Two Twitter Leaders Are Leaving Company Following Musk Deal

Two Twitter Leaders Are Leaving Company Following Musk Deal | Tech

An internal memo shared with employees said that the platform’s general manager and general manager for revenue would be departing.

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In a landmark body of work, researchers detail the origins and diversity of every known mineral on Earth and beyond.

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Tech innovation is a cycle, especially in the main character-driven world of early-stage venture capital and copycat nature of startups. The latest proof? Y Combinator this week announced Launch YC, a platform where people can sort accelerator startups by industry, batch and launch date to discover new products. The famed accelerator, w

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Macs "don't get viruses", but that hasn't stopped Microsoft releasing Mac security software. Is it any good? Find out here

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The iPhone 14 range looks set to be Apple's most expensive iPhones ever...

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Leaks around Apple's iPhone 14 launch may have got one critical detail wrong...

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The fine points of our Sun’s astrophysics still elude researchers and until we understand the internal dynamics of our own star, we’ll never fully understand the plethora of other stars in the galaxy.

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Some hints and the solution for today's 'Quordle' are just ahead.

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Here's today's 'Heardle' song, along with some hints.

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Here's today's Wordle #378 answer plus a helpful hint for Saturday July 2nd.

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Disney+ will air a 6-part National Geographic series, "America The Beautiful," starting on July 4—which used cutting edge camera technology to capture unique aerial shots using fighter jets.

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An unusual ultra-faint dwarf galaxy has been discovered on the outer fringes of the Andromeda Galaxy thanks to the sharp eyes of an amateur astronomer.

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Rashes have been different and more localized in recent monkeypox cases and at least one in six patients studied in London would not have been considered a likely monkeypox case under current guidelines, doctors said.

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Under pressure from employees and supporters of reproductive rights, the company announced privacy changes for the post-Roe era.

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Venture capital investments may be slower, but that seems to be giving venture capital firms some time to go out and raise funds of their own. Sequoia Capital is the latest to reportedly be raising two new U.S.-focused funds, valued at up to $2.25 billion, The Information reported earlier this week. The publication reported that Menlo P

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In response to an inquiry from lawmakers, TikTok countered recent reports about its data practices and has shared a number of details about how it limits Chinese access to user data in the U.S.TikTok on a smartphoneFollowing a BuzzFeed report that Chinese ByteDance engineers had sweeping access to U.S. user data for a period of time, fourteen Repub ...

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Inflammation plays a critical role in both acute and long term SARS-CoV-2 infection, as well as many of the most serious chronic diseases. In this first installment of the inflammation series, we will do an overview of the inflammasome, inflammatory interleukin cytokines, and gasdermin-D.

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A look at the newest Epic Encounters and upcoming Local Legends from Steamforged Games.

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New studies attempt to integrate ‘unreal’ experiences with reality.

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In a sign of the times, Swedish buy now, pay later giant Klarna is reportedly close to inking a new round of funding that would slash its valuation to $6.5 billion — about 1/7 of what the company was valued in June of 2021. The Wall Street Journal

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With the launch of macOS Ventura, Apple is bringing more focus to gaming on the Mac. Here are some ways that gamers will benefit with the launch of Apple's new operating system.Game controllers with a MacBook ProGamers come in all varieties from those that want simple, casual games to large AAA MMO titles. Mac users have often been second-class cit ...

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Abortion providers are taking aim at states' bans in state court after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

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Much like air and water, connectivity is becoming an essential part of living, and everybody should have equal access to it.

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This article is Part 3 of a three-part series from an interview on the Forbes Futures in Focus podcast featuring Jesse Levinson, CTO and founder of Zoox.

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Apple will face a full trial in the U.K. over claims that it violated competition regulations by overcharging people on the App Store through its commission rate.Credit: UnsplashThe London-based Competition Appeal Tribunal refused an attempt by Apple to limit or toss out a class-action complaint that was filed in 2021. Dr. Rachael Kent, a digital e ...

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This week’s Android headlines, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 strategy, Google leaks Pixel 7 details, the next Asus ROG phone, new Phone (1) specs, a privacy warning of your data, and more....

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This week’s Apple headlines; surprising iPhone 14 Pro specs, Apple’s embarrassing MacBook Pro decision, here comes the MacBook Air, the next display for the iPad, ultrasonic AirPods plans, fifteen years of iPhone camera success, and more...

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Bastian Hasslinger Contributor

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Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Stranger Things 4: Volume 2. Well, it's finally here. Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 — all 4 hours of it — has arrived on Netflix. And boy, was it a lot. There were tentacles, there were guitar solos, and at the end of the day, there was a body count.But were there answers? Earlier this we ...

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Whether or not the most ambitious predictions about Web3 and decentralization come to fruition, it would be wise for businesses to keep an eye on developments and take steps to prepare for what may come.

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According to a report by Capchase comparing more than 400 SaaS startups to unicorns that reached the public markets in the last two years, the top performers “are handily beating the ‘Rule of 40,'” reports Kyle Wiggers. For those of us who haven’t memorized economic frameworks: The Rule of 40 is a metric investors developed ...

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It may feel like it’s been a few years since OpenSea announced the funding round that pushed its valuation to the $13 billion mark. It was January. At the time, this column dug into the company’s financial performance and came to a n

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"It’s an orgasm, not a Fabergé egg. People have them every day." Katy Brand's spectacularly sharp script for Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is full of witticisms like this, with every moment fueled by smart discussion of sex, sex work, how important consent and respecting boundaries are to mutual pleasure, and of thinking beyond your own ...

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Summertime is here, the Fourth of July is coming up, and that can only mean one thing: We are at peak cookout season. And when it's peak cookout season, there's one thing I want on my plate: a delicious, juicy burger. SEE ALSO: You've got to try homemade air fryer French fries. Here's how to make them. ...

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Facebook parent Meta announced that it would be testing new ways for its Instagram platform to verify the age of its users

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Prime Day is only a week and a half away, and Amazon is incentivizing users to join in on the festivities with a free $20 credit leading up to the mega shopping event.This Prime Day 2022 offer delivers a free $20 credit for new Amazon Photos users.Eligible Amazon Prime customers can receive a $20 credit valid on a qualifying order of $40 or more du ...

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UPDATE: July 1, 2022, 12:07 p.m. EDT This article has been updated with adjusted prices and additional live deals at Walmart.These are the best deals at Walmart as of July 1:BEST VACUUM DEAL: iHome AutoVac Nova Robot Vacuum and Mop — $189 $599 (save $410)BEST KITCHEN DEAL: Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker — $49 $89 (save $40)BEST ...

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You might think that the main benefit to buying headphones for your children is so that you don't have to hear what they're listening to, but there's actually a more important reason. Your child's ears are super sensitive while they're developing and it's possible to damage them by hearing sounds over 85 decibels. Adult headphones just aren't the b ...

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Using a virtual private network (VPN) is one of the best ways to protect your online data and stay anonymous on the web, whether you're trying to stream movies abroad, torrent, bypass geo-restrictions, or just plain browse. Most providers' plans cost anywhere from $2 to $12 per month, though many lure customers in with discounted introductory rates ...

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There are many different keyboards on the market for Mac users, and choosing between them can be complicated. To help you out, we've broken down the pros and cons of some of the most popular types.Mac keyboardsIn general, there are three major keyboard categories that Mac users might want: Apple keyboards, chiclet-style keyboards, and mechanical ke ...

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TikTok rival Triller has confidentially submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission paperwork for an initial public offering of its Class A common stock. The announcement comes as the company

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As a stock photographer, taking great photos is often only just a tiny part of the job. To run a successful business, keywording, categorizing, captioning, and all the other admin that goes with it can take up almost as much time. That’s the problem Wirestock is solving, and the company just landed an important deal with Getty Images to broad ...

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Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be posthumously awarded the President Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the U.S., the White House said Friday.Steve JobsPresident Joe Biden on July 1 announced seventeen recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a list that includes the late Apple co-founder who died in 2011. The awards wil ...

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SAVE $90: As of July 1, the Weber Spirit II grill is $90 off as an early Prime Day deal. Get one for just $549 while the discount lasts.It's summer, and you know what that means: Horribly oppressive heat waves and astronomical electricity bills from having to constantly run your air conditioner at full blast. Also, barbecues! If you plan on throwin ...

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SAVE $46: Sparkling water lovers can make their own at home with the SodaStream One Touch sparkling water maker. It's on sale for just $83.99 at Walmart as of July 1 — that's 36% in savings.With a SodaStream, all your fizzy drink dreams can come true at the touch of a button. Plus, you can stop buying so much LaCroix.Start making your own spa ...

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It’s a fact that startups, regardless of industry, face more hurdles today than they did a year ago. Driven by inflation, the war in Ukraine and other economic headwinds, recessionary fears have put a squeeze on sources of funding that were previously easily attainable. The consequence? Drastic cost-cutting: Through late June, 22,000 workers ...

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What are some best practices for employers trying to retain employees in today's job market? Answer by Kara Govro, Chief HR Legal Expert.

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SAVE $50: Amazon has a certified refurbished 10th-generation Kindle on sale for only $39.99 as of July 1. (Note that the deal is only open to Prime members.) That's 56% off the new version's $89.99 MSRP.Woot will probably have the top refurbished Kindle deal of the 2022 Prime Day season — $28 is basically the price of a new hardcover book the ...

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Apple has introduced Nintendo controller support in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and tvOS 16, so it is now possible to pair Joy-Cons to your devices. Here's how.Pair Nintendo Joy-Cons and other controllers with iPhone, iPad, Apple TVNintendo controllers pair using a specific signal, so they aren't visible to devices looking for a standard Bluetooth controlle ...

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Experts have long called for restrictions on the Chinese military aligned YMTC. Raimondo says record U.S. sales of chipmaking equipment to China is not problematic and should not be micromanaged.

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SAVE $37: Want to turn your home into a smart home? As of July 1, Amazon Prime members can save $37 on a certified refurbished fourth-generation Echo. Grab one for just $52.99 — a 41% savings. Budget and eco-conscious shoppers, this certified refurbished Echo deal is worth checking out ahead of Prime Day.This recent price drop on the certifie ...

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Apple is likely to outperform Wall Street's expectations in the June quarter despite supply chain issues and macroeconomic conditions, according to JP Morgan.Apple iPhonesIn a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee writes that he is "not as worried as the Street" about Apple's upcoming earnings report on July 28. ...

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The NuraTrue headphones are an alternative to Apple Airpods that offer a unique “personalized sound” The main story of the new NuraTrue Pro is that these are the first wireless headphones of any kind to offer true lossless CD-quality audio.

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The Boys season 4 is coming, and now we may have a timetable for a release date, via Karl Urban.

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Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This was a live week on the podcast, meaning th

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The cloud, already an inevitable force to be reckoned with, became an even more vital part of our work lives over the past few years.

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If you’re considering replacing your outdated security information and event management (SIEM) technology, we have one word for you: good.

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More than 40 top organizations share how they’re using data to be more profitable, innovative and resilient.

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The list of practices that have shaped the enterprise technology environment must surely include DevOps.

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