Super Slow Computer Programs Reveal Math's Fundamental Limits

Super Slow Computer Programs Reveal Math's Fundamental Limits | News

The goal of the “busy beaver” game is to find the longest-running computer program. Its pursuit has surprising connections to profound questions in math.

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Mikhail Khodarenok, a former Russian colonel, criticized Putin's invasion of Ukraine on state TV but backtracked and had a remarkably different tone later. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

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Pop superstar Taylor Swift delivered a commencement speech at New York University's graduation at Yankee's Stadium. Hear her advice for the 2022 graduates.

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"Angelyne" approximates its subject in the wrong ways: It's big, attention-getting and has all the depth of a billboard. Emmy Rossum stars and produced this limited series, which doesn't profess to be truth but rather a facsimile of it. In a year that's already given the world the superior "Pam & Tommy," consider this evidence that impressive makeu ...

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One of the first times Antoinette Jones, the sister of former death row inmate Julius Jones, who was granted clemency last year mere hours before he was scheduled to be executed for a 1999 murder he says he did not commit, met Kim Kardashian she was struck. Not just by Kardashian's superstar presence but by her sincerity and calm nature.

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Ukrainian folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra won this year's Eurovision contest with its song, "Stefania". Though referred to as the anthem of war, the band's frontman wants it to be known as the 'anthem of our victory'. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux reports.

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Carmen Electra has entered the world of OnlyFans.

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It seems that every few days, a new star announces their foray into the world of non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency or some other inscrutable corner of the metaverse -- the general term for a nascent virtual space where people can play, meet, and of course, buy things.

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A cave exploration team discovered a giant sinkhole in Leye County, China. See the ancient trees growing out of the well-preserved forest.

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It might look like something from a galaxy far, far away but this "Star Wars" X-wing starfighter came from a very earthly garage.

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James Bond, the fictional British secret agent, has driven lots of different cars in the more than two dozen films in the series. They've included everything from BMWs and Bentleys to Chevrolets and Fords. But one car in particular, the 1964 Aston Martin DB5, is known as the "the Bond car."

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Like many Italians living abroad, Peppe Corsaro missed his mother's cooking.

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It's 2:30 a.m. in Chennai, India.

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Boeing will try yet again Thursday to send the capsule it designed to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station on a successful, uncrewed test mission. After two prior attempts to complete such a mission failed, Boeing's goal is to prove the spacecraft can dock with the orbiting outpost. It must succeed before it can move on to m ...

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In the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt, bottlenose dolphins were spotted in 2009 doing something unusual. They lined up to rub their bodies against coral.

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Coke knows that its soda caps often end up as litter. So it's trying to solve the problem by tethering them to the bottle, at least in the United Kingdom.

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CNN International anchor Zain Asher interviews Healthy Baby founder and CEO Shazi Visram about the US baby formula shortage.

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Three-year-old Alexis Tyler survives on Gerber Lil Crunchies cheese puffs and the chocolate flavor of a specialty nutritional formula called Neocate. Her mother hasn't been able to buy that formula for her since March.

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Sports Illustrated this week rolled out its annual swimsuit issue, with this year's edition highlighting body diversity and incorporating buzzwords like "inclusive" and "powerful" to describe the women depicted.

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In recent years, Australia has been battered by record-breaking rains, floods and wildfires, causing loss of lives and damage to the country's environment. Yet Australia has one of the weakest targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the world. CNN looks back at how Australia's government has tried -- and failed -- to tackle the climate crisis ...

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CNN's Christiane Amanpour talks to women and girls in Afghanistan who once held dreams of becoming doctors and soccer players about the Taliban's ban on girls' education. They tell her how their lives have changed since the Taliban took over the country, and how they are finding ways to cope.

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President Joe Biden and Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, could meet for the first time as soon as next month, multiple sources told CNN. A meeting would come after months of diplomatic heavy lifting and represent a turnabout for a US president who once declared Saudi Arabia a "pariah" with "no redeeming social value. ...

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The United States is preparing to welcome more displaced Ukrainians now that the Biden administration has approved the first group to enter through the new Uniting for Ukraine program. Ukrainians began arriving through the program this month.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face no further action over breaches of lockdown regulations after the Metropolitan Police concluded its investigation of the "Partygate" scandal, Downing Street said Thursday.

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The 18-year-old White man suspected of carrying out a racist mass shooting Saturday in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket was indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday, according to an affidavit from Erie County Assistant District Attorney Gary Hackbush.

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Disney+ unveils the first trailer for its She-Hulk series starring Tatiana Maslany as it continues to expand its Marvel Cinematic Universe stories within the platform.

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An Italian coffee shop owner is in hot water after being fined 1,000 euros ($1,050) for failing to display the cost of a 2 euro ($2.12) espresso.

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Indonesia will lift a ban on exports of palm oil starting next week, a move that could ease a tight global market and relieve some of the pressure on food prices.

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Jurors in the ongoing defamation case between actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp heard testimony Thursday from Depp's former talent agent, a former good friend and his former business manager, who described strain on their relationships with the actor as his alleged substance abuse increased.

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The 2022 stock market meltdown doesn't appear to be over yet. Stocks tumbled again Thursday, following Wednesday's massive sell-off.

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If I learned one thing after performing countless operations alongside surgeons in Pyongyang over the past 15 years, it's North Koreans do not throw anything away.

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Nearly a month after Twitter agreed to sell itself to Elon Musk in a stunning $44 billion deal, the fate of the acquisition remains very much uncertain.

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Pro-Russia online operatives falsely claimed weeks into Moscow's war against Ukraine that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had committed suicide, as part of an aggressive effort to dent public morale and undermine the Ukrainian government, US cybersecurity firm Mandiant said Thursday.

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Lots of games make Space Marines cool, 'Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters' does something harder: it actually makes them powerful.

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Judy Huth has accused the comedian of sexually assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in the 1970s.

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Voyager 1 is in "a high-radiation environment that no spacecraft have flown in before,” so a mystery like this isn't unexpected, the mission's project manager said.

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stepped down last night after winning only 51% of a leadership review vote.

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Mike Novogratz's investment fund was an early supporter of UST/Luna, which imploded last week.

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The new policy addresses decades of uncertainty around the law and security research.

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Somehow, it became a discussion about sitting in a very cold creek and getting hypothermia.

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“If you’re worried about this quote-unquote replacement, why don’t we start there. Start with allowing our own people to live.”

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After years of headaches from using my phone and computer, this luxurious eye massager finally gave my peepers relief from screen hell.

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If enacted, it would be even stricter than the Texas six-week ban.

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New research from Google's Threat Analysis Group outlines the risks Android users face from the surveillance-for-hire industry.

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Some Republicans who say Democrats want an immigrant ‘invasion’ to control America also claim immigrants vote illegally to swing elections.

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“If things continue to be the way they are, we will die and you will see on the news that Cholistan’s residents have died.”

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As the price of groceries increases, “seed libraries” are helping people grow fresh produce in areas affected by food scarcity.

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VICE News was barred from the conservative conference, where the star attraction is Hungary’s authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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U.S. road deaths have surged for the second straight year even though fatalities in other countries continue falling. What happened to all that car technology that was going to save lives?

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The Meta History Museum is raising money for the Ukrainian government through NFTs, but the project is facing an uphill battle. Going viral is harder than it looks.

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192 House Republicans voted against a $28 million emergency funding bill to address the baby formula shortage.

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From plush sectionals to conversation pits and Cloud couch dupes, these are the most comfortable couches your clams can buy.

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The podcast host fell for false viral posts circulating that day claiming Victoria, Australia residents from growing its own food.

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Researchers at Citizen Lab found that Bing censors Chinese politically sensitive names to users in the United States.

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UK researchers modeled heat under likely emissions scenarios.

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When a "live service" game goes down, it's a nightmare for the developers whose work vanishes with it.

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This week, we cover the basics of cycling for fun and transportation, including selecting, maintaining, and accessorizing your two-wheeler.

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Surveillance devices are becoming more ubiquitous. Do those who unknowingly appear in cam footage have rights—and who gets to decide?

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The billionaire’s entrenched business interests in China could spell headache for Twitter’s future.