Californians vote on the future of Uber

Californians vote on the future of Uber | Business

If they reject the gig companies’ ballot initiative, a business model will need rethinking

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Notre Dame, UCLA and USC are the only Football Bowl Subdivision programs that have not played Football Championship Subdivision teams. That is scheduled to change next year (see UCLA) and it looked like it was going to change this year (see USC).

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Patrick Mahomes, the NFL's highest paid player, said a lack of communication resulted in the rift between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

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Former CBS CEO Joe Ianniello and former ViacomCBS Chief Digital Officer Marc DeBevoise have filed with the SEC to create a SPAC, a special purpose acquisition company which plans to raise $300M in an IPO to target private companies in the media, entertainment and sports sectors for merger.

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The 30-year-old right-hander has been accused of sexual assault.

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It's the first Games to include the two popular extreme sports.

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A 42-year-old former champion is expected to draw interest in free agency from a pair of first-year NASCAR Cup Series programs, including Michael Jordan's 23XI Racing.

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The list involves details of athletes and Games staff who have tested positive since July 1st.

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Carbon-neutral LNG is just one of many reasons why you should remain bullish on natural gas. The world is simply too poor and too energy-deprived for gas demand to go anywhere but up.

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Just because we’re not watching commercials anymore, now that we’ve moved the bulk of our TV viewing to streamers like Netflix — that doesn’t mean we won't find brands waiting for us there.

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A new Couch to Financial Fitness programme aims to help people organise their finances post-pandemic.

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Here are some of the teens (and pre-teens) competing for Olympic gold this year.

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After losing two exhibition games to Nigeria and Australia, Team USA is off to a rough start in Tokyo.

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The rising pessimism is happening across all age groups, income levels and political associations, according to a new poll.

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'Old' opened with a chart-topping $16.5 million this weekend, again showing that M. Night Shyamalan is, well, "unbreakable" when it comes to horror movies.

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A growing number of athletes have tested positive for Covid-19 as the Games get underway.

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Reports linking Paul Pogba with a move to Juventus or Paris Saint-Germain this summer are gathering momentum, so how would Manchester United replace the Frenchman?

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A growing number of zero-waste and plastic-free stores are springing up to meet consumer demand for more sustainable options.

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How many times will Hollywood make the same “nobody wants to see this” prequel/reboot that sets up a sequel that will never be?

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Along with other blockbuster specials, the average audience of the Opening Ceremonies was down from previous years. Nonetheless, it will rank among the top rated telecasts of the year

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Pelosi has signaled more GOP appointments may be forthcoming, claiming others have "expressed interest" in serving on the panel.

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What’s lucrative now arguably won’t be in the future.

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'Space Jam: A New Legacy' proved a one-weekend wonder while 'Black Widow' is going to be Marvel's first Disney-era "disappointment."

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Jeff Bezos grants José Andrés a staggering $100 million award to further the work of his nonprofit World Central Kitchen while Andres' ThinkFoodGroup plans to open seven new restaurants in 2021 alone. An interview by Micah Solomon, Forbes Senior Contributor, customer service consultant and SME.

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Videos of Olympians revealing life in the Olympic Village have brought in millions of views on TikTok.

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The comments came shortly before a second Republican signed on to join a House panel to investigate the attack.

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That doesn’t mean there won’t be problem areas and things that could go wrong. It is up to head coach Mike Zimmer to understand his roster fully and understand the potential issues and have a gameplan for change if it is needed. Here’s a look at potential problem areas for the 2021 season.

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This week Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will move from being a social media company to being a metaverse company. Snap continues to bet on AR. Roblox launches a new podcast. Epic buys Sketchfab and Dolce & Gabbana launch NFTs. Stay updated on what's happening in metaverse-related news.

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Meet The Creators Of RomaDrama Live!, Gabrielle Graf Palmer and Sara Lunsford

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Pop Smoke has now charted three top 10 albums, with two appearing in the tier after his passing.

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The Federal Reserve’s policy meeting and U.S. economic-growth figures are the focus this week.

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A presidency that began with optimism about economic recovery and overcoming the pandemic has entered a more difficult phase.

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Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal estimate that figures to be released this week will show U.S. GDP rose above the level reached in the final quarter of 2019.

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The housing market in and around Phoenix is booming again as workers in expensive cities move to the region for cheaper housing.

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Because the birthrate already was moving down, the push from the pandemic could result in what amounts to a scar on population growth, possibly deeper than those left by historic periods of economic turmoil such as the Great Depression.

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Zopa, one of Britain's biggest digital financial services providers, is in talks with investors about a £100m capital injection that will put it on course to become the country's latest fintech 'unicorn'.

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There are almost as many reasons for vaccine hesitancy and refusal as there are unvaccinated Americans. But this problem, not the variant, lies at the root of rising infection rates.

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Supply firms are having to fight to keep food on supermarket shelves, an industry body warns.

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Unplugging completely from the office remains a challenge for U.S. workers, but many are determined after more than a year of working through a pandemic.

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Ahead of the fall reopening, school districts are shrinking menu options as they face shortages of juice boxes, chicken tenders

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Japan’s Shionogi has started human trials for a once-a-day drug designed to neutralize the coronavirus in less than a week as Pfizer and Merck carry out later-stage tests.

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A new spike in coronavirus cases, driven by the highly infectious Delta variant, rattled investors and companies last week.

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While the payments in advance of tax season are a welcome relief for many families, there may be reasons for others to decline the money, for now.

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If funded, a government program costing several billion dollars could develop “prototype” vaccines to protect against 20 families of viruses.

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Indian actors Varun Sharma and Manjot Singh, of Fukrey fame, talk about their new show 'Chutzpah'.

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Stand-up comedian and actor Jackie Mason, a fixture in Catskills nightclubs, West Coast talk shows and the Broadway stages, died on Saturday at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan after being hospitalized for over two weeks.

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Skateboarding is officially a medal event in the Olympics, and Japan’s own Yuto Horigome won the sport’s first-ever gold medal in the men’s street skateboarding final in Tokyo on Saturday night stateside. Skateboarding megastar Nyjah Huston didn't make it on to the podium.

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With moves into offering fresh produce, hiring a chief medical officer and trying out an upscale (relatively) new model, the dollar store chain is making change…literally

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Tokyo’s kickoff came a year late and without fans because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Taxpayers will spend decades exposed to financial risks from the government's coronavirus spending, according to a committee of MPs.

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The pressure is on the Warriors front office to make a deal.

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After an unusual and challenging season of scouting, Day 1 of the 2021 NHL Draft is in the books.

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Nobody could beat the latest from BTS this week...not even their own previous No. 1.

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Batali is paying workers, but will they have to pay tax on what they receive? Many sexual harassment victims where there is little or no physical contact have to pay taxes on their recoveries.

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Well, it just wouldn’t be acceptable if we had to go a week without some sort of pop culture-based fan war, so here we are with a controversy about Netflix’s new Masters of the Universe: Revelation series.

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After 116 years as the Indians, Cleveland gets a new name and a new logo.

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I wonder if Apple wouldn’t be wise to break from its usual formatting and release Ted Lasso season 2 all at once in Netflix-style binge format, which is how most people consumed the series the first time they watched it.

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The longtime actor chats with Forbes about his successful past, present and future projects. Danny also discusses his new video campaign with Discord and his popularity on social media.