How A Divorce Can Squash Your Finances

How A Divorce Can Squash Your Finances | Economy

Warning: The No. 1 destroyer of wealth is ending a marriage.

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In "Inside Money," the historian and investment manager Zachary Karabell chronicles the rise of Brown Brothers Harriman from its roots as a humble textile concern into an era-defining pillar of American finance and politics.

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Your best effort is an exhaustible resource and that asking less of yourself is likely the key to accomplishing more.

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Chinese authorities have ramped up their crackdown on after-school tutoring companies by unveiling a new set of sweeping regulations that bans them from making profits and raising capital from overseas markets.

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The number of Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) lawsuits in 2020 doubled the number of ERISA lawsuits in 2018 and had an 80% increase from 2019.

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These dividends are about to break free from their regulatory shackles.

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The world's largest brokers are starting to apply their controversial and opaque settlement methods to crypto trading, but they might end up being disrupted themselves.

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Smart kids discover ways to make money. Smart parents make sure their kids use their entrepreneurial fruits to set up a Child IRA.

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Although investors may be frustrated with the market’s recent downturn, crypto offers a key tax loophole that can help to dramatically reduce tax bills both now and in the future.

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One of the most frequently asked questions around Sustainable & Impact Investing (S&II) is: “Where do I start?” The question behind the question is: “What is the right place to start?” The complex answer to this open-ended question is quite simple … yet very complex.

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Watching the share prices of U.S.-listed companies like New Oriental (EDU) and TAL Education (TAL) get crushed in the face of new government policy may lead one to wonder whether China is trying to own the Americans, even at the cost of its own economy.

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Today's column addresses questions about effects go years with no income on Social Security benefit rates, how the family maximum that can be claimed on a single record can affect the distribution of benefits among multiple children and what happens to benefits when the recipient dies.

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In addition to the main courses of the Federal Reserve meeting and corporate earnings, this week will provide the first look at U.S. second-quarter GDP on Thursday.

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China’s listed private education companies keep getting hit with bad news.

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The 29-year-old crypto billionaire called the move "a step in the direction the industry is headed."

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The day traders bought the dip again last week and rescued a sinking market. In the view of technical analysts this is not the best time to be doing new buying as his analysis still shows a high level of risk.

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Famed commodities investor likes Uzbekistan. But it's not just for the raw materials. Other big investors agree. Here's why.

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Elon Musk has shared a dogecoin theory that proclaims the memecoin isn't a speculative asset but rather "dogecoin is money"...

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PropertyGuru agreed to merge with Nasdaq-listed Bridgetown 2 Holdings—a blank-check company controlled by billionaires Richard Li and Peter Thiel—as the Singapore-based online real estate marketplace seeks to tap booming property demand across Southeast Asia.

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A dividend that big will get you a lot of income on a relatively small investment...

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Student loan cancellation isn't a financial stimulus.

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The systemic “inflation” and “labor shortage” myths persist in the financial media despite data to the contrary: layoffs remain at recessionary levels, wage growth is slowing, and bond yields are falling.

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We’re deep into the season when teens across the country are working their summer jobs. While most will be doing so to pay for college, buy a car or purchase some other good, there’s one obvious but too often overlooked option that may have the biggest impact on their future: opening a child IRA.

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The bitcoin and crypto market boost comes after technology giants Twitter and Amazon both revealed they're taking cryptocurrencies more seriously...

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Biden’s stock markets have not crashed as Trump predicted. In fact, they have outperformed Trump’s since their respective election victories and inaugurations.

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This is especially true when it comes to a big name, big tech company sporting a high price-earnings ratio and whose CEO shows up at Bitcoin conferences.

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Investors have continued to friend Facebook (FB), though its status is complicated.

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The Dow Jones gained 150 points, or 0.5%, the S&P 500 rose 0.5%, and the Nasdaq also climbed roughly 0.5%. Make the most of this market with today's Top Buys from's artificial intelligence.

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The indices are on pace to end the week in the green, backed by a 4-day winning streak. Make the most of this market with today's best short plays from's deep learning algorithms.

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Recent data suggests that institutional interest in digital assets around the world has reached unprecedented heights, but the recent crypto climbdown could dampen enthusiasm.

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Unless the majority of the problem statements are tackled, any proposal cannot be said to seriously address the r-CBDC challenge. Unless the proposed solution is holistic, it is not realistic.

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The divergence between overseas-listed and Mainland-listed China equities in terms of performance continued to widen this week as perceptions of the country’s economic situation and the health of its tech firms differ between Mainland and foreign investors.

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Here's a list of small-cap stocks with upward price momentum.

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The very best retailers understand that one size does not fit all and that a highly flexible and personalized approach often wins the customer’s loyalty.

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The Biden Administration has initiated a process to potentially fix the troubled Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

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After observing a strong rally in March, the shares of Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) have retained their value largely due to multi-year government contracts driving cash flows. Despite the pandemic, the company has been returning cash to shareholders as dividends and share repurchases...

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As expected, banks generally beat earnings estimates by a wide margin this quarter. The underlying metrics provide a more mixed picture, however. The recent weakness in banks could provide an opportunity for investors who believe economic growth is likely to continue.

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The Bank of England and the Federal Reserve want it to be physically impossible for parents to do the right thing and put cash aside for their kids.

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Over the last 16 months, the manner in which American businesses view growth – and the avenues to achieve that goal – have drastically changed. Looking ahead, businesses will have to plan for future growth in a much different way than they were accustomed to.

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An old phrase on Wall Street goes, “The trend is your friend.” If that’s true, analysts are mostly counting on Apple (AAPL) delivering another quarter of double-digit earnings growth when the Technology giant reports fiscal Q3 results next week.

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The IRS has just published the third in a series of four press releases which highlight five of the on the top tax-related scams of 2021. Forewarned is forearmed when it comes to scams.

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Summer officially started on June 20th - and after the year we’ve had, it’s time for some fun in the sun. I always love summer, but it hits different post-pandemic. Honestly, I don’t think the country has needed to let loose this badly since prohibition ended.

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Some older workers are jumping at the chance for a new start; others aren't so lucky

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How they weathered the challenges and changed with the times

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If you know you have an old Bitcoin or Dogecoin account somewhere but haven’t gotten around the digging up your login information, you may have a nasty surprise waiting for you.

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While you’re waiting for an exchange-traded crypto fund in the U.S., check out what’s on sale in Toronto or Frankfurt.

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Tech guru invests in newly public SPAC

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A U.S. Magistrate Judge has recommended that the Delaware Department of Insurance be ordered to produce documents pursuant to an IRS summons regarding captive insurance companies managed by Artex and Tribeca.

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"If you invest in REITs, you're almost never investing in home price appreciation,” said Dan Egan, vice president of behavioral finance and investing at Betterment. Although 2020 was a boom year for housing prices, the REIT sector fell 2% in 2020, while the S&P 500 was up 16%.

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In this seller’s market, some sellers are exercising their power with unusual demands and stripping their homes of fixtures and appliances as they leave.

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Stocks were mixed this morning, with the three major indices trading flat after an unexpected rise in jobless claims this morning. Make the most of this market with today's Top Buys.

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Verizon reported better-than-expected second-quarter earnings before the opening bell on July 21. Here's how to trade it now.

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AT&T (NYSE:T) plans to sell its Vrio business unit, which provides live and on-demand video services in Latin America, to an Argentina-based investment group for an undisclosed sum...

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Despite JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s outspoken distaste for cryptocurrencies, the bank is now allowing clients access to crypto products.

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Li Auto stock declined by about 6% over the last week (five trading days), compared to the S&P 500 which was down by about 1% over the same period. The sell-off comes as U.S. regulators face increasing pressure to implement the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act, which could result in...

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Snowflake stock has rallied by almost 36% from its lows of about $190 per share seen in mid-May. The rally comes on the back of a more positive outlook from brokerage analysts and the robust Q1 FY’22 earnings, which saw the company report a 110% year-over-year growth in product revenues...

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The Senate Banking Committee's Insurance Subcommittee’s Chair Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Ranking Minority Member Tim Scott (R-SC) called another pandemic inevitable.

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The Viper Report’s technical analyst Tom Aspray updates his yearly pivot analysis which reveals some interesting developments in the first half of the year.

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Benjamin M. Willis points to parts of the tax system that the Biden administration could improve to address systemic racism.

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Price-to-rent ratios show whether it's better to buy a house or rent a house. In 2021, price-to-rent ratios around the country varied from 51.8 in San Francisco, to 5.7 in Detroit. Investors are buying the most houses in cities with price-to-rent ratios around 20.

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Due mainly to stimulus measures, the U.S. deficit is expected to hit $3 trillion this year; meanwhile, total assets held by the Federal Reserve are on their way to $9 trillion.