Jerrold M. Post, Specialist in Political Psychology, Dies at 83

Jerrold M. Post, Specialist in Political Psychology, Dies at 83 | US

He invented the field at the C.I.A., producing influential “psychobiographies” of world leaders. He later used the same methods to analyze Donald Trump.

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Prof. Edward Ennels sold A’s for as little as $300, and also haggled with students over the price for various grades, according to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.

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Despite the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate that nearly half of the legislation would not be paid for, senators were racing to move ahead with it.

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Taliban leaders and Afghan government negotiators still occasionally meet. But U.S. officials say prospects for a negotiated outcome appear to be fading fast.

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A slowdown in the network, which influences weather far and wide, could spell trouble. “We’re poking a beast,” one expert said. “But we don’t really know the reaction we’ll cause.”

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Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, called a new special session of the State Legislature, putting pressure on Democratic lawmakers to return from Washington.

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With vaccination rates lagging among young people, the administration wants to incorporate vaccination into school sports physicals and is asking schools to host vaccine clinics.

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Defenders of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Donald Trump and other politicians have often pointed to wrongdoing in the other party to deflect accusations of mistreating women.

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An inspector general found that the bureau was permissive about talking to reporters and identified no specific leaks, including to Rudolph Giuliani about the Clinton email investigation.

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And the most populous county in the United States, Los Angeles, will also require proof of vaccination, beginning in the fall.

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Congress passed the bill this week amid reports of the suicides of two officers who had been at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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As the Delta variant quickly spreads, only 18 percent of eligible public school students in the city are vaccinated against Covid-19.

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The release of the data, which is used to redraw congressional and state legislative boundaries, will set up a partisan fight over redistricting across the country.

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School officials in Florida and Arizona say they intend to require students and teachers to wear masks in school, despite statewide bans on such policies.

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Virginia joins the federal government, states like New York and California, and a growing list of private businesses in mandating inoculations or tests for their employees.

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The Congressional Budget Office will estimate how much the measure costs and how much it will add to the deficit.

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The inquiry will look at whether the police discriminate against minorities or mistreat homeless people or disabled people.

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California officials closed some popular trails and nature areas for the week to handle the problem. The trails are expected to reopen for the weekend.

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The move is likely futile amid Republican opposition, but it reflects a sense of urgency among Democrats to act.

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Prosecutors are recommending a sentence of 41 to 51 months for the defendant, his lawyer said. The proposal may set a precedent for more than 100 people accused of attacking officers.

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“We are considering all alternatives, including looking at vaccine mandates,” Randi Weingarten said. Nearly 90 percent of teachers are already vaccinated.

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A new campaign appears to be spreading falsehoods about the potential for forced inoculations against Covid-19.

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The testing is meant to forestall universal quarantining at the isolated U.S. naval base in Cuba, which would complicate upcoming hearings in terrorism cases.

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The move was a new attempt to force Democrats in the state’s House of Representatives to return from Washington. Their absence has prevented Texas Republicans from passing a voting bill and other measures.

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President Biden said there were “compelling foreign policy reasons” for the order, which would give any resident of Hong Kong targeted for deportation an 18-month reprieve.

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James Whitfield, a Black educator, said he was asked by his school district in 2019 to remove Facebook photos of himself and his wife, who is white, embracing on a beach.

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The White House hopes to use back-to-school physicals, pop-up clinics and other strategies to get more students inoculated.

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The ad, aired by a major Democratic super PAC, urges the president to support abolishing the filibuster so that Congress can pass federal legislation protecting voting rights.

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Thursday: A dispatch from Orange County, where four candidates vying to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom squared off in a debate.

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Summer camps were cancelled this week in parts of the Northwest.

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Was it because of George Soros? Or geopolitical tension? Either way, the future of academic exchange could be in danger.

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“It’s just intense fire behavior, and it’s not what we’re used to,” said Jake Cagle, a fire official.

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Louisiana is leading the nation in an explosion of new cases. Hospitals are overflowing and admitting more young people than before. But the crisis is also driving some to get vaccinated.

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The sailor, Ryan Sawyer Mays, who holds the rank of seaman apprentice, is accused of starting one of the worst fires to engulf an American warship outside combat.

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The vehicle was carrying 30 people believed to be migrants in Brooks County, about 80 miles north of the Mexico border, the authorities said.

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The plan is part of a new system to be put in place after the current restrictions on travel into the country are lifted, but officials have yet to determine when that might be done.

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A growing bipartisan consensus to repeal decades-old military authorizations is driven partly by a shift among Republicans toward Donald J. Trump’s “America First” approach.

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Progressives have not ruled out reopening the deal that senators are painstakingly putting together, and they do not intend to take it up for months, until after their other priorities are addressed.

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Progressives are holding their own with moderates in fights over policy. But off-year elections suggest they need a new strategy for critiquing President Biden without seeming disloyal.

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He sent Marines to the top of Mount Suribachi to plant the flag. Captured in a photograph, the scene remains an enduring image of American men at war.

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Customs officials said that the operators of Hangton No. 112 withheld workers’ wages, kept their identity documents and subjected them to debt bondage — essentially enslaving them.

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The National Security Agency warned government employees that hackers could take advantage of the public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, airports and hotel rooms.

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“There’s nothing more American than charging a Black man in his own attempted lynching,” Vauhxx Booker of Indiana said of the charges against him, which he sees as retaliation from the special prosecutor.

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Thousands of farms could have their right to draw water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers reduced or suspended.

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The new evictions ban signed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is scheduled to expire on Oct. 3.

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The State Department is investigating what happened to it.

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The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 14-8 to repeal the authorizations. The resolution now goes to the full Senate.

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Refusing to move from the Capitol steps, the first-term congresswoman from St. Louis intensified pressure on the Biden administration and showed her tactics could yield results.

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Police Officer George Gonzalez, a Brooklyn native, had previously served with the U.S. Army in Iraq.

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We’re on top of the latest extreme weather in the U.S. and around the world. Follow here for news on heat waves, wildfires, floods and more.

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In a 37-page filing, Mr. Trump’s legal team picked up arguments that the Trump-era Justice Department had put forward in a bid to stonewall the congressional request.

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Wednesday: Not enough Californians are vaccinated to stop the spread of the Delta variant. Plus, how to stay safe from infection.

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Hundreds of former Obama administration officials, celebrities and Democratic donors had been planning to attend the huge bash on Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday.

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His decision is expected in the next few days. But it will ultimately be up to the president, who must grant a waiver to the Defense Department.

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The Democratic Assembly speaker, most comfortable behind the scenes, now finds himself in the spotlight, facing the possibility of taking down a governor from his own party.

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Fires accelerated by climate change, along with invasive plants and urban sprawl, threaten the saguaros, a keystone species of the Sonoran Desert and a celebrated symbol of the Southwest.

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Ms. Brown, who defeated the progressive activist Nina Turner in a bitter Democratic primary for an Ohio House seat, is all but assured of heading to Congress in the fall.

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Mr. Carey, an energy lobbyist, prevailed over a crowded Republican field after the former president’s endorsement shot him to front-runner status.