Nongfu Spring is a hit with tipplers and investors alike

Nongfu Spring is a hit with tipplers and investors alike | Business

China’s leading water bottler has a blistering stockmarket debut

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The furniture capital of the state is ground zero for inflation, labor shortages, hot demand and limited supply. It’s debating how to cope.

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Looking at demographic data can help us assess the opportunities and challenges of the coming decades.

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Thousands of new cases have been reported among vulnerable elderly residents in the last several months, as the virulent Delta variant fuels outbreaks.

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Some people still buy them—though not necessarily who you’d think.

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The federal government recently lifted most visitation restrictions at nursing homes. But concerns linger that a full reopening could leave residents vulnerable to another coronavirus surge.

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The owner of Butlin's is preparing to put it up for sale amid a boom in British staycations, sparking a potential bidding frenzy for the country's best-known chain of holiday camps.

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Hundreds of thousands of empty shipping containers are filling marine terminals and truck yards across Southern California and tying up scarce trucking equipment as ocean carriers scramble to return empty boxes to factories in Asia.

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Slow Wi-Fi. Tied to my desk. I lose track of time. I keep eating. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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The Chinese financial-technology giant is setting up a credit-scoring company with state-owned shareholder partners, as it presses ahead with its restructuring.

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China’s tech giants are feeling the pinch of an economic slowdown, adding financial pressure to an industry beset by a bevy of new regulations this year.

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Millions of Americans hit stores for Black Friday, but some retailers are scaling back doorbusters and trying to get consumers to do more holiday shopping online.

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The Magic Kingdom is betting that it can continue milking popular Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar franchises without souring its audience. That is no sure thing.

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The holiday season’s most popular gadgets have been selling out for months. But there are ways to get them—or smart alternatives—even this late in the game.

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Three senators conveyed concern in a telephone call with the Banking Committee chairman, likely scuttling Saule Omarova’s chances of confirmation as head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

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South Africa’s warning of a new strain of coronavirus walloped the energy sector, leading to the sharpest declines in oil prices since the global economy locked down early last year to slow the spread of the virus.

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President Biden’s decision to nominate Lael Brainard to become Federal Reserve vice chairwoman elevates a veteran economist who has been a strong ally of Chairman Jerome Powell on the central bank’s boldest policy decisions during the pandemic.

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The deadline for requiring U.S. workers to be vaccinated or tested weekly for Covid-19 is fast approaching, but uncertainty about how legal fights over the mandate will play out has left companies in limbo on how best to prepare.

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The president is racing to show the public that he is taking action to address rising prices and bottlenecks amid mounting anxiety among some of his advisers about political fallout heading into next year’s midterm elections.

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A crane operator, a ship captain, a trucker and other logistics workers describe what it’s like to work amid backed-up shipments, jammed ports and packed rail yards.

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About a quarter of fully vaccinated people who got the drugmaker’s single-dose vaccine and a subsequent booster have stuck with Johnson & Johnson for their second dose, CDC data show.

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CEO Daniel Zhang is devolving power to the heads of the company’s business units to speed up decision making so each division can better fend off competition and revitalize flagging sales.

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An experimental Covid-19 pill from Merck and partner Ridgeback was 30% effective in a final analysis of study results, the companies said, down from the 50% rate found in an earlier look.

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Global airline shares fell amid concerns that the new variant could take hold elsewhere and trigger broader travel curbs just as many parts of the world start to fly again.

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Critics claim publicly available data shows worrying failures on the 737 Max since its return to service.

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The discount shopping bonanza Black Friday is on course to be a mixed picture across the UK.

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Ian King speaks to the chief executive of Barclaycard to discuss whether or not shoppers are willing to splash the cash on Black Friday following a surge in inflation. Plus, hear from the chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders about an "extremely worrying" fall in demand for UK cars. And founder of Benji's Buns joins the ...

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Browns of Chester served the city for 241 years before it closed when the chain collapsed in May.

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One of the handful of female chairs of a FTSE-100 company is preparing to step down after serving on the board of Land Securities, the property giant, for nearly eight years.

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About 69 percent of stores said they have seen an increase in organized theft in the past year.

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What’s that reindeer doing with menorah antlers? Retailers want inclusive holiday merchandise, but hit a few snags.

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A father of three got some Christmas shopping done and the Garden State Plaza expected a busy day.

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Gaming consoles and TVs were among the most popular items at the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

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News of a potentially fast-spreading new coronavirus variant has already triggered a violent reaction on markets and in a number of different asset classes.

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U.S. markets were poised to open lower and oil futures slumped, while investors sought safety in government bonds.

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A pair of caterers gear up for year-end celebrations at companies. “I think they really want to encourage people to think that returning to the office is a celebration of sorts.”

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There is limited evidence that Rishi Sunak's £2bn jobs programme for young people is working, according to a new report.

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Chip shortages lead to production dropping to the lowest level recorded for October since 1956.

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The UK markets watchdog said on Friday it had secured additional commitments from Google in its 11-month-long tussle over the technology giant's privacy plans.

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Black Friday discounts are now routine for European toy stores and other retailers, but pandemic restrictions remain a big presence in some areas.

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Historians say the Philadelphia police took to calling the day before the annual Army-Navy football game Black Friday because officers had to work long hours and deal with bad traffic, bad weather and other miseries.

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Some of Britain's biggest lenders are facing sizeable losses from the sudden collapse of Arena Television, a provider of outside broadcast services at sporting events including the Wimbledon tennis championships.

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Prices are soaring for almost everything, but a few choice gifts are even cheaper than two years ago. Or show your love by going on your family’s annual “lard run.”

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Shoppers are returning to stores in much bigger numbers than last year, but the atmosphere is not quite as carefree as the prepandemic days of 2019.

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An inclusive holiday shopping season hits some speed bumps.

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The boss of the world's largest fertiliser producer says gas prices are responsible for higher food prices.

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BA-owner IAG and EasyJet see their shares fall ahead of a suspension of flights from six countries.

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The FTSE 100 fell more than 3% as the market opened on Friday morning, reflecting fears that a new coronavirus variant could wreak further havoc on international business and travel.

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It comes as China's technology industry regulator reviews compliance with new privacy rules.

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The new tailored sports-theme garb touches down in time for Thanksgiving weekend sporting events.

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Two charities have called on the government to make sure the new public electric vehicle (EV) charging points won't impede pedestrians.

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The Christmas advertising is in full swing and corporate commitments to environmental and sustainability improvements that were prevalent in October, seem to be now somewhat faded in the mix with focus firmly on getting customers to spend, spends, spend.

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Walt Disney’s Encanto was the top movie on Wednesday, earning $7.5 million on its opening day.

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Afghanistan is becoming the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. The Food and Agricultural Organization said that 18.8 million Afghans are unable to feed themselves every day. This number is set to rise to nearly 23 million by the end of the year. Nearly nine million people are close to starvation.

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Lara Trump claimed rising turkey prices are part of a liberal plot to destroy American traditions—but the increase is actually caused by a number of factors, including inflation and supply chain issues.

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The first half of 2021 saw international trade in wine grow significantly. Export and import numbers also highlight changes in trading patterns.

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Those arguing 'Dune' would have performed much better in non-Covid times will get a chance to prove it when 'Dune part Two' opens October 20, 2023.

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This year's event featured new balloons from Star Wars and Pokemon franchises and performers including Kelly Rowland, Kim Petras and Carrie Underwood.

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Adhering to trade compliance rules is a massive undertaking for big shippers. The scale and complexity of this task can't be underestimated.