Ski Resort Dining In A Pandemic - Your Best Bets For Eating This Winter

Ski Resort Dining In A Pandemic  - Your Best Bets For Eating This Winter | Lifestyle

With concerns about indoor dining, ski towns and ski resorts are getting super creative about how to fed guests safely in cold weather.

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Trying to freshen up your iPhone’s Home Screen layout? Fortunately for you, iOS 15 makes that easy. You can now easily rearrange the order of your Home Screen pages, and even hide or delete an entire Home Screen really fast. Here’s how to quickly customize your iOS 15 Home Screens.Read more...

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While most financial experts agree that you should set aside emergency cash totaling three to six months of your expenses, that advice can be pretty broad—especially for such a large sum of money. Here’s a look at the barebones expenses that should be included in your emergency fund, and how to know whether you should…Read more...

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I am, unfortunately, an annoying banana consumer. I like them to be bright yellow and free from any hints of brown or green, though I will choose a freckle or two over a green stem if forced. (Unripe bananas have too many tannins, and those belong in wine.)Read more...

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As soon as the world finds out you’re pregnant, especially if it’s with your first child, you will be blasted from all sides with recommendations of “products every parent needs.” Family will ask if you have the latest nursing pillow, friends will offer to “help you scan” (that is, tell you exactly what they want you …Read more...

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Sure, movie ghosts and masked-slashers are scary, but if you want real, uncut horror you have to go to the source: Real life. These 10 documentaries would be scary enough as fiction, but the fact that they’re real is terrifying.Read more...

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Safari’s iOS 15 redesign has generated controversy, if only because the initial designs were a bit too radical. However, if you can get over its placement at the bottom of the screen, the tab bar arriving today in the final build of iOS 15 is a delight to use. There are even a few gestures that can make it a lot more…Read more...

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The arrival of winter, that darkest of seasons, often brings with it increased feelings of sadness, stress, and worry. And this winter will certainly give parents and kids plenty to feel stressed, sad, and worried about—it’s our second under the cloud of an out-of-control pandemic, back-to-school routines are once…Read more...

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Microsoft recently added a passwordless sign-in option to Microsoft accounts for consumer-level Windows users, including anyone using Windows 10 Home edition and, soon, Windows 11 home edition. Prior to this change, passwordless sign-ins were exclusive to enterprise-level Windows users, but all users will now be able…Read more...

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While the pandemic has been hellish in myriad ways, being able to work from home has had its perks. No commute, no Brenda from accounting unloading some long-winded drama about co-parenting her dog with her ex, and the simple joy of showing up to meetings in your comfiest PJ bottoms and slippers. But perhaps the…Read more...

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“Candied bacon” is a phrase that almost feels like a cheat code. In the early 2000s, it was ubiquitous, so much so that I almost got tired of seeing it in every menu I opened. Candied bacon made its way into French toast, cupcakes, and cocktails, where it would often distract from and obfuscate other ingredients,…Read more...

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The housing market has been bonkers for long enough that some of us have lost all hope of ever owning a home. One possible alternative, though, is searching for a foreclosure: a property the lender has repossessed from a borrower who missed a certain number of mortgage payments and defaulted on their loan.Read more...

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Apple devices tend to retain their value, even after a brand new model is announced. So if you want to resell an iPhone or iPad, or trade in your older one for a discount on a newer model, follow these steps to make sure your info is wiped before you make the hand-off.Read more...

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On Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole?” subreddit, users with questions about the ethics and/or morality of their actions lay it out before the merciless hoard of Reddit’s rabble, asking that age-old question: “Am I the asshole here?”Read more...

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Apple’s big iPhone update, iOS 15, is chock full of fun features. We’ve highlighted 36 we find particularly interesting or useful. But it’s not for everyone. If you don’t feel like adding a slew of new changes to the iPhone you’ve come to know inside and out, but want the security that comes with a new update, there’s…Read more...

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It’s complicated—there are a lot of rules, and it requires a lot of capital—but investing in property through an IRA can be a good way to diversify your investments, especially if you feel like you’re currently investing in too many stocks. Read more...

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to live somewhere with a bathroom that has a powerful exhaust fan—or any exhaust fan at all. This means that getting out of the shower feels like you’re walking out into a steam room instead of your own bathroom. Read more...

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When it comes to romantic relationships, there are certain unwritten rules that often go undiscussed until one person thinks another has broken one. We’re getting better at being open about things like monogamy, but what about disclosure of personal information?Read more...

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Getting a new set of curtains is a quick and relatively affordable way to give a room a little refresh. But beyond picking the colors and patterns, other factors—like their material and length—can help you further customize the space. In an article for The Spruce, Laura Miller shares some strategies for picking the…Read more...

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As an alternative asset class Scotch whisky has had an incredible run and in my opinion consumers are now also looking for great investment value in brands that play in other dark spirit sectors as well as Scotch. Rum offers consumers the chance to get in at the ground floor.

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Many of the very best fall celebrations have nothing to do with the harvest.

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The betting favorites came out slow in their season openers, with underdogs going an astounding 10-6 in Week 1.

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Although Cult Gaia started with a couple of “it” bags, it has transformed into a full lifestyle brand, including ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, swim, and its most recent launch: sunglasses.

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An eight-month, 10,000-mile road trip from Arizona to the East Coast and back shows how the COVID-19 delta variant changed the way Americans travel — perhaps permanently.

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Hard-touring Umphrey’s McGee issued its “You Walked Up Shaking In Your Boots But You Stood Tall and Left a Raging Bull” album in July.

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Released this month, Meesha Shafi’s latest song, Hot Mango Chutney Sauce, is every bit a sizzling ditty with a killer music video to boot.

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Watch connoisseur Danny Goldsmith and Ian Happ of the Chicago Cubs have collaborated with sculpture studio Berd Vay’e to produce a limited edition of baseball-themed horological art.

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A neo-baroque palace built by an Archduchess in Budapest in 1902 has just emerged from five years of renovation as a luxury hotel mixing opulent history with contemporary design.

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The NFL schedule makers had high expectations when slating a Sunday Night matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens, but injuries have turned this potential AFC playoff preview into a risky situation for sports bettors.

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It’s not that we ever stopped loving television, but it has ended up playing a bigger role in many people’s lives since the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed how we socialize. So even if you’ve never cared about the Emmy Awards before, you may be a little more invested this year, and interested to see whether…Read more...

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Part of what makes a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers so special is knowing that they won’t be around forever, so you should cherish them in the moment, or some crap like that. Because when you think about it, you’re essentially putting a bunch of flower corpses (or amputees) in a vase and keeping them around until they…Read more...

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When they do their job properly, suction cups are great. Extra storage in the shower? Don’t mind if I do. But sometimes, suction cups lose their ability to stick to the wall. Try as you might to get them to stay put, they keep sliding down the tile in your bathroom or the kitchen window, and it’s a problem.…Read more...

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The art museum at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida has been rebranded as the Rollins Museum of Art signaling efforts to expand its reach beyond campus.

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The Michigan State Police will include a prototype Ford Mustang Mach-E police vehicle during 2021 test of police vehicles this weekend

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As summer comes to an end and the world returns back to work (or school), see what’s trending this month in the City of Dreams in addition to London Fashion Week.

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The largest cannabis companies in the U.S. are going toe-to-toe in a price war and land grab in a fight over the Florida market.

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United Airlines is increasing flights and adding eco-friendly planes to meet demand.

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Ships still sail to islands with a CDC Level-4 rating. Here's what passengers can expect.

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The delivery systems allow psychedelic drugs to bypass the stomach, liver and blood-brain barrier—making tinkering with certain psychedelic effects possible.

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Beloved cannabis industry conference Hall of Flowers prepares for its first in-person event since the pandemic in Santa Rosa, California, on September 22 and 23, 2021.

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Eye exquisite photos of off-the-beaten-path escapes. Feel uplifted.

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Harry Winston’s expert gemologists and designers paired unexpected stones together in a dazzling array of colors throughout the new Winston with Love collection.

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An exhibition of nine paintings by Lucy uses the aesthetic language of Vilhelm Hammershøi and Johannes Vermeer to create landscapes that lift the veil off what we have been conditioned to see — and expose so much of what we do consider to be real as artificial.

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The U.K. government announced a huge simplification to Covid-19 travel restrictions, testing and quarantine requirements. From October, vaccinated passengers will be able to come and go more freely and the unvaccinated must quarantine.

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The new Fiat 500e is an all-electric car created to be the archetype city commuter with a visual nod to the 1957 cinquecento and a salute to Federico Fellini and Nino Rota's Amarcord

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Anyone who has spent time in Italy knows that the selection of wines you can get there puts much of what is on our shelves to shame.

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Affectionately known as “Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel”, the award-winning Ka’anapali Beach Hotel offers daily cultural classes, which encourage guests to travel deeper to understand what the aloha spirit is all about.

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Add some style to your coffee table courtesy of these candle selects.

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Finding a bottle of bubbly that you can pop open with abandon any night of the week—that pairs with a wide range of food but is just as transporting on its own, and that is so pleasurable it tastes like it costs more than it actually does—is cause for celebration.

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Cannabis will be front and center at an experiential exhibit in New York City opening October 1.

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Kahlo’s 152 paintings, along with rare photographs, diary entries, letters, and an illustrated biography, comprise this resplendent TASCHEN XXL monograph available now.

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Three great Pinot Noir vineyard sites throughout California are compared by wine producer Landmark Vineyards.

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Delta-8 THC, the hemp-derived cannabinoid currently legal under federal law that still gets you high, is finally being targeted by federal authorities.

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Sports betting has reached new heights. Tech billionaire Jared Isaacman has placed the first sports bets from outer space through BetMGM. Issacman is the commander of space flight "Inspiration4" and has three other crew members aboard the 3-day space flight.