Can SAP’s new boss reset its business model?

Can SAP’s new boss reset its business model? | Business

Christian Klein has the right ideas. Implementing them will not be easy

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Fears remain over the future of a number of UK energy providers due to surging gas costs as it was confirmed the price cap must "remain in place".

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The disappearance of a 22-year-old woman sparked national interest, in large part because of the online sleuthing of amateur detectives.

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A year after announcing the Bezos Earth Fund, the Amazon founder detailed how some of the money would be spent.

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He developed an estimated 200 toys and other items, including a phaser rifle for “Star Trek.” But his best-known product was a game for “literally everyone on earth.”

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Activision has spent the summer grappling with accusations of sexual misconduct and workplace discrimination.

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Wall Street follows Europe lower amid concerns about China's financial system and US growth.

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Efforts to compensate victims of Ponzi fraudster Allen Stanford have recouped more than $1bn, lawyers for a court-appointed receiver have revealed.

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The transaction comes with oil prices high, Permian production strong and Shell under pressure to move faster to cut carbon emissions.

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The deal will see founder Charlie Mullins offload his 90% stake in the group.

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One toy firm says rising shipping costs and HGV driver shortages are making for "a perfect storm".

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The S&P 500 closed down 1.7 percent, part of a global market swoon caused by a range of jitters, from China’s sputtering real estate market to a potential Federal Reserve timeline for scaling back stimulus measures.

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Some firms are being forced to temporarily pause production when the price goes "through the roof".

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As many as one-in-four UK households receive energy from providers that could face collapse as a consequence of soaring gas prices, industry sources have warned.

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The roles include two new deputy managing editors and a number of positions for other editors as the news outlet expands its national and international coverage.

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As they struggle to recruit workers, many owners are raising pay. But some are trying to go deeper, to make their business fairer and more humane.

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A port sees timber imports double in the past year as people take on construction and home projects.

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Global stock markets have fallen sharply on a cocktail of worries led by a potential crisis brewing in China - and added to by gas supply concerns in Europe.

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The price of gas has rocketed in recent weeks, putting several energy suppliers out of business and prompting warnings of food shortages in UK supermarkets.

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Andrew Julien, the editor and publisher of The Hartford Courant, will replace Robert York, the editor in chief of New York’s Daily News, on an interim basis.

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A shortage of carbon dioxide used to stun pigs at abattoirs means a backlog of animals is growing.

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The lush Netflix series chronicling the British royal family took home the four major acting awards as well as best drama. “Ted Lasso,” on Apple TV+, and “Mare of Easttown,” on HBO, also scored numerous wins.

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Surging wholesale gas prices mean a number of suppliers are on the brink of collapse - and consumers are facing ever higher prices.

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Expect to see misinformed commentary from some quarters in coming days about how the crisis currently engulfing small household energy suppliers is all the fault of privatisation.

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Users now have the option to add a “pro-choice” badge to their profiles.

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Customers caught in the middle of the energy price crisis face higher bills but are told not to panic.

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The biggest accounting firms take advantage of the government’s revolving door.

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China’s sputtering property market, soaring European natural gas prices and a potential Federal Reserve timeline for scaling back stimulus are causing jitters.

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The advice to households on energy bills has always been to save big through fixed-rate deals and to switch supplier or tariff when the contract ends.

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More than a dozen of Britain’s smaller energy suppliers have accused their industry regulator of being “unfit” to oversee the deepening crisis that has left many of them facing imminent collapse.

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The world's most indebted real estate developer is in crisis - is it too big to fail?

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The Italian restaurant chain is the latest hospitality company to give its workers a pay rise.

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Netflix’s The Crown and Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso racked up award after award during the 73rd Prime Time Emmy awards Sunday, while Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, which sparked a global chess revival, was acknowledged as the year’s outstanding limited series.

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Ateez’s new EP sold more than half a million copies in South Korea in the first week it was available.

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The 2022 Toyota Tundra is tougher, beefier and coming later this year.

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Rather than tiptoeing around the luxury tax threshold, the Rockets will look to use their space under that amount as an asset.

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Streaming networks rule the night, including that historic first over perennial Emmy favorite HBO. Netflix cleans up with 'The Crown' and 'Queen's Gambit.' Apple TV+'s hit comedy 'Ted Lasso' takes three acting trophies and best comedy.

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Transportation officials across the U.S. are gearing up for a potential cash infusion from the infrastructure bill, with plans to speed up fixes to century-old bridges, rural roads battered by heavy trucks and a key distribution route for hot dogs and rice cakes.

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Households are facing much higher winter energy bills due to a global surge in wholesale power and gas prices.

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The secretary of state cites a “massive effort” by the government, but people involved in the evacuation instead describe bureaucratic snags.

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UK energy company Bulb is seeking a bailout to stay afloat amid surging wholesale gas prices with Boris Johnson insisting the issues facing the industry are global.

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Yu-mi, the main character in the Korean drama 'Yumi’s Cells,' is often confused by her thought processes or brain "cells,' which are portrayed hilariously in 3D animation.

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NASCAR’s first Black driver, Wendell Scott, scored his only NASCAR win in 1963 but was denied a trophy. That changed recently when Scott’s family was presented with that trophy. Scott’s story is one of perseverance in the face of adversity and one David Steward II wants to bring to the world.

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The Australian Prime Minister defended canceling its deal with France Sunday, saying the country was acting in its “national interest.”

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If a virus is spreading, it’s unwise to take away a right that many would take from themselves voluntarily.

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Sex Education has rocketed to the top of Netflix for its third season, a show that often flies under the radar among the service’s higher profile offerings, but clearly, it has an audience.

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Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream remains her most successful album, and it continues to chart, despite the fact the singer has shared several new collections since she stopped promoting that title.

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Two of the three biggest domestic earners in 2021 (Shang-Chi and F9) are helmed by Asian directors, with No Time to Die in October and Eternals in November.

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Even though the FDA didn’t approve Pfizer boosters for the general public now, Fauci suggested the guidance on booster shots will “evolve” as more data comes in.

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Whilst many have focused on the specifics of the situation at Derby, it’s also worth reflecting on what the struggles at one of England’s many ‘sleeping giant’ clubs tells us about the bigger picture.

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'Shang-Chi' has now passed the global cumes of 'A Quiet Place part II' and "Sonic the Hedgehog' as 'Dune' opened with a pretty decent $37 million overseas launch.

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Lisa joins her Blackpink bandmate Rosé with her first solo hit in the U.K.

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The final hurdle is always the hardest.

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Forbes recently caught up with A.J. Galante, breakout star of the smash hit Netflix documentary 'Untold: Crime and Penalties', to peel back the curtain a bit more on the well-received episode of the riveting sports docuseries.

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The biggest customer experience challenge for Facebook's new smart sunglasses centers not around who's behind the shades, but rather, who's in front of them.

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Lisa’s “Lalisa” lands at No. 1 on YouTube’s weekly look at the most popular music videos in the world, outperforming the next six songs combined.

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The pandemic forced retailers to prioritize innovations to which they had paid lip service for years, so the question now becomes: What other new retail ideas could soon catch them off guard again?

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AEW Dynamite ticket sales in Long Island's UBS Arena are outpacing WWE's.

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You always knew demonstrating empathy is positive for people, but new research demonstrates its importance for everything from innovation to retention.

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The impasse began in August after members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union objected to changes in shift lengths and overtime rules.

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The Project Runway judge and former Teen Vogue editor has joined the CBD industry, becoming a celebrity ambassador for wellness brand Feals.