in Denmark on Sunday after a gunman opened fire in a shopping center in the nation's capital. Terrorism has not been ruled out.

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The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be the top suitors for Kyrie Irving, and former teammate LeBron James is reportedly "rooting hard" for a deal to happen.

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Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah attacked a New York Times opinion piece criticizing the far left for minimizing women’s causes to appeal to transgender politics.

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Several people have been killed in a shooting at a shopping centre in the Danish capital, police say.

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Chef George Duran rings in the Fourth of July weekend with delicious dishes sure to make everyone's Independence Day feast extra special.

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Victor Bolden Jr. and Maurice Alexander Jr. expressed their gratitude for the United States Football League creating an opportunity for them this season.

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DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during an appearance on CBS' "Face the nation" appeared to place some of the blame on migrants for the incident in Texas.

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Plus a heat wave engulfs Japan and transgender activists in Pakistan debate protections.

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Lysychansk managed to hold out for a week after its twin city, Sievierodonetsk, was captured. But on Sunday a pro-Russian flag flew there, as well.

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Blink-182 drummer and husband of Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker, opens up about his recent hospital experience after an endoscopy, a surgical procedure.

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Akron police on Sunday released bodycam footage showing officers shoot and kill an unarmed Black man, following a vehicle and foot pursuit earlier this week.

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FSB officers had flown terminally ill Dmitry Kolker, a top quantum physicist, to a Moscow jail.

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House Jan. 6 committee members said Sunday that they may make criminal referrals to federal prosecutors involving former President Donald Trump and his efforts

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Jhené Aiko is pregnant with her first child with longtime boyfriend Big Sean. She is also mom to a 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

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The White House did not address specific questions from Fox News about President Biden's post imploring gas station's to lower prices, pointing to previous speech.

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These tasty teriyaki chicken pineapple skewers are a perfect way to celebrate the summer grilling season. Here's how you can make them at home, according to the Slofoodgroup.

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At least six people in Italy were killed on Sunday after an avalanche in the northern Italian Alps which was caused by a glacier's collapse.

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Former ESPN journalist Bob Ley asked those who are up in arms about LIV Golf and players joining the tour to also extend the same critiques to the NBA and China.

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An Associated Press report published Sunday described President Joe Biden's current political standing as a "steep slide" from one year ago on July 4.

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The Russians said its air-defense systems shot down three missiles, but one fell to the ground in central Belgorod.

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Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said his state will focus on a "culture of life" in supporting mothers and babies after the SCOTUS Dobbs ruling overturned Roe.

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The red, white and blue drizzle atop this vibrant Bundt cake from blogger Katherine Salom looks just like the cake version of a sparking Fourth of July display.

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom says GOP governors such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are putting freedom "under attack," citing a move to remove books from classrooms.

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Police in Copenhagen arrested a person in connection with a shooting at a shopping mall on Sunday in which "several people" were shot, officials announced on Tw

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Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra distanced himself from suggestions that the federal government might build abortion clinics on federal land.

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GOP Sen. Mike Lee weighed in on Democrats' reaction to the Supreme Court’s Environmental Protection Agency decision, saying that he doesn’t understand what is “so offensive.”

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A letter written by Alexander Hamilton in 1780 is back on display after it was apparently stolen from the Massachusetts state archives in World War II by a state archives worker.

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The glacier has been shrinking for years, and recent high temperatures may have contributed to the collapse, a rescue service official said.

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"Minions: The Rise of Gru" topped the box office this weekend, and is on track to become the biggest opening ever for the Fourth of July holiday.

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Copenhagen, Denmark, police responded to a shooting that's left multiple wounded at Field's mall across from a concert arena where Harry Styles is scheduled to perform Sunday evening.

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The police said that several people had been struck at the Field’s shopping center on Sunday, though their conditions were not immediately clear.

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Chicago has seen 35 people shot, 5 fatally, during a bloody July 4 holiday weekend, with police arresting few suspects following the violent shooting incidents.

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NSC official John Kirby reacted after Jeff Bezos accused the White House of "misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics" when it comes to inflation.

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A passenger bus in southwest Pakistan fell into a ravine after the driver lost control due to heavy rains, leaving at least 19 people dead and more injured.

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Dozens of armed officers are deployed to the Field's mall, in the east of the Danish capital.

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Police in Denmark say several people have been hit by gunshots at a shopping mall in Copenhagen.

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Controlling the cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk means Russia could position its forces to mount offensives on cities to the southwest.

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Former DHS secretary Jeh Johnson said Sunday that if Joe Biden decides not to run again in 2024, he should make the announcement "sooner rather than later."

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Rep. Liz Cheney said not prosecuting former President Donald Trump would be a grave threat despite how difficult such a prosecution would be for the country.

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We stuck rigidly to a narrow strip of safe ground. To the left and right it's littered with mines.

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Emergency officials said another eight people have been injured, with two suffering serious injuries.

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New York City's JFK airport travelers were relocated from departures to arrivals amid an ongoing investigation into an unattended bag, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says.

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Russia's military says it controls all of Luhansk region - but Ukraine does not confirm the claim.

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Travelers are returning to airports in record pre-pandemic numbers this July 4th holiday weekend, but continue to face thousands of delayed and cancelled

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Ukraine appeared to be on the verge of losing a key eastern city Sunday in what would be a major setback in its fight against the Russian invasion.