South Korea reports its highest daily rise in cases

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The moon glowed red on Sunday night and the early hours of Monday, after a total lunar eclipse that saw the sun, Earth and moon form a straight line in the night sky.

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CNN's Nic Robertson tours an underground bunker in Helsinki, Finland, housed in a parking garage. The Finnish capital's bunkers can shelter more than 900,000 people.

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The horrific attack in Buffalo this weekend by an 18-year-old White gunman that left 10 people dead was, per the local sheriff, a "straight up racially motivated hate crime." The US Department of Justice backed up that view. They said they're investigating the mass shooting at a grocery store frequented mostly by Black customers "as a hate crime a ...

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JetBlue is going hostile in its effort to acquire Spirit, the latest twist in an industry battle for the low-cost carrier.

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CNN's Brian Stelter discusses the Pennsylvania primary elections for the US Senate and governor and how it is splitting two prominent Fox hosts.

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Renault is selling its business in Russia, including a controlling stake in Lada, becoming the latest carmaker to exit the country over its assault on Ukraine.

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US banks had a stellar run in late 2020 and 2021. Stocks in the sector soared roughly 80%, powered by the strong economic recovery and the promise of higher interest rates, which would allow them to make more money on loans.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) calls former President Donald Trump a "creature" while talking to CNN's Dana Bash about his Supreme Court appointees and the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade.

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Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair recounts his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and how he changed from "Western-facing" to "cold and calculating."

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The Supreme Court has ruled against a Georgia man who has spent decades in the US and faces deportation after checking the wrong box on a driver's license application.

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Chadian police fired tear gas and used water canon to disperse hundreds of protesters who took to the streets of the capital and other towns in an anti-French protest that saw the destruction of some French-linked businesses.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has mobilized the military to respond to the country's first officially acknowledged outbreak of Covid-19, as the impoverished nation scrambles to address what state media has described as a "major national emergency."

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CNN political commentator SE Cupp weighs in on the parallels of the fatal shooting in Buffalo and other mass shootings and how some elected officials have helped fuel the rise of extremism.

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Somalia's parliament elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the country's tenth president on Sunday, in a vote broadcast live on national TV.

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McDonald's became the symbol of glasnost in action 30 years ago when it opened its first restaurant in Moscow. But after temporarily shutting down more than 800 restaurants following the invasion of Ukraine, McDonald's has decided to leave Russia altogether.

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Amber Heard is set to resume her testimony in the $50 million defamation case with ex-husband Johnny Depp on Monday, following a week-long break in proceedings.

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Upon arriving in Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, for the first time since the pandemic began, I dropped my bag off at my Airbnb, strolled out and noticed the words "F**k Putin" graffitied in English on my building. A few meters away, a similar sentiment was scrawled in Russian and not far from that, my friend pointed to the same phrase painted on the w ...

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So far this year, there have been 201 mass shootings in the United States, and it's only May. CNN and the Gun Violence Archive define a mass shooting as one that injures or kills four or more people. As a reminder that gun violence spares no state, city or town, these are the places where they've happened in 2022.

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‘Ghosts in the Machine’ is a mix of bizarre and creepy images that sticks in the mind, but probably won’t send people running to the recruiter’s office.

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Scientists hope tiny fuel cells that use algae, light, and water to create energy could one day charge our phones, among other uses.

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The criminal mastermind behind an international drug market sold meth on the darkweb and did business via a prison’s unsecured phone lines.

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Big media companies, true crime TikTokers and, now, little-known YouTubers converge onto the Heard/Depp trial to grow their audiences any way they can.

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Avoiding data brokers and hostile doctors can be exhausting when you're seeking an abortion. But there are steps you can take to protect your privacy.

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MAGA Doug Mastriano and Kathy Barnette both look poised to win, in what one GOP former congressman calls “a double-nightmare scenario.”

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Ten-year-old Nylah Anderson is just one of dozens of kids and teens to die participating in TikTok’s viral #BlackoutChallenge.

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The grocery workers are the latest to join the revitalized labor movement, along with workers at Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.

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New iPhones can be located even when they are turned off thanks to new functionality. And hackers could take advantage of that.

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Researchers used CRISPR on cockroaches in a first that opens the door to future gene editing research on insects.

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As AI invades the interview process, the DOJ and EOCC have provided guidance to protect people with disabilities from bias.

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If regulation of abortion access falls to the states, it will unleash legal havoc over pregnancy-ending medications that are shipped across state lines.

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A spate of layoffs is just the first sign of trouble for early-stage companies facing an economic downturn.

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Sellers keep getting hit with fee increases—at a time when shelves are sitting empty.

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​In our passwordless future, we'll lose the frustration—and freedom—of getting locked out.

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Diagnose connectivity issues on your computer, smartphone, or game console.

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Finland's President Sauli Niinistö discusses his phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Finland announced their intention to join NATO.

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Forecasters say the West could be looking at a particularly bad wildfire year, as several destructive fires have already ignited well before the hottest, driest months. A fast-moving blaze Wednesday night destroyed 20 homes in a wealthy Orange County, California, community. In New Mexico, more acres have already burned from large fires in the first ...

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• Covid has hit China's economy harder than expected

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Sen. Chris Van Hollen announced Sunday that he suffered a "minor stroke" over the weekend and is hospitalized.

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China has reported disappointing economic data for the month of April, underscoring the extensive damage Covid lockdowns have wreaked on the country.

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This weekend's massacre in Buffalo is the most terrifying proof yet of a grave threat from a wave of White supremacist terrorism -- a seething, hateful ideology that festers online and is adding a new layer of fear to a dangerous, divisive age.

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When masked Russian soldiers ransacked Nina's home in northeastern Ukraine at 6 a.m. one day in late April, they were not searching for weapons. Instead, they were looking for her Ukrainian textbooks.

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In the Umbria region of Italy, most people enjoy their meats. Pork and wild boar are key -- and sometimes the only -- dishes on a hearty Umbrian menu. But pork is not the only specialty in the region.

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Man Ray's famed "Le Violon d'Ingres" made history Saturday when it became the most expensive photograph ever to sell at auction.

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Travis Scott returned to center stage at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

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As more and more countries reopen their borders to eager tourists, a trendy new phrase has emerged on social media: revenge travel.

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The winners of the Billboard Music Awards are being revealed Sunday.

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This past week, former President Donald Trump suffered his first high-profile endorsement defeat of 2022. Nebraska businessman Charles Herbster, who faced allegations of sexual misconduct by multiple women, lost the GOP nomination for governor.

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The faces of Australian election candidates are plastered on campaign posters across the country -- but there's one face that stands out, and it belongs to Xi Jinping.

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Thirteen people were shot -- 10 fatally -- at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket Saturday in a massacre authorities believe was racially motivated.

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Atlanta-based rapper Lil Keed died Friday at the age of 24, according to a tweet Sunday from his record label Young Stoner Life (YSL).

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Remarks and music with lyrics about love, loss and heaven were a common thread throughout the public memorial held for Naomi Judd Sunday at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

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A shooting at a flea market in Harris County, Texas, Sunday left multiple people injured and at least two dead, according to a tweet from the sheriff.

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• Thousands are expected to travel to this Illinois 'oasis' if Roe is struck down

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At least one person is dead and four are critically injured after a shooting Sunday at a church in Laguna Woods, California, according to the sheriff's department.