This Easy Mistake Could Cost You 7%+ Dividends, Upside In 2021

This Easy Mistake Could Cost You 7%+ Dividends, Upside In 2021 | Economy

With 2020 coming to a (merciful) close, it’s a good time to take a moment to cast an eye over our dividend portfolios.

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The Biden administration will permit "ESG" funds for 401(k)s. Whether they will mandate them remains to be seen.

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On the same week Warren reintroduce the Stop Wall Street Looting Act, some of private equity's biggest names were busy demonstrating their expansive reach.

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Is it possible to invest effectively in renewable energy without the stocks of world’s two largest producers of wind and solar? As of this month, investors buying into ETFs based on S&P Global Green Energy Index will no longer have a stake in these two prolific developers and operators.

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Most income investors limit themselves to mere “common” dividends. But there’s no need for us to settle for 2% blue-chip yields when we can bank 6%+ payouts from the same companies.

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You may be wondering should your rush to pay off your mortgage before you retire? What you need to know if paying off your mortgage is a smart retirement planning move.

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Stocks are likely to rise late in the week.

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This week brings us the verdict on third-quarter U.S. economic growth. Most GDP reports look too much in the rear-view mirror to significantly impact markets, but this could be different. This is the second busiest week of earnings season, with 164 S&P 500 companies scheduled to report earnings.

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Today's Social Security column addresses questions about taking early retirement benefits before survivor's benefits, switching from disability benefits to retirement benefits at 62 and ideas for writing a letter appealing a benefit reduction.

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Sex abuse and legal settlements are common, and yet the way in which these recoveries are taxed remains cloudy. It seems shocking to think they could ever be taxed, but it can depend on the wording, IRS Forms 1099 and the evidence you have. Some people say that should change.

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This is a key week for tech earnings as the charts of two tech giants, says technical analyst Tom Aspray, should be examined closely before earnings are released.

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As NFTs gain popularity as a way of owning digital assets and joining tokenized communities, there are signs that this new way of creating and collecting art could drive advances in diversity, equity and inclusion in historically inequitable spaces.

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Stocks are pricey, but we closed-end fund (CEF) investors aren’t sweating it.

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China’s vulnerability in the semiconductor industry is acute. In the core production segments Beijing may imagine it can spend its way into competitiveness. But the weakness of their position extends to highly specialized supporting technology segments that are much harder for China to enter.

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How to get student loan forgiveness

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The past year has seen an investor frenzy for fintech companies, with 88 new fintech unicorns and 46 fintech IPOs. Now Chime is preparing for a March 2022 IPO.

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Trump’s Social Media Platform to Merge with SPAC: An Insider’s Look at SPACs Following the recent announcement of a definitive merger agreement with Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), shares of the special-purpose acquisition group (SPAC) Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC) skyrock...

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Former President Trump announced he is creating a media company that will merge with a SPAC to become a publicly traded stock. At a valuation pushing $20 billion, with no revenue or earnings, this overheated stock will return to earth.

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To state it plainly and simply, what are called “value stocks” are doing better than what are called “growth stocks” lately.

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Snap plunged 20% and has little chance for an immediate turnaround. One reason to hope: The stock is up four-fold since its awful Q1 2018 earnings report.

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Ryan Frederick's new book, Right Time Right Place, arrives just in time to help older adults decide where to live as they look to their future. A must-read for those searching for the right answer.

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3M Company is scheduled to report its Q3 2021 results on Tuesday, October 26. We expect 3M to likely post revenue and earnings above the street expectations, driven by a rebound in the overall economic activity, as global Covid-19 vaccination rates continue to rise. This will bode well for 3M’s...

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Asian equities were largely higher on lower volumes as Mainland China and India were both off a touch.

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Netflix continues to perform, churning out a ton of content consumers love. But there's also been some backlash on some of it, which could impact investors.

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Seven straight up days on the S&P 500; Portillo’s IPO Gives Chicagoans a Reason for Optimism

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Investors hope to find out more evidence about the state of automotive chip supply chains when Europe’s auto manufacturer’s report 3rd quarter financial results, and Renault of France’s news Friday that its production losses would be much bigger than expected won’t help their mood.

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Tesla published a stronger than expected set of Q3 2021 results despite the ongoing chip shortages and supply chain issues weighing on the automotive industry. While Tesla’s adjusted EPS rose by about 2.5x to $1.86, almost $0.34 ahead of our estimates, Tesla revenues rose by 57% year-over-year to...

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Gold and inflation are so interlinked in my mind that it is a no-brainer to be loaded up with gold assets going into what seems likely to be an extended period of inflation.

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Ever since the financial crisis, though, savings income hasn’t kept pace with inflation.

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There are many options for student loan forgiveness and discharge, but there are complicated eligibility criteria and the application process varies. Learn how to apply for student loan forgiveness.

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Solana's sol token just reached its latest record price level. What helped push the digital currency to this most recent zenith? Several analysts weigh in.

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As absurd as it seems, participants in pensions historically have had virtually no say in how their retirement savings are invested.

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On how the transition in financial services from analog to digital; productized to embedded; and centralized to decentralized constitutes a complete revolution, perhaps justifying the level of venture capital investment in fintech.

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What the author of 'Right Place Right Time' recommends about moving in your 50s or 60s

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Though social media stocks struggled on Friday, the Dow posted its first record close in more than two months.

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This semi-retired psychologist says the key is to avoid 'a plunge into the abyss of insignificance'

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Hilma Wolitzer and her daughter Meg talk about family, writing and feminism

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Solana's sol reached a new record earlier today. What's next for this digital token? Technical analysts weigh in.

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Investors see value in these companies

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A panel of 50 bitcoin and cryptocurrency experts has predicted the bitcoin price will continue to climb through 2021, hitting highs of around $80,000, before surging to $250,000 by 2025 and a staggering $5 million per bitcoin by 2030...

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Despite school reopenings and the end of some federal aid, many people are in no rush to land a job. Savings and health concerns are playing a role.

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A more traditional view is competing against a newer approach that has become mainstream among economists.

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J.P. Morgan experts say digital payment solutions help companies monetize subscriptions, prevent fraud, better understand their customers and complete more sales online.

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Guru increases stake in cloud-based software company

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Crypto products and policy are developing fast, and that should be applauded

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One MarketWatch article voiced concerns that a futures-based bitcoin ETF is "inferior" to a spot ETF. Is this claim accurate? Several market analysts offer their point of view.

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Who will win the race to provide affordable EVs to Main Street?

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The American Rescue Plan could be pushing inflation up slightly and temporarily, a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco analysis said.

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Democrats are debating whether doing nothing will cost more than doing something to deal with climate change, education, child care, prescription drugs and more.

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Last week's rise produced positive indicators for the stock market. However, patience looks to be the best strategy.

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The rollercoaster of student loan servicing changes continues for borrowers. Here are the latest Navient and FedLoan Servicing updates.

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Advance child tax credit payment system faces another glitch, and the IRS is up to Letter O on its FAQs. The latest: How to return payments.

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Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans deliver similar health outcomes and customer satisfaction measures, though MA plans tend to deliver more coordinated care.

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When investors think about investing in quality, they often think of it as a factor, but it is much more than just a factor.

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The amount of legwork AMC Entertainment needs to do to reach its goals is nothing short of astronomical.

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What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries.

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As SEC Commissioner Allison Herren Lee delivered her remarks at the annual The SEC Speaks on Oct. 12—focusing on the rapid growth of private markets in the 21st century and the implication of this growth on investors and the economy at large—it was a vindicating moment for me as I have written on...

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The Semiconductor Index is below its 50-day SMA and has a negative weekly chart.

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A reverse mortgage's pros and cons, plus alternatives for retirement income

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How high out-of-pocket health costs are causing them financial pain

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Joan and Steve Reid planned to retire happily by slashing their spending after moving from New York to less-costly Florida in 2019. Here's what happened.