Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Home Office Furnishings

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Home Office Furnishings | Lifestyle

With our new world in mind, we compiled some of our favorite home office accoutrements, from fab furniture to charming accessories that make us smile.

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Dior’s Spring Summer 2023 women’s collection was unveiled from the City of Lights.

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Legendary house producer Kerri Chandler is a true master of the game. The iconic artist has gone 14 years without an album release until September 26 when he dropped “Spaces and Places.”

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The latest Ford F-Series Super Duty puts an aggressive emphasis on technology, adding a long list of capabilities that could prove daunting for Ford’s competition to one up.

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It's happening. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are about to change the MCU forever.

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There’s a reason why a breakup often feels like a death. Whether you’ve initiated the breakup or on the receiving end of one, there is a definite mourning period that comes at the end of a relationship.Read more...

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Taco Tuesday fans, this news is for you.

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If you’re a parent whose kids play sports, you probably noticed that it costs a pretty penny. While you may be able to get away with a $20 jersey in kiddie soccer, once they get older and start playing on teams or rehearsing for large performances, you’ll be faced with much higher participation and equipment fees.…Read more...

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An important ritual for both physical and mental health, giving us a daily moment to get clean, take relaxing deep breaths, and either prepare for the day or unwind at night.

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Consider this a conundrum: I constantly want to have stylish, perfect nails, but can never find the time to make it to a salon, and my at-home painting skills are not the best.

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For many, there are only two types of cornbread: right and wrong. Or Southern and Northern. [Editor’s note: What is Northern cornbread? I don’t know her.] For me, both styles are simply blank canvases that I can add flavors to. If you’re brave enough to break tradition with me, try this spicy, tomato ketchup cornbread.Read more...

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The theme parks will close for two days on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Palazzo di Varignana, set in the Apennine foothills outside of Bologna, combines a wellness retreat, active sports center and showcase of the region's celebrated cuisine.

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The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966, and the intention of the law is to make the federal government’s functioning a bit more transparent to the general public. The theory is that since We the People pay for everything, we technically own all the information…Read more...

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It took me a while to warm to pepper, at least as a child. My younger sister, who called pepper “hot salt,” loved it so much, she would sprinkle it on her cantaloupe, a fruit that was commonly served for dessert at my grandmother’s house. I eventually learned to love the pungent, fermented berries—especially white…Read more...

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From putting a hex on your ex to love spells and shadow work, the Halloween spirit is coming alive at this modern hotel for October.

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House of the Dragon leaped a decade into the future for episode 6, “The Princess and the Queen."

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The smell of caramelizing onions is one of the most heavenly aromas one can sniff, and it’s one of those foods where the taste lives up to the promise of the fragrance. Caramelized onions are condensed, intensely flavorful, sweet, savory, and a little pungent all at once. That flavor-bomb nature is what makes them so…Read more...

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Looking for a food centric vacation, but perhaps also really want that easy one-stop-shop resort feel? Well, look no further than Baha Mar in Nassau. From October 21st to 23rd, the luxury resort will be hosting the first ever The Bahamas Culinary & Arts Festival.

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Michael Myer's reign of terror comes to an end this Halloween, as Blumhouse releases the final installment of their successful horror series revival.

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Russell Westbrook And Honor The Gift are celebrating the grand opening of its Los Angeles flagship store this week, as the September month stirs up the streets of the four major cities of Fashion Week.

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Sitting at the intersection Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week is the Bicester Collection, being true to form and supporting sustainable fashion.

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Raking leaves is a pain in the ass. It’s time-consuming, wet, cold, and can even trigger your allergies. You have to do it, but so tedious is this task that people have come up with a variety of hacks and devices to help you get it done more efficiently. You can scoop leaves up with plastic or use a tarp or blanket to…Read more...

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A Q&A with Blue Apron’s vice president of culinary John Adler.

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Smile and Pyae Maung are one of Myanmar’s most adored power couples. It was through them I’d learned about Myanmar’s prized artisanal textile, lotus silk, which is amongst the most expensive fabrics in the world. Painstakingly created by hand, it takes upward of two months to create one scarf.

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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat app, making it the perfect playground for spreading misinformation and lies. You might spend your time begging your relatives not to believe everything they read in WhatsApp threads, often to no avail. However, there’s finally some WhatsApp news that is worth spreading as far…Read more...

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Nora En Pure has been captivating audiences with her distinct sound that boasts beautiful, emotive sounds.

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The highest-grossing film in history could be headed to another historic outcome this holiday season.

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Making a presentation deck can be difficult, but being engaging, informative, and fun while you’re speaking can be even harder. You might turn to PowerPoint or Google Slides, but you should also consider Canva, which has been promoting new command features lately. Of course, never switch to a new software if you’re in…Read more...

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When traveling in Prague you will want to add a visit to the nearby charming town of Český Krumlov to your itinerary.

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Eggs and toast tend to be my breakfast of choice. Any number of food companions can join the party, but that savory, protein-carb partnership is always holding court. That being said, the toast in this union changes from day to day depending on what’s in my freezer, and lately, that’s been crumpets. Most people think…Read more...

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With the help of the following intrepid outdoor photographers, discover tips on capturing your subject in the best lighting, using diverse angles and perspectives for a distinctive shot, and storytelling through dynamic images. Summit peaks, toss stones, come alive, and capture it all.

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Romulo Cafe and Kasa & Kin are a culinary celebration of Pinoy cuisine.

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The “Royal Sleep Experience” will include plenty of champagne, spa treatments and sleep-inducing treats to celebrate Swift's new album, Midnight's.

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Long known for its luxury cruises, Silversea is now making a name as well with its polar expedition ships, as the new Silver Endeavour and Silver Origin join the veteran Silver Wind.

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The beautiful old world duplex has a wood-paneled living room, a mural-wrapped dining room, gym, private elevator entrance, and glamorous bedrooms.

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If you’ve noticed an underperforming investment in your portfolio, you might have a silver lining available to you: tax-loss harvesting. This strategy allows you to offset taxable capital gains with your capital losses. Through this process, you can reduce your tax bill and improve your overall portfolio going…Read more...

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Dining is a huge part of travel, and here are some of the world's best restaurants in six categories.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is urging consumers to check their pantries, refrigerators, and freezers to see whether they contain any of the roughly 87,00 pounds of various ready-to-eat meat products that may be contaminated with harmful bacteria.Read more...

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Expect widespread disruptions. "Few air travelers will not be affected one way or the other by Ian this week," according to FlightAware.

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The Apple Watch is great for runners, but a few of its limitations get in the way of training for long-distance races. Most runners have encountered the low battery warning just as they’re about to step out, or realize too late that they don’t have any music for the run because they forgot to sync songs. There are…Read more...

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Taking in views of the water and the setting sun, this two-story villa built in 1989 and refurbished in 2017 is set on a rise and overlooks Tunafjärden.

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This 1930 Cadillac V-16 Sport Phaeton is one of only 85 Sport Phaetons built for the V-16 chassis in 1930 and 1931 combined.

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While tourism numbers worldwide plummeted in 2020 and 2021 because of covid, the number of Americans visiting Turkey in the first half of 2022 is up 76.8% over the same period of 2019 before the pandemic struck.

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If your dryer suddenly stops working or starts running too hot, you’ll be left with either soggy or shrunken clothes. Worse, a malfunctioning dryer can actually be a fire hazard. We typically don’t think much about our laundry appliances when they’re working well, so we tend to take them for granted. But there are…Read more...

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Fashion, Web 3.0 and Korean culture all collide in Paris.

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It’s late September, and you know what means: It’s time for warnings about criminals putting harmful objects into kids’ Halloween candy! This year, the big fear is that crazed druggies will drop “rainbow fentanyl” into kids’ candy bags. Like every past hysterical warning, it’s very unlikely to happen. It’s so…Read more...

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Certified esthetician Robert William shares tips for taking care of your skin during the change of season.

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Leica continues to explore the depths of design and good business while maintaining its position as the company that produces cameras for those with a passion for photography

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There are few things more annoying (or alarming) than your PC randomly shutting off in the middle of a game. If you’ve ruled out other solutions to the problem—like upgrading your GPU’s drivers or motherboard’s BIOS, or fixing improperly installed hardware—the most likely culprit is your PC’s power supply unit (PSU).…Read more...

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The list of European countries offering digital nomad visas to attract foreign remote workers gets longer as Spain prepares to join it.

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American Airlines passengers flying out of this airport can now schedule an appointment through MIA Reserve.

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In a perfect world, a sibling is a best friend and an ally. In the real world, sibling relationships can be incredibly complicated—and although there will always be the less-than-perfect parts, there can come a point when the flaws rise to the level of being considered toxic. Read more...

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Bordeaux, away from the hustle and tourist hordes of Paris, is the idyllic fall escape. And its best kept secret? The chic new Hotel Villas Foch, a 19th-century former mansion turned 20-room urban haven—a standout not only for its jaw-dropping design, but for its discreet vibe.

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While many visitors to Washington DC book stays downtown or in more touristy locales like Georgetown, it’s tough to get a sense how locals really live. Enter Viceroy Washington DC in Logan Circle, one of the city's hippest and most walkable neighborhoods.

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A week after announcing its intention to buy up to 175,000 electric vehicles over five years from General Motors Corp. rental car giant Hertz Corp. announced a major step Tuesday to complete the other half of the EV equation—keeping its growing fleet charged.

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New York's excellent eateries are open and bustling—with new ones arriving. Here's where to dine this fall (and beyond).

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Here are seven of the best historic and scenic trains in America.

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Australian Greens announced a plan to legalize cannabis in the country by 2023.