An Atlas Shows Climate Change Is Pushing Birds Further North

An Atlas Shows Climate Change Is Pushing Birds Further North | News

Data from 120,000 birdwatchers in 48 countries shows forest birds have expanded their range while area occupied by farmland birds has shrunk.

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The lack of support for ‘Grand Army,’ ‘On My Block,’ and ‘One Day at a Time’ suggests a theme: Is Netflix deprioritizing its POC-driven programming?

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The last supermoon of 2021 -- the "strawberry" full moon -- will rise Thursday.

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A UK government minister said Thursday that Britain was prepared to sail naval vessels through disputed waters near Crimea again, a day after confrontation between a British warship and Russian forces in the Black Sea.

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Authorities in South Florida were responding early Thursday to a "partial building collapse," the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said. Michael Ruiz, a resident spoke to CNN affiliate WPLG.

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Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the Philippines’ 15th president, died at the age of 61.

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Flaws in a firmware security tool affect as many as 30 million desktops, laptops, and tablets.

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It blew an entire town to pieces, flipping trains and flattening banks. But there’s one place you might try to hide.

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The US women's soccer team that will compete at this year's Tokyo Olympics will have a familiar look as Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan were among a slew of experienced players named in the national squad on Wednesday.

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Brazil maintained its perfect record at the 2021 Copa América with a 2-1 win over Colombia, but it was a result that was marred by controversy.

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Just a few years ago, it looked as though European sleeper trains were on their way to becoming a thing of the past as services were continually cut back.

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The havoc wreaked by Covid-19 on the wedding industry was bound to leave its mark somehow. With 2020 ceremonies across the globe postponed indefinitely or canceled altogether, determined couples adapted as best they could: slashing guest lists by more than two-thirds and matching their outfits to mandatory face coverings. Some weddings even went vi ...

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In the space of just nine days, Copenhagen's Parken Stadium played host to Euro 2020's worst moment and then its best.

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How did Spider-Man get to meet the Pope and hand him a mask? CNN's Jeanne Moos untangles the web behind the photo that's become a web sensation.

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US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman tells Amanpour about President Joe Biden's plans amid Taliban's wins in Afghanistan and tensions with China and Iran.

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In an exclusive interview with CNN's Will Ripley, Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu discussed the island's relations with China, including Beijing's military threat and the risk of cyberattacks.

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Its founder calls it "the biggest shakeup in Italy" in the past decade, it's been hailed as a "vital way to combat overtourism," and now it's ready: the region of Tuscany has taken the first step towards becoming one giant gallery.

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President Joe Biden's closely watched summit last week with his Russian counterpart affirmed his belief that nothing can replicate a face-to-face with a tough adversary. Now, he and his aides are looking ahead to a higher-stakes encounter: a meeting with China's Xi Jinping.

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Blink-182 singer and bassist Mark Hoppus is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, he said Wednesday on his social media accounts.

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For the first time in 300 years, Rembrandt's famed "The Night Watch" is back on display in what researchers say is its original size, with missing parts temporarily restored in an exhibition aided by artificial intelligence.

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Britney Spears once declared Justin Timberlake her great love and on Wednesday he showed her love after she spoke out during her conservatorship hearing.

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Authorities in Miami Beach, Florida, responded to a "partial building collapse" early Thursday morning, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said.

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“Our spaceships are flying in the sky, the new China must get lit.”

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From organising rooms with Islamophobic agendas to bullying minority participants, young Hindu nationalists are actively organising on Clubhouse.

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A suspected thief was shot dead by police at his home in southwestern China on Wednesday after he repeatedly threatened to detonate explosives during a 16-hour standoff.

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China's escalating military intimidation of Taiwan shows the self-governed island "needs to prepare" for a possible military conflict, Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said in an exclusive interview with CNN.

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Critics of Aquino and allies of President Rodrigo Duterte shared their thoughts after news of the death of the former leader.

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Efforts to save Australia's endangered Tasmanian devil population led to thousands of sea birds being wiped out on an island in the Tasman Sea, according to local environmentalists.

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Hundreds of unmarked graves were discovered at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Canada, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations said Wednesday.

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Brazil's controversial environment minister, Ricardo Salles, announced Wednesday that he was stepping down from the position amid an investigation into allegations he obstructed a police probe into illegal logging.

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President Joe Biden will validate a foundational pillar of his presidency on Thursday -- a quest to court Republicans across Congress' poisoned divides -- if he signs off on a hard won bipartisan infrastructure deal.

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Japan's top court on Wednesday threw out a challenge by three couples who wanted to keep their own surnames after marriage, ruling that laws stipulating Japanese couples must choose one family name were constitutional, according to local media.

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When you think of a factory, you might imagine a giant facility with huge chimneys belching steam. But consumer goods giant Unilever has developed a fully functioning production line inside a shipping container.

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Last year, Google and Facebook collectively bet more than $10 billion on Asia's richest man and his plan to bring hundreds of millions of Indians online.

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The former President of the Philippines Benigno Aquino III died Thursday at the age of 61 after being hospitalized in Quezon City, state media reported.

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Chinese businesses with risky investments in Southeast Asia's Mekong region are increasingly turning to legal, China-based private security companies for protection, according to a new report.

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Senators on both sides of the aisle said Wednesday evening there's an agreement with White House officials and 10 senators on a bipartisan infrastructure deal, with senators planning to meet with President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday to discuss it.

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• Ivanka and Jared distance themselves from Trump

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The Marvel/Disney+ strategy of slowly building stories is becoming a bit of a bore with the third episode of "Loki," a protracted escape scenario that gave fans lots of time to luxuriate in the title character -- and his new variant -- while doing precious little to advance the overarching plot.

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California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom will face a recall election, marking just the second time in state history that a special election will be held to recall a sitting governor.

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The Justice Department released six never-before-seen clips of police body-camera and surveillance footage showing rioters harassing and attacking police on January 6 around the US Capitol.

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Filmmaker Nick Guthe says in the months before his wife, Heidi Ferrer, died by suicide, she suffered debilitating long-haul Covid symptoms.

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Scientists investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic might be working with the wrong samples, because some early samples of the virus submitted by a Chinese researcher were deleted from a shared database, an expert in the evolution of viruses says.

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The next version of Windows will finally be unveiled—officially, at least. Here's how to watch live, and the features that will be on their way to your PC soon.

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An ancient mummy, believed to belong to a priest, got a CT scan at a hospital in Milan, Italy. The procedure is part of a project that aims to discover the mummy's identity and the way it was preserved.

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In one of his last shows on TBS, Conan O'Brien smoked weed with guest Seth Rogen. O'Brien's new show will premiere on HBO Max.

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The scientist Alan Turing helped end WWII by deciphering Nazi messages. In the 1950s, the UK convicted him under Victorian-era homophobic laws. Today, his legacy is being celebrated with an artwork and by making Turing the face of Britain's new £50 note.

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CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with UN's World Food Programme (WFP) executive director David Beasley about the developing food crisis in southern Madagascar which he says has pushed 1.14 million people "right to the very edge of starvation." Successive droughts made worse by climate change are plaguing the African island, according to the WFP.

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The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, says he wants to know what caused the January 6th insurrection and fired back at Rep. Matt Gaetz's (R-FL) question about critical race theory.

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Hong Kong's biggest pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily, will close its print and digital production as Beijing tightens its grip.

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The antivirus pioneer and alleged cryptocurrency scammer was 75 years old.

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“I’ve read Karl Marx, I’ve read Lenin. It doesn’t make me a communist,” said Gen. Mark Milley.

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Britney Spears broke her silence in a court hearing on Wednesday regarding her court-ordered conservatorship that has been in place for nearly 13 years.

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Violent fights. Drugs. A log impalement.

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The Covid-19 outbreak at the US Embassy in Kabul has grown to 159 cases, according to a diplomatic cable sent Tuesday, as a devastating third wave of the deadly disease continues to hit Afghanistan.

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Actor Drake Bell, best known for the Nickelodeon sitcom "Drake & Josh," pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges of attempted endangering of children and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, according to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office in Ohio.

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Britney Spears went before a court on Wednesday and spoke publicly for the first time about the conservatorship that has controlled almost every aspect of her life for 13 years.

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Coca-Cola thought personalized bottles might bring some summer fun to its fans. Instead, it met the internet.

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People working with Joe Biden's presidential campaign repeatedly warned Facebook about violent campaign-related rhetoric on its platform during the heat of the 2020 election, but a series of email exchanges reveals how the social media giant sometimes brushed them off.

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice to equal the all-time international goalscoring record as Portugal qualified for the last 16 of Euro 2020 in a thrilling conclusion to Group F on Wednesday.