The classic video game remakes and remasters that took the edge off 2020

The classic video game remakes and remasters that took the edge off 2020 | Tech

In a year of endless uncertainty and monotony, where a pleasure as simple as eating out at a favorite restaurant has warped into an inadvisable health risk, video games were there to help us get through it all. Normally, I’m all over new releases and fresh takes on ongoing series, but in 2020 I gravitated toward a different pool of games: remakes and remasters. It was a year filled with them, bringing a sort of heightened familiarity to many people like myself who were searching for a sense of safe normalcy. Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+ 2 took beloved games of the late ‘90s and early aughts, revamping them into beautiful remasters. Demon’s Souls upgraded the oft-overlooked 2009 precursor to Dark Souls into a 4K PS5 launch titleSuper Mario 3D All-Stars brought us barely touched re-releases of the iconic Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Read more...More about Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Best Of 2020, and Entertainment

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The Tokyo-based company hopes the vehicle will rival the popularity of supercars.

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Candid looks at the inner workings of influential tech companies shouldn’t be so rare.

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TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube are facing claims they are failing to protect children.

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Calls to allow consumers to be able to choose who fixes their products is a growing movement.

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To protect children online, more companies and governments are forcing users to prove how old they are.

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With platforms like Snowflake, companies can quickly and effectively manage third-party data — an essential part of being a modern business, says Naresh Shetty, Chief Architect in Cognizant's Digital Business & Technology practice.

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How can/should companies overhaul or leverage their procurement strategies to better manage all of the supply shortages right now? Answer by Greg Tennyson, SVP, Strategy & Procurement at Fairmarkit.

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Oura has announced its third-generation smart ring, the Oura Ring Generation 3.

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What stands out in new MacBook Pro reviews? How much is Tim Cook’s team leaning into the power of the Apple Silicon? And are they worthy of the MacBook Pro moniker?

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#1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead dives in as recently he sat down with Jeremy Warner, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Micron Storage business unit, and Raj Azra, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Micron Compute and Networking business unit.

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Toronto-based construction-focused workforce intelligence company Brigit announced it has raised CA$ 24 million in a Series B funding round co-led by Camber Creek and Storm Ventures.

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This successful niche enterprise networking technology has now paved the way for much bigger markets in the future of cloud networking – what I am calling the Third Wave of Cloud Networks.

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#1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead dives in as there is a new Chief Technology Officer at VMware. Kit Colbert is thirty days into the role after eighteen years at VMware, where he started as an intern. Patrick had the opportunity to talk with Kit about his visions for the future at VMware.

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Digital tabletop gaming company Demiplane announces Pathfinder Nexus, a set of digital tools to play Pathfinder Second Edition at the table or online.

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Finding Craig on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram may be as challenging as following some of the plots of the recent Bond films

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Cofounded in 2018 by Maren Bannon and Jennifer Neundorfer, January Ventures has been well known for its forward-thinking approach to diversity, inclusion and, more than anything else, its aim to fully capitalize underrepresented founders from the start.

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The lack of scientifically based decisions and the unwillingness to consider individual health circumstances is quite problematic for the physical and mental health of the country. Sowing seeds of division is not helpful to public safety, confidence or economic and emotional well-being.

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Analyst Will Townsend takes a look at HPE Aruba's newly announced Aruba CX 10000 series, a first of its kind distributed services platform.

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Tell tall tales of the weird, wild west with this RPG that offers a look at history from the marginalized voices that shaped how we live today.

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Analyst Melody Brue explores the way AI and ML are changing the financial technology space.

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McCree is dead. Long live Cole Cassidy.

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Company researchers in 2020 suggested several measures that might reduce how often users were exposed to harmful content.

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How can companies maintain a positive culture in a hybrid work environment? Answer by Charlene Walters, Business & Branding Mentor, Corporate Training.

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Lamakers have suggested this could be Big Tech's "big tobacco moment"

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Moor Insights & Strategy Reviewer, Zane Pickett, had the opportunity to speak with Foundry IV CEO Tobias Sherman and 'Ink Master' Partner Chris Nunez on their first initial steps as a game publisher as the company releases their first mobile game to expedition into the gaming market; Color Collab.

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Are Apple’s new MacBook Pro really your best choice for a macOS laptop, or does have Tim Cook and his team have something better?

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Apple iOS 15.1 brings a lot of new features and a lot of problems...

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While companies like Facebook and Snap Inc. complain of data privacy changes within iOS, Alphabet says the impact has been "modest."

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Orbital Reef is backed by Blue Origin, Sierra Space, Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions and Arizona State University.

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The streaming service said it would bid for a nearly 300-acre chunk of Fort Monmouth and it has the support of Gov. Phil Murphy.

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The reinstatement of the left-wing outlet is the second U-turn over removing political content this month.

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The social media giant is making bonkers money. But it aims to turn itself inside out to get more young people.

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Several companies have been targeted in recent weeks, according to an industry body.

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Lawmakers are expected to press the executives on the mounting concerns that their services harm children and teenagers.

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Most video games based on popular movies end up being bitterly disappointing, with the rare exceptions of 007 Quantum of Solace (2008) and Wanted (2009) - and now Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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One of the most pressing questions is whether the Securities and Exchange Commission will significantly add to the company’s woes.

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An enormous new analysis of the wiring of the fruit fly brain is a milestone for the young field of modern connectomics, scientists say.

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Facebook's vice-president of content policy, Monika Bickert, spoke to the BBC about the site.

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Mr. Chappelle’s special has put Netflix at the center of a conversation involving transphobia, free speech and employee activism.

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Google says its latest smartphone can erase unwanted objects and people from photographs.

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Elon Musk says Tesla is rolling back its latest self-driving car software after a series of issues.

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Frances Haugen, who leaked thousands of documents, is appearing before MPs working on online safety.

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Nine schools in Scotland had planned to allow pupils to pay for their meals using the technology.

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New technology, a few iPads and a quick tutorial can help anyone act like a pilot. Dealing with air traffic control is another matter.

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Awareness of the climate crisis and the need for corporate action us at its height. But credibility requires global standards and that means net zero for companies, investors and governments is needed now.

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Cloud computing is continuing to make massive advances. Here we look at the biggest cloud computing trends for 2022.

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The website of Britain’s biggest supermarket, Tesco, has been suffering from serious technical problems for more than 24 hours.

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Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

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The new AKG Ara USB microphone is affordable and sounds great thanks to a low floor noise and zero-latency monitoring.

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The Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative has just published a report which makes clear that U.S. board directors need to ensure that the company is well-managed from the perspective of climate change. This responsibility is rooted in Delaware law under the duty of loyalty and duty of care.

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Fortnite has just released a pair of skins bolstering its collection of Capcom crossovers. Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield join Street Fighter’s Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy and Guile as new playable skins, and each has two versions.

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This week, out of nowhere, Ruby Rose decided it was finally time to tell her side of the story of her strange departure from season 1 of Batwoman. Now, there's a counter-reveal.

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Generally speaking, I’d say Bungie is pretty good about responding to common fan complaints about Destiny 2, from major to minor issues. Except for these three

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Roadmaps are pretty par for the course for most “live” games, but we really don’t know much of anything about how New World plans to roll out future content. Are they doing huge expansions like other MMOs? Are they trickling out new content gradually instead? Is it paid, free?

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An outbreak of melioidosis was solved by the CDC when Burkholderia pseudomallei, which causes the infection, showed up in the aromatherapy bottle from the Georgia patient’s home. We need to better support public health.

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Kai-Fu Lee discusses his new book, the investments he’s made based on his predictions in it, and where the U.S.-China AI rivalry now stands.

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Data from Public Health England showed that reported cases of donovanosis increased in 2019. But is this STI really on the rise in the U.K.?

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It’s a left turn from the original plan, a standalone Cyberpunk multiplayer game, but indicates that 2077 may get some kind of online component in the future.

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Re-branding won't help Facebook escape its' responsibilities; history tells us this just ask BP, Shell, or SeaWorld. I have written a lot about Facebook in the last three years because it is the fulcrum for several challenging debates...

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Consumer electronics company, Skullcandy commits to keeping one million pounds of e-waste out of landfills by 2025 and it starts with upcycling.